How to Tell if a Website is WordPress

WordPress powers more than 40% websites on today’s internet. That’s a huge number if we consider 1.8+ billion websites that are online right now. Other website builders are available as well and those are doing good too.

Let’s say you come across a site that looks stunning and you want to find out which website builder was used to build this site. Specifically if you want to know how to tell if a website is WordPress- that’s not a tough process at all.

There are various methods to check if a website is made by WordPress. Let’s dive into the topic of how to tell if a website is WordPress.

Check using websites

There are several web tools that can detect the technology and software used behind a website. This is the easiest method to tell if a website is WordPress. is one of them. BuiltWith stores technology trend data from November 2008.

Check using websites with usage data

Just by entering a website’s url in the search box of, you can get to know if a website is made by WordPress.

How to Tell if a Website is WordPress

There is another website that can do the same job as only focuses on detecting if a website is made by WordPress or not.

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How to Tell if a Website is WordPress

If a website you searched on is WordPress, then you can get more information about that site’s hosting, theme, plugins, etc.

Check the site’s source code

Checking a website’s source code can be another way of how to tell if a website is WordPress. It’s a straightforward method. Just right click on a page and choose View Page Source option. Look for WordPress related codes like the following:

It’s that much easy.

Check the License.txt file

You can try to detect if a website is made by WordPress by looking up to the license.txt file. There are possible scenarios where the administrator could have removed or blocked access to the license.txt file. But if the file is kept untouched, then adding /license.txt to the URL of any website should show something that looks like this :

Check the License.txt file

Visit WordPress specific URLs

If you add /wp-admin to a WordPress powered website’s url and visit that link, there is a high chance that you’ll be redirected to the Admin login page of that site.

Visit WordPress specific URLs

Sometimes the login link is changed. In that case you try adding /wp-login.php to a website’s link and check if it works or not. Adding /feed to the website’s URL will come up with the rss feed codes.

Use Wappalyzer

Wappalyzer is another great tool that identifies technologies on websites.

How to Tell if a Website is WordPress

Wappalyzer also offers a Google Chrome extension, Firefox browser extension, and even a dedicated Android app.

Using Wappalyzer, you can easily get to know about the technologies being used by a website.

How to tell if a website is built WordPress? Do you know now? Let us know in the comments.

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