Droip – The New Way to Build Websites on WordPress?

Have you heard of the new page builder Droip? It is said to reshape the way we design WordPress sites. Droip is a no-code page builder that helps you build beautiful sites on WordPress. It has several features that allow you to build your site visually without any sort of coding. However, if you want to code, there are options to do so.

There are several powerful page builders for WordPress today, but what sets Droip aside? In this post, we’re going to look at Droip and its various features. We will see what makes it different and if it is the right choice for you to build your websites using Droip. Let’s start.

What is Droip and how is it different?

Droip shares a similar goal as other popular page builders. Although it does feel a bit more modern and polished in terms of design. The plugin also introduces some really unique ways to build your site. Firstly, it is a no-code page builder and doesn’t rely on external plugins. Most of the tools you’ll be using are native which reduces the dependency on external plugins.

Droip is a no-code page builder sure, but if you want you can code. The page builder provides you with the Dev Mode feature that allows you to integrate custom HTML, CSS, and JavaScript codes to customize your site the way you want. So if you want to code, or don’t want to code, the choice is up to you.

The true inspiration for creating Droip was to encourage designers, developers, or even entrepreneurs to shape their ideas into reality. With the simplicity of visually designing each element of the site, everyone can create the site they want with ease.

Droip is a product by Themeum, the same company behind Tutor LMS.

Some features of Droip

Droip seems to have all the modern features of a WordPress page builder. Since we’re all familiar with these features, let’s talk about the different approaches Droip has taken to make our lives easier:

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  • No-Code and customize everything on screen: Droip introduces an intuitive and user-friendly visual interface that allows you to customize every aspect of your website. It gives you the freedom to use your creativity to customize your website the way you want without having to code a single line.
  • Not dependent on any external plugins: Some page builders we see rely on external plugins or extensions to enhance their capabilities. The issue with this is, you’ll be building a good site, but in turn will bloat your website with extra plugins.

Droip gives you native tools that you can use to build your WordPress site. This doesn’t bloat your site with extra plugins.

  • Migrate your WordPress pages: Droip allows you to migrate your WordPress pages into Droip pages. So if you have WordPress pages created before Droip, you can simply transfer those with a few clicks and start customizing those on Droip.
  • Personalize your workspace: Droip gives you the ability to customize your workspace using the accessibility options. With this, you can setup your workspace just the way you want making you more efficient. You can also adjust the color settings, and turn off motions to your comfort.

(The images below have been taken from the official Droip website.)

accessibility options in droip

There are keyboard shortcuts available that help you navigate your way around Droip. The accessibility options also allows you to add alt texts to your images, set the contrast ratio for your text content, and much more.

  • Advanced elements: As we mentioned, Droip has almost all the features that you can expect from a modern page builder. It also has carefully crafted elements or building blocks that you can use to create your website. Droip uses a number of structural elements that allows you to place your contents anywhere. Then you can add other elements such as media files, forms, and even dynamic components.
  • Design websites virtually: You can also add animations to your website to make it more interactive and lively. You can also trigger animations on actions such as on-click, on-hover, on-scroll, etc.
droip visual builder

The Droip animation library has a ton of animations for you to choose from. You can quickly add content to your site, add animations, and also control the duration, start time, and end time, and also fine-tune the animation yourself.

  • Responsive site: Although this is a feature seen in almost every page builder today, Droip also gives you different ways to make your site fully responsive. You can select any resolutions or add in your custom breakpoints.
  • Design your content: Droip lets you design the content of your website the way you want. You can access Google Fonts or upload your custom font to make your site look more appealing. The general background design with solid or gradient color is also present in Droip.
droip page builder

You can place your images and fine-tune the size and position of it from the media library. 

Integrate with your favorite plugins: Droip also integrates seamlessly with various other plugins and services. If you want to add images, it integrates with Pexels and Unsplash. If you want to add captcha protection you can add ReCAPTCHA to protect your site from spam. It also integrates with MailChimp and ChaptGPT.

Your site is your canvas: In order to ensure pixel-perfect precision, Droip allows you to place your content anywhere on your website. You can enable canvas scaling, guides, and rulers to help you design your site to your wish. The interface is simple and easy to use, this makes your site building a breeze.

So Droip looks really promising with its new development style. The options are placed within hand reach making the design process simpler. But remember, you will need to go through a learning curve. Although the Droip is new, it does have a lot of potential. This might be the new page builder that takes us by storm. We will be covering this topic so stay tuned.

Droip pricing

Droip has a range of well-thought-out pricing plans to meet everyone’s requirements. There is a Free plan along with four paid plans. Plus, you get both monthly and yearly billing options (with additional perks). Let’s see the Droip pricing details:

Monthly Plans:

  • For 1 site – $5/month
  • For 5 sites – $10/month
  • For 25 sites – $20/month
  • Unlimited sites – $30/month

Yearly Plans

  • For 1 site – $49
  • For 5 sites – $99
  • For 25 sites – $199
  • Unlimited sites – $299
Droip pricing 2024-03

You can check out the full feature list by visiting the official link given below.

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Droip has brought all the modern features that you can expect from a page builder. You have an intuitive builder with all the elements you need to build a complete site. You can customize each section with the utmost flexibility. You can place your content anywhere on your website and also work on the responsiveness to make your site shine on mobiles, desktop, tabs, etc.

The accessibility options that Droip includes are also amazing. You’ll be able to customize your workspace and reshape the interface the way you’re most comfortable with. For many years we wanted a page builder that enables us to place elements anywhere on the screen. With Droip that’s now possible.

So what do you think about Droip? Have you given it a try? Let us know in the comment section.

Originally published on October 9, 2023.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links and we may receive a small commission if you purchase something by following them. However, we recommend services/products that we believe good to serve your purpose.

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