Tutor LMS vs MasterStudy LMS Comparison 2024

Tutor LMS and MasterStudy LMS are both great LMS plugins for WordPress. If you’re looking to build your next eLearning website or if you want to switch to another plugin, then this Masterstudy LMS vs Tutor LMS post will be helpful. We will go through the various features, and find out the pros and cons of Tutor LMS and MasterStudy LMS.

While it is difficult to say which plugin is better than the other one because both of these plugins are really popular and offer almost every feature a modern LMS plugin should have. Depending on what your requirements are, you might prefer using a particular one. Anyways, we will dive deep and study both plugins and find which one better suits your needs. So let’s start our Tutor LMS vs MasterStudy LMS post!

Introduction to TutorLMS vs MasterStudy LMS

Tutor LMS and MasterStudy LMS are both LMS plugins for WordPress. Well, that’s the description in short but there’s more to it. While both are LMS plugins and have some similarities in features, these were designed with some specific goals in mind. So it would be unfair to start comparing these LMS giants without first going through the introduction.

Tutor LMS

Tutor LMS sprung into action in 2019 with the goal of allowing users to create, manage and sell eLearning courses on WordPress. The plugin consists of every single feature that you need to create a complete eLearning site all in one place.

That means you do not need to purchase something extra. That is one of the best things about Tutor LMS, it brings everything under one umbrella and allows you to build your online education from scratch.

Tutor LMS has 70,000+ active installations and 400+ 5-star ratings on wordpress.org. The plugin is frequently updated to add more features as soon as they become available. 

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Tutor LMS included advanced and modern features in the plugin. In fact, Tutor LMS was one of the first plugins to introduce the frontend drag-and-drop course builder. You can build your entire course just from the course builder without going to another page.

With all these features packed into one single plugin, you might think that it’s difficult to use. But on the contrary, the plugin has been optimized to make your course-building experience easy.

You can award students points for completing a lesson or quiz to keep them motivated. There are several quiz categories and customization options to create the quiz as you wish. You can also award students with certificates after completing a course.

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MasterStudy LMS

MasterStudy LMS is a well-known name in the LMS world. It has 10,000+ active installations and 150+ 5-star ratings on wordpress.org. The plugin has all the features you need to get your LMS site up and running. MasterStudy has a simple drag-and-drop course builder that you can use to create your entire course. All the elements are within hands-reach so that you can quickly and easily build your course. MasterStudy LMS is built for:

  • Single instructors (coach or teachers)
  • Education institutions (schools, Universities, or education centers)
  • Marketplace (like Udemy, Coursera, etc.)

MasterStudy also has a lesson and quiz builder. You can also hand out assignments to students. It also has good user management that allows you to control and manage the activities of every student by assigning them courses and reviewing their performance. Teachers will have a dashboard and floating profile side menu. You can also track the performance of the students.

You can encourage students by awarding them points for completing lessons and also award them custom certificates after finishing a course. MasterStudy LMS also has a drip content feature so that you can organize a stream of your eLearning content with step-by-step instructions that includes specific schedules or lesson progress.

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MasterStudy LMS vs Tutor LMS (features)

So far we’ve discussed what Tutor LMS and MasterStudy LMS are. We understand that both are WordPress LMS plugins and have similar goals, to provide users with an easy and efficient way to build their own online education website. Since the goals of both of the plugins align, we can expect similar features too.

An LMS plugin is a large software and consists of several features. It might be impossible to discuss each and every one of these features, but we want to discuss the important ones. For example, the course builder, course customization options, student assessments, notifications, frontend dashboard, etc. are important parts of an LMS plugin. We want to see how Tutor LMS vs MasterStudy LMS compares.


First, let’s explore the basic features that these plugins provide. We will see if the plugin has a good and easy-to-use interface, how’s the learning curve, how you can create a course, what features can you include within the course, etc. A course can have many different parts such as lessons and topics.

We will explore how a user can create a course with the builder, what customization options the plugin offers, and basically what LMS features you’ll be getting with these plugins.

Tutor LMS: Let’s first take a look at what features Tutor LMS provides. Tutor LMS is a versatile and advanced LMS plugin. As we said earlier, it has all the LMS features that you can expect from a modern LMS plugin. 

We’re not only looking at course-specific features. We are looking at different features such as course monetization, plugin integration, student management, etc. Here are the most notable features of the Tutor LMS plugin. You might not need as many features on your LMS website, but it’s good to know that you have access to them.

  • Setup wizard
  • Has a free version
  • Minimalistic and Unified Design
  • Frontend Course Builder
  • Unlimited Courses and Lessons
  • Course Preview
  • Advanced drag-and-drop Course Builder
  • Frontend Student Dashboard
  • Personalized Dashboard for Each Role (Admins, instructors, Students)
  • Video Lessons
  • Multiple video sources (self-hosted, YouTube, Vimeo, Presto Player, Embedded Video, etc)
  • Separate Teacher profiles
  • Dynamic drag and drop certificate builder
  • Advanced Quiz builder (Multiple quiz types)
  • Different quiz options such as timed quizzes, award points, retake quizzes, quiz explanations, and much more
  • Earning & commission allocation
  • Multiple withdrawal options
  • Purchase history
  • Styling options
  • Course widget
  • Teacher registration form
  • Course review and rating system
  • Q&A for students with the course teacher
  • Video poster (trailer/teaser)
  • Tracking course progress
  • Course difficulty level
  • Define course duration
  • Course marketplace
  • Add course requirements and instruction
  • Quiz Timer
  • Quiz Attempts
  • Centralized monetization settings
  • Page builder support
  • Gutenberg compatible
  • Content security
  • Advanced analytics and more

What we also like about Tutor LMS is the setup wizard. After you install Tutor LMS for the first time, it takes you to the setup wizard where you’re asked a few questions about the LMS site you want to create. Based on your answers, the wizard will set everything up. That’s a very user-friendly approach.

tutor lms setup wizard

Although this isn’t a unique feature as we’ve seen setup wizards in LearnDash, LifterLMS, and other LMS plugins. But it’s still a good way to introduce the LMS plugin to the user. If this is your first time using an LMS plugin then a setup wizard is really helpful.

MasterStudy LMS: MasterStudy LMS is much similar to Tutor LMS. It is an all-in-one tool for building your LMS website. With this plugin, you can turn your WordPress website into a professional online education platform with all the necessary LMS features and functionalities.

Basically, MasterStudy LMS has all the LMS features for managing courses, lessons, quizzes, and other educational content. MasterStudy LMS has a free version that you can use to check the plugin out. There’s also a demo site you can take a look at and also create a WordPress sandbox to check out the backend. Let’s take a look at some of the important features of MasterStudy LMS.

  • Setup wizard
  • Centralized Control System
  • Course Builder (Course, Lessons, Quizzes, Questions, etc.)
  • Email Notifications
  • One-click Demo Import Courses, Lessons, Quizzes
  • Different LMS User Roles
  • User and Instructor Registration Form
  • Password Management
  • Instructor Registration Management
  • Course Preview
  • Course Front end Description, Curriculum, FAQ section, review, ratings, etc.
  • Managing the Number of Enrolled Students
  • Students Management on the Back-end
  • Lesson management
  • Video types for lessons (HTML, YouTube, Vimeo, External link, embedded video, shortcode, Presto Player, etc.)
  • Advanced quiz builder (multiple quiz types)
  • Quiz customization options (quiz style, categories, duration, attempts, randomization, passing grade, etc.)
  • Teacher’s and student profile
  • Drag and drop certificate builder
  • Earning & commission allocation
  • Multiple withdrawal options
  • Purchase history
  • Course widget
  • Udemy Importer
  • Gutenberg compatible
  • Content security
  • Advanced analytics and more

As you can see many of the features of MasterStudy LMS and Tutor LMS look the same. Although the design might be different, the features are still the same. MasterStudy also has a setup wizard that helps you quickly install the plugin. In the pro version of MasterStudy LMS, you’ll find the advanced certificate builder.

masterstudy lms udemy importer

A unique feature in MasterStudy LMS is the Udemy Importer. If you have a course on Udemy you can import it onto your WordPress LMS site as well. As for the other features, such as the email notification, Google Classroom, Zoom integration, quiz builder, etc., all these are pretty much common features seen on advanced LMS plugins.

Interface and ease of use

One of the most important things in your LMS plugin is the interface. As you already know, the LMS plugins have numerous features. If all these features and functionalities aren’t organized properly, it might confuse the user. Therefore, in order to deliver the best course-building experience, an LMS plugin has to have a good user interface and experience.

There are lots of elements to look at when discussing the interface and ease of use. We will look at the course builder later on but now let’s take a look at some of the more important aspects of an LMS interface.

Tutor LMS: Tutor LMS has always tried to make course building easy for users. After the launch of Tutor LMS 2.0, the total interface of the plugin was changed. It’s still following the same design pattern and we must say, it’s much easier to use. Let’s first take a look at the options in the WordPress dashboard.

tutor lms wp dashboard options

As you can see all the features are neatly packed in the sidebar. The first option is the courses that allow you to access and manage your courses. Depending on what addons or integrations you use, more options will be added here. For example, we used Google Classroom and Zoom integrations, which are displayed under Tutor LMS.

The settings part is also very important as you might need to frequently tweak some options. These are properly categorized on the sidebar. Once you access settings, you can easily identify what kind of settings you’re trying to change. The General tab holds options such as dashboard page selector, terms and condition page selector, whether you want to enable marketplace, pagination, allow instructors to publish courses, etc.

tutor lms settings

The Settings menu also has a search bar on top. So if there’s a particular option you’re looking for you can search for it over here. That’s an excellent feature to have especially on an LMS plugin as there are so many options.

Teachers and students in Tutor LMS will have their own profile page. In the dashboard, the teacher can see the courses he/she published, the number of enrollments, Questions from students, and much more. The student will also have their own unique dashboard. Here they can see the courses they enrolled in, active courses, completed courses, etc.

tutor lms student dashboard

Tutor LMS also has a good report and analytics section. If you run an LMS website, you know that a lot of data are generated. Therefore a good report and analytics system are required. Tutor LMS does a good job of showing you the analytics of your LMS website. You can access the reports directly from your WordPress dashboard under the Tutor LMS option.

tutor lms reports

The reports section has tabs such as overview, courses, reviews, sales, and students. Clicking on these tabs will show you specific reports on that topic.

Let’s finally look at how a course looks from the frontend. Now this part depends on what theme you’re using and if your customization. By default, we can see that the course has a rating on top, followed by the title of the course. Users can view course information, description, duration, difficulty level, progression, and other details.

tutor lms course view

There are two buttons “Start Learning” and “Complete Course”. By clicking on the “Start Learning” button users can begin the course. If they already progressed through the course, then the “Continue Learning” button will be displayed instead of “Start Learning”.

So we can see that Tutor LMS has a modern and polished UI. Every option has been properly placed so that the users can reach everything easily. The search option in the settings section is also a good design.

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MasterStudy LMS: MasterStudy LMS has an easy-to-use backend and frontend panel. We used the demo site to check out the design and interface of the plugin. Looking at the option in the WordPress dashboard we can see a lot of options are added here. While this might look overwhelming, many people prefer to have all the options shown on the dashboard instead of displaying them inside other options.

masterstudy lms wp dashboard options

Some of these options have another side menu to help you navigate the settings better. For example, the LMS Settings option and the Udemy option have an extra sidebar. The General Setting’s design looks modern with big fonts and clearly written options. Even though we don’t see a search bar, the side menu is still effective.

MasterStudy also has a well-designed dashboard for users and instructors. As a student, you can check out your enrolled courses, messages, assignments, points, etc. This gives the student a centralized LMS experience. Where they can start or continue the courses they enrolled into, they can check out their assignments, etc.

masterstudy user dashboard

Instructors will have their own dashboard too. Here, the instructor’s name and bio are displayed. The courses they published will be displayed here as well. Instructors can make announcements, view gradebooks, assignments, add courses, add students, check messages, and much more.

masterstudy lms instructor dashboard

As for statistics, there are multiple options that can be accessed from the WordPress dashboard. The first statistics option shows you the total income, admin commission, and instructor earnings. There’s also an option to create a payout.

masterstudy lms statistics option

If you want to create a point system, there’s a point statistics option to view the total points of your users.

We also looked at the demo site course preview. Although this design can be customized, the default design we saw is quite impressive. The course has its heading followed by the instructor name, co-instructor detail, category, and ratings displayed on the top.

masterstudy lms course view

There is an option to add the course to the user wishlist, and you can view the course description, curriculum, FAQs, announcements, and reviews by clicking on respective tabs. The course has its featured image in the center and on the right side, we can see the total enrollments, duration, total lectures, video, and difficulty level.

Overall MasterStudy follows a modern user interface design and also the user experience is also good. However, the large number of options in the dashboard might take some time to get used to as there are a lot. But as we said, some people prefer all the settings on the dashboard, so they don’t have trouble finding it.

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Themes are a very crucial part of your LMS website. Without a well-designed theme, your website won’t look attractive and might discourage your users. The theme that you’re using contributes to the overall beauty of your website.

While there are several LMS themes out there it is better to have native themes. As they integrate very well with their respective plugin.

Tutor LMS: There are several Tutor LMS themes out there. If you want, you can install a free theme and start building your LMS site. But if you want to create a professional-level design, you can purchase a premium theme also. If you want to purchase any LMS theme, we advise you to purchase from renowned sites like Themeforest. However, if you can find native themes, that would be best. Themeum, the developers of Tutor LMS created stunning Tutor LMS native themes.

tutor lms tutor starter theme

These themes are professionally designed and fully optimized to integrate perfectly with your Tutor LMS site. Here are the native themes of Tutor LMS:

You can check out the demo and description of the website by clicking on the links above. The Tutor Starter theme is also available for free. Although you can use any LMS themes you want, but using a native theme has a lot of benefits such as:

  • The design is more optimized
  • The website will have better performance
  • Better assist from support theme as they are familiar with the theme

MasterStudy LMS: You can also use many LMS themes for MasterStudy. You can either use a free or premium theme. This completely depends on you. But we want to talk about native themes as native themes are better compatible with the plugin. MasterStudy LMS has been developed by Stylemixthemes, which is a power elite author of Themeforest.

masterstudy theme

You can check out the website of stylemixthemes and find some of their themes. Stylemixthemes have a native theme for MasterStudy LMS on Themeforest. The theme has been sold 18,777 times at the time of writing this article.

Although this theme is a premium one, you will still have a free theme from stylemixthemes. This is the starter site that is included in every price plan of MasterStudy LMS even in the free one.

Therefore both, Tutor LMS and MasterStudy LMS offer free and premium native themes. This is a good advantage to have as native themes work great with their respective plugins. But you can use any LMS theme for your eLearning site you want.

Course builder

Course builder is one of the most important parts of an LMS plugin. This is the tool that we use to create our entire course. Every LMS plugin has a course builder and so does Tutor LMS and MasterStudy LMS. Although you can create your courses with a course builder every course builder of a plugin is different.

The developers of LMS plugins ensure that you have the best experience when creating courses. That’s why it is important to look at the design and user experience of this tool.

Tutor LMS: Tutor LMS has a very intuitive and advanced course builder. You can basically create your entire course without leaving the builder. After you open up the builder you can name your course then put in your course description below.

If you scroll down, you’ll find some course settings, and down below is the actual course builder. We can add a topic by clicking on the button and adding lessons inside those topics. By creating multiple topics and adding multiple lessons within those topics we can create a deeper hierarchy for our course.

To put content within the lessons we can simply click on the edit icon. Then we can add the lesson content such as texts, images, and videos. We can also customize lesson options from this single place.

Other options such as course prerequisites, course materials, what will the students learn from this course, course duration, etc. All this information can be added from the same section. After our course completion is complete, you can simply click on the “Publish” button in the top right corner to make our course live.

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Very few LMS plugins allow this much customization from its course builder. Tutor LMS also has a frontend course builder that is only available on the Pro version. If you don’t want to create your course from the backend of your WordPress, you can use the frontend course builder. This makes it easier for you to understand what you’re editing and where things will be displayed.

tutor lms frontend course builder

MasterStudy LMS: MasterStudy LMS also has two builders for creating and publishing your courses. At first, when you create a course, it will take you to the general WordPress post-editing screen. Here you can give your course a name and description.

When you scroll down, you’ll see a normal course builder. Here you can create sections and add lessons within those sections. You can add lessons, quizzes, and assignments to the sections. To put content within your lessons, we can simply hover our mouse over a lesson and click on the edit button. It will take us to another screen where we can add content to our lesson.

masterstudy lms course builder

Another interesting part of MasterStudy LMS is the course builder. If we click on the “Edit with Course Builder” button, it opens up a new screen. This is just like the frontend builder that we saw in Tutor LMS. It’s stylish and makes it easier for you to build your courses if you don’t like doing it in the backend.

masterstudy lms course builder

Both Tutor LMS and MasterStudy LMS give us amazing course-building experiences. In the beginning, we said that all LMS plugins have a similar goal of making course building easy for users. For this reason, some aspects of course building will be commonly seen in advanced course builders.

You can create your course from the backend and from the front end. Both plugins made sure that the course building is as simple as it can be. If we were to award points to any of these plugins in terms of course building, then both of these plugins will receive a gold medal.

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Assessments (quiz and assignments)

In order to keep the students engaged, it is important to add quizzes and assignments. This will ensure that students are paying attention and simultaneously will enhance their learning. Almost all the LMS plugins we’ve seen have some method of assessment such as adding quizzes and assignments.

Tutor LMS and MasterStudy LMS both have quizzes and assignment features. We’re going to look at what options are there when you’re creating a quiz, how’s the quiz-building experience, how assignments are delivered, etc.

Tutor LMS: Tutor LMS has a quiz builder and with that, you can create your quizzes. There are 10 quiz categories that you can choose such as Single choice, multiple choice, fill in the blanks, true or false, etc.

tutor lms quiz categories

In the quiz settings, you can choose to put a time limit on the quiz so that students have a limited time to answer. You can choose the quiz feedback mode too. So if a student provides a wrong answer, you can choose to display the correct option after the question is attempted. You can allow multiple attempts to the student to make the quiz easier.

There are more options to customize the quiz if we keep scrolling down. We can set a passing grade, we can limit the maximum number of questions the students can answer, and much more.

tutor lms assignment

Assignments can be added to lessons the same way quizzes are added. You can give a name and description of the assignment. You can upload attachments, set a time limit, award points, set the number of files students can upload, and much more.

MasterStudy LMS: MasterStudy LMS also has a quiz builder that you can use to create your quizzes. There are in total 7 quiz categories including single choice, multi-choice, true or false, image matching, fill in the blanks, item matching, etc.

masterstudy lms creating quiz

The builder provides easy-to-follow instructions that help you create your quizzes. In the quiz settings option, you can add a description to your quiz, set quiz duration, quiz style, randomize answers, set passing grade, etc.

There’s also a Q&A where users can ask a question regarding the quiz, the instructors can also answer those questions.

To add an assignment, we can simply click on the assignment option and give a name to the assignment. After it’s added to our lesson we can click on the edit button to customize the assignment. We can use the course builder to edit the assignment. As for the editing, you can choose the number of attempts, and describe the assignment.

masterstudy lms assignment

Like the quiz, there’s also a Q&A section for the assignments.

Quizzes and assginments ensure that your students are attentive and it makes the lessons more impactful. In this case, we saw Tutor LMS has more quiz categories and customization options for both quizzes and assignments.

Course certificate

It will give students a sense of accomplishment if they receive a course certificate after completing a course. A good LMS plugin should allow you to add customized course certificates for your courses. Some LMS plugins even offer certificate builders which allows you to create and customize your own course certificate.

Tutor LMS and MasterStudy LMS both have certificate-building features. We want to look at how good this certificate builder is, its design, user experience, and overall usability.

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Tutor LMS: Tutor LMS gives you the option to create and customize your own course certificates. It also gives you multiple certificate templates that you can use. However, this feature comes with the pro version only.

We can select a certificate for our course from the course builder itself. If we scroll down, from the certificate builder, down below we’ll find the certificate templates. 

tutor lms certificate templates

Tutor LMS also has a unique certificate builder that allows you to design your certificate. It opens up a new canvas for you to design the certificates. You can also pick a template and customize it with your own touch. All the elements are placed on the left side of the screen. You can simply drag and drop those elements onto the canvas and your design will take effect.

create certificate in tutor lms

You can also add various design elements and media files to make your certificate look even better. After a certificate is published, it will be available for selection in the course builder. That is how easy it is to design a certificate in Tutor LMS.

MasterStudy LMS: MasterStudy LMS also gives you the option to build your own certificates. You can create and customize your course certificates using the MasterStudy LMS certificate builder. Although this certificate builder doesn’t take you to a different canvas, it is still quite simple to use.

masterstudy lms certificate builder

There are 2 demos available for us to select. These demos are basically the certificate background. We also have the option to upload our own background. After that, we can simply click on the elements and those will be added to the certificate. Now we can drag those elements and place them anywhere on our certificate.

After the design is complete we can preview the certificate and if everything looks ok, we can save changes and use the certificate on any of our courses. It’s quite easy to create and design a certificate with the MasterStudy LMS certificate builder.

Both Tutor LMS and MasterStudy LMS provide a great way of building certificates. Although Tutor LMS has a completely different certificate builder, with a whole new interface, the certificate builder of MasterStudy LMS is also easy to use. But the customization options in Tutor LMS’s certificate builder are really amazing.

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Addons and integrations

As we said earlier, LMS plugins are designed in such a way that you don’t need to install anything extra. But in case you do need something, and if that something isn’t available, you can install an addon or plugin. This also has to integrate well with your LMS plugin. Many popular LMS plugins such as LearnDash, Tutor LMS, LearnPress, etc. have their own add-ons.

Usually, there is an add-on option in your dashboard where you can manage your add-ons or extensions. Such a feature is seen in both Tutor LMS and MasterStudy LMS. We want to explore the number of available add-ons, the addon management, and how well it integrates with the LMS plugin.

Tutor LMS: Tutor LMS has over 20 add-ons that you can use. However, these addons are only available on Tutor LMS Pro but you can install other extensions such as Elementor, WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, GamiPress, Wishlist Member, WP Fusion, etc. Some of the add-ons are essential for building courses, for example, course attachments, course previews, and course prerequisites.

Many of these add-ons are natively built for Tutor LMS. Other integrations such as Google Classroom, Zoom, WooCommerce subscriptions, etc. are also included. We can simply enable/disable any addons from this one section.

tutor lms addons

MasterStudy LMS: To get MasterStudy LMS addons, you need to purchase a premium plan. There are 20 add-ons available for MasterStudy LMS. Like Tutor LMS all the addons are placed on the addons section and can be enabled/disabled from here.

masterstudy lms addons

Zoom, Google Classroom, Udemy Importer, etc. are all here and you can enable those with one click. There are some features that are crucial for building a complete online course such as the prerequisite, drip content, gradebook, assignments, certificate builder, etc.

In the case of addons and integrations, Tutor LMS and MasterStudy both have delivered quite well. There are tons of addons and you can easily manage those from one section. However, for both plugins, you need the premium versions to get access to these add-ons.

Support & documentation

Support and documentation are very important for LMS plugins. Even though these plugins are designed in such a way that users should have no problem creating and selling courses. Sometimes, a little assistance is needed. If we have access to proper documentation and if support is available, then users will have no problem.

Today most of the LMS plugins have really good documentation but sometimes getting support might be a headache. Some users have complained that they were unable to get good support from the plugin team while others have stated that the support was really helpful. We will not look into the complaints as Tutor LMS and MasterStudy LMS have developed their support a lot. We just want to explore the documentation and the process of getting support.

Tutor LMS: Tutor LMS documentation is well-detailed and it is easy to find what you’re looking for. As for support, Tutor LMS has priority email support and community support. You can go through the documentation, tutorials, and FAQs, but if you can’t find what you’re looking for you can email the support team.

MasterStudy LMS: On the official stylemixthemes support page where you can find support for the MasterStudy theme, LMS plugin, and the App. Video tutorials are available for the MasterStudy theme and app. MasterStudy LMS Documentation is also available if you want to learn more about the plugin or need some help.

You can also create a ticket to get support but you have to have a Stylemixthemes account.


It’s time to check out the price of these LMS plugins. Usually, LMS plugins are a bit pricey compared to other plugins. But you can understand the reason as these plugins are huge and consist of several different features. 

As the demand for online courses is on the rise, many educators and organizations are leaning towards the LMS business. However, there are always coupons and discounts available, you can take advantage of.

Tutor LMS: Here are the plans for Tutor LMS Pro annual license:

  • Basic – Free license
  • Individual – $199/year 1 site license
  • Business – $399/year 10 site licenses
  • Agency – $799/year unlimited licenses

It has a 30-day money-back guarantee and is processed within 48 hours. Tutor LMS has come a long way and now it’s established as one of the best LMS plugins in the market.

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MasterStudy LMS: MasterStudy provides annual and lifetime plans. The following are the annual plans of MasterStudy LMS:

  • Starter – Free license
  • Single Site – $155/year 1 site license ($79 currently available at a discount)
  • 5 Sites – $280/year 5 site licenses ($199 currently available at a discount)
  • Unlimited – $480/year unlimited licenses ($399 currently available at a discount)

Here are the MasterStudy LMS lifetime plans:

  • Starter – Free license
  • Single Site – $320 1 site license ($199 currently available at a discount)
  • 5 Sites – $760 5 site licenses ($399 currently available at a discount)
  • Unlimited – $1020 unlimited licenses ($799 currently available at a discount)

All the paid plans include a starter theme and access to all the premium add-ons. You will also have 1-year updates and support with the annual plans, and with lifetime plans you’ll have support for a lifetime. A 14-day money-back guarantee is also available based on the Refund Policy. MasterStudy LMS also provides various discounts. You can contact Styemixthemes to see if any discount is possible.

Here, ONLY MasterStudy LMS provide Lifetime deals. Which is a good deal for many individuals and agencies. You can check out our post on WordPress LMS Plugin lifetime and unlimited deals to find more LMS plugins with some amazing deals.

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That brings our Tutor LMS vs MasterStudy LMS article to an end. We saw the different features in both plugins, we explored the themes, and we looked at various LMS features. As you can understand, there are so many features in an LMS plugin it’s difficult to explore each and every one of them. We still did our best to look at the important features and functionalities. 

We would say both plugins are great if you’re looking to create an eLearning website. If there’s a particular feature that you’re looking for and if we haven’t mentioned it in our article, you can ask us in the comment section or contact the plugin team. Both plugins have a good support team so you can easily reach out.

We hope you found this article helpful and managed to pick your LMS plugin. Let us know which LMS plugin you love when creating your LMS website. We would love to hear from you.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links and we may receive a small commission if you purchase something by following them. However, we recommend services/products that we believe good to serve your purpose.

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