WPCafe Lifetime Deals – Are They Really Worth Your Money?

Are you thinking of getting one of the WPCafe lifetime deals? It’s a good idea to do some research before buying any product. WPCafe is a familiar restaurant and food business management plugin for WordPress. It gives you a number of features to scale up your online food business.

WPCafe offers several price plans for different levels of users. Whether you’re an entrepreneur planning to start your online food business or you have an established business and are thinking of taking your business online, WPCafe has plans for everyone.

There are annual and lifetime plans for WPCafe. Although the annual plans are really popular, the lifetime plans also deserve your attention. In fact, lifetime plans can sound more lucrative than you think. Wondering why? Well, in today’s post, we’re going to take a look at WPCafe as a whole and then compare the annual plans with the lifetime plans. This will help you understand which type of plan is more suitable for your business. Let’s get started!

What is WPCafe and how does it help you?

Before diving into the price plans, let’s first discuss what WPCafe exactly is. WPCafe is a food menu and restaurant reservation plugin for WordPress. Not only does it help you create food menus and reservations for your restaurant, it also helps you manage your entire food business.

Restaurant businesses are very common these days. It means they’re also super competitive. Every restaurant owner has to take big steps in order to stay ahead of the competition. An increasing number of restaurants today take online orders and provide food delivery services. But managing your restaurants becomes difficult if you don’t have a proper management system.

This is where WPCafe comes into the play. The plugin provides you with a vast number of features to operate your restaurant effectively. It gives everything you need to automate several tasks and make your food business more productive. Let’s take a look at some of the features of WPCafe:

  • Food menu and food ordering
  • Location-wise food menu
  • Visual table reservation
  • Advanced reservation system
  • RTL support
  • Forms and calendars
  • Flexible booking system
  • Branch-wise booking, and much more

Performing some of the above-mentioned tasks manually takes a lot of time and effort. WPCafe takes all those difficulties and turns them into an effective solution. Now you can run your online food business like a machine!

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If you would like to learn more about WPCafe, check out our WPCafe review. There we explored various features of the plugin and shared our experience with it.

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Manage your online food business with WPCafe

You know about WPCafe, and you know some of the features it has. Being the entrepreneur you are, you might have already sketched out a plan for how you can use WPCafe to your advantage. The WPCafe plugin has been designed with extensive research and planning. It gives you basic and advanced features to set up your online food business.

Let’s take a look at some of the methods through which the WPCafe plugin will improve your online food business.

Food menu with reservation

Taking food orders manually is fine, but the method is time-consuming and takes more physical effort. With WPCafe, you can prepare your menu along with your reservation. Now your customers don’t need to wait for orders and reservations. They can simply order their food, and make a reservation.

Multi-slot schedule time

This is something that many restaurants struggle with when they have a large number of customers. If a customer makes a reservation, that seat will be booked. This will prevent other customers from booking that seat. With the multi-slot schedule, you can maintain seat capacities for different schedules.

Food ordering

This is a common feature that you would expect from many food-ordering plugins. WPCafe also gives you an efficient way to make your online food ordering and delivery smooth. Here’s how it goes: you create a menu, select the food category and location, set order and delivery, start selling, and make a profit.

Online food ordering doesn’t have to be complicated. The system has been designed to make food ordering simple so that customers can place regular orders.

Food category widget

A good online food menu will have separate food categories. For example, you may want to create a category for lunch, dinner, breakfast, desserts, etc. You can create more categories, such as burgers, rice, pizza, and more. You can create widgets of those categories and display them anywhere on your WordPress site.

WooCommerce invoice print and download

Since you’re taking your food business online, it only makes sense to generate the invoice digitally. With WPCafe, you can print and download your invoice. It makes things much simpler and more effective. Plus, the plugin integrates with WooCommerce to offer you a familiar selling mechanism.

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Reports and analytics

When running any sort of business, it’s important to look at the sales statistics. Business owners should always have knowledge of how their business is doing. The WPCafe WordPress restaurant plugin gives you an overview of how your business is doing right on your dashboard. It shows you the total sales, number of reservations, new customers, etc.

wpcafe reports

Information like this is helpful, and you’ll be able to make informed decisions. You can also look at the graph that shows you data from different channels. For example, from the reservation channel, you can see the confirmed vs canceled reservation graph.

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WPCafe lifetime deals and annual pricing plans

WPCafe has annual and lifetime pricing plans. As you know, the annual plan requires you to pay a fixed amount each year. The lifetime plans might look expensive, but that’s only fair as you’re paying for the plugin once, and that’s it. The WPCafe plugin is yours forever!

First, let’s take a look at the yearly or annual plans:

wpcafe yearly plans
  • Standard: $96/year (Single site)
  • Agency: $159/year (Ten sites)
  • Premium: $289/year (Unlimited sites)

Now let’s take a look at the lifetime plans:

wpcafe lifetime pricing plans
  • Standard: $149 (Single site)
  • Premium: $279 (Ten sites)
  • Agency: $489 (Unlimited sites)

Now if we do a closer inspection, let’s say you want WPCafe for a single site, so you purchased the Standard yearly plan where you have to pay $69 each year. Now what if you’d purchased the Lifetime standard plan? Then you’d have to pay $149, which is $80 more than the yearly standard plan. In that case, the yearly standard plan looks better right?

Wrong! Your restaurant isn’t going anywhere. You’d want to use WPCafe for as long as you run your business. In that case, the lifetime plan is far better than the yearly plan since you’ll be paying for the plugin once!

Let’s take 5 years, for example. In 5 years, if you’d picked the yearly standard plan, you’d be paying (5 x $49) = $245.

But if you would have picked the lifetime standard plan, you only have to pay $149! So in 5 years, you’ll save ($245 – $149) = $96.

So over the years, you’ll be saving so much and you don’t have to worry about support. With the lifetime plans, you’ll have lifetime support and updates for WPCafe! So in every situation, it’s a win!

So if you ask us, we’d say to get the lifetime plans because those are clearly more lucrative than the yearly plans.

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Well, that brings our post to an end. A lifetime deal can be better than the annual deal, especially if you’re running a business. Because you’d want your business to grow, and for that, you’d want the best tools and services. You can use WPCafe for as long as you’re doing business, and wouldn’t it be better if you didn’t have to pay for it each year?

Again, what we’ve seen from our experience is that the lifetime deals are discontinued at some point. The companies that provide lifetime deals for their products stop the lifetime deals when it seems that everyone’s getting them. That’s why we recommend all our followers to get the lifetime plans ASAP while it’s available.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links and we may receive a small commission if you purchase something by following them. However, we recommend services/products that we believe good to serve your purpose.

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