LearnDash Unlimited Plan – Is it Worth the Money? (Learn Here)

LearnDash Unlimited plan costs a decent amount of money. But is it worth it? In this post, we’ll look into the benefits of this plan and much more.

When it comes to Learning Management Systems (LMS), LearnDash is one of the most popular choices. With LearnDash you can easily create an eLearning website on WordPress. LearnDash offers various plans for individuals, corporations, agencies, etc. There is also a LearnDash cloud plan you can purchase. This comes with LearnDash preinstalled and a WordPress site ready to go. That’s the fastest way to launch your eLearning site.

If you want to purchase the base LearnDash plugin, there are 3 plans you can get. The first plan allows you to build 1 LMS site and the second plan allows you to build 10 LMS sites. The third plan is the unlimited plan which is the most expensive of all the plans. But for whom is this plan meant, and is it worth it? In this post, we’re going to see if LearnDash Unlimited Plan is worth the money.

How good is LearnDash as an LMS plugin?

LearnDash is one of the first LMS plugins in the WordPress environment. Launched back in 2013, it quickly became popular as big companies and Universities preferred using LearnDash to create LMS sites. If you go to the LearnDash website, you’ll see the reason why you should choose LearnDash as your LMS plugin. The reasons stated are:

  • Complete control: The plugin gives you vast control over your site which allows you to build flexible price models and customizable designs. LearnDash has all the features you need to create your perfect online courses. You can create a multi-course or a single-course website.
  • Built by experts: LearnDash isn’t just a plugin that allows you to build online courses, it is a plugin built by industry experts, especially for educators. Many users who switched to LearnDash say that LearnDash has the exact solution they were looking for. All the features that you see were well thought out by the experts and normally, you won’t face any issues.
  • Better learning outcomes: You can create quizzes and assignments on your courses to keep your students engaged. There are numerous options to customize your quizzes and you can also pick multiple quiz categories too. You can create certificates for your courses by yourself. All these options ensure a better learning outcome.

LearnDash also received several awards over the year. Being an award-winning eLearning solution, LearnDash is recognized by leading names in the industry. Here are some of the accolades of LearnDash

  • Top 20 Traning Software Winner by Capterra
  • Top 20 LMS based on User Experience by eLearning industry
  • Top 20 Easiest-to-Use General LMS

Because of all the perfect thought-outthought-out solutions, and simplicity, LearnDash is a popular choice by many individuals and agencies that are looking to build an LMS website. LearnDash also has various tutorials and a large community. So if you’re ever stuck or in need of some consultation, you have many sources available for that.

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Is LearnDash Unlimited Plan worth the money?

As we said in the beginning, LearnDash has 3 plans for the base plugin. The Unlimited plan is more expensive than the others. It allows you to use LearnDash on unlimited WordPress sites. But being so expensive you can naturally ask, is it worth the money?

LMS businesses are usually profitable. People nowadays prefer to learn new skills online. The new digital era has created multiple job opportunities for skilled people. Industries are in need of skilled individuals. LMS websites play an important role in educating a large number of people and as a result, helping them get the job they want.

So there’s no doubt that the LMS industry is booming. In order to help educators create their own courses and launch their own websites, plugins like LearnDash are a boon. Now different plugins offer different pricing plans. One of Learndash’s price plans is the Unlimited plan. We want to know the benefits of this plan, who is it meant for, and if it’s worth the money.

Benefits of the LearnDash unlimited plan

If you purchase any of the 3 plans, you’ll get the base LearnDash plugin with all its features. The only difference that we can see with each plan is the number of sites that can be built with it. The main features of LearnDash are as follows:

  • Drag and drop course builder
  • Course cloning
  • Course creation wizard
  • Advanced quizzes
  • Video progression
  • Automated notification
  • Assignment management
  • Badges and certificates
  • 100+ addons
  • Profiles for teachers and students, and much more

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Even if you purchase the 1 site license plan, you get all these features. Therefore the main benefit of purchasing the Unlimited license is the ability to use LearnDash on unlimited WordPress websites. If you’re looking for more features, you can browse the add-on library. There are over 100 add-ons for you to install. Some of those add-ons are also free!

LearnDash Cloud is also another plan that you might wanna consider. It’s a fully hosted WordPress website with the core LearnDash plugin pre-installed. It also consists of other important plugins such as iThemes Security, Kadence block, etc.

learndash unlimited plan license

For whom the plan is meant for

The price of the LearnDash Unlimited plan is $799 per year. This is understandable because you can build as many LMS websites as you want. Naturally, you can understand, this plan isn’t meant for individual users. So LearnDash created the packages keeping the types of users in mind.

If you’re an educator and want to launch your own eLearning website, then the 1 site license is best suited for you. If you’re a freelancer who often deals with LMS projects, then the 10-site license is great. But if your receiving more LMS requests, then the Unlimited package is best for you.

Normally the Unlimited plan is meant for agencies and companies. If you run an agency and you often have to build LMS websites for clients, then the Unlimited plan is definitely meant for you. In that case, the Unlimited plan is definitely worth the money.

Therefore, the LearnDash Unlimited plan is meant for:

  • Freelancers who often work on LMS projects
  • Companies or agencies
  • Corporate companies if they run multiple LMS sites for their sub-brands

As we said earlier, there’s a great demand for LMS websites. Industry experts are now looking to create their own eLearning sites and publish their own courses. Using LearnDash, an LMS website can be quickly created. That’s why various agencies prefer using LearnDash. The LearnDash Unlimited plan is meant for these agencies or companies.

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Price comparison

In order to understand if the Unlimited license plan is truly worth the money, it is a good idea to compare the pricing with other LMS plugins. 

Tutor LMS and LearnDash

First, let’s compare it with Tutor LMS. The following is the annual pricing of Tutor LMS:

  • Basic – Free license
  • Individual – $199/year for 1 site
  • Business – $399/year for 10 sites 
  • Agency – $799/year for unlimited sites
tutor lms annual price plans

The price plan of Tutor LMS and LearnDash is very similar. Tutor LMS also has an unlimited license plan that allows you to build unlimited LMS sites with Tutor LMS. You can check out our Tutor LMS vs LearnDash post to learn more about these two plugins.

LearnDash price is as follows:

  • $199/year for 1 Site license
  • $399/year for 10 Sites license
  • $799/year for an Unlimited site license

As you can see the pricing structure of LearnDash is similar to that of Tutor LMS’s annual plans. Although LearnDash doesn’t have a free version, but you can view the demo if you want. Just go to the demo page and choose if you want to view the website as a learner or course creator.

LifterLMS and LearnDash

LifterLMS is also a very popular choice when it comes to building LMS websites. LifterLMS is a bit different than other LMS plugins. Instead of buying the entire plan, you can purchase the add-ons separately. Therefore, you will be paying for what you need only. There are 3 plans which consist of a bunch of addons

The core plugin is free and you can use it to create your LMS site. However, you can’t integrate any eCommerce add-ons. So you need to purchase one of the three plans to fully monetize your LMS website. You can purchase the add-ons separately but getting a plan is much better as you will get the important features you need. Besides purchasing the important addons separately will be a bit more expensive.

The following are the LifterLMS plans:

Earth – $199/year for 1 site and 1 user

Universe – $360/year for 5 sites and 2 users

Infinity – $1,200/year for unlimited sites and 3 users

lifterlms price

The Earth is the first paid plan and the Inifity is the best plan that allows you to build unlimited sites. The cost of the Infinity bundle is $1,200 per year which is significantly higher than LearnDash which is $799. But this plan consists of all the premium features of LifterLMS. To learn more about LifterLMS and LearnDash, you can check out our post.

LearnPress and LearnDash

LearnPress is also popular among LMS enthusiasts. The pricing of LearnPress is similar to LifterLMS. The core plugin is free and you can later purchase the addons to include the features you need. For example, if you want to include a WooCommerce addon, you have to pay $49.99 for it.

But instead of purchasing each addon, you can purchase the LearnPress Pro bundle that includes all the important addons for only $299! That means it will save you about $600.

learnpress pro price

Although the bundle gives you tons of add-ons, you will only be able to use this for 1 site. So that’s a bummer as the LearnDash Unlimited plan allows you to build unlimited sites. But if you’re looking to make only 1 LMS site, then LearnPress is a really good choice!

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The demand for online courses is rising gradually as more and more people are getting certified online. Not only that, it is helping people to get jobs. If you’re an industry expert, you can build your own eLearning site and earn extra. In that way, you’ll be preparing the next generation of workers and also making a profit simultaneously. With the help of WordPress and LearnDash, you can now do it all on your own!

However, since we’re talking about the LearnDash Unlimited plan it might not be suitable if you’re just looking to build only 1 site. But if you run an agency, the LearnDash unlimited plan might be a good investment for your business. As it allows you to create unlimited LearnDash sites and if you have a large number of sites, then $799 just might be a golden deal for you!

So what do you think about the LearnDash Unlimited plan? Are you looking to make your own eLearning website with LearnDash? Let us know in the comments below.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links and we may receive a small commission if you purchase something by following them. However, we recommend services/products that we believe good to serve your purpose.

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