What is WordPress Block Pattern Directory and How to Use It

Did you know that you can speed up your web development by using WordPress block patterns? Let’s find out what’s WordPress block pattern directory and how to use it.

The WordPress Pattern Directory or Block Pattern Directory is a hub for developers or creators that helps them share, find, and use block patterns. A block pattern lets you insert a pre-made section layout into your webpage. You can also customize the pattern to match your design.

What’s great about the block patterns is that it’s simple, stylish, and time-saving. You can browse and select the block pattern you like, then insert/copy-paste it into your Gutenberg editor to use it. In this post, we are going to learn more about Pattern Directory and also how to use it. So, let’s get started.

What is WordPress Block Pattern Directory

Block patterns are pre-made block templates that you can use on your site. These patterns are made of multiple blocks arranged in a certain layout that makes them stylish. You will also have the options to customize the blocks, such as adding a different color, changing font size, etc.

Block patterns are available for different sections of your website. You can use multiple patterns and combine them to make a unique design. There are also block pattern templates available for a full page. You can customize them the way you like.

Using block patterns speeds up your web designing process. For example, you want to create an “Our team” section for a website. You can simply browse for the team section and find all the patterns that are available.

We all love using Gutenberg blocks to design and create beautiful websites. Because it is simple and effective. For this reason, block patterns are so refreshing to use. If you like using Gutenberg blocks as much as we do, then don’t forget to check out our post on best Gutenberg block plugins for beautiful websites.

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Benefits of using block patterns

Block patterns give you an easier and quicker way of creating your webpage. This doesn’t require any coding. You can simply choose a pattern you like, then insert/copy-paste it on your own website. This saves you a lot of time. 

The block pattern directory provides beautiful and responsive block layouts. These patterns can be used for almost any section starting from headers, galleries, testimonials, teams, etc.

wordpress block pattern directory

You can explore patterns the same way as the WordPress Gutenberg blocks. There are a number of patterns ready for you to use. You can also access the Block Pattern Directory from wordpress.org.

The above screenshot is taken from wordpress.org. As you can see, there are several categories of sections to choose from. You can simply select the one you like, copy and paste it into your Gutenberg editor. 

There are block patterns for almost every possible section that you are going to need. If you need a header, just select Header from the categories and pick the header pattern that you want. Likewise, you can create a section for your products, gallery, portfolio, and so much more. 

So, to summarize the merits of using block patterns are:

  • Quick and easy implementation of design
  • All patterns are responsive
  • Patterns are also customizable

How to use the Pattern Directory

It is really simple to use the pattern directory. But do keep in mind that all themes might not be able to display the patterns in the same way. The theme has to register the patterns first before they can be displayed properly. You can check out our list of best Gutenberg themes to find some amazing themes.

selecting patterns from within wordpress

Patterns are available by default beside your Block tab (seen in the screenshot above). You can drag and drop block patterns from here or you can copy the patterns from wordpress.org. We will demonstrate both methods below. Let’s take a look at the drag and drop method first.

Method 1: Click or drag and drop

To use the default patterns, first, select a position on the Gutenberg editing interface. Click the top left + icon. That will open the block sidebar to the left. You’ll find the Pattern tab on that sidebar. (See the below screenshot.)

Now, using the dropdown, filter the pattern type you want to insert. Then click on the pattern you like. The selected pattern will be inserted into the page. You can also drag and drop the pattern to your desired position.

how a pattern looks in the block editor

Once you have inserted your pattern, you can click on a block to edit it. For example, you can change the color of the button, adjust the font size, etc. You can customize the pattern to fit your design.

Method 2: Copying a pattern from the pattern directory

You can find more patterns to use in the official wordpress.org pattern directory. This is known as the WordPress Block Pattern Directory. Search for different patterns and check their responsive views. Let’s see how you can use these block patterns on your site.

Step 1: Head over to the pattern directory. Here you can search what you are looking for or just click on the top filters to cycle through sections.

pattern directory in wordpress.org

Step 2: Copy the block pattern that you like. You can either hover your mouse over the block and click copy or you can click on the pattern to further investigate it.

selecting a pattern from the pattern directory

Checking the responsive view: Let’s investigate our block pattern a bit more. After clicking on a block pattern we are directed to another screen. Here, we can check its responsiveness and find more pattern designs from the creator.

checking the responsiveness of a pattern

Step 3: After you copied the pattern, open your WordPress editor and go to your desired page where you want to place the pattern. Once you are on the page, simply paste (Ctrl + V) in the desired position.

pasting the pattern in wordpress from the directory

Now you have a block pattern from the Pattern Directory on your website. You can select a block of image or text and customize it with your own content.

How to create your own block pattern

Are you interested in creating your custom patterns? You can contribute to the Block Pattern Directory. But in order to do that, you need to install a plugin. Yes, unfortunately, this feature is unavailable in the current version of WordPress, but in the future, it might be added.

You can use a block pattern editor like BlockMeister – Block Pattern Builder by BlockMeister or Block Pattern Builder by Justin Tadlock. We are using Block Pattern Builder here.

block pattern builder plugins

With this plugin installed, you can create your own custom block patterns and save those for later use. Let’s see how to create a block pattern:

Step 1: Create a pattern

First, you need to create a block pattern using your design on your Gutenberg editor. After that, click on the options (the three dots). Now select Add to Block Patterns.

creating and adding a custom pattern

Step 2: Give a title

Next, you will have to select a title and click save. This will add the pattern to your WordPress instance.

saving the custom pattern

After you have selected a title and saved it, you will find this pattern on the Block Patterns list from your WordPress Dashboard.

saved patterns in wordpress dashboard

In the future, you will be able to submit your own pattern in the pattern directory. You have to create a wordpress.org account in order to do so. Once you have done that, you will have the option to submit your own patterns to wordpress.org. Your block pattern will be pending approval. Once approved, it will be available on the pattern directory for everyone to use.

If you have previously used patterns in your own designs, you know how much it speeds up the web designing process. Now with that creativity and efficiency, you can help other designers and developers create beautiful web layouts.

Future of WordPress Pattern Directory

Now that you have seen what you can do with Pattern Directory. A curious mind might ask, “What is the future of Pattern Directory?” Believe me, when I tell you, we have just scratched the surface with Patterns. 

To create a beautiful website you need good images and a good layout besides engaging content. Now, with the Openverse and block patterns, that can be achieved. With the upcoming WordPress 5.9 updates, there will be some really great updates with the Pattern Directory and Openverse.

There are some early discussions of what’s being called the “Starter Page Templates”. The idea is, essentially take the patterns for different sections of content and apply them to a full page. That means you will have a full-page pattern to start building portfolios, teams, about us, etc. sections. This will speed up your web development process even further.

There are still more updates to come as the development for patterns and pattern directory goes on. The future of block patterns looks amazing, doesn’t it?


With the pattern directory, creating and designing your website becomes more fun and easy. You can expect a better experience and a more comprehensive directory in future updates. As more people will be able to submit their own patterns, more beautiful designs will populate the directory.

If you haven’t used the pattern directory, we recommend trying it out. As you have seen, it’s just a matter of insertion/copying and pasting the design you like. Let us know your experience of using the pattern directory in the comment section.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links and we may receive a small commission if you purchase something by following them. However, we recommend services/products that we believe good to serve your purpose.

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