10 Best WordPress Mega Menu Plugins for Better Navigation in 2021

Ever wished that your WordPress menus would have some extra functionalities? This is where a WordPress mega menu plugin comes into action. As you can guess by the name, these menus are fairly large. Huge information could be shown within these menus. Besides, they’ll show up on hover or click rather than showing on top or bottom of your site. Mega menus remain always there in your site without compromising any visual clatter.

Luckily most themes nowadays have built-in mega menus functionality. But if your one doesn’t have one or you’re not satisfied with the existing one, you can use a plugin then. Let’s have a look at the best WordPress mega menu plugins that’ll provide a better experience to your audiences in 2020.

WP Mega Menu Pro

You can build both horizontal and vertical mega menus using the WP Mega Menu Pro plugin. You can build your own menu using the plugin’s drag and drop builder. Besides 14+ different pre-designed templates are there to help you get started. With more than 100 different customization possibilities, WP Mega Menu Pro lets you add many triggers and transition effects.

Specific functionalities for register/login forms, WooCommerce carts, search boxes are also available. Pricings of WP Mega Menu Pro starts at $19.

Mega Main Menu

Mega Main Menu is a simple menu plugin which lets you create all types of mega menus from a variety of content sources like links, texts, images, widgets, shortcodes and much more. A collection of colors, icons, and fonts are also there to stylize your selected contents. Mega Main Menu is a basic one to look at but works effectively just like the others.

With Mega Main Menu’s premium extensions you can add more features like interactive elements, parallax and video sections, post grids, interactive maps and charts, sliders and toggles to your mega menus.

With a price tag of only $16, Mega Main Menu is the cheapest choice in this list. Maybe it’s the cheapest one, but it works like other contenders.


Superfly is another powerful mega menu plugin for WordPress. You can make full-screen menus, icon toolbar, and vertical push, sliding, static navigation using Superfly. You can use Superfly to create standalone menus or enhance existing menus.

If you want to add space-efficient navigation to your website, then the vertical menu system of Superfly can help you out. You can use widgets, shortcodes, and custom HTML into your menu items. Superfly allows you to create menus that go up to 4 levels deep. A variety of options for styling and animations is also available.

The pricing of Superfly starts from $29.

Hero Menu

Hero Menu is very easy to customize and an on-point menu plugin for WordPress. With Hero Menu, you can add icons to your menus and implement a basic multilevel drop-down menu system. Hero Menu lets you organize your links using multiple columns easily in your drop-down menus.

You can also add large and small images to your menus, including the featured images from the blog posts you’re linking to. Adding background images to your mega menu dropdown areas is also possible. 60 color presets are also there to give you a quick way to adjust the style of your menu. Hero Menu lets you add anything to your navigation menu making it the most open playfield to explore.

The pricing of Hero Menu starts from $20.

Max Mega Menu

Max Mega Menu is a free and popular menu plugin that has been actively installed over 300,000 times. After Max Mega Menu being activated, you can start adding any widgets to your menus to enhance the functionality they offer your visitors regardless of what theme you’re using.

With Max Mega Menu, you have full control over customization as you can modify everything from hover triggers to text alignment. Menus created by Max Mega Menu are supported by all screen sizes. A premium version of Max Mega Menu is also available that adds even more features if your needs grow in the future.


QudMenu is a relatively new plugin on this list. You can easily upgrade your existing menus to a whole different level using QuadMenu. It provides a drag and drop user interface that makes it easy to use. No coding skills are needed as the visual interface does the job very well. The plugin is still in development. More features are waiting to be included in the near future.

Responsive Menu

Responsive Menu is a free and feature-rich mega menu plugin. With 150 settings and a possible 22,500 setting combinations, Responsive Menu is always there to provide a unique and different navigation experience to your audiences. You can customize fonts, text sizes, colors, and the layout and appearance means pretty much anything.

Setting background images to your menus is also possible. You can have horizontal, vertical or even both kinds of menus. Menus created by the Responsive Menu plugin are screen adoptive as well. So you don’t have to worry about which screen size your site is viewing in, it’ll provide the same experience. With this wide range of features, you can upgrade Responsive Menu for more, if needed.

WP Mega Menu

WP Mega Menu plugin from Themeum is the ultimate solution for multi-layered, rich and stunning menus for your WordPress site.

Drag and drop builder of WP Mega Menu helps you create stylish and responsive menus with ease. Menus made with WP Mega Menu are screen adaptive, so they’ll look amazing on any devices. Besides WP Mega Menu provides unlimited styling options. That means your imagination is the only limit here. More features like advanced widgets, shortcode support, menu animation, tabbed submenu are also included.

WP Mega Menu is a free mega menu plugin. If you’re interested in doing more with it, there’s a premium version available starting at $29 per domain.

Slick Menu

Rated as one of the best menu plugins on CodeCanyon, it’s no wonder why Slick Menu topped in this list. You can create a WordPress menu and enable Slick Menu then. After enabling Slick Menu will start showing its magic on its own.

Besides you get the full opportunity to customize your menus using the live customizer. From mobile to desktop, these menus work flawlessly everywhere pretty much the same. Slick Menu also provides an icon library so that you can create visually appealing menus easily.

Using a search box, background images and even background videos are also possible. More features are included like 14 creative menu appearing effects, select between overlapping or covering levels and over 45 animations that can be selected to animate menu items. You can also put social network links on your menus with Slick Menu.

Slick Menu costs $49 for the regular version, but there are free Slick Extensions that’ll make this deal a worthy one.


UberMenu is by far the most popular option at CodeCanyon with over 65,000 sales and a 4.67-star rating. UberMenu sets you up with an easy to use a grid system that you can base all of your mega menus on.

You can make your own layout of columns and rows and then fill it up with pretty much anything you want. With UberMenu, you can include custom HTML, shortcodes, widgets, and much more.

Over 50 different style settings using the native WordPress customizer interface is possible along with real-time previews. UberMenu includes dynamic item generation so that you can build sub-menus based on categories, posts, custom post types, and more. If you have a ton of information to display, you can even add tabs in your mega menus.

UberMenu is a feature-packed and responsive menu plugin that costs $25 with standard Envato licensing.

This was WPGIZ’s top pick for best mega menu plugins. What are your thoughts regarding these plugins? Let us know in the comments.

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