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Are you looking for an Orderable review? We have just the thing. If you want to add online food ordering features to your restaurant website, Orderable is a great plugin for that. Orderable is known as the complete online ordering system. It has all the features that you need to make your online food business successful.

Many restaurant owners choose Orderable as their online food ordering plugin. According to many users, Orderable is beginner-friendly and also easy to use. It has all the necessary features you need for your online food-ordering business.

In this post, we’re going to take a look at the plugin’s various features and do an Orderable review. We will see if the features are helpful for an online restaurant business. We will also take a look at the pricing of the plugin and see if it’s worth it. So let’s start this review.

Orderable review – Online ordering system for restaurants and local retails

Orderable is a WordPress plugin that helps you set up your online ordering system. Whether you have a restaurant or want to do food delivery online, this is the plugin that can help you. There are various restaurant management plugins that can help you create your menu and take online orders. Orderable is one of those plugins.

Orderable lets you create your menu, take online orders, add delivery or pick services, and much more without extra charge. It also installs WooCommerce on your site if you don’t have it already installed. Orderable is perfect for local businesses such as:

  • Restaurants
  • Cafes
  • Florists
  • Farmers market
  • Hardware store
  • Pharmacy store etc.

We created a simple website for a restaurant with Orderable. We added a few functionalities such as the food menu, delivery and pick-up services, etc. Orderable has a free and a paid version. The Free version will help you get started but if you want to access advanced features, you need the paid version.

So based on our usage, here’s our Orderable review.

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Orderable is easy to use. You don’t have to be a tech person to know how to use this plugin. As you install and activate the plugin, it will launch a setup wizard. You can add in your business location, select which features you want and the Orderable will be ready to use.

orderable location info

In the Location info, you can choose if you want the delivery, pickup, or both features. You can pick which days your business is open along with the time of the day. The setup wizard allows you to easily tweak all the basic settings.

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Food menu

Orderable uses a block called “Product Layout” to display the food menu. If you want to display your food items, you have to add them through WooCommerce. In our case, these products are food. So when you use the product layout block, it will display all the products at once.

To design how the products will show up, you can go to Orderable > Product Layouts from your WordPress dashboard. So if we have multiple food categories (salads, starters, desserts, etc.), we can create a layout for each from this section.

orderable product layout

After the product layout is created, it must be saved. Next, we can head to the page where we want to add our food menu. Using the Gutenberg block, we added the product layout block and selected the layout we wanted to display.

orderable review product layout

So we created a menu page and added the product layout for each category of our foods. It is also possible to design the color of the elements. This can be found in the Orderable > Settings and Style tab.

orderable style settings

From here, the button style and color can also be changed. You can also design the mini cart as well.

Mobile-first design

Many people order food through their mobile phones. So your restaurant or food website has to be 100% responsive. Orderable is designed with a mobile-first approach. This ensures that the food items fit perfectly on mobile devices.

responsive menu in orderable

No matter the screen size of the mobile device, the products look just fine. However, you have to use high-quality images and the right resolution. Otherwise, the menu might not look good.

Product add-ons

The product add-ons help customers choose which ingredients they want to add to a dish. You can offer topping options and the customer can choose the ones they wish. It lets the clients customize their food orders. The following screenshot is from the Orderable documentation.

orderable product addons

It is also possible to include additional fees with the product add-ons. You can also add extra images to help your customers make their decisions.

Open hours

During the installation, we were able to choose our opening and closing hours. We can also display this on the frontend quite easily. There is a block called Orderable Open Hours. Inserting this block will immediately show the opening hours of the restaurant.

orderable open hours block

To change the opening hours, we can go to Orderable > Location from the WordPress admin dashboard.

orderable open hours

Order Bumps

Order Bump is an excellent feature that suggests other products to the user that they’re likely to add to their current order. For example, it is common for customers to order cold drinks with their burgers. Using the order bump feature, you can suggest some other food options that the user might be willing to add to their order.

Orderable Order Bumps

The image above is also taken from the Orderable documentation. Here we can see there is a “You may also like” section where the customer is being suggested to purchase sauce with their current order.

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Special food

It is common for restaurants to add a “Special of the Day” food to their menu. These items are usually only available for a limited time. Orderable also has this option. However, this feature is only available in the paid version of the plugin. The following image is also taken from the Orderable documentation.

orderable timed products

You can also use this feature to add food items that are available only for a limited time.

Table booking through QR code

Orderable Pro also has a feature where customers can book tables through a QR code. So all the customer has to do is scan the QR code, and the table will be booked for them in a few simple steps. The following screenshot was taken from Orderable documentation. Here we can see how to add the table booking feature in Orderable.

orderable table booking

You can set everything up from Orderable > Table Ordering. This is also a pro feature so you’ll only get it with the paid version.

Holiday scheduling

Your restaurant might not be available all the time to make deliveries. To schedule your holidays you can go to Orderable > Location and scroll down.

orderable holiday option

Here you can set the dates when your restaurant will be unable to make deliveries. If this holiday is common for every year, you can check the “Repeat Yearly” option.

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More options at checkout

When you use Orderable, you’ll have more options on your checkout page besides the default WooCommerce checkout options. Orderable allows you to customize the WooCommerce checkout page to make it more comfortable for your customers. Here’s an image from the Orderable documentation regarding the checkout experience.

orderable checkout page

To change the date format you can go to Settings > General from your WordPress dashboard. From there, find the Date Format settings and change it to the format you like.

Live order tracking

There is a live order tracking option available to be displayed on your WordPress dashboard. As soon as orders are made on your website, those will be added here. You can manage and organize all your orders from this one page. You don’t need to check your email to get the order notification. You’ll get all the order updates right from this section.

It updates in real-time, which means you don’t have to refresh the page to see new orders come in. New orders will be added as soon as they are made. Business owners usually keep this page open to monitor their orders.

Orderable pricing

Orderable has a free version as we mentioned in the beginning. This is to get you started. But for professional online ordering, you need to get Orderable Pro. The Pro plan is an annual subscription. You get 3 options, for 1 site, 10 sites, and 25 sites. Based on which option you choose, the pricing will be different. 

orderable price

Here is the Orderable pricing:

  • $149/year for 1 site
  • $399/year for 10 sites
  • $499/year for 25 sites

Orderable Pro comes with all the premium features such as product add-ons, order bumps, timed products, table booking, etc.

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That brings us to the end of our Orderable review. The plugin is as efficient as we expected. Creating a restaurant website should be easy for every business owner. You can use Orderable for your restaurant or online food business. You can also use it for other local retail businesses as you’ve seen.

Orderable is a feature-rich and advanced online ordering plugin. For an online food ordering website, you want to create menus, add delivery and pickup options, book tables online, manage online orders, get notified, etc. It has all the major features for a restaurant or any online retail business. 

If you’re thinking of getting Orderable, we would encourage you to do so. You can start with the free version as it gives you access to the basic features. If you’re satisfied, you can update to Orderable Pro. This will help you add more advanced features and take your online food business to the next level. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links and we may receive a small commission if you purchase something by following them. However, we recommend services/products that we believe good to serve your purpose.

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