Best WooCommerce Multi-vendor Plugins 2024

Are you on the lookout for the best WooCommerce multi-vendor plugins for your WooCommerce site? You’re at the right place! There are several plugins that allow multiple sellers to sell products from a single eCommerce website.

Or, maybe you want to build your own multi-vendor websites like eBay, and Amazon? With the help of some plugins, you can turn your online presence into a multi-vendor shop. But there are so many multi-vendor plugins in the market, and choosing the right one for your online store is a difficult decision.

Don’t worry, in this article, we have created a list of the best WooCommerce multi-vendor plugins in the market to help you choose the right plugin for you.

What are WooCommerce multi-Vendor plugins?

WooCommerce has simplified the overall eCommerce business. You can launch your own eCommerce site and start selling products online. It helps you manage everything starting from inventory, payments, shipping details, tax calculations, and so much more. WooCommerce has 5+ million downloads which makes it the most popular and widely used plugin for eCommerce solutions. Today there are hundreds of WooCommerce extensions or plugins to enhance your eCommerce experience.

The term ‘multi-vendor’ refers to multiple sellers. That means multiple sellers will be selling products from a single website. As we’ve mentioned there are several extensions available for the WooCommerce plugin. The multi-vendor feature can be utilized using such extensions or plugins.

The primary function of a multi-vendor plugin is to connect buyers and sellers to your eCommerce website. Similarly, each vendor can sell products from your website and then generate a commission for you.

The general idea of an eCommerce plugin is that a central system controls all the aspects of your online store. This includes the selling of a product, managing the inventory, shipping details, and basically the overall business aspect. 

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Now if you’re using WordPress, you can use a multi-vendor plugin which will be then controlling your online business and transactions. It will be better for you if your multi-vendor plugin is compatible with a fast WooCommerce theme.

Best WooCommerce multi-vendor plugins

There are several multi-vendor plugins in the WordPress market and each of these has its own unique features. They have their own benefits which make them suitable for some specific WooCommerce websites.

It is important to mention that we aren’t ranking these plugins in any way. We have brought together some of the most popular multi-vendor plugins in the market to help you choose the plugin best suited for your online store.

This is our list of the best WooCommerce multi-vendor plugins. We have listed their features, pros, and cons. So it will be easier for you to decide which plugin is best for you. Let’s get started:

Dokan Multivendor

Dokan Multivendor is one of the most popular WooCommerce plugins in the market. The plugin has been developed by weDevs and it has 70,000+ active installations with 99% satisfied customers. It gives a user-friendly interface and lots of options that you can use to create an eCommerce website like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, etc.

One of the best things about the Dokan multivendor plugin is that it comes with a unique frontend for vendors. Your sellers will have their own unique vendor dashboard where they can monitor and manage their business.

dokan vendor dashboard

Through this interface, your vendors get rich sales-earning reports, analytics, and statements. They can analyze these data to observe their ongoing sales and improve their business. As an admin, you will also have a frontend dashboard to see the overall sales of your online store. Even your customers can open an account and get an interface through which they can manage their purchases.

Some key features of Dokan:

  • Dokan is compatible with all the popular WooCommerce themes.
  • The plugin also offers each vendor a separate customizable storefront
  • Vendors get a dashboard from where they can manage their products and also observe their ongoing sales
  • Vendors can manage the shipping of their stores individually
  • Vendors can manage their own store as well as their public profile
  • There is a global commission scheme and specific commission rate applied for all vendors allows you to profit from everyday sales
  • Admin is given the authority on overall activities on the marketplace\\

Learn More in our Dokan review post.

WCFM Marketplace

WCFM is a WooCommerce multivendor plugin by WC Lovers. It has over 30,000 active installations. The plugin brings all the features that you need to create your own dream multi-vendor store like Amazon, AirBnB, Flipkart, etc. The company produces various WooCommerce powered plugins that are great at enhancing your eCommerce experience.

WCFM is loaded with features like the WooCommerce Frontend Manager for example. There are other features like Flexible Commission, Refund Request, Withdrawal & Reverse Withdrawal, Single Product Multi-vendor, Ledger Book, and a lot more. It can take your online marketplace to the next level!

A unique feature of WCFM Marketplace is that it gives you a mobile application. It has customization options for vendors. Using this app, your vendors can remotely manage their store with smartphones.

Some key features of WCFM Marketplace

  • Robust store listing and filters. You can search by radius, city, zip code, category, etc.
  • A diverse commission system. You can set the commission system by fixed, percent, fixed + percent, by vendor sales, by product price, vendor-wise commission, etc.
  • Most flexible shipping management. Shipping rate by zone, country, distance, weight, etc.
  • Versatile withdrawal options. Withdrawals can be made on schedule-wise, by order status, manually, etc.
  • The plugin gives vendors a frontend manager through which they can manage their sales
  • A mobile app that lets vendors maintain their store remotely.



MultiVendorX formerly known as WC Marketplace, is a WooCommerce-based multi-vendor solution designed to suit all your marketplace needs. This plugin offers you a completely customizable application with which you can build a user-friendly and attractive marketplace. All your vendors will have access to features that are helpful to make better sales. It is a one-stop solution that you can use to boost your sales and scale your marketplace as you go up.

A great thing about MultiVendorX is that it’s free to start with. Basically, you start with the free version and pay for extra add-ons such as live chat, advanced front-end manager, etc. This way, you can spend money on the features you need and save money on the features you don’t need. It provides the admin with convenient authority over the marketplace, sales, reports, commissions, and other factors. There are commission plans to choose from giving you greater flexibility.

Some key features of MultiVendorX

  • Helps you create a user-friendly and attractive marketplace
  • Suitable for product marketplace, rental marketplace, booking marketplace, and subscription marketplace
  • Vendors will have a nice dashboard to manage their day-to-day market activities
  • Has a global commission system that is also adjustable for specific vendors
  • It has the “single product multiple vendors” function
  • Gives you adjustable shipping rates based on weight, country, and product category. It also has a shipping tracker
  • Gives you detailed sales, reports, and analytics
  • Offers a built-in order manager
  • Includes tools to import/export info

WC Vendor

WC Vendors logo

Said to be the most scalable marketplace plugin for WordPress, WC Vendors is truly a fantastic WooCommerce multi-vendor plugin. It has over 10,000 active installations and 4.9 ratings on This plugin extends your WooCommerce power by introducing new functionalities. It has the functions of a typical multi-vendor plugin.

The plugin offers a unique approach in terms of usability. It gives the admin a centralized view and control over the entire marketplace as well as specific vendors’ storefronts. This gives you a comprehensive admin dashboard. Using this feature you can concentrate on the marketing and sales growth of your marketplace.

WC Vendor provides a wide variety of product categories ranging from physical products, digital products, booking, subscriptions, auctions, etc. You can also sell membership plans to your vendors and set parameters for their product selling.

Some key features of WC Vendors

  • A frontend dashboard for each vendor to manage the marketing activities
  • The admin has the power to control the marketplace including the vendors and products
  • The admin can also give vendors the ability to customize their own storefronts
  • 100+ Payment gateway options
  • A large number of compatible themes and plugins
  • Sell various categories of products like physical, digital, subscriptions, auctions, etc.
  • A great system for shipping options. Allows you to permit the vendors to setup their own shipping system and rates
  • More options for commission (percentage, fixed, fee, sale by vendor/product)
  • Vendors can create different discount coupons and manage them

Yith WooCommerce Multi Vendor/ Marketplace

Yith is one of the world’s leading independent companies that develops WooCommerce plugins. They have a large number of WooCommerce plugins in the marketplace to help boost your online sales and user interactivity. Yith has experience of 15+ years in the industry with over 2.3 million customers. Yith WooCommerce Multi-vendor/ Marketplace is one of their premium products.

Yith WooCommerce allows you to generate passive income as more sales are made by the vendors of your marketplace. The super administrator can select multiple administrators, create product categories, and arrange marketing campaigns as well. The plugin also has global commission rates available and you can generate automated sales and commission reports. As a super admin you will be able to manage vendors’ accounts and sales.

Besides, you can take advantage of advanced features like individual commission rates, change vendor labels, advanced reporting, and analytics, advanced product management system, manage multiple vendors using the bulk actions and many other features when using Yith WooCommerce.

Some key features of Yith WooCommerce Multi Vendor/ Marketplace

  • Global commission rates
  • Super admin with more control over the marketplace (For ex: enable/disable sales for vendors)
  • Manage vendors’ product
  • Vendors can manage media through WordPress gallery
  • With the shipping module vendors can create shipping zone, apply cost based shipping, additional costs, refund, and other shipping policies
  • Able to add terms and conditions for vendor registration pages
  • Refund management is also available for vendors
  • Admin can set minimum commission amount that vendors have to achieve in order to get paid
  • Give vendors the ability to set featured products without asking for permission each time
  • Show the number of sales each vendor has made
  • Allow vendors to close their shops temporarily
  • Effective communication between vendors and customers

WooCommerce Product Vendors

WooCommerce Product Vendors logo

WooCommerce Product Vendors is an official plugin of the original creators of WooCommerce. This plugin has steady and powerful features that are great for enhancing your online marketplace. It also gives you multi-vendor functionalities so that you can take full advantage of your WooCommerce plugin.

This plugin allows you to create a marketplace where you can sell anything. From physical products such as gadgets, or handmade accessories to digital products like images, videos, audio, etc. You can also sell bookings thanks to a special WooCommerce Bookings integration.

WooCommerce Product Vendors has all the features that you could expect from a multi-vendor plugin and has more to offer. Using this plugin, you can earn commissions from the vendor sales, set commission rates for different vendors, allow vendors to customize their own storefronts and profile, and so much more. Your vendors can control as well as customize their public profile, view the sales data, and optimize their sale rate. 

As you can give your vendors the option to customize their own storefront, you as an admin can relax as it reduces a lot of your work. WooCommerce also has some really good commission features. One mentionable feature is the commission delay. If a product is returned by a customer, in that case you can delay that commission payment. Overall, WooCommerce Product Vendors is a great flexible multi-vendor plugin.

Some key features of WooCommerce Product Vendors

  • Intuitive commission list management
  • You can add vendors to the marketplace manually along with other products
  • You can enable specific commission rates for each vendors
  • You can allow the vendors to customize their product and shipping rules
  • This plugin is also compatible with WooCommerce Bookings
  • An approval option from the admin is available when vendors add products to the marketplace. This can be turned off.
  • You can promote your vendors to assist you in managing the sales, taxes, and overall marketing activities


VendorPro logo

VendorPro is a multi-functional eCommerce plugin that is specially designed to facilitate the affiliated business of your eCommerce platform. The plugin is developed by InkThemes, which has 2500+ WordPress themes, plugins, PHP scripts & graphics. VendorPro offers you multiple advanced features to promote your eCommerce business with multiple affiliate sellers.

You can invite multiple sellers to your marketplace and give them affiliation rights, and earn commissions through the sales they make. By default, you’ll have PayPal integration as a safe and secure payment gateway.

The plugin has a unique feature that allows you to set base commission rates on products. You can also change this setting later on. The plugin gives you a detailed report on the commissions earned by your vendors and outstanding dues via dedicated tabs. It also can maintain and distribute the commission automatically so that you can focus on more important tasks.

Some key features of VendorPro

  • VendorPro is specially developed to boost affiliate marketing
  • The plugin allows you to set different commission rates for each vendors
  • The admin can grant various rights to vendors where they can show/hide or delete products, enable order management, edit/delete published products, etc.
  • Vendors can post blogs for their products for better SEO
  • VendorPro also allows you to export various documents such as sales records, vendor list, etc.

Webkul WooCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace Plugin

Webkul WooCommerce Multi Vendor plugin is a comprehensive multi-vendor plugin that you can use to create online stores like Amazon, eBay, etc. Using this plugin you can implement advanced multi-vendor functionalities and completely transform your WooCommerce website into a multi-vendor marketplace.

The plugin provides the vendors with their own profiles and dashboards where they can add and market their products. Vendors can also manage their own seller profiles, add, edit, or remove the products from their own dashboards.

Vendors can use the dashboard to get reports of all the transactions of their storefronts and entire order history. They can manage their credentials and directly communicate with you through their personal dashboard.

A distinct feature of Webkul WooCommerce is that it provides you with a multi-vendor mobile app. Using this app, you can manage your multi-vendor website remotely anytime and anyplace. The app is available for iOS and Android. 

Some key features of Webkul WooCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace Plugin

  • Suitable for all kinds of products (physical products, digital products, etc.)
  • The customers can leave ratings and reviews for products. This is effective for boosting sales as better testimonials generate more sales
  • Using the global commission rates you can set commissions for all your vendors. You can also set different commission rates for different vendors
  • Admins can create a marketplace seller center where customers can register as sellers. This introduces a new sign-up page for the customers and having registered customers opens up a whole new window of opportunities
  • Vendors can set up their own shipping methods. They can create shipping zones and setup shipping methods for these zones
  • Vendors can view all their orders with the billing and shipping address of their customers
  • Vendors/customers can mark customers/suppliers of the marketplace as their favorite. The vendors can also see their marked customers and send custom messages to them
  • If the admin is in a hurry, then the admin can make a user vendor without having them to fill a registration form
  • Both admins and vendors can view order management functionality and create invoices for the sales


bAZAAR logo

bAZAAR is a powerful plugin for WooCommerce that allows you to turn your eCommerce website into a fully functional multi-vendor website. The number of downloads of bAZAAR might seem low because this plugin is relatively new. But it has some of the most basic features and functionalities that you could expect from a multi-vendor application.

The plugin gives a separate dashboard for each of your registered vendors. It also gives your vendors the ability to customize their own dashboard to make it look the way they want. Vendors will be able to create, edit, or manage different types of products from the dashboard.

bAZAAR also gives you the option to set different commission rates for different vendors according to the sales they’ve made. This is one of the most basic things that you can expect from a standard multi-vendor plugin. It also has a flexible withdrawal system.

bAZAAR analytics report

Additionally, the admin can create announcements for products that will be displayed on a vendor’s storefront. Your vendors can enjoy unrestricted marketing without bothering the admin for approvals. Both the vendors and the admin can view detailed reports on the sales and orders made by the vendors.

Some key features of bAZAAR

  • It has a visually appealing frontend dashboard for vendors where they can manage their products, sales, shipping, and other marketing activities.
  • Comes with Light mode and Dark mode themes for your vendor’s dashboard
  • Vendors can quickly create different types of products like simple, grouped, and variable from the dashboard
  • Vendors and users can log into the stores with their social accounts
  • Admin will have a special Vendor Management Interface through which the admin can manage the vendor page
  • The plugin also provides both the admin and vendors with graphical analytics, reports on sales, products, orders, commissions, etc.
  • Single product multiple vendor options is also available
  • Admin can set special commissions for different vendors, products, or categories
  • The customers can order from different sellers in the same order. So no need for extra carts

Mercado Pro

Mercado Pro logo

Mercado Pro is developed by Redefining The Web, an Envato Elite Author. The company has created many powerful plugins for WooCommerce and Mercado Pro is one of them. It is also a bit new in the market but is packed with powerful features. 

It has an admin dashboard that allows the admin to control every aspect of the marketplace. The admin will have control over orders, products, vendors, commissions, and even the products moved to trash by the vendors. The vendors will have a personalized dashboard with live searching, filtering, sorting, etc. The vendors will be able to manage their accounts and marketing all in one place.

Mercado Pro also has advanced commission options. It will be up to the admin to set global commission rates for the vendors. The admin can also set separate commission rates for each vendor, enabling a fair commission for each vendor. Admins can also manually send payments after the completion of each order. This feature essentially allows you to send the payments to your vendor’s account after a purchase order is completed creating flexible payments.

Some key features of Mercado Pro

  • Admin and vendors both will have a nice looking dashboard. Admin dashboard is presented with robust features and gives the ultimate control over the marketplace
  • Able to add an unlimited number of vendors which will, in turn, increase your net profit
  • Admin and vendors both will have access to in-depth analytics of the sales, earnings, market growth, etc. These statistics will be helpful in taking decisive actions for improving sales on the marketplace
  • Vendors can create products right from their dashboards and edit them as they see fit
  • Vendors get a personalized storefront in the marketplace. Here they can categorize their products in different ways
  • Users can log into the marketplace using social platforms or emails
  • Vendors can create discount coupons to boost sales
  • A vendor cannot access another vendor’s files granting all the sellers solid security
  • Admin has the power to set global commission rates for each vendor and can assign a different commission for different vendors based on their sales and products
  • Admins can also create announcements for all vendors or just one specific vendor. Both the admin and vendor can access previous statements

Important features of a good WooCommerce Multi-Vendor plugin

Multi-Vendor marketplaces are on the rise today. It is an amazing platform that allows customers to browse their favorite products on their trusted marketplace. And it is an amazing way of connecting sellers with marketplace owners. It is profitable for both parties. But as more and more plugins are introduced with WooCommerce, it is important to identify the features that a good WooCommerce Multi-Vendor plugin should have.

We’ve listed 10 WooCommerce multi-vendor plugins that is sufficient to start your own multi-vendor eCommerce platform. Some of these plugins are new but have powerful features. Again, some of these plugins are in the market for a long time but lack certain multi-vendor qualities.

So, when you’re on the lookout for a multi-vendor plugin, what are some of the important or key features that you can expect from a standard plugin? Let’s discuss.

Note: We are not considering features like vendor registration, commission rates, etc. Since these features are very basic and all multi-vendor plugins consist of these features. We are discussing those features which can effectively convert your WooCommerce platform into a profitable and sustainable multi-vendor business.

1. Frontend Dashboard

Although it might look like just another design feature and has nothing to do with functionalities, but that’s not the case. Remember, we are building a platform, which we will log into every day and we are going to operate this business for years to come. A frontend dashboard isn’t only a design trend. It is something that will help you mobilize your business and enable you to operate your day-to-day operations more effectively.

A frontend dashboard consists of vital information such as daily sales, total number of vendors, commission rates, distribution of the commission among vendors, tax details, shipping information, customer visits, daily purchases, and much more. Once you log into your marketplace, you’d want to see all this data in front of you. A dashboard connects all this information and brings those under a single umbrella. And if the dashboard has proper UI/UX design, it properly utilizes the space and brings you the maximum information per pixel.

The design of the dashboard isn’t that important. But a good dashboard makes you more efficient and you can make informed decisions quickly. But of course, a well-designed interface doesn’t hurt.

2. Analytics and sale report

To make informed business decisions you need to be, well, informed! It is crucial for any business to track the progress of sales and check how the marketplace is doing. You need to check up on how a product is doing, or if your vendors are successful in making sales. Information like these helps you figure out and plan your next steps.

All of the multi-vendor plugins give you some sort of analytics report. These analytics can be on many factors. Some of the important factors are:

  • Daily sale reports
  • Orders
  • Product list
  • Vendor sales
  • Overall commission
  • Product sales
  • Weekly/Monthly/Annaul report, etc.

These are just the reports that are visible on the top of the dashboard. Some plugins provide deeper analytics. For example, the overall commission shows the total profit that you have earned. But if you click on it, you can investigate further. You can see which vendor has made the most sales. You can also find out which product isn’t doing well and take the decision to either take that product out or give it a discount to quickly sell it out.

Likewise, there’re various factors that come into play when you are looking at the stats. So, reports on these important figures keep you informed and updated. It helps you make smart business decisions to keep the profits rolling.

3. Diverse commission settings

While setting the commission rate is probably the most significant feature of all, it is good to know whether your plugin gives you a wide variety of commission settings. All the multi-vendor plugins allow you to control your commission over each sale. But a good plugin offers you the ultimate control. It gives you the option to choose different commission rates for different sellers based on the products they sell.

You can also set separate settings for new vendors. For example, Yith WooCommerce multi-vendor plugin gives you the ability to set the minimum amount of sales they have to make in order to get paid.

Commission settings might not look that important but as your marketplace grows, you’ll see that diverse commission setting are helpful. It opens up new opportunities for your marketplace.

4. Easy communication between admins and vendors

This is obviously a crucial requirement for a multi-vendor platform. If you are hosting a multi-vendor marketplace then you need to communicate with your vendors. Similarly, your vendors need to communicate with you. For this communication to happen, there must exist a quick and clean medium.

Your vendors might have several questions and queries related to the marketplace. For that, you need to accommodate your sellers. If your vendors cannot reach you fast enough, they might lose faith in your marketplace and might switch to a different platform. For this reason, the admin must be notified as soon as a vendor sends a message. Some plugins allow live chat and live conversation. This is very effective in maintaining strong communication between Admin and vendors.

5. Proper order management features

This is also one of the most basic features but it’s also very important. Once a customer makes a purchase or a list of purchases, a sales order is generated. Depending on the type of product that you are selling, the order tracking might differ. For physical products, when a customer makes a purchase, you should be able to track the order as it is being delivered to your customer.

A proper order management feature gives you the tools to view all the orders of your sellers, manage order payments, view shipping details, etc. It is also very helpful if you can get a detailed overview of all the orders and sub-orders. This might give you some ideas on customer purchases. Amazon uses this feature to monitor customer purchase orders. Then they bundle up those products and offer those to other customers who are making similar purchases. For example, a customer purchasing a camera might want to purchase a tripod or lighting equipment.

Generally, the order management is kept right in the admin dashboard (if your plugin has a dashboard). You can track and manage orders right from the dashboard. This gives you a better way to manage the orders right from a single interface.


So that’s our list of best WooCommerce multi-vendor plugin. Choosing the right multi-vendor plugin from a huge list can be a daunting task. However, all the plugins listed in this post are quite good. You need to first list out what you’re expecting from your multi-vendor platform. It also depends on what sort of product you want to sell. If you are selling digital products then a certain type of plugin is sufficient for you. You don’t have to spend extra cash on an all-in-one plugin.

Again, if you have plans on starting small and future-proofing your marketplace, then it might be a good idea to go with a plugin that is suitable for selling all sorts of products. We do recommend doing thorough research on the plugin you are interested in. Don’t just go with what we’ve listed here, do more research. As some of these plugins are developed by highly skilled developers and trusted companies, many features might change along.

So, that wraps up our list of 10 multi-vendor WooCommerce plugins. Is your favorite plugin missing from our list? Which plugin did you choose for your multi-vendor marketplace? Let us know in the comment section.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links and we may receive a small commission if you purchase something by following them. However, we recommend services/products that we believe good to serve your purpose.

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