How to Use Kadence AI to Create a WordPress Site Faster

The Kadence team introduced Kadence AI which helps you build websites much faster. With Kadence AI you can describe your business and it will help you procure the content you’re looking for. You can easily choose the theme you like, and the content will be created for you. From there, you can simply customize the images and text just a little bit, to make the website your own.

Building a website in WordPress is already fast and easy. But with the technological advancements, it’s now even easier! Kadence AI can help you build a WordPress website faster.

In this post, we’re going to learn how to use Kadence AI to create a professional WordPress site. We will see how to import a theme, how to use the AI to customize and fine tune our content. So let’s start!

What is Kadence AI?

Kadence is a very popular WordPress theme with 300,000+ active installations. StellarWP, the company behind Kadence introduced the AI feature which is really amazing. With Kadence AI you can create a modern WordPress website faster than ever before. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, this tool will be useful.

Kadence AI can be used in the free and also the paid version of the theme. So if you’re just getting started with Kadence, don’t worry, you’ll be able to use the AI to create and customize your website. With the power of Kadence AI, now you can:

  • Utilize AI-powered starter templates
  • Create SEO ready content based on keywords
  • Choose from 600+ customized pages and patterns from the design library, pre-built with AI-powered texts and images
  • Generate texts with AI inline text editor

Suffice to say, Kadence AI makes you more efficient and helps you build a content-rich website in minutes. 

If you need help getting started with Kadence AI, then this is the post for you. Here, we will take a look at how to use Kadence AI to create a standard business website. We will use the AI to choose a starter template and generate some content for the experimental site. Customizing these content is also easy. We will learn all that in this post.

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How to use Kadence AI to build a WordPress site

Kadence AI can be used in the free version of the theme but with limited capacity. We can still build a good enough site with the free version. You have to connect your site with your Kadence account. So make sure to create a Kadence account.

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Installing Kadence theme and AI starter template

We will use the free version of Kadence to build this site. First, we can install the theme from within our WordPress dashboard by going to Themes > Add New.

installing kadence theme

As soon as the Kadence theme is installed and activated, a notice will be displayed prompting you to “Install AI Starter Templates.” By clicking on this button, you can install and activate starter templates by Kadence.

ai starter template install button

After it is installed, you’ll see the Starter Templates option right below Appearance > Kadence. This will give you the option to use the classic starter templates, or AI starter templates. We’re going to choose the Kadence AI Starter Templates.

using kadence ai starter templates

This will lead you to the Kadence site. To use this feature, you must connect your site with your Kadence account. You must either create an account or log in using your existing account. Once you do, you can click on the “Continue Free”. If you have Kadence Pro, you can connect it to get full access to Kadence AI, Premium blocks, and full design library.

Kadence AI template setup

We’re going to use the free version for our site. This will launch a setup wizard for our website. We have 5 steps to go through. The first step is just the introduction, we can click on the “Next” button to go to the next step.

starter template setup

In the next step, we have to put in our business details. From the first drop down, which says “I am” you can choose the following options:

  • A Company
  • An Individual
  • An Organization

Choose the one which is best for you. We’re choosing “A Company”. Next you can put in your company/organization name. If you have a business address, you can choose it from the given options and put in your address. Finally choose the industry you’re in.

business information in ai starter template

Here you can search for the industry and you will be given suggestions. It will be better if you can choose an option from the suggestion. After that, click on the “Next” button to proceed to the next step.

keywords and tone of writing

Here you’ll be asked to describe your business. You’ll be shown an example on the right hand side that gives you an idea what to write. You have to explain your business within 1000 characters.

Simply explain what your business is about, how you serve your customers, what’s your mission and vision, etc. The AI will help you by suggesting words and sentences as you write. Once you’re done, click on the “Next” button.

kadence ai suggested images

Next you have to select some keywords from the given list. You can also put in your own keywords. Then choose the tone of writing. You can choose neutral, professional, friendly, informative, engaging, etc.

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Don’t worry too much about this information as you’ll be able to customize everything later on.

In the next step, you’ll be able to choose images for your website. By default Kadence AI will search through Pexels for royalty-free images. 

kadence ai generate templates

You can specify where the AI should look for images. By choosing “My image” you can insert images from your WordPress media library or upload your own images. You can also choose other premade collections and also edit those from here. But since we’re using AI, we’re going to choose the AI Search Collection.

Once you’re sure about images, click the “Generate Base Content” button. Now the AI will use all this information to build templates tailored for your business.

kadence color and font customization

At this point, you will be presented with some layouts. You can choose any of these templates. If you see a template that you like, you can click on it then you can choose a color palette and font family for the template.

importing content

When you click on the Next button, you’ll be brought to the Content tab. Here you can select the pages you want to import. You can also choose to import example blog posts from the left side menu. In case you want to keep a blog page, these will help you see how the page looks.

kadence sugested plugins

Don’t worry much about this content as you can easily create new pages and add content within those.

Finally on the Plugins tab you can choose which plugins you want to install. The “Required” plugins cannot be deselected for obvious reasons. You can choose the plugins you need from here. If you’re unsure, no need to select any extra plugin as you can add those later.

theme color customization

Click on the “Finish and Launch” button to finalize your decision. Once the process completes, you can view your site.

Customizing the theme

Once the import is complete, you can customize your website to completely make it your own. According to a Kadence blog post, this isn’t any basic template but an intelligent, dynamic framework that adapts to your unique style. 

You’ve already seen how you can customize the color palette and font family of the site. If you’re not sure about the color palette, you can access those settings again by going to Appearance > Customize. From here go to Colors & Fonts > Colors.

changing image in kadence

You can choose from the 3 color palettes shown in the Global Palette (Palette 1, Palette 2, and Palette 3). There’s also a folder icon, clicking on it will bring a list of color palettes. You can choose any palette you like. You can also change any single color of the palette just by clicking on it and choosing the color of your choice.

Same goes for the fonts. Just go back one step and click on “Typography”. From here you can choose fonts for your website.

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Using the header and footer builder you can also customize the header and footer of your website.

Now if you want to customize the inner content, it’s so easy! Suppose we want to customize the 2nd section of our Home page where it says “Why Choose Digital Bridge”. Let’s say we want to change the image, we are going to click on the image. Then from the right side menu, we’re going to click on “Edit Image”. This will bring up the media library. We can also see the Pexels tab here. We’re going to click on it and search for a suitable image.

adding ai generated texts

You can also change the style and general settings to make the image more suited to your preference.

We can also change the texts in the same way. But let’s try to add some inline texts using the Kadence AI.

kadence design library

We chose the “Make Longer” option and the AI generated some sentences for us. You can choose various methods to generate content. You can change the tone, improve your writing, simple sentences, etc. 

Now if you want to create a new page, it’s easy enough. You can go to your WordPress admin dashboard and from there go to Pages > Add New Page. Now you have a fresh new page. Give your page a name and start adding content. Not sure what to add? You can open the design library and import any design from there. 

design library of kadence ai

From the Kadence design library, you can choose the “With AI” tab that will help you generate AI based patterns or pages. For instance, we want to create a “Teams” section where we can exhibit our team member details. We found a Teams pattern in the library and selected it. After that, we can see 3 color patterns for the section. We can simply click on a pattern we like to import it.

After the pattern is imported, we can use the same customization technique to change the images and texts.

Using this method, you can change any images within this template and also customize texts. You can already imagine how this will speed up your web development process. Now simply create the pages you want, and using the design library, add in any pattern you like and customize those using AI. That is how you can create a website using Kadence AI in WordPress.

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👉 Video: How to Use Kadence AI


Kadence AI can be super helpful to launch a website in the fastest possible time. With the advancements in AI, various WordPress themes are now adopting this innovation. AI helps you make more customized and content-rich websites with WordPress. Not only that, it makes the entire website creation process a lot faster.

If you thought that AI is complicated to use, after reading this article you can see this is not the case. We created a customized site just by describing our business. You can customize the inner content easily just by clicking on any blocks and then customizing the design from the side menu as you normally do with Gutenberg blocks. You can replace any images and texts with your own, and to top it all off, you can use the AI to quickly generate texts for you. You can fine tune the texts with AI as well.

So now you know how to create a website using Kadence AI. Let us know what you think about Kadence AI in the comments!

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links and we may receive a small commission if you purchase something by following them. However, we recommend services/products that we believe good to serve your purpose.

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