How to Use LearnDash Drip Content (Easy and Quick)

Looking for a complete guide to LearnDash Drip Content? You’re at the right place. We’ve created an easy to follow tutorial for you to learn how to use LearnDash LMS’s content drip feature.

Content drip is one of the most important parts of online courses. It provides control over the course release. It’s also known as drip feeding. LearnDash content drip is a branch of its marketing strategy features.

This functionality offers options for sequentially releasing content to the course participants. Mainly, it allows the release of content over a period of time which is super helpful for creators for many reasons.

In this article, we’ll explain how to use, set up, and configure the LearnDash Drip Content feature.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

How to use LearnDash drip content

LearnDash content drip makes releasing content more convenient. Content drip or drip-feeding helps the tutors deliver course content in a scheduled manner.

This feature helps creators in many ways. It keeps students engaged. It also makes them return to your website for further learning. We will learn more benefits in this article along the line.

Before starting, remember you have to set release dates for each lesson in LearnDash. You can turn on the LearnDash Content Drip function while creating a course. If not, you will still be able to modify/edit existing courses from the dashboard.

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Follow the instructions below to use LearnDash Content Drip:

  • Log in to your website’s WordPress dashboard.
  • Click on LearnDash LMS and select Courses.
  • Hover to the course you want to enable the content drip feature.
  • Click on the Builder button.
LearnDash Courses tab
  • Select the first lesson.
  • Click on the Edit button.
Editing existing course in LearnDash LMS
  • Go to the lesson Settings.
  • Scroll down a bit to find the Lesson Access Settings section.
LearnDash Content Drip types

You have to select the type of content drip you want in your chosen course. LearnDash LMS offers three modes for content delivery. Each works differently than the others. Let’s have a brief overview of them.

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This first content drip type releases the full course at once. It means students will get access to all of the lessons of the course right after enrolling in it.

It’s advised to set the first lesson immediately when turning on the Content Drip option. This way, students will have some experience of the course right after buying it.


LearnDash Content Drip enrollment based type

The second Content Drip type releases lessons after X (selected) number of days. This means students will get access to the lesson after the selected number days after the enrolment.

In simpler terms, if you set 1 day, the student will get access to the lesson 1 day after enrolling in course.

Specific date

LearnDash Content Drip specific date type

The last type of Content Drip option lets you select a specific day. You can select a particular day when the chosen lesson will be available to the students. In other words, you set 25th December 2024, then the selected lesson will be automatically available on that day.

Now you know how to set content drip in a LearnDash course lesson. So in the same way, do the following.

  • Edit the next lesson of the course.
  • Set your desired Content Drip type from the Lesson Access Settings.
  • Click on Update to save the process.
selecting a Content Drip type
  • Edit the rest of the lessons to fit your delivery system preference.

Benefits of LearnDash content drip system

LearnDash is a robust learning management system plugin. Drip Content is a good edition to its offerings. It provides many learning and earring benefits at the same time. The feature works as a helping hand to build a thriving community and increases the overall engagement of the eLearning website. Let’s see some of the core benefits the content drip feature brings.

  • Improved engagement

Delivering course content over time enables the students to learn at their own pace. It helps them to feel less overwhelmed. This method encourages the students to learn more and gives them a reason to return for another lesson.

It also makes them wait and look forward to future lessons and content. This significantly increases as well as improves the engagement for the entire website.

  • Trust building

Psychologically, Content Drip can have a positive impact on the students. Because instead of getting all of the course content on the first day, Content Drip provides them over a period of time. This method portrays a convincing image to the students.

This introduces trust to them because it represents you have thought & researched about the curriculum.

  • Alternative purchase options

We have established that Content Drip makes students stay longer on the website. It gives them a reason to come back every day, week, or month.

Content Drip offers different payment options rather than only one-time purchases. Content Drip release system allows you to turn on recurring payment or membership options.

You can set payment options to recurring. This will charge recurring fees for giving access to the contents. Or you can use the Paid Memberships Pro plugin with LearnDash.

recurring payment system in LearnDash
  • Increases course revenue

Content Drip creates an environment of exclusive content and a sense of urgency. This is helpful to get better sales and increased revenues. 

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πŸ‘‰ Video: LearnDash Drip Content Tutorial


LearnDash is an excellent WordPress learning management system plugin. It provides all of the best features to create and build a solid learning platform.

Their Content Drip is an easy, must-use feature for all creators. It provides complete control over content delivery or release systems.

In this article, we’ve provided a complete guide to using Content Drip in LearnDash LMS. We’ve also conveyed useful pieces of information such as what kind of benefits one can get with this feature.

We hope you’ve learned how to use LearnDash Content Drip and will successfully implement it in your courses. Take care!

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links and we may receive a small commission if you purchase something by following them. However, we recommend services/products that we believe good to serve your purpose.

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