How to Use Tutor LMS Content Drip for Effective Learning

Content Drip is a method through which content is delivered to the user in batches over some pre-defined intervals. The Content Drip strategy is an excellent solution for making your eLearning course more successful. Tutor LMS has a Content Drip feature, which every Tutor LMS user should take advantage of.

Content drip allows you to release parts of your course gradually. Content drip is a standard strategy for almost all online courses today. This allows students to progress through the course at a steady pace and get the most out of the course.

Keep reading from top-to-bottom of this post without missing a bit. We hope that you’ll learn something exciting about Tutor LMS Content Drip.

What is Tutor LMS Content Drip?

The Content Drip strategy is a course release system that will stop students from getting access to all of the course contents at once. Instead, the course content, such as lessons, quizzes, and other materials, will be available one after another at time intervals.

This means all of the course contents will not be available at once. And the contents will be available kind of like a television series, where every episode is available after a week or so. As the teacher, you will be responsible for how the content will be delivered to students. You have to define the schedule.

There are many advantages of using Content Dip or Drip Feeding, from effective learning to having more engagement in the course. The possibilities are limitless with the Content Drip strategy.

This type of lesson release system is excellent for growing and having more engagement throughout the course. It helps by letting students observe how much they are learning from each lesson, boosts the interactivity with your course, and helps to portray your courses to a high standard.

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Tutor LMS offers four different Content Drip types to elevate online teaching.

  1. Schedule course contents by date
  2. Content available after X days from enrollment
  3. Course content available sequentially
  4. Course content unlocked after finishing prerequisites

These Content Drip options help to distribute your course content seamlessly and organize it in a standard way. In the next section, we will learn what these are and their operation and show you how you can use Tutor LMS Content Drip for effective learning.

How to Use Tutor LMS Content Drip

Tutor LMS provides customization options to publish course content and make content delivery more organized. Currently, Tutor LMS offers four types of Content Drip with two different types of release windows: Automatic and Scheduling. 

These two delivery windows are designed to help the students learn more from your courses. Also, they let you customize the release window of the contents in order.

We know Drip Content is exciting, but remember that you have to turn on Content Drip before implementing it in your courses. You can do it by following the easy instructions below.

How to turn on Tutor LMS Drip Content:

  • Login into your WordPress dashboard.
  • Click on Tutor LMS Pro and Select Add-ons.
tutor lms addons option
  • Turn the toggle button on for Content Drip.
tutor lms content drip addon

You have successfully turned the Tutor LMS Content Drip on! From here, you will be able to make your content delivery system more exciting than before.

After enabling the Content Drip addon, you will see a new tab on Course Settings for each published course on your website. 

  • For that, click on the Edit button of the course. 
  • Scroll down a bit to go to Course Settings > Content Drip.
  • Enable the Content Drip for that course.
enabling tutor lms content drip

After enabling the Content Drip of the selected course, you will be offered the four content delivery systems.

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1. Schedule course contents by date

Scheduling all course content by date is the most straightforward drip delivery system, and you may have understood the functionalities just by reading the name.

This first delivery system lets you select a specific date.

After choosing the date, course content such as assignments, lessons, and quizzes, will be released to the students on that particular day you selected. 

If you forget to select a date, the course content will be accessible right after the student’s enrollment.

Follow the instructions below to set a release day for your courses:

  • Go to Tutor LMS Pro > Courses
  • Click on the pre-existing course Edit button.
  • Scroll-download and go to the Course Builder.
  • Click on the Lesson Edit button.

Go to the Content Drip Settings by scrolling down on the lesson settings.

content drip settings

This Schedule course contents by date option will help release not only the lessons but also the quizzes and assignments. This means teachers can customize their course to organize surprise quizzes as well as make scheduled outlines around the Content Drip.

2. Content available after X days from enrollment

Content available after X days from enrolment allows you to set a custom date for the content to become available. In this Tutor LMS Content Drip system, you will be able to set days. If you set 10 days, the course content will be available to the student after 10 days of the selected condition.

For many course creators, this might be an excellent choice because there’s no room for students’ flexibility in Scheduling course contents by date, and Content available after X days from enrollment fills that void.

It helps the students by allowing them to take lessons and quizzes independently. 

To simplify things, this option will enable you to set conditions. For example, If you set 7 days from the settings, the students will be offered a quiz 7 days after completing the currently enrolled lesson.

Follow the instructions below to make your content available after X days from enrolment:

  • Select Content available after X days from enrollment from the Content Drip tab.
  • Scroll down to the Course Builder section, create a new course content, or click Edit on the existing content.
  • Go to the Content Drip Settings from the pop-up.
  • Enter the days after you want the lesson to be available.
the second content drip system of tutor lms

Tutor LMS offers freedom to students with this Content Drip system. Tutors and students both will benefit from this one.

3. Course content available sequentially

Tutor LMSโ€™s course content is available sequentially, or the 3rd Tutor LMS content drip delivery type allows content, such as assignments, quizzes, and lessons, to be accessible one by one.

This one might be more effective for learning for certain types of courses. Course content available sequentially allows tutors or teachers to align their course content so that every course content will be available after finishing the previous ones.

This way, there is no way to skip an entire lesson, and students are compelled to finish the lessons one after another. 

Follow the instructions below to turn on course content available sequentially:

  • Select the course you want to have this content drip type.
  • Click on Course content available sequentially from the Course Settings > Content Drip tab.
tutor lms course content available sequentially

Thatโ€™s it! There are no extra configurations for Course content available sequentially. However, remember that students cannot skip any course content and hop on to another.

Students must complete the course content sequentially in order to proceed further into the course.

4.  Course content unlocked after finishing prerequisites

Course content unlocked after completing prerequisites is the last Content Drip option. This option lets you select prerequisites from every lesson and content you have created for the chosen course.

You can personalize the whole course around and make every lesson interconnected.

Like the university prerequisites system, you set prerequisites for courses, quizzes, and lessons.

For example, you can set multiple prerequisites for students to complete a quiz or assignment on the third lesson in order to access Lesson #10.

Follow the instructions below to turn on the Tutor LMS prerequisites system:

  • Select Course content unlocked after finishing prerequisites from the Course Settings > Content Drip tab.
  • Scroll down to the Course Builder section, and click Edit on the existing contents.
  • Go to the Content Drip Settings from the pop-up.
  • Select Prerequisites for the selected lesson.

In this Tutor LMS Content Drip type, prerequisites are offered in a list mode, and it lets you select prerequisites from the previous lesson and content.ย 

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Why use Content Drip on Tutor LMS?

Content Drip or Drip Feeding may seem like a hassle initially, but you will understand the importance after using it on your eLearning site.

Here are the top 6 reasons why Tutor LMS Content Drip is helpful for online courses:


Tutor LMSโ€™s Content Drip is a powerful method to get more engagement from your courses. There are some complex courses where a learner must take some time to fully understand the lesson. Content drip allows the learner to stop, and reflect upon what they’ve learned.

It helps the students to delve into the lessons for a better understanding because they wonโ€™t be able to start another lesson without it.  Furthermore, Content Drip also offers the entire course in bite-sized portions, which is super helpful for students.

Tutor LMS Content Drip helps the students comprehend the course outline and obliges them to check out every study material in the course.

Better time management

Tutor LMS helps to deliver course content automatically, which provides more time to focus on improving the courses. 

The Content Drip automates most course content distribution, so mentors and students have a time window to complete their studies and research future topics. 

For the Content Drip, students can understand the nature and structure of enrolled courses as well as have enough time to finish their lessons.


Tutor LMSโ€™s Content Drip helps your website for better SEO rankings. As we all know, Search Engines, such as Google, Bing, etc., loves website with fresh and new content.

Content Drip allows the publishing of web page content after a limited time, which is handy for better search engine optimization.

Organized workflow

Organizing the courses and study materials is necessary when you want to make a name for your e-learning company.

Many students can get scared on the first day if they see a tremendous amount of study materials. This is where Content Drip comes to aid by making the course lessons hidden.

Content Drip helps to organize your course content, which is the best thing about drip-feeding. Tutor LMS enables you to stay organized with their Content Drip system.

Payment protection

When you turn on the Content Drip option, your lessons will be available for the subscribed users after a limited time, making them stay subscribed for new content.

Content Drip helps prevent users who subscribe only to download the course and then unsubscribe without any notice after downloading their desired course.

Tutor LMS protects from users who misuse the online course-selling system.

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Increases success rates

Tutor LMS is already a great learning management system that helps the upcoming knowledge-selling organization and gives them a fantastic online platform to provide top-quality content worldwide.

Everybody knows content drip helps boost student’s success rate because they stay and consume learning content over time, which allows them to learn everything more effectively.

Content Drip slowly and effectively feeds knowledge to the learners who are determined to be successful. We all know overnight studying can only help you pass the exam, but if you want to get top grades, slowly consuming is the best way.

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That brings our Tutor LMS Content drip post to an end. We hope you understand the importance of using the content drip feature on your online courses. We’ve discussed various techniques for using Tutor LMS Content Drip for effective learning. Content drip is a super simple way to monetize your online teaching platform and helps you to earn for a long time.ย 

It also helps students by providing organized course outlines. This allows the students to absorb and process all the information in a lesson. Through gradual progression, a course becomes more effective.

We hope this article was helpful for you and you’ve managed to apply the content drip feature to your courses. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us in the comment section below.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links and we may receive a small commission if you purchase something by following them. However, we recommend services/products that we believe good to serve your purpose.

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