9 Best WordPress Database Management Plugins in 2021

There is a countless number of backup plugins available for WordPress. Choosing the right one is important to protect your site from unwanted problems. So, if you’re confused regarding that topic, WPGIZ is here to help you out.

Backup Methods

All the plugins available there will provide you these kinds of backup:

  • Database Backup: Backup for WordPress database only.
  • Complete Backup: Entire website including WordPress database and files.
  • Scheduled Backup: Automatically back up data in a specific time.

Backup Location

In the past, plugins used to backup data on your server. But now to make your data much secure, plugins allow you to backup your data to cloud servers like Google Drive, Dropbox and more.

Now, let’s take a look at the best WordPress backup plugins.


UpdraftPlus is the most favorite plugin among WordPress users community. Even in the free version, it provides three types of backup system – full, manual and scheduled. That means your database, plugins, and themes are safe even with UpdraftPlus’ free version. Restoring your files are that easy.

It supports multiple cloud backup options such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and Amazon S3. Though the free version is fully feature-packed, but it worths the update to a premium version as well.


Serving from 2010, BackupBuddy is a trusted companion used on half a million websites. BackupBuddy lets you backup your data with one click right from your WordPress dashboard.

BackupBuddy offers a unique feature – repair and optimize your database. Scheduled automatic backup is also possible. Plus uploading your backup file to a remote secure location is a few clicks’ tasks.


VaultPress is a trusted and powerful WordPress backup plugin made by Automattic, the team behind WordPress.com. Both daily and a real-time syncing backup system are available in VaultPress.

Regular security scans are included as well to help you identify potential threats and fix them easily. Taking action against malware or viruses is easy with VaultPress. VaultPress is now a part of Jetpack. So, you have to install Jetpack to use VaultPress on your WordPress website.


It’s possible to backup your data on remote servers like Dropbox or Amazon S3 only with the free version of BackWpUp. To access the backup option to Google Drive or Amazon Glacier, you have to purchase the premium version. So we can consider this as a downside of this plugin as these features are already available for free in the other plugins.

Besides, you can back up files to multiple destinations per job with the premium version. You can also backup a specific file path of your site per your needs.


It’s very easy to migrate across the same or different servers with Duplicator as it back up all your WordPress files in zip format. So you get the option to download all your WordPress files.

Duplicator lets you clone your pre-configured sites, which is definitely a unique feature. Duplicator allows you to configure a single site and bundle it up, so you don’t need to manually configure your favorite themes or plugins. So Duplicator provides you the easiest way to migrate across different servers.

Duplicator also provides all the basic backup plugin features. So you can schedule backups, send them to cloud storage, and send yourself e-mail notifications.

WP Time Capsule

If you want to backup your recent files but don’t want to back up the entire WordPress site, then WP Time Capsule is a perfect choice for you. You can also upload your backup files to cloud storages including Google Drive, Dropbox, or Amazon S3.

To use the free plugin, you have to register for an account on WP Time Capsule. You can schedule a specific time for backing up your recently-changed files after finishing a full backup.

WP Database Backup

WP Database Backup is another useful WordPress backup plugin, which is totally free. You can create and restore backups in just a single click with the WP Database Backup plugin.

It’s easily configurable and you can store your backup files to a remote location as well. WP Database Backup also provides extensive documentation to help you understand the process easily.

So, which WordPress backup plugin you are going to choose? Comment and let us know.

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