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Today’s internet is all about speed. We all know that, right? No matter what type of site you’re managing, mobile visitors are a huge part of it. So, prioritizing them with the search giant, Google’s AMP technology could be a good choice. This is what makes our best AMP WordPress plugin list today.

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. It’s a kind of web component framework that displays websites in a better way to mobile visitors when visiting with the help of a search engine like Google and on some other platforms.

What it does is make your WordPress website’s content load faster (AMP version) on mobile devices. Using an AMP plugin can improve the mobile user experience on your site dramatically.

An open source plugin like this won’t have any negative effect on your main WordPress theme. To help you throughout the process, we’ve gathered some of the best WordPress AMP plugins.

AMP for WordPress – Official AMP Plugin for WordPress

The AMP for WordPress plugin is the most popular WordPress AMP plugin. It’s the official way of making your content AMP ready. This plugin is developed by VIP and Google.

Functionality of this plugin is very basic and easy to set up. It has support for two modes – native and paired. In the native way it’ll work with a stunning stock design. In the paired mode, you can customize your AMP pages with the support of currently installed theme on your site.

We recommend this plugin the most as its the official one with speed and style.

AMP for WP – Accelerated Mobile Pages

The AMP for WP plugin provides every possible feature out there for accelerated mobile pages. It’s so feature packed that its tough to identify what’s missing in this package.

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Obviously AMP for WP plugin makes your website faster for mobile visitors. The AMP for WP plugin supports OneSignal push notifications, WooCommerce, Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms, Contact Form 7, Github gist, Facebook comments, disqus comments, Google Tag Manager and so on. As you can guess, support for Google Adsense and Google Analytics is also available.

The plugin has good community support and documentations as well.

WP AMP Ninja

If you consider AMP as a serious business, then you better rely on a premium option like WP AMP Ninja. By paying just $30, you get a whole bundle of whatever you’ll need to make the most AMP compatible site ever. Besides basic features, supports for powerful tools like Google Adsense and Google Analytics is also available. WP AMP Ninja also offers typography and social media icon customization.

Which one sounds like the best option to you? Comment your thoughts!

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