9+ Best WordPress CDN Services (FREE & Paid) in 2021

There are endless possibilities to speed up your website. Using a CDN service is one of them.

So, what is CDN? CDN stands for content delivery network. It is basically a network of servers located around the globe. It hosts and delivers copies of your WordPress site’s content such as images, CSS, JavaScript, and video streams.

There is a possibility of getting confused about your site’s host and CDN. These two are different terms.

As you may know, the website database and contents are stored in a server. The server is located physically somewhere around the globe. When we enter a URL of a website, it shows us the contents from that server.

These were some basic facts we all know, right? Think about it. Your website server is located in the USA. So, if you try to reach that site from Japan, it has to travel a long distance before appearing to your computer screen. More distance means longer loading time, which is called latency as a term.

This is where CDN comes into work. It decreases latency by serving your website files from the nearest possible servers so that your visitors can enjoy a seamless experience on your site. Besides, CDN boosts your site’s performance and save bandwidth as well.

Let’s have a look at some of the best CDN solutions out there for WordPress websites.



If you’re running a small website, then Cloudflare’s CDN service would be the best choice for you. Cloudflare is offering a free CDN service which is securing more than 16 million domains globally. Cloudflare has a huge cloud network platform with 180 data centers around the world.

The free version has all the basic features. You can use their service to speed up your web pages, mobile applications, and APIs. You get DDoS attack protection, which defends your site from malicious content as well.

More features are packed with Pro plan which starts from $20 per month.



With 34 data centers around the globe, KeyCDN is another strong contender in this list. KeyCDN has a WordPress plugin called CDN Enabler, which means the integration is very easy.

KeyCDN features DDoS mitigation, free and custom SSL, HTTP/2 support, Restful API support, SSD servers, and powerful control panel. You can purge cache directly from your WordPress dashboard, which means you don’t have to log in to your CDN admin panel to just do that.

KeyCDN offers as you go plans, which starts from $0.04 per GB. This is a good deal for small websites. But if you get unexpected traffic growth on your site, then KeyCDN can end up being a trouble maker.



Stackpath is an easy to set-up CDN service which is being around since 2009. KeyCDN has 15+ data centers around the globe.

Stackpath offers origin pull, origin push, GZip compression, real-time cache purging, free shared SSL. A comprehensive web dashboard comes with a detailed real-time report as well.

Stackpath’s custom EdgeRules provide all kinds of configuration options. You can also make sure that your cached content is served through SSL/HTTPS by using an SSL certificate.

The pricing of Stackpath starts from $9 per month.



You may hear about Sucuri as a website security, monitoring, and protection service. But it provides CDN service as well. Sucuri protects your website against DDOS attacks. It also saves your site from malware and other WordPress security threats.

You can improve your website performance and speed using multiple caching options available with Sucuri. The CDN runs on the Anycast network which has a global distribution of servers.

Pricing of Sucuri starts at $199.99 for a year, which makes sense as its providing both top-class security and speed.



Rackspace is another premium content delivery network that works using Akamai’s network. It has up to 200 locations around the globe.

The setup process of Rackspace is a bit difficult which requires advanced knowledge. The problem with Rackspace is it does not offer any DDoS mitigation at all. To protect your site from DDoS attacks, you may consider using a security plugin.

Rackspace offers pay as you go service, so you have to pay for bandwidth your site consumes. The pricing of Rackspace starts from $0.16 per GB.


Google Cloud CDN

With 90 servers around the globe, Google Cloud CDN is one of the fastest content delivery networks. Google Cloud CDN comes with free SSL to which means more secure website. Google Cloud CDN works with a single IP address to all your users and needs no regional DNS.

Google Cloud CDN is integrated with the Google Cloud Platform. So you can enable the CDN service just with a single checkbox.

The cost of Google Cloud CDN is based on your usage. But first, you have to sign up for Google Cloud Platform anyway.


Microsoft Azure CDN

With global coverage and massive scalability for content delivery, Microsoft’s Azure CDN is another solution to our topic. Azure CDN can help you more if you’re using other Azure services as well.

Azure CDN speeds up the webpage and saves bandwidth. It works with websites, apps, and gaming software. Azure CDN offers pay as you go plan.


Amazon Cloudfront

With over 100 servers located in 24 countries, Amazon CloudFront is one of the most commonly used CDN technologies, according to Built With.

Cloudfront integrates with Amazon security, cloud, storage, and load balancing services. Amazon Cloudfront works on a pay as you go basis.



Imperva is another well-working CDN service for WordPress websites. It works seamlessly with other caching and security plugins.

Imperva offers intelligent caching, high-speed storage, and optimization tools. Imperva is packed with advanced machine learning technology for dynamic caching. Custom cache controls are also there with the option of instant cache purging. Firewall, SSL, 24/7 support, and DDoS mitigation are some offers that require the paid plan. Imperva makes itself a good choice as a CDN service by providing both content and networking optimization.

You have to request demo in case of using Imperva’s services.


More CDN Solutions

A great alternative to the services of this list could be using a CDN solution from your hosting provider. If you’re using hosting services from Siteground, then you can use Cloudflare. If you’re Kinsta as your hosting provider, then KeyCDN will be the best choice. So, doing some researches regarding your hosting provider’s services can lead you to a proper solution.


What’re your thoughts on these listed CDN services? Comment them and let us know.

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