14 Best WordPress Comment Plugins for Better Engagement 2024

Comments are a vital part of any blog. It helps your audience interact in the best possible way. There is a native comment system available in WordPress. But you may consider using a WordPress comment plugin to utilize the comments in a more efficient way.

We have organized some of the best WordPress comment plugins that will enable your audience to interact with your WordPress blog in a whole new way.

Here goes the list of the best WordPress comment plugins. All these titles are hand-curated and tested enough.

Disqus Comment System


Disqus is a free commenting system that works well with almost every CMS out there, including WordPress. It works in a very simple way. A user has to create and log in to a single account to comment on any website that has this service enabled.

We’re here talking about 20 million comments and one billion unique visitors per month. What is more impressive: about three billion people read comments every month and 80 million of them vote on them. Yeah! Disqus is that huge.

So how much does integrating Disqus cost? It is free for both you and your visitors. But as your site grows Disqus will start showing ads placed above the comments. If that’s what you’re not concerned about, then you can rely on Disqus.

Disqus is a plugin filled with multiple services. Visitors can log in using Facebook or Twitter and comment on any Disqus-enabled site with just that one account. Comments on Disqus is well organized and look eye-catchy. There’s an option for a Reddit-like upvote and downvote system as well. Besides, users can favorite and subscribe to updates of a thread.

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With Disqus, comments can be stored off-site so that it doesn’t hamper your site’s performance. You got three different styles and two fonts to choose from. The approval system for comments can be also enabled and disabled. Comments can be flagged for review too. You can also set a date for the comments to be closed within.

Disqus is there for you with rich functionalities and incredible user experience. So, it is your turn to think about whether you should rely on this great comment system plugin or not.

Thrive Comments

thrive comments wordpress comments plugin

Thrive Comments enhances the WordPress native comments system. It works simultaneously with any WordPress theme.

As it works as an extension to the WordPress comment system, all your existing blog comments will exist anyway even if you start using Thrive Comments. So you don’t have to worry about losing any visitor’s thoughts on your posts.

Even if you decide to deactivate Thrive Comments, all your existing comments will be shown as they used to be shown before. So that’s an addition to the box.

Thrive Comments features a voting system on comments. You have the option to enable or disable downvote as well if you don’t want any negative vibe on your site. It uses social media to get your user logged in. Comment moderations are available as well.

Thrive Comments create special badges that commenters get when they meet requirements like several upvotes or replies.

Overall, it’s a feature-packed comment system plugin that allows you to open up a whole new discussion era on your WordPress blog.

Jetpack Comments

jetpack comments wordpress comment plugin

Jetpack needs no new introduction. Almost all WordPress users know about it anyway. What Jetpack does is bringing several WordPress.com features to your WordPress site, and you’ll just need a free WordPress.com account to use Jetpack.

After being activated, Jetpack Comments replaces the default WordPress comments with an enhanced social commenting system.

Visitors can use their Twitter, Facebook, or WordPress.com accounts to comment. They can “like” other people’s comments. Subscription to receive comments via email is also available.


graphcomment wordpress comment plugin

GraphComment is a very powerful comment system plugin that turns the native comments on WordPress into an online social discussion group.

With multiple functionalities, GraphComments mainly works with two main components. The first one is Bubble Flow which is a smart moderation system built to handle user interactions. Another is Bubble Rank that prevents spam attacks using special algorithms.

At a glance, GraphComment can help you handle large visitor engagements. It can be the right choice for your site if you’re looking for a plugin that creates an open discussion space.


wpdiscuz wordpress comment plugin

wpDiscuz offers similar comment environments like the Disqus comment system. It completely replaces your comments section design with a new one.

Features like style options, comment voting, comment sorting, ajax comments loading, and so on are available. Also, social share for comments and comment update subscriptions via mail are included.

Facebook Comments

facebook comments wordpress comment plugin

As Facebook has over 2 billion active users by date, it’s a good idea to let your audience comment easily on your site using their Facebook accounts.

With Facebook Comments integrated, logged-in Facebook users can comment easily. There are like, comment, reply, and thread options available. Besides, Facebook uses its algorithm to weed out spammers. So you can rely on Facebook Comments.

Replyable by Postmaticreplyable wordpress comment plugin

Replyable by Postmatic uses the native WordPress comment system. It takes your posts, and then sends them to your email subscribers automatically. Then, the key feature of Replyable by Postmatic – your subscribers can comment on the post by simply replying to the email. Replyable by Postmatic then takes that email reply and translates it into a comment. MailChimp & MailPoet integration is also packed.

WP First Letter Avatar

WordPress Comments Plugins

When a user doesn’t have a Gravatar image associated with their email, WordPress may show a grey avatar as a profile picture. Installing WP First Letter Avatar replaces that grey avatar with the first letter of the commenter’s name.

That means, if John hasn’t set a Gravatar, J (as the first letter of his name) will be shown as his profile picture. The WP First Letter Avatar plugin comes with its own set of letters. You can also upload your own images for each letter, providing you the option of next-level customizations.

Yoast Comment Hacks


This plugin is built by Yoast to spice up the comments’ specialty on your WordPress website. It adds some small hacks to core WordPress comments, making them better. For instance, cleaner comment notification emails come as this plugin’s core functionality. You can limit comments below and above a certain length. You can redirect first-time commenters to any page as an appreciation that sounds like ‘thank you’ to them, but a promotion opportunity for you.

Simple Comment Editing


As simple as the name suggests, this plugin adds the simple yet important function to let your users edit their comments. But, worry not. They can’t edit comments forever. The users get only 5 minutes right after posting the comment to edit. This provides the users with the option to fix their typos or crucial points.

Lazy Load for Comments


If your WordPress website is a crowded place and gets so many comments, then this can have a big impact on the loading time of your site. It can be an issue in the long run. Luckily, WordPress comment plugins like Lazy Load for Comments is there to handle a chaotic situation as mentioned. The plugin enables lazy load for the WordPress default comment system with no complex configurations. This way, you can easily get rid of unwanted HTTP requests and get your page speed back.

Fancy Facebook Comments


Fancy Facebook Comments lets your website visitors post comments using their Facebook account. The integration process is fast. With this plugin, you get the full freedom to enable or disable comments on default posts, pages, custom posts, WooCommerce products, BuddyPress activities and groups, and BBPress topics and forums. The plugin offers shortcodes and widgets too.



De:comments is a premium WordPress comments plugin that costs $50 and worth the money well. The plugin supports WordPress multisite features. There is multiple language support too. It offers social comments, likes and dislikes, and more. You can encourage the most active users by adding gamification to commenting via the badge system.

Disable Comments

disable comments wordpress comment plugin

As the name suggests, this plugin allows you to disable comments throughout the site for certain post types. You can also use this plugin if you don’t want comments at all on your site.

These were our top picks regarding the best WordPress comment plugins. Let us know your favorite one in the comments!

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links and we may receive a small commission if you purchase something by following them. However, we recommend services/products that we believe good to serve your purpose.

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