Orderable vs WPCafe – Which is the Best Restaurant Plugin?

Orderable vs WPCafe, which plugin is better? If that’s the question you’re asking, then this post might be the answer you’re looking for.

Orderable and WPCafe are both very popular restaurant plugins for WordPress. WPCafe is a familiar choice for many restaurant and food business owners. The plugin provides you with essential features that you can use to design your restaurant website. On the other hand, Orderable also has grabbed the attention of restaurant and food business enthusiasts. Many restaurant owners are using Orderable and they love it.

So what makes Orderable so special and what makes WPCafe a strong choice? Which one should you use for your restaurant or food business website?

To answer all these questions, and help you make your decision, in this post, we’re comparing Orderable vs WPCafe. We will discuss what a restaurant website is, what are some of the important features of a restaurant website. Then we will take a look at the features these two plugins provide. Finally we will compare the pricing plans of Orderable and WPCafe.

Hopefully by the end of this post, you’ll be able to choose the right restaurant plugin for your WordPress website. Let’s start!

What is a restaurant website?

If you’re reading this article, chances are you already know what a website is. You also know how easy it is to build websites using WordPress. So to answer the question, “What is a restaurant website?”, we can simply say, a restaurant website is a website for your restaurant or food business.

Generally a restaurant website has information about your restaurant or food business. It also contains a food menu and details about the food items (for example: ingredients used, time to prepare the dish, etc.). The website may contain information about the chefs, where your restaurant location is and the contact details.

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Having a restaurant website is really beneficial. Besides building up a good reputation, a restaurant website can be used to take online orders. In this way you can take more orders and generate more revenue. However, creating and managing a restaurant website with ordering and delivery facilities is no easy task if you don’t have the right tools. For this reason, if you use WordPress and a supporting restaurant plugin like Orderable or WPCafe, your task will be a lot easier!

What are some of the features of a good restaurant plugin?

Since we’re doing a WPCafe vs Orderable post, it’s essential to know some of the important features of a WordPress restaurant plugin. If you’re on the lookout for a good restaurant plugin, then make sure you get these perks. 

  • Displaying food menu: Although this is not a crucial feature, because you can design the way you want to display your menu items. But still, a good restaurant plugin should give you the features to display your food items in a beautiful menu.
  • Ordering/delivery feature: If you want to take orders online, then the restaurant plugin you’re using should give you the features to do so. The plugin should give easy methods to setup your delivery schedule and eCommerce functionalities.
  • Tipping system: It is possible to setup tipping system on a restaurant website. If we have a good restaurant plugin, it will give us this feature. Through the tipping system, a customer can leave a certain amount as a tip to the staff.
  • Keeping track of orders: There should also be a section where you can track all your orders. We all know using WordPress we can manage a website from the admin dashboard. Utilizing this aspect of WordPress, a restaurant plugin should also give you the feature to keep track of all the orders made on your restaurant website.
  • Order bumps and product addons: A restaurant plugin should give the customers the ability to add more items to their order. For example, a customer wants to purchase a burger from your restaurant site. You can also suggest other items which are usually purchased with that burger such as fries, cold drinks, etc. This suggestion is known as order bumps and the ability to customize the order by adding different sauce, and other items is known as product addon. Both of these features are popularly seen on many restaurant websites.
  • Table reservation and ordering with QR code: On many popular restaurant websites, customers have the ability to reserve tables. Again, ordering food by scanning the QR code is also a popular sight in many restaurants. Embracing this technology will be beneficial for a restaurant business. A good restaurant plugin should give us this feature.

While there are many features on restaurant websites, we’re only talking about some of the important ones. However, you might have your own requirements too. In that case you can contact the plugin authority to know if the plugin has the feature you’re looking for. But now, we have a bunch of important features of a restaurant plugin to discuss. We’re going to take a look at if Orderable and WPCafe have these features and how good they are.

Orderable vs WPCafe comparison


We had a short description of both plugins in the beginning of this article. But since we’re comparing, let’s still have a formal introduction.

Orderable: This plugin is known as a complete ordering system with local pickup/delivery features. Orderable is suitable for any retail business (restaurant, cafe, florist, farmers market, hardware store, etc.) that wants to add delivery and pickup services. So, it’s not exclusively for restaurant and food businesses. Although there are some features which are specifically for foods such as the nutritional and allergen info.

The core Orderable plugin is free to use. We can use the free version to setup a very basic restaurant or food business website. But for a professional quality site, the paid version is needed.

Here’s a list of notable Orderable features:

  • Mobile first design
  • Product labels
  • Order bumps
  • Time slots
  • Order flow
  • Checkout tipping option
  • Custom checkout
  • Timed product
  • SMS & WhatsApp
  • Food Nutritional Information
  • Allergen Info
  • Table ordering and much more

Orderable is the kind of plugin that you can install and start taking online orders quickly. If you have multiple restaurant locations, you can manage those with Orderable and also have different menus for different locations. You can find more from our Orderable review article.

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WPCafe: A popular WooCommerce plugin designed to be a one-stop solution for managing a restaurant business. WPCafe was introduced before Orderable and is also an amazing choice for running a restaurant or food business.

It has all the important features that you can expect from a modern restaurant WordPress plugin. With WPCafe we can set up a restaurant website in WordPress and display our food menu in style. We can also setup delivery/pickup features and take online orders.

WPCafe also has a free version and gives you a bunch of features to work with. It is also possible to try out WPCafe, you have to check out the demo from their official website.

WPCafe has been around for a long time and has advanced integrations and compatibility. It’s compatible with Elementor, Gutenberg, WooCommerce, Divi page builder, Dokan, Pabbly, Zapier, ShipDay, and much more. We have a WPCafe review post for you to learn more about this plugin.

In terms of features, WPCafe gives you all the advanced features that you need to create and manage your restaurant or food business. Some of the notable features of WPCafe are:

  • Multiple food menu styles
  • Online reservation system
  • Customizable schedule
  • Detailed sales report
  • Location wise food menu
  • QR code food ordering
  • Order bumps and product addons
  • Shortcodes
  • Tipping system
  • Discount etc.

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Food menu

Displaying the food menu in a stylish layout is essential on a restaurant website. If the food and the design doesn’t look appealing, customers might not be inclined to order from that website. For that reason, it is essential for us to ensure that the restaurant plugin we’re using is giving us well-designed menu layouts.

Let’s take a look at what Orderable and WPCafe manage to deliver regarding food menu features.

Orderable: It lets you create different layout designs for each of your food categories. You can select different menu styles for your restaurant website. The plugin uses a block called “Product Layout” to display the food menu. Orderable gives you a few options to display your food menu. You can customize these settings from the backend.

orderable product layouts

While setting the design, you can also preview how your menu will look in the frontend. After you’re done, you can add the product layout block and select the category you want to display. It is also possible to customize the style from the backend. There you can choose the brand color, button style, product card design, and much more.

orderable food menu

You can create a food category for each section or you can display the full food menu in a section. There will be buttons on top of the menu with food categories. Clicking on those buttons will view the food products of that category.

👉 Learn More: How to Make a Restaurant Website with Orderable

WPCafe: It gives you a bunch of menu layouts to choose from. Once the food categories are created and different food items are added to those categories, you can display those on your website. You can choose one of the different styles for your food menu and then generate a shortcode for it. We can use this shortcode to display our food menu.

wpcafe food menu shortcode

There are various styles to choose from. If you’re using WPCafe, you can experiment and see which style suits your website better. 

wpcafe food menu

Food ordering (delivery & pickup options)

Taking orders online is a great way to expand your business and generate more revenue. Orderable and WPCafe, both plugins give you delivery and pickup features for your website. Through this, you can take online orders. Let’s compare Orderable vs WPCafe in terms of food ordering.

Orderable: As soon as Orderable is activated on a WordPress site, a setup wizard is launched. Through the setup wizard we can set the opening and closing hours of the restaurant. This can be changed from the Orderable Location settings. From the same section, we can enable the Delivery and Pickup services.

orderable delivery and pickup services

We can also add the delivery zones. These are areas where we can make deliveries. If we click on the “Pickup” tab, we can also setup pickup points. These pickup points can be the restaurant locations where customers can pickup their order from. We can also choose to ask the customer their location as soon as they land on the website.

orderable delivery or pickup option

We can then display the delivery/pickup options in a popup on our website. Customers can choose the service they would like and proceed with the order. All the orders made from your website will show up on your WordPress admin dashboard.

orderable order list

The image above was taken from a documentation of Orderable. It shows the list of orders that were made on an Orderable website.

WPCafe: This plugin also offers both delivery and pickup features. However, the delivery feature is available through a module and must be enabled for this to work. We can customize the delivery and pickup options from the WPCafe settings. 

wpcafe delivery and pickup

We can also add pickup locations from Product > Food Locations within the WordPress admin dashboard. As the customer makes an online order, they’ll be able to choose the delivery or pickup service. If the pickup is chosen, customers can choose the pickup locations they wish.

wpcafe delivery and pickup option

Both, Orderable and WPCafe give you proper options to set up your online food ordering system. The only difference we can notice here is the aesthetics. This is one of the most important parts of your restaurant or food business website. Both of these plugins are great at setting up food ordering features.

Product addon and order bumps

Another couple of features that we see on modern restaurant/food ordering websites are the product addon and order bumps. Although both of these features are different, they still have some similarities. Here’s a clear description of both features:

Product addon: Product addon allows customers to customize their order. For example, if a pizza is purchased, customers might order toppings and sauces with it. This is known as product addons.

Order bumps: Order bump is product recommendation that appears when a certain item is added to the cart by a user. The food items that are suggested will be decided by the admin.

Having the ability to customize the order is great. Customers will be happier and restaurant owners will be able to sell more.

Orderable: Using Orderable it is possible to add product addon as well as order bumps. From the backend, we can customize the product addon for each order. The product addon option is available in Orderable > Product Addons from WordPress dashboard. Here we can create product addons such as pizza toppings, sauces, etc.

orderable product addon settings

We can also add fields and rules for the addons. This gives us much flexibility when it comes to setting up product addons.

orderable product addon

Orderable also gives you the option to utilize order bumps. For each food item, a suggestion or list of suggestions can be added. When creating a product through WooCommerce, if we click on the “Linked Products” tab and add items in the Cross-sells section, the order bump for that product will be generated when the user adds that product to cart.

The following image is from the Orderable documentation.

order bump feature in orderable

WPCafe: Here you get a nice way to add product addons and order bumps. Let’s talk about the order bump feature first. To add the order bump in WPCafe, we can follow the same process as we did in Orderable. We can go to the “Linked Products” section and add food items to the Cross-sells field.

👉 Learn More: How to Create a Restaurant Website using WPCafe

The products added to the cross-sells section will appear as a suggestion in the cart when that food item (product for which the cross-sells was added) is added. The following image is from WPCafe documentation.

wpcafe order bump

As for product addons, WPCafe gives you an easy way to set it up. The option is available in WPCafe > Product Addons from the WordPress admin dashboard. From this section we can create product addons, add fields, and customize the addons as much as we want. Then the addons will appear when the user adds the food item to the cart.

The following image is taken from a WPCafe documentation to showcase how the product addon looks from the frontend.

wpcafe product addon

As we can see, Orderable and WPCafe both excel at providing the product addon and order bump features. These will help your customers customize their orders and also give you a chance to generate a little bit more revenue.

Tipping options

Tips are a great way through which customers express their satisfaction. This feature is used on food websites as well. It is a good idea to have it so that the customers can leave a tip with their order. Orderable and WPCafe both have the tipping feature so let’s check it out.

Orderable: It allows you to enable and customize tipping. From the Orderable settings, we can enable tipping. We can also add tipping labels, amounts, and types (fixed, percentage, etc.). A custom tipping option is also available where customers can choose the amount they want to tip. There’s also a “No-Tip” option which can be enabled.

orderable tip during checkout

During checkout, the customer will see the tipping option. 

WPCafe: It also has a tipping feature that we can enable. The tipping feature is located in the “Food Ordering” tab of WPCafe. Once we enable it, we can select the type, and custom percentage for tips. We can add multiple fields for this.

wpcafe tipping option

Finally when the customer is checking out, they can select the tipping options that are available.

Table reservation and table ordering

If you have a website for your restaurant or food business, you might also want to add the table reservation feature there. Some plugins give you the process through which customers can make online table reservations. Another type of feature is table ordering, which allows customers to make an order through QR code scanning.

WPCafe and Orderable both have a unique feature when it comes to table reservation and ordering.

Orderable: This plugin has the Table ordering feature. Using this, we can setup QR code for each of our tables at the restaurant. Customers can scan these QR codes, and they’ll be redirected to a page of our choosing. We can redirect them to the menu section of our website. From there, customers can place an order and it will be added to our WordPress orders section.

table ordering in orderable

WPCafe: This plugin offers a feature through which customers can make an online reservation. We can customize the reservation settings from the backend and finally use the shortcode to add the reservation form to the frontend. The following image is from the documentation of WPCafe.

wpcafe online booking form

Through this form, customers can make online reservations, choose the date of reservation, duration of their meal, number of people attending, personal details, food they want to order, etc. When this form is filled and submitted, it will appear on the backend.

WPCafe also has a feature where we can create the table layout of our restaurant. We can add chairs and tables and design the layout ourselves.

Here we can see something unique in both plugins. While Orderable has the table ordering feature where customers can scan the QR code and order online, WPCafe has the online reservation method. Both are quite interesting features, but here, you must choose which feature is important for you.

Orderable vs WPCafe: Pricing

So we have compared Orderable vs WPCafe features. We’ve seen some of the most important features of an online restaurant plugin. We’ve seen Orderable and WPCafe both have unique ways of delivering those features. Now it’s time to look at the pricing of these two amazing plugins.

First, let’s take a look at Orderable pricing plans.


As we mentioned in the beginning, Orderable has a free version that you can use. If you’re satisfied, you can purchase a paid plan. Orderable has simple paid plans. Purchasing any one of these plans will give you access to all the premium features of the plugin.

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Now the part where the plans differ is the number of site licenses. There are three options here:

  • $149/year for 1 site
  • $399/year for 10 sites
  • $499/year for 25 sites
orderable pricing


Now let’s talk about WPCafe pricing. WPCafe has yearly and lifetime plans. So in terms of pricing, WPCafe is offering much more flexibility than Orderable. Let’s take a look at the yearly plans first.

  • Standard – $69/yearly (single site)
  • Premium – $159/yearly (10 sites)
  • Agency – $289/yearly (unlimited sites)
wpcafe yearly plans

In the image above, you can see that there’s a discount going on. We mentioned the regular price. Now let’s take a look at the lifetime plans.

  • Standard – $179/ 1-time(single site)
  • Premium – $389/ 1-time(10 sites)
  • Agency – $589/ 1-time (unlimited sites)
wpcafe lifetime plans

Again, from the image above, you can see there’s a discount on the lifetime plans as well. We mentioned the regular price on our list.

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That brings our Orderable vs WPCafe post to an end. We compared both plugins on the features they provide. Both, Orderable and WPCafe provide us with the most important features for a restaurant or a food business website. Even some of the feature settings of both plugins are the same. We saw this when we were discussing the product addon and order bump features. We also noticed unique features such as the table reservation and table ordering feature.

Finally it comes down to you! Which plugin suits your style? While WPCafe has been around for a long time, it’s highly compatible with other plugins. Again, Orderable is not lacking anything and managed to win the love and support of thousands of WordPress enthusiasts.

We hope our post is helpful in making up your choice. We can’t say one plugin is better than the other, because that decision finally falls upon you. As both plugins are great and successful, you can rest assured that you’ll be picking a quality plugin.

So which one do you like, Orderable or WPCafe? Let us know your choice in the comments.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links and we may receive a small commission if you purchase something by following them. However, we recommend services/products that we believe good to serve your purpose.

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