How to Set Up Tutor LMS Email Notification (Quick and Easy)

Do you want an easy way to communicate necessary updates from your Tutor LMS powered eLearning site? Use the Tutor LMS email notification feature. It will keep you and the other users of your platform updated on what’s happening on the eLearning site. Not only that, you get tons of options to customize the email templates as well.

In today’s post, we’re going to learn how to set up email notifications in Tutor LMS. However, you do need Tutor LMS Pro as this is a premium feature. Also, make sure that you have the latest version of the plugin so you’ll receive the email template editing feature as well. Without further ado let’s get started.

Tutor LMS email notification overview

The email notification is a neat feature of Tutor LMS that keeps the users updated on certain events on your eLearning site. These notifications can be sent to tutors, site admins, and students.

You can also control for which events you want to be notified or notify others. For example, you can set up a notification so that whenever a student enrols in a course, you’ll receive an email.

You can also edit the content of the email such as the text, logo, background image, etc. Choose which events you want to be notified through emails. Editing the email template is optional because you’ll have some email content by default and it contains the important information.

Let’s take the student enrolment notification for example. The email will have the name of the student who enrolled, which course they enrolled in, etc.

It’s also important to note that the email notification is different than the general notification. When you go to Tutor LMS > Settings, you’ll find another tab labeled ‘Notifications’. These notifications can be either on-site or push notifications. 

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Advantages of email notifications

Emails are an indispensable part of the modern era. For an LMS site, it’s equally important. Emails help users stay updated on the everyday happenings, even if they are away from the eLearning site. For instance, it’s very helpful for admins to be notified of a new instructor signup so they can check and approve or disapprove it. Similarly, students also benefit from this as they will be notified when their assignments are graded. Let’s take a glance at these benefits:

  • Allows users to get notifications via email, thus staying updated on the everyday happenings of an LMS site.
  • Students can get notified when an assignment is graded.
  • Participants know when an announcement is made.
  • Students and teachers can be notified when there’s a message in the Q&A.
  • Tutors can be notified when students submit an assignment.
  • Admins can be notified of all the important events such as new enrolments, new course publications, new student sign-ups, etc.

The push or on-site notifications are also good but with their own limitations. The browser push notifications are browser-specific, and the on-site notifications require you to login to the LMS site. But when you’re logged out, you can still be notified through emails from any device.

How to set up email notification in Tutor LMS

E-Mail is a premium addon in Tutor LMS. To use it, you’ll need Tutor LMS Pro.

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After you get Tutor LMS Pro, install and activate it on your site. Then, from your WordPress dashboard, go to Tutor LMS Pro > Add-ons. Enable the E-Mail addon.

Enabling Tutor LMS email addon

Now go to Tutor LMS Pro > Settings and click on the Email section from the left sidebar.

This section is divided into the following parts:

  • Default Configuration
  • Manual Email
  • Email to students
  • Email to teachers
  • Email to admin
  • Email Cron settings

The first part is the default configuration where you can select logo, colors, sender email and many more options. Once you click on edit, you can upload your logo that will be on the top of the email body. Also, note that the recommended size is 100×36 pixels and the maximum height is 50px. The image should be jpg, jpeg, or png.

email default configuration

You can also set the position of the logo within the email head. The color options allow you to choose the color of the email body, header, and buttons. You can also include the email sender’s address, and name, and choose a footer text.

Next, you can set your manual emails for Tutor LMS. Here you can select your receiver types (All students, all instructors, all admins, all students who completed any course, everyone, etc.) from a drop-down menu. You can choose the email subject, and heading, and write the email body.

tutor lms manual email

You can also write the footnote of the email. You can customize the color of the email body like in the previous step.

Another thing to note is to use the manual email function, you need to activate the tutor email cron schedule settings. You will be notified about this on the top of the manual email screen.

After completing the email configuration and manual email, you can now actually enable/disable notifications for certain events. First up, is the email that the students will receive. Here are some of the events:

  • Course Enrolled
  • Quiz Completed
  • Completed a Course
  • Removed From Course
  • Assignment Graded
  • New Announcement Posted
  • New Announcement Updated
  • Q&A Message Answered and more

You can simply go through each event and if you want the students to be notified of an event, simply enable it by clicking on the toggle beside the respective event.

Tutor LMS email notifications to students

In the next section, you can see the events that the teacher(s) and the site admin(s) will be notified through emails. Enable the events you want the admin(s) and the teacher(s) to be notified of and click on the Save Changes button after you’re done.

Now if you want to edit the template of the email, click on the Edit button beside the event. This will open up the template editor. Edit the template content such as the subject, email heading, and any additional content you want.

Don’t forget to look at the template preview to see how the email looks. After you’re done, click on the Save Changes button to save your work. Clicking on the Send a test mail button will send a test email to the site admin.

Similarly, you can edit all the email templates and send a test mail to check if everything is to your liking. That’s it! You’ve successfully enabled email notifications for your Tutor LMS site!

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Email notification is just one of the amazing features of Tutor LMS. There are several other premium add-ons that you’ll get when you purchase Tutor LMS Pro.

Tutor LMS is a powerful LMS plugin today. If you want to build an eLearning site and sell courses, then Tutor LMS is a fantastic choice. It has all the basic and advanced features that you can expect from a modern Learning Management System. Tutor LMS has a free version and you can use that to check if the plugin is to your liking. Learn more about Tutor LMS free vs pro in our dedicated article.

However, to get access to the advanced features you’ll need Tutor LMS Pro. The frontend builder, certificate builder, certificate templates, advanced quiz categories, etc. are some of the premium features that you’ll get access to in the pro version. That’s all for today, let us know your thoughts and ideas in the comments!

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links and we may receive a small commission if you purchase something by following them. However, we recommend services/products that we believe good to serve your purpose.

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