WordPress LMS Plugin Lifetime and Unlimited Deals 2024

WordPress made web development a lot easier and simpler. You can spin a website within a few minutes using WordPress. You can make complex websites with the help of WordPress plugins and themes. You can even make an online education platform like Udemy with the help of LMS plugins!

There are several LMS plugins available today. These plugins can be a bit pricey given that they have lots of features. In this post, we’ll talk about the LMS plugins that offer lifetime and unlimited deals.

After the pandemic hit, the demand for online courses has never been greater. It seems that people love learning skills online. So if you’re looking to start an eLearning website, now is the best time to do so. With the flexibility of WordPress and the power of LMS plugins, you can now create an entire online education platform on your own. But which LMS plugins should you choose? That’s the answer that we’re looking for today.

What is an LMS plugin?

Learning Management System or LMS for short is a software that allows you to create, publish, and sell your online courses. That means you can create an online course, publish it on your website, and sell that course to students. There are many LMS plugins in the market and each gives you some more or less common features. Some of these features are

  • Course Builder
  • Course management system
  • Quizzes
  • Certificates upon course completion
  • Personalized dashboards for students and instructors
  • Multiple instructors
  • Data tracking
  • Blended Learning
  • Content Drip
  • Assignments
  • Notifications etc.

Although there are many LMS plugins, some of the top-tier ones provide you with the above-mentioned features. These are normally required if you want to make a single or multi-course website.

Types of LMS licenses

There are many types of licenses for LMS plugins. Some LMS plugin offers an unlimited package where you can use the plugin in an unlimited number of sites. Few plugins offer a lifetime license where you pay for the plugin once. You can then use that plugin on a given number of websites. You can purchase the LMS plugin that best suits your requirements. The types of LMS licenses that we normally see are:

  • Monthly
  • Annual
  • Lifetime
  • Bundles

Most commonly you’ll see monthly and lifetime licenses for LMS plugins. Some companies give you the free version of the plugin to try it out. As you might have guessed, the free version doesn’t have enough features to build a full-fledged eLearning site. But by using the free version you have the chance to try out the plugin before purchasing the pro or premium version.

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To make things clear here’s what we mean by the Unlimited plan and the Lifetime plan:

Unlimited plan: The unlimited plan allows you to use the LMS plugin you’ve purchased on an unlimited number of sites. That means you pay for the plugin per month or per year, but you can keep using that plugin for unlimited sites.

Lifetime plan: The lifetime plan allows you to use the LMS plugin you’ve purchased on either an unlimited or a limited number of sites but you pay for the plugin only once.

WordPress LMS plugins Lifetime deals and Unlimited deals

If you’re good in a particular subject and want to teach others, then you can create your own online course website. Using WordPress combined with LMS plugins you can build your own eLearning site. You don’t need any prior coding experience to build your own eLearning site with WordPress. The question is, which LMS plugin should you use?

As we said, there are various LMS plugins in the market. Some of these LMS plugins can be a bit expensive, but the lifetime deals are pretty good. Since you just have to pay only once, you don’t have to make any annual or monthly payments. That is a big saver in the long run. Now let’s take a look at some of the top LMS plugins that offer you a lifetime and unlimited license deals.

Tutor LMS

Tutor LMS is one of the newer LMS plugins which was launched back in 2019. It quickly gained much popularity because of its easy-to-use interface and amazing LMS features. Tutor LMS introduced an advanced course builder with which you can build an entire course without any hassle.

Speaking of features, Tutor LMS has all the modern features that an LMS plugin should have. You can build a single course site or a multi-course/multi-instructor website with Tutor LMS. You can also use the free version of Tutor LMS which gives you a handful of features to build your own course. But in order to create a truly professional eLearning site, you need Tutor LMS Pro.

Themeum, the company that developed Tutor LMS also created other plugins such as Qubely, Crowdfunding, etc. The company also created some amazing Tutor LMS themes that will simply amaze you. The company also included advanced features like the frontend course builder, which is one of the first among its peers. Tutor LMS also has an extra plugin called the Certificate Builder, which allows you to create and customize certificates for your courses. 


  • Frontend course builder
  • Advanced quiz builder with 10+ quiz categories
  • Assignment
  • Automated Notification
  • Course import/export
  • Quiz import/export
  • Personalized dashboard for students and instructors
  • Detailed reports and site analytics
  • Multiple addons
  • Certificate Builder
  • Certificate templates
  • Content drip
  • Email templates and much more

However, note that the certificate addon is only added through Tutor LMS Pro. With the free version, you won’t be able to access the certificate templates. But with the Pro version, you will receive certificate templates as well as the advanced Certificate Builder extension.

If you wanna learn more about Tutor LMS or how Tutor LMS Pro is used to create a course, check out our video tutorial on How to create a Udemy clone with Tutor LMS

Tutor LMS primarily provides annual plans. The free version can be downloaded from the pricing page and wordpress.org. 

The pricing of Annual licenses of Tutor LMS annual licenses is as follows:

  • Individual – $199/year for 1 site
  • Business – $399/year for 10 sites
  • Agency – $799/year for Unlimited sites

The Agency pack of Tutor LMS Pro annual license is $799. This pack gives you the freedom to use Tutor LMS Pro on unlimited websites. As the name suggests, the pack is meant for Agencies. But if you’re a developer who works with LMS projects often, then you can try out this pack.

(Tutor LMS Lifetime Deal New Sale Discontinues on 25th March 2024)

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LearnDash is perhaps the most popular LMS plugin in the market today. It was launched back in 2013 which makes it one of the first LMS plugins for WordPress. Since then the plugin has been the no.1 choice for various professional online education platforms. University of Florida, Yoast, Keap, DigitalMarketer, etc. uses LearnDash for their online courses.

LearnDash also has all the modern LMS features that you can expect from an LMS plugin. In fact, the plugin itself was created with the collaboration of industry experts. With LearnDash you can create the perfect online education platform and sell your courses with ease.


  • Superior Quizzing Capabilities
  • Immersive Learning Experience
  • LearnDash Focus Mode
  • Drag and drop course builder
  • Dynamic Content Deliver
  • Flexible Prerequisites
  • Assignments
  • Automated Notification system
  • Badges and certificates
  • Discussion Forms
  • Leaderboards and much more

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Another great thing about LearnDash is that it has a large community. Since LearnDash has been around for a long time, the community also grew with it. The LearnDash community is dedicated to making online courses better. It also focuses and guides you on how to sell your courses more efficiently. 

LearnDash also integrates well with other plugins such as WooCommerce, BuddyPress, MailChimp, Gravity, 2checkout, Stripe, bbPress, and much more. So if you’re comfortable with a plugin such as WooCommerce, Stripe, etc. you can keep using it with LearnDash.

We also have a video on how to create a course with LearnDash. Check it out if you’re interested in knowing more.


Let’s now check out the pricing plan of LearnDash. LearnDash also launched the LearnDash cloud. With this, you can enjoy the benefits of a hosted website. But first, let’s take a look at the pricing strategy of LearnDash.

Primarily LearnDash offers the plugin in 2 methods, the core plugin, and the LearnDash cloud. The core plugin (LearnDash) has 3 packages:

  • 1 Site – $199/year
  • 10 Sites – $399/year
  • Unlimited Sites – $799/year

Since we’re looking into the unlimited package, LearnDash allows you to build an unlimited number of sites for $799 per year. But there are no lifetime plans available.

You can also purchase LearnDash cloud which is the hosted solution for LearnDash. Domain and hosting are included in this plan. You can choose from 15 beautiful templates that suit your style. However, there are numerous LearnDash themes available for you to try out so your options are not limited.

The pricing of LearnDash full site is as follows:

  • Monthly – $29/month
  • Yearly – $299/year

Things to note

  • LearnDash doesn’t have any Lifetime license
  • The unique point of LearnDash is the LearnDash cloud.

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LifterLMS is another popular LMS plugin for WordPress. It is also considered the most flexible WordPress LMS for online learning websites. It was launched in 2014 and has a large community. LifterLMS is very fast and simple. It does give you all the modern features that you can expect from an LMS plugin. Boston University, WP Engine, WP 101, and Abraham University are some of the institutions that use LifterLMS.

One of the features that will really amaze you is the course builder. The course builder of LifterLMS gives you the ability to create an entire course just from the builder. If you have a course ready, using the builder you can put together your course in just minutes. The interface of the course builder makes course building seamless and smooth.


  • Powerful course builder
  • Multimedia lessons
  • Quizzes
  • Drip content
  • Prerequisites
  • Assignments
  • Student dashboard
  • Multi instructor
  • Course import/export
  • Certificates and Achievement badges
  • Social learning

Since LifterLMS has been around for so long, it also has developed a large community. If you’re stuck and in need of assistance, there are tons of resources where you can get help. There are a number of sources you can get help from. On top of the support desk and online chat, there’s a Facebook group, documentation, guides, tutorial videos, presale Q&A, podcasts with experts, personalized product demos, and a bunch of other sources for help.


The pricing of LifterLMS is very simple. The free version of the plugin is available for download from wordpress.org. But if you’re looking for advanced features you have to purchase 1 of the 3 bundles from the pricing page of the official website.

Instead of a premium version with all the features included, LifterLMS includes more features in each of the bundle packages. You can also try out LifterLMS for $1 if the free version isn’t enough. The following bundles are available for LIfterLMS:

  • Earth Bundle – $149/year for 1 site
  • Universe Bundle – $360/year for 5 sites
  • Infinity Bundle – $1200/year for unlimited sites
lifterlms price

The pricing of LifterLMS might sound a look bit weird, but its a bit cheaper compared to other LMS plugins. The Infinity Bundle allows you to build an unlimited number of sites but unfortunately, LifterLMS doesn’t have any lifetime licenses.

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Sensei LMS

Sensei is another popular LMS plugin with a large number of active users. One of the biggest advantages of Sensei LMS is that it’s built on WordPress. Which makes it fast and very reliable. It also has full portability, which means you can export/import content when you wish. Since it’s built on WordPress, you can create your courses in the familiar WordPress editor.

If you’ve been using WordPress, then you’ll be glad to know that Sensei LMS is built by Automattic, the company that created wordpress.com, WooCommerce, JetPack, etc. Sensei is also used to train Automattic’s internal employees too! Now, how cool is that?

Well, Sensei is fast and reliable, that much is certain, but what about its features? Given its popularity, it’s no surprise that it has all the LMS features that a modern eLearning website should have. It is outfitted with advanced quiz features, a course builder, interactive lessons and videos, and much more.


  • Tight WooCommerce Integration
  • Schedule and ‘drip’ lessons
  • Advanced quiz options
  • Interactive videos
  • Flashcards and image hotspots
  • Co-teachers
  • Groups and cohorts
  • Expert support team
  • Learning Mode
  • Full site editing
  • Interactive blocks and much more

Sensei is a bit different from other LMS plugins, but as we said in the beginning, all the top LMS plugins have similar features more or less. But the advantage of Sensei is its superior integration. Sensei integrates really well with WooCommerce, you won’t face many issues there.


Sensei is open-source and you can use the free version to check out its many features. If you like you can then upgrade to one of the premium plans of Sensei. The plugin has the following plans available:

  • Sensei Block: $49/year for 1 site
  • Sensei Pro: $149/year for 1 site
  • Sensei Agency: $349/ year for 20 sites
sensei lms pricing

Things to note:

  • Cheaper than most of the LMS plugins
  • Sensei doesn’t have any lifetime plans
  • The Agency plan gives you all the features but you can use it for 20 sites

As you can see, Sensei is a bit different from other LMS plugins. The first 2 plans, Sensei blocks and Sensei Pro only give you the license to build 1 website. That is a bummer, but it is cheaper than other plugins on our list. If you’re interested, you can try out Sensei for free since its open-source. 

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Academy LMS

Academy is a robust and feature-rich eLearning and online course solution for WordPress. The initial beta release of Academy took place in June of 2021 and already has accumulated 700+ active installations on wordpress.org. The plugin itself is fast and user-friendly, which makes it easy to create and sell those courses online.

Academy LMS also provides you with a Frontend SPA (Single Page Application), The design is modern and it has a free version for you. Using this plugin you can build and modify courses, create advanced quizzes, receive thorough course reviews, and much more. With the free version, you can create courses with your personalized settings. You can integrate WooCommerce with Academy LMS in the free version but the Subscription Integration of WooCommerce will only be available on the pro version.


  • Setup Wizard
  • Student and instructor dashboard
  • Public profiles, instructor list
  • Revenue sharing
  • Analytics
  • Intuitive course builder
  • Advanced quiz builder
  • Course Announcement
  • Native video uploading, YouTube, and Vimeo
  • Content Drip
  • Email notifications and much more

As we went through the feature lists of Academy LMS we can see that it has almost all the modern features of an LMS plugin. But there are some features that are still being developed. It is natural since Academy was released just over a year ago. But looking at the upcoming features, we must say, it’s really promising!


The pricing of the Academy LMS is similar to Tutor LMS. Primary 2 types of pricing categories are available Annual and Lifetime. The free version of the plugin can be downloaded from wordpress.org and also the official website. The annual plans are as follows:

  • Individual – $59 for 1 site
  • Business – $119 for 10 sites
  • Agency – $274 for 50 sites
Academy LMS annual license plans

The lifetime plans are as follows:

  • Individual – $178 for 1 site
  • Business – $358 for 10 sites
  • Agency – $823 for 50 sites
Academy Lifetime license price

Things to note

  • Has lifetime licenses
  • No package with Unlimited licenses
  • Relatively new, so many features are still being developed

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Why invest in an LMS plugin?

We have listed some of the most popular LMS plugins for WordPress. Now the question stands, why invest in an LMS plugin? Why not publish courses on other websites?

We are not against the idea of publishing your courses on other websites. In fact, we encourage it! But if asked, why to invest in an LMS plugin, the answer is simple, to sell more courses. Since you’ll be using WordPress, you can easily create your own website and become a business owner. If you make an online education website, you will be the owner of that site. So you set the rules. Now you can create a single-course site or a multi-course site, that is up to you. But an LMS plugin gives you the ability to accomplish all that.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should invest in an LMS plugin:

  • Demand for online courses: The demand for online courses is increasing gradually. After the pandemic, many people were forced to stay at home. During this time, many people took online courses and learned new skills online. As it turns out, people love learning online as it is more convenient.

So if you’re an industry expert, why not create more courses and teach the people? And if you have your own personal eLearning platform, you can earn a lot more by selling your courses!

  • Building the next-generation workforce: As more and more people are taking online courses, there will be a large workforce generated this way. Technologies are advancing at a rapid pace and the demand for skilled people is also increasing. To fulfill this demand, more courses need to be created. In this way, the next generation of the workforce will be created
  • Earning more: Since you’re the owner of your eLearning site, you decided the price of your course. On other sites, you’ll be given a percentage of the earnings to the website. But since this is your site, you’re in control. You can create a multi-course site and have other instructors publish their courses on your site. In this way, you’ll be earning even more!
  • No coding skills required: WordPress is open-source and it takes only a few minutes to build websites with it. The option to add your own code is possible but you don’t need to do any coding. The LMS plugins are developed in such a way, that you can easily create and publish your courses without writing a single line of code!

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That brings our list to an end. There are many more LMS plugins out there with great deals. But we wanted to keep our list short and simple. As we wanted to discuss the LMS plugins that offer lifetime and unlimited deals, we didn’t mention some other plugins. Of course, you are free to look for more plugins such as LearnPress, WP Courseware, Teachable, Academy, eClass, etc.

Whichever plugin you decide to go with, make sure to look at the pricing plans carefully. Also, be sure to check if the plugin has a big community and good customer support. Because investing in an LMS plugin is a big deal, and if you face any issues, there should be proper resources for you to get help from. Support forums, documentations, video tutorials, live chat, etc. all of these are just as important as the features that come with a plugin. The plugins that we mentioned here today all have good support systems. So you can rest easy and make your purchase.

So which LMS plugin did you choose for your eLearning site? Let us know in the comment section.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links and we may receive a small commission if you purchase something by following them. However, we recommend services/products that we believe good to serve your purpose.

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