14 Best WordPress PDF Viewer Plugins (FREE & Paid) in 2021

If you are tired of searching for terms like “Best WordPress PDF Viewers Plugins,” then you have come to the right place. We compiled the best PDF viewers plugins available for WordPress out there. Also, let’s talk about all the possibilities WordPress PDF viewers plugins bring and how you can benefit from it.

What is a WordPress PDF Viewer Plugin?

Okay, this is comparatively an easier question to answer. A WordPress PDF viewer plugin helps to show PDF files better on your WordPress website. This sounds like an easy functionality to adopt, but adds a tremendous amount of flexibility to your site. A WordPress PDF viewer plugin allows you to embed a full WordPress PDF viewer into a WordPress page.

In short, a WordPress PDF viewer plugin lets the users see a PDF as if the file were saved on their computer. Besides, they get the functionalities expected of a PDF along with some other handy features the WordPress plugin you’ll use to show your PDF files with.

When & Why You Should Use A PDF Viewer Plugin?

WordPress is a rich CMS when talking about text formatting and stuff. So why bother using a separate content viewer when WordPress can natively do the job? Glad that you asked.

Think of a scenario like this. You created a multi page guide rich of text and images for your students on your e-learning site. There is a graph, charts, tables and a lot more on the piece. Wouldn’t it be better if you were able to throw the PDF file to WordPress and let any of the mentioned plugins handle it? Pretty intuitive, right?

There are many scenarios that makes it a helpful choice to use a PDF viewer on your WordPres site. Take for example that you have a document formatted and made into a PDF. Wouldn’t it be a waste of time to reformat and rewrite it just to provide it to your site’s audience? This is where these WordPress PDF viewers come in action. Also it looks silly and boring to display preferably long content as a blog post.

If you are sharing documentation that needs to be signed and dated by numerous people, a WordPress PDF viewer would sound like a lifesaver for you. Example – If you are a real estate agent, then you can either send out the same contract to hundreds of clients or simply choose to have them all download it from a website powered by a WordPress PDF viewer plugin.

If you want to share something online and want it not to be discoverable by search engines, say an eBook for example, then a WordPress PDF viewer is what you’re looking for. This way you can offer flexibility to your user, plus be relieved about your contents’ privacy.

The Best WordPress PDF Viewers Plugins 2021

There are a huge amount of PDF viewer plugins available for WordPress out there. Don’t get lost in this ocean of plugins. We’ve researched and found out the best 14 plugins that will help you show PDF files more beautifully on your website along with more functionalities bundled.

This list of WordPress PDF viewer plugins contains both free and paid plugins. Let’s have a look at the best WordPress PDF viewers plugins of 2021.

PDF Viewer for WordPress

PDF Viewer for WordPress is one of the most powerful and feature-packed WordPress PDF viewers plugins available out there. For a one-time payment of $17, you can have access to the best PDF viewing solution for both you and your audiences.

PDF Viewer for WordPress is responsive on every platform regardless of screen size. The plugin features a quick embed function that makes it easy for even beginners to start with. The plugin offers unlimited PDF files and sizes.

PDF Viewer for WordPress can translate your contents into more than 100 languages. Also you can connect to Google Analytics to keep track of number of people reading and downloading your PDFs. There are shortcodes available that makes the plugins much easier to use.

The only downside this plugin has is that it doesn’t offer any features to secure your PDFs. That means, if you’re concerned about your PDFs being stolen or some issues regarding securities, then this plugin might not be the perfect choice for you.


EmbedPress is another WordPress plugin that lets you add and display PDF files in your posts and pages. This plugin is very easy to use. The plugin lets you upload your PDF files from the media library and show them anywhere on your WordPress website.

As the name suggests, EmbedPress is the ultimate embedding solution for your website. You can upload other types of media to your WordPress website using EmbedPress, obviously including PDF files. You can use the plugin to add videos from YouTube, Vimeo, or Twitch to your website. You can also upload Google Maps, docs, forms, sheets, Facebook videos and posts, audio files, and so on using EmbedPress.


E2PDF is a powerful PDF Document Viewer that allows visitors to view static or dynamic PDF documents in your WordPress site. E2PDF lets you edit existing PDF files and even create new PDF files without leaving WordPress. The plugin also lets you create, edit new, existing, and auto-generated PDF Forms from the Dashboard.

You can merge data from WordPress pages, posts, or web forms into PDF forms using E2PDF. There is a Generous Affiliate Program with 90-day cookies, that provides 20% commission paid lifetime for all new payments. You can secure your PDFs using read only mode. As of being an open-source software, the plugin offers support on various platforms including WordPress.

PDF Poster – PDF Embedder Plugin for WordPress

PDF Poster is an awesome solution to display PDF on your WordPress website. Even after being a free plugin, it’s updated regularly. The plugin lets you embed PDF files in posts, pages, widget areas, page blocks and even theme templates.

PDF Poster is an easy to use and lightweight plugin. The plugin offers all the premium features for free. For instance, you can embed PDF files without the black viewer frame. You can choose to protect your content by preventing copying and downloading your PDF documents.

The plugin is a timesaver as it lets you use preset by your viewer preferences from the Settings page. You can also use shortcodes to embed PDF files without listing. The plugin offers two additional Guntenberg blocks. The plugins also work just fine with the WordPress classic editor.

Google Doc Embedder

Don’t get confused with the name, Google Doc Embedder. You can basically show a wide variety of file types on your WordPress website using these plugins. The plugins support various file formats including PDF, DOC, PPTX, AI, XLS, PSD, ZIP, RAR & so on.

Due to the recent changes Google made with storage usage, the plugin recommends to use Google Drive Embedder in case of better flexibility. You can also try out PDF Embedder Secure, developed by the same developer of the Google Doc Embedder plugin.

Please be noted that you have to rely on Google to showcase PDF documents using this plugin. So the process of file uploading and storing happens out of your server space. Also displaying files from other file servers rather than yours is an outdated practice. If you’re good to go with that, then the Google Doc Embedder can be the solution for displaying PDF files on your website. 

PDF Embedder

PDF embedder is a straightforward WordPress plugin that lets you upload PDF files and embed them into your WordPress posts and pages directly. It’s as easy as adding images to the site.

The PDF Embedder plugin uses JavaScript to embed files. The plugin offers a fully functional toolbar allowing users to zoom, navigate, and even download the PDF file. Although you would need to get the premium version to let the users download PDF files from your site, the free version is filled with goodness if you can harness it properly.

PDF.js Viewer Shortcode

With the weirdest name in the list, the PDF.js viewer Shortcode plugin is undoubtedly one if the best PDF viewers for WordPress.

The plugin uses Mozilla’s PDF.js to display PDF documents in a browser. Users get all the functionality such as scrolling through the document, search, print and download PDF files.

WP Booklet

WP Booklet focuses more on the magazine side of PDF files. You can show both PDFs and images, which makes a photo flipbook entirely possible using the WP Booklet plugin. There are some templates available to get you started.

The templates that come with the plugin makes it easier for the beginner to start without even hustling about any settings or design. You can bulk-upload PDFs and images. There are page thumbnails available to help users navigate around the documents much easily.

WP Booklet may not make the list of prettiest PDF viewers plugins for WordPress, but it gets the job done without spending a buck. If you’re looking to customize your flipbook accordingly, then some downsides of WP Booklet strikes in, as you can’t customize the flipbook without accessing site files.

WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips

As the name suggests, this plugin is especially made for all the WooCommerce users out there. The WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips plugin adds a PDF invoice to the order confirmation emails sent out to your customers.

The plugin actually attaches invoice PDF to WooCommerce emails of your choice. The plugin includes a basic template with the possibility to create or customize your own templates. You can also choose to download or print invoices and packing slips from the WooCommerce order admin.


Flowpaper is fantastic looking, yet a free-to-use PDF viewer plugin for WordPress. As the backend-controls are not that much friendly, this is a plugin dedicated much for the advanced WordPress users.

If you choose to use Flowpaper, then you got three options – hosting the PDF somewhere else and pasting in the link, uploading PDFs to WordPress or uploading the PDF to the Flowpaper cloud. However, if you choose any other option rather than the Flowpaper cloud, your file size is limited to 15MB per publication. Adding to the issue of not being user-friendly, then plugin works with shortcodes on the embedding process.

Vanilla PDF Embed

Vanilla PDF Embed is the easiest and most minimalistic PDF viewer out there. You get all the features such as page jumping, searching, zooming and printing paying a cent as the plugin is fully free to use.

Being limited to basic features only, the shortcodes that come with the plugin are fairly easy to use. Also it provides a clean user experience to the readers. You can even customize the viewer using shortcodes.

PDF & Print by BestWebSoft

Right as the name suggests, the PDF & Print by BestWebSoft plugin allows users to convert your website to PDF. This removes the needing of leaving your website while wanting to print any part of your website easily.

Users can download PDFs from your posts, pages, search results, archives, and even custom post types. You can add the conversion buttons by using both widgets or shortcodes. The plugin features different icons for your print buttons.

The plugin is free to use. However, there is a premium version available that costs $30 per year. The premium version adds features like adding watermarks, creating custom document headers, integration with WooCommerce and other amazing capabilities.

PDF Tab for WooComemrce

PDF Tab for WooComemrce is another great WooCommerce extension for your WordPress website. The plugin adds a PDF download button on your e-commerce product pages. If product information is too long for the product page or needs to be protected, you can always rely on PDF Tab for WooCommerce plugin.

You can upload one PDF per product page and users can choose either to download the PDF or view it in the browser. The plugins opens up several opportunities to inform buyers about your products.

Real3D Flipbook for WordPress

Real3D Flipbook is a fun-packed WordPress plugin which solves the WordPress PDF Viewer problem as well. The flipping look comes as a core functionality of the plugin provides the feeling of reading an actual magazine. There is the lightbox effect that clears out all distractions for the reader.

Real3D Flipbook has to be one of the well-designed WordPress plugin. The plugin offers a fully customizable user interface which lets you change items like colors, buttons, borders, page flip sounds and page shininess.

What is The Best WordPress PDF Viewer Plugin?

There is no good or bad plugin out there. It’s all about what fills your need the most. We would suggest trying out at least a couple of these plugins and try to determine which works best for you.

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