B2BKing Review – King of the Wholesale WordPress Plugins?

Looking for a WordPress wholesale or B2B plugin with tons of features? Explore our B2BKing review and see whether it’s the solution for you.

WordPress has made creating online stores much easier. Thanks to WooCommerce, anyone can start selling any product and service worldwide. Even though it feels like something is missing. As a business, seeking help to overcome these problems is perfectly fine.

Here comes the savior, B2BKing Wholesale WordPres Plugin for WooCommerce. A popular plugin to fill those voids more effectively.

B2BKing offers 137+ features to deal with all of the complicated processes. It is a versatile plugin with many options, such as dynamic pricing, custom product visibility options, and Tax settings. It also provides tools to have a grasp over every type of buyer.

In this article, we’ll provide an extensive review of the B2BKing Wholesale WordPress Plugin.  We’ll explore what makes this plugin so popular and discuss our experience using it. So, without making you wait any longer. Let us get started!

B2BKing overview

banner of B2BKing

B2BKing is a WordPress plugin filled with all the necessary robust tools for operating WooCommerce B2B stores. It offers dynamic and well-thought-out features. It’s specially developed for running an entire Business-to-Business online shop.

Furthermore, it not only works as a B2B (Business-to-Business) but also has options to make the website B2C (Business-to-Consumer) simultaneously. This means an online shop can function in a Business-to-Business and Business-to-Customer mode.

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Simply put, with B2BKing, you can sell your single products to customers and bulk to businesses.

The B2BKing plugin provides tons of extensions on the plate. Also, it offers a variety of access and functions for the seller and user.

The developers of B2BKing have provided many options for the users. Site owners can manage the access control of the B2C, B2B, and regular users. There are also options for dynamic management, customers, conversation, groups, and more.

These options allow site owners to handle direct customer requests and run their business more smoothly. The WordPress B2B plugin also offers many attractive options to funnel wholesales effectively. There are many things to talk about this plugin. But we will only mention the primary ones at first.

Here are the things that make B2BKing a good choice:

  • Ability to control and manage the contents of the website.
  • Manage and control how regular visitors will see the contents of the website.
  • Extensive control over shipping options.
  • Complete control over payment methods and options.
  • It lets you create various customer groups.
  • Option to hide the product pricing and turn on get a quotes button.
  • Owners can negotiate prices for users and groups.
  • It can offer different prices on the same products to different buyers.
  • Lets you offer bundled products.
  • Sending email notifications about products.
  • Supports EU VAT and Tax policies.

And this is more.

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B2B review – What caught our eyes while using it

We already established that there are about 137+ features in B2BKing. As a WordPress B2B plugin, these features offer top-of-the-line settings and methods to take business to a new level. Below we’re sharing our main review derived from our hands-on experience.

Access restriction

access restriction settings panel of B2BKing

B2BKing has extensive access restriction options. It lets you control what a visitor will see on the website. You can control access to products, details, price, category, etc.

Meaning users can offer different prices to different types of visitors. It can also hide certain things from the guests and visitors. B2BKing offers four options with its Access Restriction feature. 

Hide prices to guests

The first option lets the owner hide prices with a customizable β€œLogin to view prices” text. This option forces guests to log in to see the product prices. It also makes sure visitors don’t have the checkout option until logging in.

Hide shop & products

The second option can make all of the products hidden and display a customizable message to log in. Hide shop & products option ensures users are logged in through the B2B Portal to see all products.

Hide the website and force login

The third option hides the website and blocks all access to any links. This ensures visitors have no access to site contents without logging in. Yet, the users can access all the content after logging in.

Replace prices with “Request a Quote”

The last option enables replacing the price with the Request a Quote button. Users have to ask for a quote after adding products to the cart with this option.

Bulk Ordering

bulk odrer form settings of B2BKing

Bulk order allows users to order products in bulk from your e-commerce B2B storefront. Bulk or wholesale orders are a crucial part of any wholesale e-commerce website. It is a super convenient feature that helps B2B and B2C buyers.

With these features, users can order products in bulk by filling out the bulk ordering form.

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Conversations system

conversation settings of B2BKing

B2BKing’s conversation features allow resellers to communicate more quickly on the website. In other words, it’s a messaging system for better communication.

This feature enables many possibilities. With it, you can communicate with your buyers, customers, and resellers. It lets you respond to the requested quotes, ask and answer questions, and negotiate deals.

B2BKing’s conversation features work as a bridge to make business relationships stronger.


B2BKing offers complete control over the business with the group creation feature. It lets you create a group of users and offer them different prices, discounts, and more. It makes managing the wholesale website more effective than before.

B2BKing provides all of the permission access for the users. Groups let you manage products, payment methods, shipping, and other business-related options.

The Groups feature supports multiple conditions and rules simultaneously for every group. This changes the natures of the groups depending on these conditions. This feature helps you to increase revenue and build strong relationships with buyers.

Documentation and support

The B2BKing plugin has comprehensive documentation for every feature and content. You can get tutorial and documentations from their site. Every documentation of B2BKing has extensive tutorials and manuals. All the documentation helps users with screenshots, notes, and tips.

B2BKing also has an excellent support team. It lets users create a ticket and get support as quickly as possible.

Dynamic pricing and rules

B2BKing has a dynamic pricing option. It lets the owner set flexible product prices. You can set pricing and discount rules for every type of customer. Dynamic pricing provides different prices and pricing options for different buyers.

This feature offers discounts, percentage off, or flat discounts to users. You can also have multiple set rules to provide greater customer service.

Email notifications

B2BKing lets you send out notifications using emails. It also allows setting custom notifications for invoices, new products, confirming orders, and quotes. It is a useful feature that helps the owner reach out to customers and increase sales.

Import & export price list

The Import/Export tool helps set up bulk prices with CSV files. The export option provides a price list of all the products on the website. The exported CSV file contains product or variation, regular price, sale price, and tiered price. 

It also provides the B2B prices including B2B users regular price, B2B users sale price, and users tiered price.

Integration with other plugins

B2BKing supports integration with many 3rd-party plugins. Such as WooCommerce Booking, WooCommerce Subscriptions, and WooCommerce Product Add-Ons. The plugin also integrates with most of the popular multivendor markets. 

It also integrates a wide range of integrations, including:

  • CRM systems like HubSpot, Salesforce, Zoho CRM, and more.
  • ERP systems like NetSuite, SAP, and Mircosoft Dynamics.
  • Payment gateways, such as PayPal, Stripe, and more.
  • POS systems like B2B King POS Integration.

Offers for specific users

B2BKing has options to offer different types of deals to the users. It lets the owner offer the users different product pricing or product bundles.

You can also set a time limit to these offers so the users are encouraged to get it much faster. This feature is handy because B2B ventures have to offer different prices for their customers. These offers help to boost sales, create new relationships, and more.

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Payment and shipping methods

B2BKing lets you Enable and Disable the payment and shipping methods depending on the user or group rules. In other words, it lets you control both ways in WooCommerce. You can control this from the B2BKing Groups settings.

You will find three controlling settings in there.

  • Logged Out Users
  • B2C Users
  • Business Groups Users

Here, you can control how the payment and shipment methods will behave according to the user type.

Plugin status

plugin status settings to switch between two modes

B2BKing’s plugin status feature lets you switch between types of the store. It also enables you to set between two store modes.

  • B2B & B2C Hybrid – This mode will enable the plugin features for those users who are part of the respective groups.
  • B2B Shop – This mode will consider all the users as B2B. And the plugin functionalities will work accordingly.

The Plugin Status option lets the owner enable/disable B2BKing features. These features are:

  1. Enable conversations & quote requests
  2. Enable offers
  3. Enable purchase lists
  4. Enable bulk order form
  5. Enable subaccounts

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Purchase lists for demand-specification

B2BKing offers to create B2B shopping lists, which lets users order or sell in one click. A purchase list can be made on both sides. Owners/sellers can create the purchase list. 

If they continuously buy the same products, B2BKings suggests creating a purchase list to save time in the future. You can also turn on and off the purchase list for other B2B buyers.

Registration forms and approvals

This B2B plugin lets you create custom registration forms. It allows to offer custom forms to the wholesale buyers. That means without filling out the registration form, they won’t be able to access your online store.

You will also be able to collect customer data from the registration form. With it, you can verify each customer and approve their registration.

Roles and permissions

The B2BKing WordPress plugin lets you have custom user roles and permissions. With it, site owners can take control of the user’s viewing options. You can set which products, pages, or other things they can see. 

Custom roles allow you to control wholesalers, retailers, and regular customers. With it, you can control how a visitor views your website. 

Besides that, roles and permissions let you manage the business more fluently and ensure every user has access to what they need or want.

Set order limit

B2BKing lets you set an order limit on the product quantity. With it, you can set least order numbers on particular products and categories. Order quantity features ensure a financial guarantee from the customers.

Wholesale buyers need to reach the target for ordering a specific product. This feature allows to filter one-off buyers from the website.

Tax exemption and VAT handling

B2BKing offers features to display product VAT numbers, depending on the customer’s national requirements. This option can be displayed on the checkout and registration pages.

B2BKing also offers to make tax exemption rules depending on a country’s VIES validation. It provides you with three options to choose from. These are:

  • Remove all tax for users with a valid VAT number.
  • Remove tax on “Accessories” for users in Poland and Italy with a valid VAT number.
  • Remove tax on a “Large box” product for registered users in Austria with a valid VAT number.

The plugin provides a Special VAT Field (EU VAT). Some of the options for the Special VAT Field are:

  • Adding VAT in billing or registration.
  • Display VAT amount for select countries.
  • Enabling automatic VAT VIES Validation.
  • Adding VAT in checkout or billing.
  • Make whether VAT is required or not.

Visibility restrictions

The plugin lets you customize the visibility of the products, categories, and more. It allows setting up visibility restrictions depending on the rules of user roles. It lets you hide specific items from customers and display only the selected products to the customer.

It also ensures that the regular and retail customers have their pricing. You can show the prices after logging in. This method helps the business hide from other competitors which provides an extra edge to the competition.

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Wholesale order forms

Wholesale order forms are a useful feature. It helps both B2B and B2C customers. It lets you get more information about their orders. Wholesale order forms allow you to customize what kind of information you will require.

The forms have multiple fields and themes that you can choose from. With it, you can match the form design with your brand identity.

B2BKing Free vs. Pro features

B2BKing is a freemium WordPress plugin that helps run WooCommerce-based B2B wholesale sites. It offers a free version in the WordPress plugin repository with some basic features. And the pro or premium version offers all of the additional advanced features.

Let’s dive and learn the difference between the B2BKing Free and Pro versions. Also, learn what features they offer for you.

B2BKing Free features

  • Full compatibility with any WordPress theme.
  • You will able to manage only two groups.
  • It lets you offer different product prices for different roles.
  • Manage payment methods for regular, B2C users and B2C groups.
  • Manage shipment methods for regular, B2C users and B2C groups.
  • Use the Registration Forms and Approvals.
  • Have unlimited registration roles.
  • Use the discount options with dynamic rules.
  • Utilize the email notifications features.

B2BKing Pro features

  • Access Restriction feature.
  • Bulk management tools.
  • Buyer subaccounts option.
  • Conversion feature.
  • Custom fees and taxes option.
  • Custom field types for billing and checkout.
  • Custom registration fields to add in registration forms. (Custom Fields, Company Name, and VAT Number, etc.)
  • Custom rules for a fixed price.
  • Custom rules to have Zero Tax.
  • Customized information table for the product page.
  • Dynamic discount option.
  • Dynamic rules to display currency.
  • Easy payment for active orders and invoices.
  • Export and Import CSV files.
  • Extended re-ordering.
  • Extensive user and group options.
  • Force login option.
  • Free shipping with its own rules.
  • Group-based free shipping
  • Group-based taxes & fees
  • Minimum and maximum order limit for specific payment options.
  • Minimum and maximum order limit options.
  • Private Store feature to lock and hide product prices.
  • Product bundle feature.
  • Purchase lists feature.
  • Request a quote feature.
  • Request a quote for guests.
  • Role-based approval.
  • Searchable products with SKUs.
  • Site-wide visibility restrictions using Shortcode.
  • Subaccounts permission configuration.
  • Tax exemption dynamic rules.
  • Tiered pricing table for the product page.
  • Unlimited group creation.
  • VAT VIES Validation (for EU).
  • Wholesale bulk items.

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B2BKing pricing comparison

B2BKing is a good solution for Wholesale, B2B, and B2C websites. It provides different pricing for its users. B2BKing offers two types of licensing.

Which are: 1) Annual 2) Lifetime.

Both of the license types have three license packages to fit every website owner’s needs. These pricing plans come with different prices. 

B2BKing annual pricing

annual pricing plan of B2B King

The annual pricing costs less than lifetime plans. Getting the annual plans is a great choice for starting a business.

  • Startup at $139 for one website.

The Startup offers all of the paid features for a year. It includes 139+ Features and functions, Monthly Updates, and Premium Support.

  • Pro at $189 for three websites.

The Pro has all premium features for a year. It includes 139+ Features and functions, Monthly Updates, Premium Support, Company Credit Add-on, Dokan Add-on, and WCFM Add-on.

  • Developer at $299 for unlimited websites.

The Developer provides every pro feature for a year. It includes 139+ Features and functions, Monthly Updates, Premium Support, Company Credit Add-on, Dokan Add-on, WCFM Add-on, and Backend White Label.

B2BKing lifetime pricing

lifetime pricing plan of B2B King

The lifetime package means if you buy them once, you can use them forever without paying an extra penny. Lifetime plans are the best choice for those with a robust wholesale website.

B2BKing Lifetime packages can cost more than 3 times the yearly pricing.

The Lifetime package offers the same features as the annual package. But it stays for a lifetime.

  • Startup at $499 for one website.
  • Pro at $779 for three websites.
  • Developer at $979 for unlimited websites.

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Final words

B2BKing is an excellent option for running a WooCommnece-based wholesale store. It has various features and components, such as dynamic wholesale, tiered pricing, etc. 

The B2BKing plugin is a complete package. It has many exciting features for wholesale and multi-vendor businesses.

If you are seeking an extensive WooCommerce plugin to control your business completely B2BKing can be that plugin. We hope you have learned more about the B2BKing plugin from our review. If you found our review helpful, don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links and we may receive a small commission if you purchase something by following them. However, we recommend services/products that we believe good to serve your purpose.

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