Tutor LMS Pro Lifetime New Sale Discontinues on 25th March 2024

Update March 2024: Tutor LMS Pro lifetime deals new sales have been discounted effective from 25th March 2024. Existing lifetime customers will continue getting their perks. Details.

Old Post: Do you want to create an online education platform and sell courses? We know it’s not difficult to choose an LMS platform thanks to our extensive resources. Tutor LMS can be great fit for any such purpose. But if you’re wondering which plan to purchase, Annual or Lifetime, then you’ll find this post helpful. Because in this post we’re going to discuss if the Tutor LMS Pro Lifetime plans are worth investing in.

Tutor LMS is one of the most popular LMS plugins for WordPress. The plugin was created by leading industry professionals to give users fantastic LMS experience. In recent days, online education has become more popular than ever. If you’re an industry expert and you specialize in a particular area, you can create and sell online courses. With the help of WordPress and Tutor LMS, you can create your own eLearning website on your own!

Tutor LMS has several plans that you can purchase according to your needs. But the Lifetime plans have the best value. Now the question is, is it worth investing in Tutor LMS Pro lifetime? We will answer this question and discuss the online education industry in this article. So, let’s get started!

A Brief Introduction to Tutor LMS

A Brief Introduction to Tutor LMS

Tutor LMS is an LMS plugin for WordPress. The purpose of this plugin is to create, publish and sell courses online through your WordPress website. Tutor LMS was first launched in 2019 which makes it one of the newest LMS plugins in the market. Within a short period of time, the plugin gained much popularity because of its simplicity, features, and, easy-to-use interface.

An LMS plugin is loaded with features because users need to create courses, publish them online, sell those courses and make a profit. A good LMS plugin should be able to accommodate the users with all these features. Having all these features does make an LMS plugin a lot more complicated, but that is the reason that developers and designers work hard on simplifying this software.

Tutor LMS has all these features and is really beginner friendly, which is one of the things that we love about the plugin. Although there’s a large list of features, let’s take a look at some of the important features of Tutor LMS:

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  • A Frontend drag and drop course builder
  • Stylish course details and listing
  • Personalized Dashboard for students and teachers
  • Unlimited Quizzes and 10+ quiz categories
  • Assignments
  • Mobile Learning
  • Event Calendar
  • Advanced Analytics and reports
  • Notifications for students and teachers
  • Email templates and template editor
  • Available in 27 different languages
  • Certificate builder, etc.

These are just some of the features that came on top of our heads. But it does have all the features that you need to create an online education platform. With the customized dashboard for individual teachers and students, you’re not just making an eLearning website, you’re creating a fully professional education platform that teaches and certifies users.

Did we mention that you can also create certificates? If you have Tutor LMS Pro, you can also download Certificate Builder for free. You can check out our post on how to create certificates with Certificate Builder

If you are an individual instructor and one to build a one-course website, you can do so. You can also create an online learning marketplace like Udemy or Coursera, you can do that as well. With the given features, you can build any kind of online education platform you desire.
If you want to learn more about Tutor LMS, then check out our review on Tutor LMS. We’ve discussed in detail the features of Tutor LMS and what you can do with it.

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Is it Worth Investing in a Tutor LMS Pro Lifetime License?

Now that you know about Tutor LMS, it’s time to discuss the main topic of this article, is it worth investing in a Tutor LMS Pro lifetime license? Although the question is pretty straightforward, the answer might vary depending on your perception of the LMS industry.

In order for us to understand this topic fully, we must first look at the LMS industry and how it operates as a complete business. Themeum, the developer of Tutor LMS, offers Tutor LMS 2 major pricing plans, the annual license, and the lifetime license. There are a number of benefits for both plans, but these are the main difference between the annual and lifetime license:

  • The annual license gives you unlimited updates and email support for one year
  • A lifetime license gives you unlimited updates and email support forever

That’s the major difference between the annual and lifetime license. Now if you’re purchasing the Annual license, normally you would have to update your license every year, which might get costly. The annual plans are mainly for those who want to try out and see if this business is profitable for them. If the business doesn’t go so well, then of course you can drop it.

The lifetime plan is beneficial if you’re really serious about your eLearning platform and want it to continue as long as you want. Although the lifetime plans cost a lot, you’re having an unlimited number of updates and support from the developers. If we look at it from this point, then the Lifetime plans are more profitable.

Who Uses Tutor LMS Pro Lifetime?

Although the base plan of Tutor LMS is free and anyone can use it to create their own online education platform. But if your aim is to build a professional eLearning website, you need to purchase Tutor LMS Pro. You can read our Tutor LMS Free vs Pro post to know more about what you’re getting with Tutor LMS Pro. 

The Lifetime plans are a bit pricier than the annual plans since you only have to purchase them once.

Tutor LMS pricing plans

The prices in the screenshot above might look low because of the holiday sales going on (at the time we took this screenshot). Missed the Holiday sale? No problem, there are many ways to get the Tutor LMS Pro Lifetime license at a discount. 

Getting back to the point of who the Lifetime plans were meant for, it’s already there. Themeum placed a title on each plan which tells us which plan is meant for whom. If you’re an individual instructor you can purchase the Individual lifetime license for $499 and build 1 eLearning site with it. If you’re a developer who just started the LMS business, you can buy the Business plan for $899 for 10 site licenses. And the final package is for agencies who specialize in building LMS websites for their clients. This package lets you build 50 eLearning sites with Tutor LMS.

Therefore, Lifetime plans aren’t only meant for big organizations or agencies. It’s also meant for individuals or businesses who are looking to build online education websites.

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How Much Money Can You Make From Selling Courses?

The lifetime plans are expensive no doubt, but if you can market and sell your courses properly, you can make a lot of money. If you’re serious about your online education platform, then Lifetime plans are more convenient than Annual plans. To further investigate this matter, let’s understand how much you can hope to make from an eLearning business.

There’s actually no fixed answer to this question. While some people make a lot of money from selling their online courses, for others, it takes a bit more time. Generally, from a successful eLearning site, you can expect to earn 5-7 figures. Of course, that doesn’t happen overnight. Just like any other business, you have to dedicate a lot of time and energy into making your courses, then comes the marketing. If you follow all these procedures, you’ll be on your way to making a million dollars!

So, how can you make more money from your online education platform? While there are various strategies course instructors take, here’s one simple technique you can apply and earn more money.

If you’re selling online courses and if you offer only one plan, your cash flow will be limited. This means that you won’t see that growth in sales. Say if you teach only one particular subject, that solves one problem, you’ll be limiting your income by selling just one plan. To see growth, you can offer more courses that solve further problems your users might be facing. This way you’ll be able to sell more courses and your income will not be capped. Instead, you’ll see growth in your business.

Let me give you an example. If you’re a web developer, you can offer “An HTML and CSS” course. After your users complete that course, you can offer a Javascript course as well. If you know a bit about web development, Javascript is essential if you want to become a front-end developer or even a back-end developer. So people who completed your HTML and CSS course would want to enroll in your Javascript course as well. That is how you can offer more solutions through your courses and make more money!

This all depends on how much time you invest in your business. We’ve also published an article stating how much it actually cost to create an LMS website. Be sure to check it out.

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Benefits of Having a Lifetime License of Tutor LMS Pro

By looking at the price difference, you can tell that the Lifetime plans offer way more than the annual license. There are some benefits of having a Lifetime license that you won’t get in the annual plans. With the lifetime plans, you get the following benefits:

  • Lifetime updates: You will receive updates as soon as these are released. No further purchase is needed.
  • Priority Email Support: Tutor LMS is easy to use but still, you might need a helping hand sometimes. With the Lifetime plans, you can reach the priority email support as many times as you want.
  • Free installations: Although the installation process is fairly simple, but it does take up some of your valuable time. So you can have a free installation, where your LMS website will be installed by Themeum. However, you only get 1, 5, and 10 free installations for Individual, Business, and Agency plans respectively.

In the future, Themeum might drop the annual plans completely and have only Lifetime plans available for purchase. At that time, the price of the Lifetime plans might also increase. Although this is just speculation, this isn’t uncommon in the WordPress sector. 

Therefore, it would be wise to purchase the Lifetime license even if you’re not planning to create an online education platform just yet. But it’s a Lifetime plan, so in the future, if you decide to create an eLearning platform, you’ll have the option to do so!

Is it Really Worth Investing in Selling Online Courses?

The online education sector is booming. After the pandemic, many organizations had to continue their operations online. At that time, schools and various educational institutes decided to conduct online classes. Now many people prefer learning skills online and getting certified as well.

The eLearning industry is now pointing towards a $300 billion-valued marketplace. A vast majority of the workforce is now being taught and trained through this online learning platform. Since it is more costly to conduct physical classes, instructors now prefer taking their classes online.

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If you’re an industry expert, you can start your teaching online on your own platform. If you’re thinking is it really worth your time, then we would say, this is the right time to start. Because it takes time for online courses to become popular, but as soon as it earns enough popularity, they will take off and you will keep on making money in your sleep!

That is why, we would suggest purchasing the Tutor LMS Pro Lifetime plans. Because even if you don’t plan on creating online courses right now, in the future you might. Then you will have the option at your disposal.

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Can I Create an Online Course Website all by Myself?

Creating websites using WordPress is really simple. While Tutor LMS, is outfitted with numerous features, it is still beginner friendly. As soon as you install Tutor LMS, there will be a setup wizard that will complete the installation for you. You just have to select a few options, and the rest is done by the setup wizard.

However, the entire process of course creation might be a bit overwhelming at first. But once you create a course or two, you will have the hang of this. The next courses you make won’t take that long. You can always ask for support if you have a Lifetime license. And there are tons of documentation, tutorials, etc. out there to help you out. You can check out our video tutorial on YouTube where we go through each and every aspect of how to create an online education platform with Tutor LMS.

All you need first is to get a domain & hosting, then install WordPress on your domain. Once your website is set up, purchase Tutor LMS Pro, get your license key, and install Tutor LMS. You should also get a professional LMS theme for your website. After that, you can start creating your courses and publish those online. We’ve discussed all of these in our video tutorial so check it out!

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Well, that sums up our post on Tutor LMS Pro Lifetime plans. We’ve covered many LMS topics in the past and we think that investing in an LMS plugin is a smart decision. Because the industry is booming as more and more people are flocking toward online education. A large portion of our future workforce is being trained through these online platforms. That is why it is essential for you (if you’re an industry expert) to share your knowledge and experience with the newer generations and make a profit at the same time.

Finally, we’re going to say this if you’re planning on selling courses in the future, it’s a wise decision to purchase Tutor LMS Pro Lifetime. Since you don’t need to purchase a new license every year, which you have to do for annual plans. So it’s much more lucrative than you’ve imagined

Do you have an eLearning site? Have you purchased the Tutor LMS Pro Lifetime plan? Are you selling your courses online? Let us know your experience with Tutor LMS Pro in the comment section. What motivated you to start selling courses online and how was your journey? We would be delighted to know.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links and we may receive a small commission if you purchase something by following them. However, we recommend services/products that we believe good to serve your purpose.

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