WordPress Introduces Gutenberg 7.1 – New Features & Improvements

WordPress released Guntenberg 7.1 in December 11 with 161 pull requests merged. The update includes plenty of bugs fixes, various new APIs, and experiments. Though the performance was slowed down slightly, but improvements can be the reason to consider for.

New Welcome UI

A new welcome screen has been added in Gutenberg 7.1, which introduces block editing experience to new users with a quick tutorial :

Select & Edit Modes

A brand new toolbar button has been added to Gutenberg 7.1. This button can be used to switch between “Select” and “Edit” modes that offer different interactions for block selection and editing.

By choosing “Select” mode, the editing controls for the post will be removed. After clicking in the block it switches back to editing mode. The “Edit” mode is selected by default.

Dragging & Dropping images Into Featured Image

Now it’s easy to upload featured images, you can do it just by dragging and dropping the image into the featured image box. This will remove the need of browsing media files.

Table Block Captions

You can now add caption to tables. So, adding captions beneath tables with the Gutenberg editing interface is possible now .

Mobile Editing Improvements

The mobile toolbar has been fixed for selecting editing elements like paragraphs, links and much more.

Multi Block Selection Improvements

Improvements have been added to multi block selection experience :

There were more changes made in Gutenberg 7.1 such as enhancements, bug fixes, experiments, and more. Check out the full official patch note in WordPress blog.

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