Crew HRM Review – Powerful Yet Simple HR WordPress Plugin

Crew HRM is a job posting and recruitment management WordPress plugin that’s going to make the lives of HR professionals a lot easier. In this article, read our Crew HRM review.

One of the important aspects for a brand’s success is hiring the right people. Again, conducting and managing the entire process isn’t as easy as one would think. In fact, this can be a tedious task if you don’t have the right tools. Today we’re looking into a WordPress plugin that can ease all the difficulties of hiring and managing.

Crew HRM overview

CrewHRM is a WordPress plugin for posting jobs and managing the recruitment process. One of the most challenging tasks of the HR department is recruitment. Hiring the right people could lead to a company’s success. But this is no easy task as the HR team is usually flooded by CVs and it becomes difficult to manage the recruitment efficiency.

To make this entire process a lot easier, Crew HRM was built. This plugin gives you a centralized dashboard for managing the candidates. It gives you several tools and addons to make the recruitment management a lot easier. You can create job posts, process CVs, and manage everything in a user-friendly environment.

Therefore, CrewHRM is a job posting and hiring plugin for HR teams. It’s for any company/organization that is actively looking for new talents. Using this plugin, one can easily create job posts and manage the candidates.

Crew HRM review

Crew HRM is filled with all the features that you need for posting jobs and managing recruitments. We already mentioned some of the useful features above. But it’s also important to discuss some of those more elaboratly. From posting the job to the interview, and finally the time of appointment, CrewHRM assists you in every step of the way.

So what are these features? Let’s discuss some of these from our hands-on experience and see how the plugin actually is.

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CrewHRM gives you a detailed dashboard that has all the information regarding your recruitment campaigns. It provides an overview on the total number of jobs posted, applications, hired, and pending. It also has a calendar that you can expand and also check events marked in specific dates.

crew hrm overview

The dashboard also displays the jobs that have already been posted and it also shows the number of applicants for each post. From the dashboard, the posts can be edited, reviewed, archived, and also deleted.

Posting a job

What’s the first thing that you need to do when you want to hire talents? That’s right, create a job post. If you’ve ever created any job post, you know how time taking these are. Crew HRM gives you a step-by-step workflow through which you can create job posts within minutes. Right on the dashboard, there’s a button labeled “Create A New Job”. Clicking on this button will launch a job post creation menu.

creating a job post in crew hrm

This is a 3 step process where you have to go through the following levels:

  • Job Details
  • Hiring Flow
  • Application Form

In the first step, the job details, you can add the job title, assign a department, add description, employment type (full time, part time, contract, etc.), number of vacancies, deadlines, etc.

You can set salary type to hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. You can mention the salary, currency and amount. The next thing that you can specify is the workplace location. Workplace is dynamic in this age and companies offer remote as well as hybrid job opportunities. You can specify if your workplace is remote, on-site or hybrid.

In the hiring flow step, you can organize each stage of hiring. Recruitment is a systemic process and it shouldn’t be confusing. In this step, you can organize the stages of the recruitment process such as screening, assessment, interview, etc. 

hiring stages in crew hrm

You’ll be able to create a new stage and organize that as well. The final stage is, of course, hiring where you hire a candidate. Once the post is published, it can be viewed in the frontend and candidates can apply for that post easily.

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Candidate profile

When a candidate applies for a position and submits their CVs and other essential documents, it can be viewed from the backend. 

Crew hrm candidate profile

You can look at the overview, documents, and activities of the candidate. If needed, you can move the candidate from different stages of the hiring process (assessment, screening, interview, etc.). 

Candidate assessment and meeting

Just above a candidate’s info, there’s a small top bar. Through this interface you can:

  • Move to different stages: You can move the candidate from one stage to another. For example, from screening to assessment, from assessment to interview, and so on.
  • Send email: You can send an email to the candidate from this section. Files can also be attached to the mail.
sending email to candidate
  • Internal messages: Internal communication with the candidate is also possible. This uses the comment feature of WordPress.
  • Schedule event: For hiring a candidate you need an interview. This feature allows you to schedule an event. You can create a Zoom or Google meet event and schedule a date for the event from this section. 
scheduling an event for candidate

You can add guests who will be joining this meeting and also write some comments.

  • Disqualify candidate: It is also possible to disqualify a candidate from this section. If you do this, the candidate won’t be directly removed from the post. Rather, their application will be added in the disqualify section. You can remove their application from the disqualified section, or you can add them back to the qualified section.

It’s also possible to add a candidate yourself manually. This feature can be useful if you have some candidates who applied physically but you want their documents to be added to your WordPress site.

Document upload

When applying for a position, the candidates have to upload their CVs, resumes, cover letters, etc. Crew HRM gives the candidates the option to upload their documents easily. They can also write their cover letters from this section.

uploading resume in crew hrm

Employee profile

Crew HRM also allows you to view all your employees in a list. Check out the employees, edit their details, check employment status, and do more.

Most companies today keep an employee list in a paper file. It’s also a good idea to have digital access to your employee list. This can be accessed by company officials who have access to your WordPress site.


CrewHRM has a bunch of addons that you can use for your job posting. Currently, it has the following addons:

  • Attachment: This addon provides attachment support in a job application.
  • Custom Field: You can also add your custom fields in job applications.
  • Email: You can communicate with candidates through email. This addon allows you to send emails to candidates from your WordPress backend.
  • Google Meet: You can carry out interviews using Google Meet. This addon enables the use of Google Meet on your Crew HRM site.
  • Zoom: If you want to conduct interviews through Zoom then enable this addon.
  • reCAPTCHA integration (free): In order to protect your site from spams and abuse, you can use reCAPTCHA. This add-on is available in the free version too.
addons of crew hrm

Crew HRM is considerably a new plugin so we can expect much more features in future updates.

Crew HRM pricing

Crew HRM has a free version that you can use to start out. The free version is great but if you want advanced features such as managing the hiring team, images and multimedia rendering, allowing candidates to upload attachments, etc. you need the pro version of the plugin. 

Purchasing the pro version will unlock all the features of the plugin including all the addons. Currently Crew HRM has 2 price plans:

  • Essential: $69 for one site
  • Large: $299 for 50 sites
crew hrm pricing

If you want to try out the plugin, you can use the CrewHRM demo found on their official website.

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We hope you liked our CrewHRM review. The plugin is relatively new and a lot more features might be added in the future. After using this plugin we feel that any company that wants to hire new talents for their team should give this a try. It makes the recruitment process simple. Again, Crew HRM has a free version that gives you a bunch of features already. So if you wanna give this a try, go ahead!

That brings our Crew HRM review to a conclusion. We hope this post helped you decide if you want to use the plugin. If you’ve used Crew HRM, let us know your experience in the comment section. 

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links and we may receive a small commission if you purchase something by following them. However, we recommend services/products that we believe good to serve your purpose.

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