WPCafe Review – Best WordPress Restaurant Plugin?

Looking for a WordPress restaurant management plugin? WPCafe can be the one. Read our WPCafe review to find out.

In this digital age, restaurant competition is wider than a few blocks. Thanks to the internet, the entire city has become a battlefield for restaurants. When fast-paced competition is everywhere, taking your restaurant business online is a great way to get the upper hand.

Nowadays, challenges in the food business lie not only in serving delicious food but also in delivering food near your restaurant. Some restaurants even deliver food further throughout the city.

But how can you tackle these challenges in this age of competition? Here comes the savoir, WordPress! It has played a significant role in digitizing thousands of restaurants and helping them go online with easy maintenance. Today, setting up a restaurant website helps boost sales and gives a chance to reach customers everywhere. This is where the WPCafe plugin steps in.

This plugin enables restaurants and cafes to showcase and promote menus, opening thousands of restaurant arms to connect with their valuable customers.

In this WPCafe review, we will dive into the WPCafe WordPress plugin and explore its various features. Join us as we explore the mouth-warming features WPCafe offers.

WPCafe overview

Before starting the hands-on review of WP Cafe, let’s learn its background to establish a better understanding of WPCafe’s foundations.

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WPCafe WordPress plugin or β€œWPCafe – Restaurant Menu, Online Ordering for WooCommerce, Pickup / Delivery and Table Reservation” is developed by ThemeWinter

ThemeWinter is the team behind Eventin and other notable WordPress themes and plugins, such as Newseqo, Cafesio, and Bizxpo.

ThemeWinter has been in the WordPress marketplace since 2012 and has accomplished a handful of achievements as Power Elite Author (ThemeForest), and 12th Level Author (Envanto Market).

Why WP Cafe plugin?

One of the biggest reasons we chose to explore WPCafe is because of its features. Not to mention that WPCafe is a 360-degree one-stop restaurant service solution for ordering meals online, making reservations, and browsing food menus.

WPCafe is an Elementor and Gutenberg-supported (RMS) Restaurant Management System that provides enormous flexibility to users all across different devices. 

Additionally, WPCafe also has the option to manage reservations for fast food chain restaurants throughout the city and makes pickups and delivery systems accessible.

WPCafe is one of the best WordPress restaurant reservation plugins in the market right now. If you’re looking for an affordable RMS plugin to manage your restaurant and give customers a satisfying online ordering experience, then WPCafe is the right plugin for you.

What does WPCafe offer?

WPCafe has been designed to better manage your online food business and make more sales. It gives you various features to make online food ordering quick and simple. The plugin also gives you the option to look at the analytics of your sales. We liked many things about the WPCafe plugin, from its features to the dedicated add-ons.

WP Cafe has several features to talk about. It offers all the features and facilities you need to manage your online food business. Let’s take a look at some of the interesting features of WPCafe.

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WP Cafe features and benefits

Let’s first talk about the features of WPCafe. The plugin gives you loads of features to create and manage your online food business. For food ordering, it’s as simple as it can be. You create your own menu, select food category and location, set order and delivery, start selling, and make a profit!

Food ordering is just one aspect. WPCafe provides many more features to make your life a lot easier. With all these goodies, WPCafe can enable you to compete with multi-billion dollar food delivery platforms like Postmates, Doordash, and Uber Eats.

Live order notification & tipping

Live order notification keeps the customers updated on their orders with notifications. From the backend, new orders will be highlighted and a pop-up will be displayed on your screen for each new order placed on your website. There’s also an option to add a beep sound when a new order is placed.

Tipping systems are designed to help restaurant owners and employees, encouraging customers to pay tips on each order. Both, percentage and flat tip are available.

tipping system in wp cafe

Food ordering with QR code

Food ordering with a QR code takes the online ordering experience to a whole new level. With these options, you can specify QR codes for meals and menus to the customers. 

And with that, customers can scan the QR code and order food without boring interactions. The options will help save time and allow you to offer services faster.

Virtual table reservation

Virtual reservation allows the customer to reserve their table before visiting the restaurant. You can create a table reservation form by using the shortcode for Food with Reservation.

WPcafe table reservation

Multi-store system and revenue sharing

Multi-store support comes in handy when you want to create multi-vendor restaurants. WPCafe supports Dokan multi-vendor, which lets you transform your business into a multi-vendor platform without seeking another WordPress plugin.

Google Maps store location with auto-complete address

WPCafe has Google map integration built in to give the users precise location information. This helps the customers locate your restaurant in minutes and saves the hassle of typing in the delivery address when ordering.

google precise location wpcafe

Setting minimum order amount 

WPCafe allows you to set minimum order amounts for some meals or locations. With these features, a restaurant manager can set minimum order limits to a particular food. This is helpful for meals that take a considerable amount of time and effort to cook. 

Minicart and order bump

Minicart and order bumps help the customer seamlessly manage the cart without opening a new tab or page, providing a smooth and consistent food ordering experience for the customer.

Minicart in WP Cafe

Additionally, the order bumps boost the sales of other items on the menu. The order bump feature offers additional food to the customers while placing the order process. WPCafe offers low-cost complementary relevant options along with the primary order, persuading the customers to order those.

Discount and coupons

You can also offer discounts and coupons to create a healthy relationship between restaurant owners and customers. Discount features offer flat rates, percentage off, buy one-get one free, and more.

It provides options for redeemable QR or Code-based and regular coupons for recurring buyers.

Robust analytics and detailed sales report

WPCafe offers a robust sales report and gives you a comprehensive overview of the sales activity and performance over an extended period of time. 

The report comes to aid the restaurant’s owner in comparing the total revenue and number of customers, best-selling meals, least-selling meals, sales by time, sales by day, sales by week, sales by month, and sales by location.

These metrics and insights help to track down and identify the causes of rooms to grow the restaurant’s performance.

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Product addons

Multiple product addon features give options to the customers to choose various types of add-ons according to their order, such as different types of sauces for fries & burgers and gravy items for heavy meals.

Special menus 

Menu of the day, location-based menu, and unique menu options to showcase the best-selling items under specific food categories and locations.


WPCafe allows a list of integrations to maximize the online restaurant experience. Let’s take a quick look.

Fluent CRM

FluentCRM is one of WordPress’s most popular self-hosted customer relationship management plugins. It works as a cross-functional go-to email marketing tool. WPCafe has continuous integration support to provide you with ideal solutions to your issues.

Zapier integration

Zapier helps you to automate your restaurant workflow. As a result, you can connect many apps and trigger tasks immediately. Zapier will complete tasks effectively and provide efficient workflow management methods.

Pabbly integration

Pabbly integration lets you connect and interact with over 750+ apps to transfer data in real time. It allows you to set up data-collecting automation from your website, which will help you operate the whole business more productively than ever.

Shipday integration

With the integration of Shipday, WPCafe can provide features like Minimum Order Amount, Google Food Store Location, and Google Auto-complete Address.

This integration provides a 360-degree delivery system to work with. It assists you in quickly automating the whole pick-up and delivery system.

Twilio SMS integration

Twilio SMS Integration lets you connect your business website to Twilio communication APIs for SMS, Voice, Video & other authentications.

Twilio SMS Integration is a powerful tool for improving customer communication with your restaurant. It lets you use their APIs to promote new meals, send coupons, and do other SMS/ calling tasks.

Thermal printer integration

The Thermal Printer Integration allows for connecting and installing Star CloudPRNT for WooCommerce. It allows you to effortlessly print all orders, receipts, and other information.

WooCommerce Clover POS integration

With the WooCommerce Clover POS integration, you can connect, and you will be able to give options to make payments using credit or debit cards.

This integration helps you run the restaurant business cashless and make it stand out to new customers.

Customer support

Themewinter provides support through it’s support ticket system. On their support page, there is a form through which you can request support. There’s live chat support but you can only ask pre-sales questions there.

For dedicated support, you need to submit a support ticket. Support is available from Sun – Thu, 2:00 PM – 11:00 PM, AEST. Support business time can be up to 1 business day.

100% refund policy

WPCafe has a 100% refund policy. The developer company offers a 15-day money-back guarantee from the day of the first transaction. WPCafe will provide 100% cashback if you face any issue with the WPCafe plugin, such as if the support team cannot fix a problem or, if the product stops functioning or functionalities get broken after installation.

Furthermore, if you want to avoid these issues in the first place, you can directly ask them for a trial of the pro version. There’s also a demo of WPCafe that you can try out on the main website.

If you want a trial, then you can ask for it and the devs will hand you a pro version with all the features unlocked for four days to check on your websites. If you like using WPCafe and if it suits your business model, then you can purchase it.

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Who is WPCafe for?

WPCafe is a good restaurant management system plugin for all types of food-related businesses.

We tried, tested, and observed the plugin for a week. We concluded that WPCafe works best and is primarily suitable for single restaurant owners, chain restaurant owners, and other food-related businesses. If you are looking for the best WordPress plugin that will do all the job of managing the restaurants then WPCafe can be that plugin for you.

WPCafe is a versatile WordPress plugin that will aid many types of businesses, but let’s explore more and pinpoint who will get the best out of WPCafe.

Small restaurant owners

If you are a small restaurant business owner looking for a perfect solution for taking your business online, WPCafe is the best for you. 

WPCafe restaurant management system provide every essential feature and offers exciting options to venture into the online food business management era.

Small business owners will profit greatly from this plugin because WPCafe is an all-in-one package with every feature to run a restaurant online, which saves a lot of time and money in getting different plugins to make a functional website.

Large restaurant owners

Despite the first option being small restaurant owners, WPCafe is also a perfect choice for a large restaurant that covers a wide area. WPCafe works as an all-in-one package for not only one restaurant but also has the capabilities to operate as a multivendor marketplace.

Additionally, with WPCafe, large restaurants do not need to get or buy extra essential restaurant-running plugins and integrate live services manually. 

This will help save a considerable chunk of cash because WPCafe offers tons of integration and features, unlike other competitors. 

Also, with WPCafe, large restaurants or fast-food chain restaurants can perform everything from Taking orders, Scheduling table reservations on multiple restaurants, and cashless payment under just one dashboard. Or turn into a multi-vendor marketplace while managing different businesses and sharing revenues. No matter the size of the restaurant business, WPCafe is really helpful.

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Street food restaurant owners

Suppose you are running a food restaurant, a street food business, or just a small-time chef with a food truck. WPCafe is for every type of business.

With the help of WPCafe, you can run your small-time restaurant from your phone without any stress and continue to grow & take the business to great heights with its features and pre-made 30+ templates.

WordPress developers

Even though WPCafe is created for food business personnel, WordPress website developers who are looking and scouting for the best and most affordable restaurant management system for their clients will also benefit from this plugin.

Whether you are a freelancer or you work in an IT firm, you can use WPCafe to build a fully functioning website for clients.

It is easy to maintain and customize at the same time. It comes with many valuable features and integrations that will save you time.

After getting hands-on experience with WPCafe, we can say that this plugin is for everyone related to the food business. It will help grow the business for those who are starting a new food restaurant, digitizing an existing restaurant, or someone who wants to develop and build a website for their clients.

WPCafe pricing 

It’s now time to check the pricing of WPCafe. You might be wondering, a plugin that helps you manage your entire restaurant or food business is really expensive! But that’s not the case. WPCafe has a good pricing for everyone.

Currently, it has two options to choose from: 1) an Annual or Yearly subscription and 2) a Lifetime subscription.

WPCafe also offers a 15-day money-back guarantee. You may be wondering if the plugin will be good for you or not. You can quickly check with their trial option.

Both plans provide support and updates. The Yearly plan gives you support and updates for one whole year. Which is understandable as you’re paying for the license annually. On the other hand, WPCafe lifetime deals provide lifetime support and updates for its life.

WPCafe provides the following plans:

  1. Annual:
  • Standard – $59/ Yearly (Single Sites)
  • Premium – $149/ Yearly (10 Sites)
  • Agency – $279/ Yearly (Unlimited Sites)
  1. Lifetime:
  • Standard – $149/ 1-Time(Single Sites)
  • Premium – $279/ 1-Time(10 Sites)
  • Agency – $489/ 1-Time (Unlimited Sites)

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What do WPCafe Free & WPCafe Premium Offer?

WPCafe is a freemium WordPress plugin offering free and professional or premium features. You can use the free version and run your business with essential features like a food menu, online ordering, and a reservation system. 

However, the experts recommend getting the pro version because it offers more than any other competitor plugin in the market right now.

Let us learn what free and premium versions offer to paint the whole picture.

WPCafe’s free version offers the following features:

  • 10+ More Food Menu Styles
  • Ajax mini cart
  • Customizable email notifications
  • Design and customize color, and icon on mini-cart
  • Make and cancel a reservation from the front end
  • Pickup and delivery options
  • RTL support
  • Restaurant ordering system for takeaway/delivery
  • Reservation system with day-wise booking restriction
  • The food menu can be displayed in posts, pages, and widgets
  • WooCommerce integration

WPCafe Premium offers the following additional features below:

  • 33+ More Food Menu Styles
  • A Special Menu Of The Day
  • Advanced Search And Filtering
  • Category-Based Food Menu
  • Customizable E-Mail Notifications Are Sent To Customers To Provide Cancellation And Confirmation
  • Discount On Menu Items (Percentage Discount, Discount On Overall Purchase)
  • Food Menu Tab, Slider, Lists And LoadMore
  • Google Autocomplete Address
  • Google Maps Integration
  • Live Order Notification
  • Live Search
  • Location-Based Food Menu
  • Loyalty Program
  • Minimum Order Amount
  • Multivendor Support
  • Order Bump
  • Product Addons
  • QR Code For Food Ordering
  • Quick View For Variable Product
  • Reservation Export To CSV File
  • Reservation Details PDF Download And Printing Option
  • Reservation Form Short-Code With Calendar View
  • Shortcodes
  • Visual Table Reservation

As you can see, the WPCafe pro version offers more advanced features on the table than the free version. If you are a restaurant business owner or soon-to-be one, then you can try out WPCafe. If you want to push your business to the next level, you can upgrade to WPCafe Pro.

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Every WordPress website user always searches for the best plugins and alternative options to get the most out while saving costs. WPCafe is quite an impressive RMS plugin that caught our attention.

After trying and testing the pro as well as the free version, we can undoubtedly say the WPCafe is a gem in the current marketplace.

In this review, we have gone through some of the interesting features of this plugin. To make our WPCafe review more helpful, we also provided insight into the various integrations of the plugin.

WPCafe WordPress plugin is quite interesting, as it provides almost all the features a food business might need. It provides well-thought-out features which are necessary for running a restaurant website in this modern age. It is a must-buy plugin for restaurant websites.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links and we may receive a small commission if you purchase something by following them. However, we recommend services/products that we believe good to serve your purpose.

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