How To Install WordPress on cPanel [Video]

Hi everyone, welcome to WPGIZ, the home of WordPress resources. Today we will show you how to install WordPress. In this tutorial, we’re gonna show the cPanel method. We will cover other methods in other videos as well. This is basically a video post, please find the details in the video embedded in this article.

Since cPanel is the most used web hosting control panel right now, and lots of hosting service providers offer its easy to use system, so we think you’ll find it useful. Let’s start.

At first, you need to visit your cPanel login screen. You will get the login page link on your hosting account’s dashboard or the hosting service activation email. If you need assistance to find that link, please contact your hosting provider’s support.

I hope you’ve already visited the cPanel login screen. In many cases, You will find a button or a link on your hosting service provider’s dashboard. Clicking that you will be automatically redirected and logged in to your cPanel.

In this case, no additional username or password will be required. If your hosting provider makes you create an account with cPanel then you can use that credential on the login screen.

cPanel is really very rich and you will get almost everything you will ever need to manage a WordPress site. Explore the cPanel interface and you will find the script installer section where you will get WordPress one-click installer. Click the WordPress installer option. [Please check the video.]

Click the install now button and you will get to the next stage. Carefully review all the options there. Assign your domain and choose the HTTP protocol. Normally, you should keep the directory field empty.

Next, there is the site settings section. Enter the site name and site description. You can change both of them later. There is another advanced option. If you are a beginner in WordPress, then you don’t need to use that right now. We will cover them later. Next, you get the account creation section where you can create an admin account for your website.

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Give an Admin username, define the password, enter the admin email address. Move next. There are some other options like getting some plugins. I’m gonna deselect that because we can install them later if we need.

And there are some more advanced options. you don’t need to use this right now. You can also provide an email address to send the installation report. Finally, click the install button. It will take you to the next screen where the progress bar is showing the installation status. A few seconds later, the installation will be complete.

On the next page, you will see the home URL along with the dashboard page URL. You can visit these to see your site’s frontend and backend.

This is pretty much it. This was how you can install WordPress using cPanel. The world of WordPress is incredibly huge. We will cover more topics in other videos. Follow us to stay updated with WPGIZ! See you!

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