9 Best WordPress LMS Plugins to Build an eLearning Site in 2021

To create and deliver content, monitor student participation, and assess student performance in your WordPress site, it’s a great idea to use any LMS plugin. LMS means learning management system. It will sort out your work progress if you’re planning to create an online academy.

In this article we have listed the best WordPress LMS plugins available right now. Here we go.


Pricing: $159 Per Year (Single Site)

LearnDash is the most used WordPress LMS plugin. It has a drag and drop builder, which makes your job done easily. You can easily create multi-layer courses with lessons, topics, quizzes, and categories.

LearnDash has a dynamic forum feature, which provides the ability to have course based forums on your site.

Monetization options including subscriptions, one-time purchase, memberships, shopping cart, etc. for your online training courses are also available with LearnDash. Multiple payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, and 2Checkout are included as well.

There’s an option to provide assignments and then approve or comment on them. Perquisites are also available to customize the ability to get into the next lesson. It’s well synced with all other third-party plugins, which make it even more powerful.

Schools, training organizations, entrepreneurs, and anyone who wants to create and sell online courses can create their next education platform easily with LearnDash.

Lifter LMS

Pricing: Individual addons for $99 each, Universal Plan for $299 (Single Site)

LiferLMS is another titanic ship in the sea of LMS plugins. It’s very beginner-friendly. It works well with drag-and-drop builder plugins like Divi Builder & Beaver Builder.

Lifter LMS has a unique integration feature with WooCommerce, MailChimp, and AffiliateWP. It also has a unique 30-day trial feature which lets you use all features for $1 only. Lifter LMS includes a graphics pack with backgrounds and other design elements. When you buy their universal plan, you’ll be able to use their super helpful sample courses, sample quizzes, certificates, and a fully configured website.

Tutor LMS

Pricing: Free + $149 for one site, $299 for unlimited site (one year) + $399 for lifetime support (one site), $999 for lifetime support (unlimited sites)

As developed by Themeum, Tutor LMS provides a cleaner and polish designed UI. With TutorLMS, students will get their own dashboard where they can manage their courses and reviews, and instructors also get new options in the dashboard that let them see their earnings.

With features like the ability to add unlimited attachments to a course, quizzes, automated email support, Tutor LMS is well enough to rock your online academy.

Tutor LMS also provides many different certificate templates, which you can customize as your choice.


Pricing: Free + Paid Add-ons

LearnPress is a free LMS plugin, which is very feature-rich as well. It has beautiful interfere which will help you to create courses, and export or import courses from LearnPress using websites easily.

LearnPress’s free plan also includes a wishlist feature, which helps students to keep the course of their choice for later. The course review feature is also there, which will publish user-generated reviews. Another amazing feature is prerequisite courses, which activate the option to the requirement of finishing the current course before entering the next one.

You can also extend the features by upgrading the plan. LearnPress supports scheduled content, quizzes, assignments, grading, etc. You can also integrate your site with bbPress, WooCommerce, and WordPress membership plugins.

LearnPress also offers which are very compatible with the plugin. If you’re confused about choosing a theme for your site, you can also use one of them.

WP Courseware

Pricing: from $129 (Two Sites)

WP Courseware is another easy to use LMS plugin as it offers drag and drop builder packed. So it’s a hustle free experience to create courses.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re making small or large courses, WP Courseware has all the potential features you’ll need. It has features like instructor profiles, instructor grade book, student grade books, custom emails, and many more.

You can sell the premium content for one-time purchase or recurring subscriptions. You can also create courses that you want to provide to your users for free. PayPal and Stripe integration are also there to change the game.


Pricing: from $129 Per Year (Single Site)

Sensei is created by the team of famous e-commerce plugin creator, WooCommerce. It’s very powerful and works better with WooCommerce integration. With Sensei, you can run quizzes, assignments, grade them automatically or manually, and even offer badges and certificates to students. With fewer add-ons that other LMS listed here, Sensei isn’t that much beginner-friendly as well. As you can guess, it goes far beyond with WooCommerce supported themes.

The user registration is done through WordPress, so once again, those familiar with WordPress should find Sensei easy to learn. The simple course analytics provide information on grading, course completion, and students registered. It can display random quizzes based on a bank of questions you set prior to launch.

MasterStudy LMS

Pricing: Free + Paid Add-ons

You can easily create, customize, and manage amazing online lessons with MasterStudy LMS. It has three different types of lessons – images, videos, slideshows. The quiz feature in it comes with a countdown timer as well. Basic features like wishlist, certificate generation is also available in MasterStudy LMS. It has ready-to-use demos which cost $69.


Pricing: $33 for a regular license with 6-month support and updates, extra $11 for one year support and updates.

Good LMS is a premium LMS plugin available on the CodeCanyon marketplace. Good LMS works straight from the native WordPress dashboard.

It has features like process lines, coupon codes, real-time countdowns, student backend where learners can see their scores and progress, course badges, retakable quizzes, and many more. Basic features like creating courses, selling them, and implementing quizzes and certificates are easier with Good LMS.

Namaste! LMS

Pricing: Free

Namaste! LMS is the least popular plugin here in our list. Though it’s free, but it’s not deniable at all. You have to work more to get that flow with this plugin. However, basic features like shopping cart, content security, award badges are available there.

They offer a Namaste! Premium theme (costs $47) which can change the game at all. It’s packed with Namaste! Pro module packs in numerous add-ons and premium support for the year.

So, which LMS plugin do you prefer? Share on the comments!

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