Is this the Best Email Marketing Solution for WordPress?

Email newsletters play an important role in digital marketing. Emails are so effective that it has become a must-do task for any type of websites to keep themselves up on the competition. But confusion is everywhere. There are lots of email marketing tools in the market. Which one to choose? We’re here to make your confusion clear regarding the best email marketing solution for WordPress.

Your subscriber base is growing. That means you have to spend more cash per campaign. So what are you going to do in this situation? Well, that’s the point where we got a solution for you- it’s Sendy, a powerful email marketing software. Let’s talk about Sendy.

What is Sendy?

Sendy is a self-hosted email newsletter application. Using Sendy, you can send trackable emails via Amazon Simple Email Service (SES). This makes it easy for you to send authenticated bulk emails.

What Does Sendy Offer?

Sendy offers a huge list of features, which is a lot talk to describe here. Let’s take a quick tour of all the features Sendy is offering.


Sendy supports WordPress. Besides WordPress, it works well with other CMSs like Joomla, Magneto, etc. as well. Zapier integration is also available with Sendy which makes your job done easier via automation tools.

List & Subscriber Management

You can manage and segment email lists & subscribers. You can mass add, delete or unsubscribe users in a few clicks using Sendy.

Advanced Client Privilege System

If you want to resell email marketing service to other parties, you can prioritize your best clients by white labeling their accounts. This makes more space for your top clients so that they don’t get distracted.


You can set up a series of emails that will automatically follow up with your subscribers at the time intervals you set. You also have the option to send emails annually or one-off emails at a specific date.

Well Organized Reports

Sendy features a well-organized reporting system where you can check out the results of every campaign, and autoresponse. Opens, clicks, bounces, complaints, and countries are visualized with charts & data which help you understand your stats easily.

Real-time Subscriber List Adjustment

Bounces, complaints, and unsubscribes are automatically handled in real-time in Sendy. So you don’t have to worry about cleaning up your subscriber-list manually.


You can block email addresses belonging to certain domains from signing up to your lists to keep your contact list spam-free. You can also import email addresses of people into the Blacklist, so you don’t re-add them accidentally.

Custom Domains

You can set up custom domains with Sendy. By doing that, unsubscribe, web version, and trackable links can use your preferred domain.

Custom Fields

With Sendy, you have the ability to add custom fields, so that you can store information about your subscribers more than just their name and email.

Cleaning Inactive Subscribers

You can clean off your inactive subscribers with one click, thanks to Sendy’s Housekeeping feature. You can also clean off those subscribes from the list who haven’t confirmed their mailing subscription yet.

More Features

Sendy supports all Amazon SES regions. It also comes with Google reCAPCTHA support and two-factor authentication. Sendy offers ready to use subscription forms as well. Storing templates option is also there to save your time.


Along with its tons of features, the pricing of Sendy is a major selling point of it. You have to pay a one-time amount of $59 only. After that, you can apply it to your site with just a few tweaks.

Sendy uses Amazon SES to send emails. That means you can send 10,000 emails per $1 you spend. To get the same job done with MailChimp, it’ll cost you $200. Even if you’re considering going for Campaign Monitor, that’ll cost you more than $100.

So, in the matter of pricing, Sendy appears to be the cheapest & most effective email marketing solution for WordPress and any other CMS that it supports. You can download Sendy here.

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