MasterStudy LMS Review – Is This eLearning Solution for You?

Are you wondering about getting MasterStduy LMS to start an online course-selling website? We’re here to help you decide whether it will be good for you.

In this MasterStudy LMS review article, we’ll navigate you through all our experience with it. This will enable you to find out whether MasterStudy LMS is the plugin to power your WordPress eLearning site.

So, let’s dive in without wasting any more seconds.

Getting introduced to MasterStudy LMS

masterstudy lms banner

MasterStudy LMS is a WordPress LMS plugin for building course-selling websites.

It provides a wide variety of features at different price plans. Any WordPress user can jumpstart their e-learning venture in a few minutes.

At the moment, There are four types of MasterStudy LMS plans:

Free, Single Site, Five Sites, and Unlimited Sites.

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  • The free plan has the basic features of MasterStudy LMS.
  • The single site package offers paid features of MasterStudy for one website.
  • The five-site license provides the pro plugin and premium addons for five websites.
  • The last one offers every paid feature. It lets you have unlimited sites powered by MasterStudy.

Remember that MasterStudy LMS offers two licenses for each package: Annual and Lifetime.

We’ll learn more about the pricing below. Let’s know what MasterStudy LMS offers on the plate.

What does MasterStudy LMS offer?

We explored many features of the MasterStudy WordPress LMS plugin in our hands on experience. Here we’ll tell you about these so that you get an overall picture.

Powerful course builder

MasterStudy LMS offers a powerful course builder. It helps create engaging courses and edit on the frontend. You can upload or embed videos, course materials, insert links, and other file types.

masterstudy course builder

Content drip

MasterStudy LMS offers content drip functionality to release the course content gradually. It helps prevent students from getting access to all course content at once. You can use different release windows as you like.

This way, students have more time to complete and understand the course materials.

drip content of masterstudy

Online quizzes

Assessment is a great way to determine if the course is successful or if the students are learning from it. MasterStudy LMS has many assessment options to assess the students and the course itself.

The plugin had seven quiz types as of our experiment.

  1. Single Choice
  2. Multiple Choice
  3. True False
  4. Matching 
  5. Image Matching
  6. Keywords
  7. Fill In The Gap
masterstudy assessment options

Users can create interactive quizzes around the course with these seven question-types to determine whether the students are learning. The instructor can put a time limit to their quiz, implement custom passing grade, and more to give life to the courses.

Student management

MasterStudy LMS offers robust student management functionalities. It lets the tutors create new student study groups or manage existing groups in a few clicks. The bulk management capability is helpful when you need to add/manage multiple students at a time.

Certificates and badges

The certificate and badge builder lets users have their custom certificates. It offers a drag-and-drop certificate builder to design certificates and badges. These certificates and badges provide proof of finishing courses from your website. This keeps students encouraged to have the highest passing grade.

certificate builder of masterstudy lms

Custom emails and forms

MasterStudy LMS’s Email Manager add-on lets you create custom emails for different occasions. You can send emails about new courses, enrolments, registrations, etc.

The email manager lets users make custom emails for:

  • Instructors
  • Lessons
  • Accounts
  • Enterprises
  • Users
  • Orders
  • Courses
  • Assignments

It also allows the import and export of custom email templates more flexibly.

email template designer of masterstudy

Marketing and monetization

MasterStudy LMS lets you sell courses online and grants flexibility in monetizing content with a different approach. It offers the ability to create an affiliate system so that others can promote and earn from the platform.

This LMS plugin also offers to create trial sessions so students can get a sneak peek of the course. Furthermore, teachers can create bundles out of the courses. It tempts the students to get bundles and access more content while saving money.

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Third-party integrations

MasterStudy LMS is full of features to build and run an online learning organization. Besides, it has many third-party integrations to help get the most out of the plugin.

Currently, it has seamless integrations with the following (including but not limited to):

  1. Contact Form 7
  2. Divi Builder
  3. Elementor Page Builder
  4. Google Classrooms
  5. Google Meet
  6. H5P
  7. MailChimp
  8. Paid Membership Pro
  9. WP Bakery
  10. WPML
  11. WooCommerce
  12. Zoom

MasterStudy mobile app

masterstudy lms mobile app

MasterStudy LMS has its mobile application for iOS and Android users. However, the MasterStudy app is only compatible with the MasterStudy theme. This means an admin must get the theme and plugin to offer the mobile experience to the end-users.

The MasterStudy app is an excellent option for a broader learning experience. It helps close the gap between students who don’t have access to a computer all the time. The mobile app lets students from all over the world get their courses at their fingertips.

MasterStudy LMS plugin free vs pro

Even though MasterStudy has a free version, users need to get a premium version to access all the features. Let’s learn about the free and premium versions in this section.

MasterStudy LMS plugin free features:

  • Advanced Quizzing
  • Allow Presto Player Source For Instructors
  • Allow Instructors To Create New Categories
  • Allow Instructors To Create New Question Categories
  • Announcement
  • Category Parent Slug
  • Checkout
  • Course Preview/ Retakes
  • Course Reviewed
  • Course Reviews/ Ratings
  • Course Tabs
  • Course Category
  • Course Levels
  • Course Materials
  • Course Views
  • Courses Page
  • Currency Position
  • Currency Symbol
  • Current Students
  • Decimals Separator
  • Deny Instructors
  • Disable Featured Courses
  • Disable Default Image 
  • Duration Info
  • Enable Archive Filter
  • Enable Guest Checkout
  • Enable Preloader
  • Enable the Bottom Sticky Panel
  • Enable Related Courses
  • FAQs
  • Failed Courses
  • Featured Course
  • Front-End Course Builder
  • Google API
  • Import & Export
  • Instructor Request
  • Instructor /Student Profile
  • Lesson Page Style
  • Lesson Duration
  • Lesson Frontend Description
  • Lesson Materials
  • Lesson Preview
  • Lesson Type
  • Main Color
  • Media Type
  • Messaging System
  • Not Included In Membership
  • Number Of Featured Courses
  • Number Of Decimals
  • One-Time Purchase
  • Order Information
  • Passed Courses
  • Passing Grade (%)
  • Payment Methods
  • Points Total Cut After Re-Take (%)
  • Preferred Video Source
  • Price And Sale Price
  • Privacy Policy Settings
  • Profiles Settings
  • Question Answers
  • Question Banks
  • Question Category
  • Question Result Explanation
  • Question Type
  • Quiz Frontend Description
  • Quiz Style
  • Quiz Duration
  • Quiz Questions
  • Randomize Questions
  • Recurring Subscriptions
  • Redirect To Checkout
  • Secondary Color
  • Shortcodes Settings
  • Show Correct Answer
  • Status
  • Thousands Separator
  • Time Limit
  • Unlimited Courses/Lessons/Instructors
  • Unlimited Memberships
  • User Account
  • User Public Account
  • User Review Mark
  • User Reviewed
  • Video Duration
  • Video Embedding (Youtube, Vimeo)
  • Wishlist
  • bbPress and BuddyPress Integration

MasterStudy LMS plugin pro features:

  • Affiliate course
  • Certificate builder
  • Certificate settings
  • Certificate threshold
  • Course Bundles
  • Enable WooCommerce Checkout
  • Enable course pre-registration
  • Enterprise price
  • Group Courses
  • Instructor Payouts
  • Instructor earnings
  • Lesson Live Streaming
  • Number of free features
  • Paypal payout settings
  • Point Reward System
  • Prerequisite Course
  • Prerequisite passing percent
  • Sequential Drip Content
  • WooCommerce
  • Zoom/Google Classroom Integration

MasterStudy LMS free offers plenty of features that can run any basic course-selling website.

Getting the pro version would be ideal if you want top-quality student features and the most benefits.

πŸ‘‰ Tutor LMS vs MasterStudy LMS Comparison

MasterStudy LMS pricing

MasterStudy offers four types of pricing packages from the free version to the unlimited plan for building the LMS site you want.

We’ll learn from them what they offer and what they are one by one.

  1. Starter (free)
  2. Single site
  3. Five sites
  4. Unlimited sites
masterstudy lms pricing plans

Starter (free)

This free plan offers basic features to start an operational website. 

The Starter plan offers: 

  • Free license
  • Free updates
  • Community support
  • Starter theme

And some other services to jump-start your course-selling business.

Single site ($79)

The Single site plan costs $79 annually and $199 if bought for lifetime. This plan offers every paid feature, including 

  • 1 site license
  • Premium addons
  • Updates
  • Priority ticket support
  • Starter theme

The Single site package provides all of the paid features for one site.

Five sites ($199)

The Five sites plan costs $199 annually or $399 if paid for the lifetime deal. 

This plan offers every paid feature, including:

  • 5 site license
  • Premium addons
  • Updates
  • Priority ticket support
  • Starter theme

The Five site package provides all of the paid features for five sites.

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Unlimited sites ($399)

The Single site costs about $399 annually and $799 if paid for lifetime service. 

This plan offers every paid feature, including 

  • Unlimited site license
  • Premium addons
  • Lifetime updates
  • Priority ticket support
  • Starter theme

As you have seen, MasterStudy LMS’s every license type has a lifetime option for users. In the lifetime pricing plan, users can pay more to have the service for a lifetime.

MasterStudy LMS pros and cons

We are almost at the end of our review. Before concluding our MasterStudy review, let’s dive into the pros and cons.

MasterStudy LMS pros

  • Easy course builder:

The easy drag-and-drop builder helps users create exciting courses.

  • Marketplace option:

The MasterStudy LMS allows users to sell courses individually. It also allows you to turn a website into a marketplace with many instructors.

  • Monetization:

MasterStudy LMS offers several monetization options. It includes memberships, course bundles, one-time payments, and recurring payments.

  • Easy and affordable price:

MasterStudy LMS is also affordable. Plus, it offers lifetime plans.

  • Powerful basic version:

The free plan has all the basic features. And users can only have the free version to run an online course website.

MasterStudy LMS cons

  • Limited integration with Gutenberg: 

At the time of writing this review, MasterStudy LMS did not support Gutenberg for course creation. And this can be a little letdown for those who want to use Gutenberg for that purpose.

  • Limited payment option for free users

According to our findings, MasterStudy LMS did not have a recurring subscription system. And the recurring subscription payments need Paid Memberships Pro.Β 

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MasterStudy LMS is a good learning management system. It has the necessary tools and offers a lot of features to venture into the e-learning business. In this article, we’ve reviewed the MasterStudy LMS plugin.

Feel free to write us if you have questions about the MasterStudy LMS plugin or want to learn about any other WordPress topic.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links and we may receive a small commission if you purchase something by following them. However, we recommend services/products that we believe good to serve your purpose.

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