B2BKing vs WholesaleX – Which is Best? (Ultimate Comparison)

When creating a B2B or wholesale website in WordPress, B2BKing and WholesaleX are two amazing plugins you can rely on. But before you start building your B2B WordPress site, you gotta choose one wholesale plugin. So which one is better for your eCommerce site, B2BKing or WholesaleX? In this post we’re looking into the two popular wholesale or B2B plugins for WooCommerce in WordPress. B2BKing vs WholesaleX, which is the better plugin for you?

B2BKing is a very popular plugin and has been around for a long time. It also has a large number of B2B and wholesale features that allows you to build the site you’re looking for. On the other hand, WholesaleX is another WooCommerce B2B plugin with a bundle of wholesale features. The plugin is comparatively newer, but it gathered a good number of downloads very quickly.

When comparing both plugins, we can see there are many similar features. But to say one is better than the other is tough. That’s why we need to analyze both the plugins and look at the features provided. Both plugins have a lot of features so discussing each one might not be possible in one article. So we will discuss some of the important features that you need in a B2B eCommerce site. Hopefully this will help you pick out the best plugin for your site.

B2BKing vs WholesaleX – Introduction

Before getting into the detailed distinctions, let’s go through the introduction of both these plugins. While one plugin has been around for a long time, the other one is relatively newer. Both plugins have potential. So first let’s know the basics about them.


B2BKing is a well known eCommerce plugin for WordPress. It has 8,000+ active installations with 5 star ratings from 60+ users on wordpress.org. B2BKing proudly calls itself the ultimate WooCommerce Wholesale and B2B solution. We can understand the reason behind this statement as B2BKing is a best seller. In 2024, it was stated that B2BKing was the most sold B2B plugin on Envato Market.

Besides the premium offering, they also have a free version on the WordPress plugin repository. B2BKing has a list of features that you can use to enhance your eCommerce site. Some of these features are as follows:

  • Setting wholesale pricing
  • Organizing customers into groups
  • Different payment methods
  • Different shipping methods
  • Reports and analytics on marketplace
  • Email notifications
  • Multiple registration options
  • Tiered pricing
  • Control product price visibility etc.

Most of the features seen on a general B2B site, are available in B2BKing. Hiding the price from a guest user, having tiered pricing for a product, quotation requesting, B2B messaging, advanced report analytics, registration form for buyers, etc. are all important features of a B2B site. When you’re creating a B2B site for the first time, these are the basic features you’ll need. B2BKing offers a large number of features that you need to build your B2B site.

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We have a detailed guide on how to create a B2B site using B2BKing which you can check out. We also have a video tutorial on the same topic. So if you’re interested in watching a B2B site building video tutorial instead, you can check that out as well.


WholesaleX is also a popular B2B or wholesale WordPress plugin. It is boasted as the simplest WooCommerce solution for B2B sites. WholesaleX gives you all the features to create a B2B, B2C, or even a B2B+B2C hybrid marketplace. It has global settings that allows you to edit/update pricing, discount, tax, shipping, and other details from one section. WholesaleX also gives you a nice interface for viewing statistics and reports of the eCommerce site.

In the WholesaleX description on wordpress.org, it is said that the plugin has all the required features that an ideal WooCommerce B2B store should have. That means you won’t need to install any other plugin if you have WholesaleX.

It also has a free version that you can try. If you purchase WholesaleX premium you get advanced B2B features such as:

  • Dynamic rules for personal pricing, discounts with segmentations, etc.
  • Various user roles
  • Form builder
  • Bulk order form
  • Buyer conversation
  • Request a Quote
  • Private store
  • Control product visibility
  • reCAPTCHA support
  • Email notification and much more.

WholesaleX Pro gives you access to all these features. You can use these to set up the B2B shop that you wished for. 

As you can see, B2BKing and WholesaleX have similar features. Both plugins give you access to some of the most necessary B2B and wholesale features for your WooCommerce site. If you pick either plugin for your B2B site, feature-wise we can safely say you’re getting all that you need.

However, the purpose of this article is to help you pick one plugin for your unique B2B WordPress site. While both plugins are great, one might fit your requirements better. You might also prefer the interface, usability, pricing, etc. of one plugin over the other. If you are a B2B for WooCommerce enthusiast, then it’s a good resource for you. Now let’s take a look at the necessary B2B features and compare B2BKing vs WholesaleX.

Important features of a B2B site

Every B2B or wholesale website has some common features. When you’re getting a B2B WordPress plugin, you need to ensure that you have all these necessary features. As we mentioned previously, B2BKing and WholesaleX both provide all the common and necessary B2B features. But for us to assess the quality of the plugins, we need to know what are the important features of a B2B site.

Now, the features that we’ve listed down below aren’t exactly the “universally acknowledged” important features of a B2B site. These are simply the features that we think are important for a B2B site. This will also help us compare between the plugins and hopefully will help you decide which one is better for you.

  • Hide price from guests: A B2B site’s purpose is to enable businesses to communicate with other business(es). To make it successful it is sometimes necessary to hide the prices from guests or other types of user.
  • Product visibility control: It might also be a good idea to hide/show different products for different group of users. A good B2B plugin should give you the ability to control the product visibility.
  • Different prices for different groups: You should be able to create multi-tiered pricing for your products. In this way, you can show different prices to different groups of users.
  • B2B registration form: If you have a B2B site, you should also have a form through which different businesses can create their own account.
  • Request a Quote: On several popular B2B marketplaces, we see the “Request a Quote” button. This is there so that different businesses can request their own quote.
  • Shipping and payments: A B2B site is an eCommerce establishment, and should also have shipping and different payment methods installed to facilitate the users.
  • Wholesale bulk order form: In a B2B site, businesses order products in bulk. If you can add a wholesale bulk order form, it will be easier for businesses to make their order from one single form. This is especially helpful for companies that are regular customers. Although this feature isn’t a must have feature, it’s still good to have as it makes the lives of the user a lot easier.
  • B2B Conversation: A conversation feature is as simple as it can be. Businesses need to communicate properly when making purchases. A messaging or conversation feature should make the lives of both seller and buyer easier.
  • Condition-based discount: This is a general feature of a B2B site. If a business purchases a product in bulk, it’s normal to expect some sort of discount. A good B2B plugin should give you the option to customize the discount based on the amount of order a business is making.
  • Maximum/minimum order rules: A B2B site isn’t an ordinary eCommerce site. Here the products are sold in bulk. Therefore it should have maximum or minimum order rules. However, if you’re building a B2C or a B2B+B2C hybrid WooCommerce site, then this rule might not be suited.

As you might have guessed, there are a lot more features to talk about. It’s true, a B2B or a wholesale site does have a lot of features. But talking about all those will make this post unnecessarily long. We just want to discuss some of the important features of a B2B site. This will give us a general idea into what an ideal B2B site should have. We also want to compare how B2BKing and WholesaleX manage to deliver these features.

B2BKing vs WholesaleX – Feature comparison

Now that we know what the important features of a B2B or a Wholesale site are, it will be easier for us to compare B2BKing vs WholesaleX. There are several points of comparing B2BKing and WhoelsaleX. Comparing with general features is a great way to know both plugins. Let’s start with the most basic features and see how both of these plugins compare.

Hide prices from guests

A common feature of a B2B site is hiding the price of a product. Normally when you build a WooCommerce site, it doesn’t give you the option to hide product prices. Again, hiding the price from different user groups is another challenge. Let’s see how B2BKing and WholesaleX combat this challenge.

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B2BKing: B2BKing gives you a simple way to hide prices from guest users. When you click on B2BKing settings, you can see the different settings for customizing your B2B site. There is a tab called Access Restriction, here you can enable the price hiding feature by just simply clicking on the “Hide price” checkbox.

hiding price in b2bking

That’s it! That’s all you have to do to hide the price of products from your visitors. You can also see there are several options for guest access restriction. You can hide particular shops and products, hide websites, or replace prices with a “Request a Quote” button.

Remember when we said B2BKing offers a lot of features? You can already see that in action.

WholesaleX: WholesaleX gives you an easy way through which you can hide the prices from your guests. You’ll also find the option to hide the retail price or the wholesale price. Plus, you can hide both of those prices from the Price tab of the WholesaleX settings option.

hide price option in wholesalex

This is helpful if you want to build a B2C+B2B hybrid marketplace. Again, you can see that WholesaleX also offers more features than you might actually need when creating your B2B site. It gives you a bunch of settings that you can enable for your site.

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Product visibility

You should also have the option to control product visibility. Popular B2B plugins usually give you the feature to make products visible to a certain group of users. You can also control the visibility of different products or product categories.

B2BKing: You might have noticed this option while enabling the price hiding feature. The option to control product visibility is located in the Access Restriction section, the same section where you enabled the “Hide price” feature.

b2bking product visibility

However, if you disable this option, your products will still be visible to users. To control the visibility, you have to manually edit each WooCommerce product and select which groups or users will be able to view the product.

product visibility options in b2bking

If you don’t want to manually change the visibility of each product, you can set the product visibility to default (Follow category rules). However, if you want to make a certain product category visible to certain users or user groups, you can do that from the Products > Categories section from your WordPress admin dashboard.

There are tons of options for controlling the product visibility in B2BKing. 

WholesaleX: WholesaleX also gives you an easy way to make products visible/invisible to different groups of users. From General Settings, you can find these options.

product visibility option in wholesalex

This is quite a simple way to hide the products from B2C users or guest users.

User groups and registration form

It’s normal to have different user groups in a B2B or wholesale site. If you’re using a good B2B WordPress plugin, it should give you the option where your users can choose which group they want to be in when registering. Again, you can divide the users into different groups such as Normal users, VIP users, etc.

Normally if you’re using a B2B WooCommerce plugin, the users will be seeing the default WooCommerce registration page while signing up. But some plugins let you customize this registration page so that users can choose which group they want to be registered as. Let’s see what B2BKing and WholesaleX offer in terms of creating different user groups.

B2BKing: In B2BKing you can organize your users into different groups. You can create separate groups for B2B and B2C users. If you select Groups from the B2BKing option in the WordPress dashboard, you’ll see the groups section. Here you’ll be offered to select a B2B group or B2C group.

b2bking groups

Once you select a group, you can create more groups within that group. For example, you can add small business, large business, VIP, etc. groups. Within that group you can add certain shipping and payment methods.

creating b2b group

So that’s how you can create and edit different B2B and B2C users. But what about the registration forms? B2BKing gives you the option to add a dropdown and custom fields in the WooCommerce registration form. You can enable this feature from the Registration tab in B2BKing > Settings.

b2bking registration settings

You can copy the shortcode of the registration form and place it in the registration page. This way the users will be able to select the group during the registration process. B2BKing also allows you to choose which fields you want to add. You can create fields for the registration form as well.

b2bking registration form builder

WholesaleX: WholesaleX gives you the ability to create different user groups and also customize the registration form. In WholesaleX, instead of a user group, it’s called user roles. The option is available under WholesaleX in the WordPress admin dashboard. 

user roles in wholesalex

WholesaleX has a form builder of its own as well. Right below the User Roles, you can find the Registration Form option. Here you can build the form your own way and add the fields you require. You can copy the shortcode of the form and add it to the registration page.

You can also customize the design of the form, include a title, and the sign in form as well. By clicking on the ‘+’ button you can also include your own field. You’ll be given several field options including the role selection dropdown field. By default the role selection field isn’t added, you need to add it manually.

Again, by clicking on each field, you can drag and drop the field, divide it, or delete it. You can select various styles of the field too.

wholesalex form builder

As we can see both the plugins offer options to add or customize different user groups/roles. You can also create the registration form as both plugins have their own form builder.

Different prices by groups and different price tiers

You might want to add multi-tiered pricing for your products. For example, you can set different prices for different groups. Your B2B plugin should give you the option to include separate prices for each group. There should also be options to add price tiers as well. For example, for 10 orders, the price is $30.00, for 50 orders the price is $26.00, etc.

In a B2B site, orders are made in bulk quantity and there should be a maximum and minimum order limit. You should be able to control the order amount and rate of each order. Let’s see how B2BKing and WholesaleX handle this scenario.

B2BKing: In B2BKing you can easily divide the users into different groups. When creating a product through WooCommerce, you can set different prices for each group. It is also possible to set multiple price tiers for a specified amount of order.

prices for different groups in b2bking

When you set all this up, each group will see the pricing set by you. This is a fast and simple way to offer different prices for different groups. You can easily set up multiple price tiers as well.

WholesaleX: WholesaleX also allows you to set different prices for each group. The process is almost the same as B2BKing. You can add different prices for different groups during the product creation/editing. You can also set different price tiers for each group.

wholesalex prices for different groups

Setting up a new price for each group is a major feature of a B2B WordPress site. We can see how WholesaleX and B2BKing give you this feature to easily set different prices for individual groups. It is also possible to add various price tiers for such groups.

Wholesale or bulk order form

As we mentioned earlier, a bulk order form allows the buyers to make orders in a bulk. The bulk order form is a list of all your products where your buyers can quickly make their orders from. All the user has to do is specify the amount of the product they want to order, and then click on the Order button to ensure their purchase.

This is a feature commonly seen on B2B sites. The WordPress B2B plugin that you’re going to use should have this feature to enhance user experience.

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B2BKing: B2BKing has the bulk order form feature. You can customize the form within the B2BKing settings and use the shortcode to display the form on the frontend. 

b2bking bulk order form settings

If there are a large number of products in a B2B WordPress site, a search bar can be included in the form. Making the products alphabetical is also helpful as it will allow the users to find products quicker.

b2bking bulk order form

WholesaleX: WholesaleX gives you the option to add a bulk order form too. It is possible to customize its settings from the Bulk Order tab located in the WholesaleX > Settings.

wholesalex bulk order form settings

To display the bulk order form, we can copy the shortcode and place it on any page we wish. 

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Request a quote and B2B Conversation/Messaging

In a B2B site, it is normal for businesses to request a custom quote. Many businesses have different requirements, which might not be present in the given options. For that reason, it is a good move to include a custom quote request feature. Through this, businesses can make their own custom quotations.

This quote request will be sent to the shop owner, and the shop owner can message the buyer. Through this messaging, both businesses can converse and negotiate. The WordPress B2B plugin you’ll be using should give you the option to add the custom quote request and conversation feature.

B2BKing: B2BKing has a custom quote request button which appears alongside the “Add to Cart” button. It is possible to have quote-only B2B sites or include “Add to Cart” and the “Request a Quote” button both.

b2bking request a quote settings

After this feature is enabled, the button will become visible. Upon clicking this button a form will appear where buyers can write their message. The following image was taken from a documentation of B2BKing. 

request a quote button in b2bking

This message is directly sent to the WordPress B2BKing site admin. By going to B2BKing > Conversation a B2B site owner can see the messages. They can converse back and forth and negotiate through this way.

b2bking conversation option

WholesaleX: In WholesaleX, the request for a quote is available through the use of an addon. After this addon is enabled, the “Request a Quote” button will be available in the Cart page. So what the user has to do is add all the products they want to order, then view the cart.

request a quote button in wholesalex

This will bring a form where users can message their custom request. This will then be sent to the WholesaleX Conversation section. The owner of the site can then access these messages from WholesaleX > Conversation & Quote from their WordPress admin dashboard.

wholesalex conversation and quote messages

As you can see in terms of features, B2BKing and WholesaleX, both plugins are really competent. You’ll have access to the most important features required for a B2B WordPress site. The quotation request and B2B Conversation is also an important feature, which you’ll be getting in both the plugins.

Now it’s just a matter of picking the B2B plugin for WooCommerce that suits your style and requirements. You might prefer B2BKing’s interface and user experience. Or you might prefer using the new WholesaleX. The choice is yours as both plugins are amazing to use and you get the important features you need for a B2B WordPress site.

B2BKing vs WholesaleX – Pricing

The pricing is also an important aspect of WordPress plugins. Many plugins offer various annual and lifetime plans. In the case of B2BKing and WholesaleX, both have yearly and lifetime plans. However, the amount of benefits that you’ll be getting is quite different. This is where you have to choose which plugin you want to go with.

B2BKing: First we’re going to take a look at the pricing structure of B2BKing. B2BKing has Annual and Lifetime plans as we mentioned earlier. Both of these have 3 plans called Startup, Pro, and Developer. First let’s check the Annual plans:

  • Starter: $199.50/year for 1 website
  • Pro: $299.50/year for 3 websites
  • Developer: $399.50/year for unlimited websites
b2bking annual price

Now let’s take a look at the Lifetime plans.

  • Starter: $699 for 1 website
  • Pro: $1299 for 3 websites
  • Developer: $1499 for unlimited websites
b2bking lifetime price

At the time of writing this article, there was a “Flash sale” going on that offered discounts on all B2BKing plans. So if you’re interested in getting B2BKing at a discount, you can check out NOW if the sale is still ON!

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WholesaleX: WholesaleX offers a free version of the plugin right from their pricing page that you can use to start your B2B site. It also has two main plans, Yearly and Lifetime. Let’s checkout the Yearly plans first.

  • Starter: $129/year for 1 website
  • Agency: $299/year for 20 websites
  • Business: $ 199/year for 5 websites
wholesalex yearly price

Now let’s see the Lifetime plans:

  • Starter: $249 for 1 website
  • Agency: $699 for 20 websites
  • Business: $ 399 for 5 websites
wholesalex lifetime price

In these screenshots, you can see there’s a discount going on for WholesaleX as well. You can take advantage of this and get WholesaleX and start working on your B2B WordPress site today (check out NOW)!

One of the main differences between both plugins’ pricing is B2BKing has an unlimited site licenses plan. This is not seen in the WholesaleX plans.

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That brings our B2BKing vs WholesaleX post to a conclusion. As you can see both the plugins are great when it comes to features. If you’re looking for a B2B plugin for WooCommerce, then B2BKing and WholesaleX are definitely two plugins that you should check out. While B2BKing has been around for a long time, it’s also a best seller and popular choice for many WordPress B2B sites.

Again, WholesaleX might be new, but it’s becoming more popular day by day. With the features and flexibility offered in the plugin, it won’t be surprising if WholesaleX catches up to B2BKing! It is a fantastic WordPress B2B plugin. WholesaleX also offers a free version right on their pricing page while B2BKing’s free version is not on their pricing page.

At the end of the day, the choice is only yours. Whether you want the all time popular B2BKing as your trusted B2B WordPress plugin, or you want the new WholesaleX that’s everybody buzzing about – let us know which plugin you would love using for B2B sites.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links and we may receive a small commission if you purchase something by following them. However, we recommend services/products that we believe good to serve your purpose.

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