How to Use Tutor LMS Video Player for Better eLearning Experience

Tutor LMS Video Player, also known as Tutor Video Player offers an enhanced learning experience. Let’s see how you can utilize it.

In the world of fast-evolving online education, a video player plays an important part somewhat like an in-person teacher in the classroom. A perfect video player is essential to provide the best experience to your students. Tutor LMS shines in this category with the help of its course video player.

Video player features like restricting finishing lessons until a certain length, blocking video seeking, and hiding third-party video source logos (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) are widely anticipated by online educators, institutes, and organizations.

Making those simple but helpful changes to the Tutor video player will provide learners with an immersive and engaging environment. Letโ€™s take a closer look at how you can utilize those features for better online teaching powered by Tutor LMS.

Exploring Tutor LMS video player

Tutor LMS has many unique features that help educators and boost the learning experience. Furthermore, its course video player enables to build a prominent name in the online education sector by making courses more ethical & dependable than ever.

Themeum, the developers of Tutor LMS, tailored the feature-rich video player specifically for the needs of your students. It also ensures to create a more engaging online education platform.

From seamless playback to top-quality media settings, Tutor LMS has it all for you. In the next section, letโ€™s learn how to customize and use the Tutor LMS video player for the best learning experience.

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How to customize and use Tutor video player

By tweaking some options from the Tutor LMS settings, you can take your course experience to a whole new level. This will provide your students with the best learning experience. Let’s see how you can make your Tutor LMS online course experience more efficient.

Enforce watching a certain video length to complete a lesson

Tutor LMS gives you full control over lessons and courses. You can set a minimum duration limit on the videos so that a student must watch a certain percentage of the video to complete a lesson. Please note, this will work when you implement/use the Tutor video player for playing course videos. You can implement/use Tutor video player for external sources too. Just enable it from Tutor LMS Pro > Settings > Design > Video Player.

This will make video lessons more effective for the students. Because, they must watch the crucial content portions to proceed to the next one.

To enable this feature, you need Tutor LMS Pro.

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When you have Tutor LMS Pro, follow the steps below.

  • Login into your WordPress dashboard.
  • Click on Tutor LMS Pro and select Settings.
WordPress dashboard and Tutor LMS Pro settings
  • Go to the Course tab.
tutor lms course settings
  • Select Strcit under the Course Completion Process section.
course completion process to srict
  • Turn On Video Lesson Completion Control in the Lesson section and Save Changes.
turning on video lesson completion control
  • Set the Required Percentage to specify the minimum video watch percentage learners must watch to mark as complete and Save Changes.
setting required percentage

Thatโ€™s it! You are good to go. With this feature, your students are required to complete a certain percentage of the video before going to another one.

By enabling the above options, you will ensure that the students watch the necessary video content and help them learn more from your lessons. This way, their attention will be on your classes for the whole time.

Hide external video host’s branding or logo

The Tutor LMS video player can hide branding logo or watermarks from third-party video hosts like YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

hiding video hosting website logo using Tutor video player

This feature will hide the auto-appearing logos from the player’s corner. But you have to first set the Tutor video player as the default player for YouTube and/or Vimeo videos on your site. To use the Tutor LMS video player for YouTube and/or Vimeo videos go to Tutor LMS Pro > Settings > Design > Video Player.

Tutor video player options

Then toggle on YouTube and/or Vimeo option(s) as per your requirement. Then save changes. This will automatically hide the branding of these above mentioned external video services while playing on your platform.

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Disable forward seeking videos to ensure complete learning

The Tutor LMS video player lets you disable forward seeking of the videos.

forward seeking is disabled in tutor lms video player

When you’re using Tutor LMS Video Player for your course videos, you can readily utilize this feature. It will restrict the students from skipping over a video, exponentially increasing the rate of successful students from the course.

Since you will be in control of these settings with it, you can make courses and develop lessons around this feature.

These are just the start of this functionality, and since there is room for improvement, the video player will hopefully get upgraded and sharpened in upcoming updates.

Using these abilities and controlling where students can and cannot skip will give more authority to the course creator and benefit both educators and students simultaneously.

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Automatic lesson resume for smoother learning

Students donโ€™t have to seek the portion of the video they left off in a hurry. With the Tutor video player, the course or lesson videos will automatically resume at the exact point where they were left off.

This feature is helpful for students who are watching long videos or get interrupted too often while studying.

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Final thoughts

As technology continues to evolve and make education more widespread, the ability to adapt to the wave is important for new or old LMS platform owners.

Thanks to Tutor LMS video player, the gap between modern online and traditional in-person education is getting closer. 

Using the Tutor video player customization tutorial in this article, online educators can create a high-quality education system and provide a bright future for their students.

Keep an eye on WPGIZ. We will post more about Tutor LMS and other relevant resources in the coming days.

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