9 Best WordPress Cache Plugins (FREE & Paid) in 2021

The Internet nowadays is all about speed. The faster your site and webpage loads, the better it stands out to your visitors and search engines as well. There are many ways to speed up your site’s loading time such as hosting optimization, image, and media compressing, using CDN, using cache plugins and so on. But the most effective way is a cache plugin.

If you’re looking for the best cache plugins for your WordPress site, we have arranged a list for you to pick from.


What is Cache?

First thing first, let’s try to understand our topic of discussion. So, Cache is a collection of temporarily stored data for quick access upon request. In computers, information is usually stored on a hard disk. So, when we try to open a file, it opens the file after several ongoing processes in the background.

The same thing happens when it comes to websites. When a user tries to open a website, the website sends request(s) to its database. Then when the database approves the request, the user can see the website’s content on their screen. So, this process takes a long time to perform, which makes your website load slower when a lot of users are visiting it at the same time.

Caching solves this issue by processing the frequently requested information and then storing it in temporary storage or memory. This allows computers to access the file quickly. Caching allows your WordPress site to skip a lot of steps. Instead of going through the whole page generation process every time, your caching plugin makes a copy of the page after the first load and then serves that cached version to every subsequent user.


Why is Caching Important?

Caching is important because it reduces the load on your WordPress hosting servers and makes your website run faster. A setup process is needed to make your caching plugin works properly.

When your site loads site, it improves user experience and encourages them to visit your site more often. Besides, you’ll have a significant SEO advantage on Google Search for faster websites which helps you rank higher in search results.

Best WordPress Caching Plugins 2020

We’ve compiled a list of cache plugins for your WordPress site which can boost your website loading speed and provide a better experience to your visitors.


WP Rocket

WP Rocket is a premium caching plugin for WordPress which made its debut in the industry just 3 years ago. It’s already been admitted as the best premium WordPress cache plugin out there by webmasters around the world.

Even though you’re a beginner you don’t have to worry about it as WP Rocket is super easy to set up and beginner-friendly. You can instantly turn on caching just by one click.

Features like lazy loading images, CDN support, DNS pre-fetching, minification, and more are included with WP Rocket to help you ensure further improvement.

Pricing of WP Rocket starts from $49 for 1 website including 1 year of support and updates.


W3 Total Cache

Being a free plugin, W3 Total Cache is one of the most used WordPress caching plugins for its functionality as well. W3 Total Cache plugin isn’t that much beginner-friendly as it offers tons of options to tweak.

W3 Total Cache has it all to provide your visitors with the best caching experience. That means you’ll get features like page cache, object cache, gzip compression and limited minification support. CDN Support and more features are included as well.


WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache is currently the most used cache plugins out there. It’s made by Automattic, the team behind WordPress.com. So, that sounds like a reason to trust.

Using WP Super Cache, you can use your subdomain as a CDN to serve static files like Image, Javascript, and CSS from another site or CDN. WP Super Cache provides gzip compression as well.

WP Super Cache lets you choose your desired cache mode from three ways – Mod_rewrite, PHP & legacy caching. You can also test the cache under easy mode to ensure if the plugin is working well or not.

You can choose WP Super Cache if you’re looking for a plugin that works fine and easy to configure as well.


WP Fastest Cache

WP Fastest Cache is a free cache plugin which is ensuring the best experience on more than 1 million WordPress sites. It’s very easy to configure, so you don’t have to hustle about knowing complex terms.

It creates static HTML files from your dynamic WordPress site just like other cache plugins. Besides, the WP Fastest Cache plugin minifies both HTML and CSS files. It also lets you disable emoji on your site to ensure fast loading speed.

The plus point of the WP Fastest Cache plugin is it has a premium version as well, which comes with more advanced features and options. The premium version includes image optimization, database cleanup, mobile caching, and a lot more. After installing the free version, you can upgrade to the premium version directly from your WordPress dashboard.


Comet Cache

The Comet Cache plugin is being popular day by day. It comes with the ability to cache logged-in users which is a unique feature for any cache plugins mentioned in this post. So, If you’re running a membership, eCommerce or registration-based site, Comet Cache can provide you some extra functionalities.

Comet Cache use browser caching with the Apache server, which means you can increase the page speed by skipping multiple roundtrips between the server and browser. You can also serve all cached files from CDN as it supports popular CDN networks like CloudFront, MaxCDN, and more. Cache statics is also available to provide you more information regarding what’s happening in.background.

Comet Cache offers a premium version as well which costs a one time fee of $39 for a single site license.


Hosting’s Built-in Cache

Most of the managed WordPress hosting companies have in-built caching. So you don’t need to install any 3rd party plugin. Popular web-hosting services like Bluehost, Kinsta, WP Engine, SiteGround offers inbuilt caching system. So, make use of the inbuilt cache system provided by your hosting company to make your WordPress website load faster.

So, which cache plugins for WordPress site sounds like the best option for you? Share your opinion in the comment.

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