The Best Post Slider WordPress Plugin (Free and Pro)

Want a post slider WordPress plugin to make a dynamic post slideshow? Here’s the best WordPress recent post slider. Learn how to show recent posts on WordPress.

A slider can enhance the beauty of any website. It also offers a great user experience by presenting a collection of content without taking so much space. We know, each pixel of your web page is precious. A slider can make the best use of them.

You can create a post slider in several ways. A Gutenberg post image slider WordPress plugin is the best tool to do that. In this article, we’ll tell you about a powerful and modern post slider plugin for WordPress. Let’s jump right in!

PostX is a Gutenberg post grid plugin developed by WPXPO. PostX has plenty of custom Gutenberg blocks with tons of pre-designed blocks and layouts. You can use the plugin for free. And of course, there’re several premium plans with additional features and support options. 

PostX has a block called Post Slider. Thanks to this block, you can use PostX as a post slider WordPress plugin. It lets you display a number of posts or pages in a slideshow on your WordPress site.

And if you’ve been wondering, PostX can be used as a custom post-type slider WordPress plugin as well.

Things you can do with PostX Post Slider

postx post slider

The PostX post slider block enables you to create both dynamic and static post sliders. Display your latest blog posts, WordPress pages, and custom post types dynamically on any WordPress post or page. You can use it as an SEO-friendly product slider or a master slider as well.

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Dynamic post sliders: That means, these sliders will get the latest content automatically when available. You don’t need to add new items to the slider after publishing each new post. It will work as a WordPress latest post slider or a WordPress blog post slider if you want so.

Static post sliders: But again, if you want to make it a static slider, you can do that too! Do you want to show some specific content on the slider? 

Don’t want to update them automatically? You can simply add some handcrafted post or page IDs to the slider block. Then it will display only these posts or pages.

So whether you want to show your content dynamically or statically, this post slider WordPress plugin can do it. Want a photo slider or a carousel slider? An image carousel with post images and links is possible with the post slider block. You don’t need to add images manually.

Images and videos improve the user experience on your site. Showing multiple images in a slider or a post widget can let you use your page space more wisely. And if you’re looking for a WP responsive recent post slider, here’s good news: the PostX post sliders in WordPress are responsive. They will look great on all devices.

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What makes PostX the best post slider WordPress plugin?

The PostX Post Slider block has some amazing features that make it the best for creating a slider to display posts/pages. It comes with extensive filters and design options to craft your unique style. If you want to know about the PostX plugin as a whole, please visit our detailed PostX plugin review.

In this article, we’ll discuss the features and functionalities of the Post Slider block in PostX. So, what’s inside Post Slider? Here you go!

Create beautiful sliders with posts and pages

post image slider

As we’ve already mentioned, you can make cool sliders with the Post Slider block. These sliders support any post type you may have on your site. And there’s more:

  • Display the latest posts from your blog
  • Show the recent articles from a specific category
  • Present only some selected posts or pages statically
  • Use the query settings to customize the item selection
  • Use the design settings to style the slider as you like

Readymade slider designs

Post Slider readymade designs

The PostX team presents several professionally designed readymade slider layouts right inside the block. You can explore these stunning slider designs and choose whichever you like. Inserting a predesigned slider is just a matter of a click. Get a design and display the content you want!

Learn More: PostX Plugin Review (Post Grid WordPress Plugin)

Animation and autoplay

The recent post slider WordPress plugin has animation and autoplay features in the slider block. These make the page/post slideshows more lively. Apply a fade animation to make the slider transitions smoother.

Post Slider animation autoplay

The autoplay option is very helpful to make the content slideshow more useful. It presents multiple content items one after one. You can adjust the time interval between each transition.

User-friendly slider navigations

What type of navigation system do you want for your sliders? Dots or arrows? Both of these are available in the PostX post slider block. 

Display any or both on the slideshow. Your visitors will find them intuitive to navigate through the slider items.

Design the sliders the way you like 

Besides the ready-to-use designs, the Post Slider block offers tons of tools to get the exact look and feel you want.

Post Slider design and settings

Below are some core capabilities to craft the content appearance as you like.

  • Multiple styles for the navigation arrows
  • The navigation dot styles are also customizable
  • Flexible alignment settings for the slides and inner content
  • Easily adjustable slider area to ensure the best viewing experience
  • Customizable background color, borders, typography styles, etc.
  • You can display or hide feature images of the posts/pages
  • The size of the slider images is adjustable
  • Box shadow, overlay, grayscale, and many other options for the images
  • Extensive customization options for the titles, meta, and read more links

Advanced query settings

Post Slider query settings

This custom or latest post slider WordPress plugin has an incredible set of advanced query options. These are so powerful that will radically change your idea about post sliders. Here’re some of the filters/conditions that you get in the PostX post slider Gutenberg block:

  • Related posts, sticky posts, most commented posts
  • Filter by date, alphabet, random with date range
  • Post types (pages, posts, custom posts)
  • Filter by taxonomy (tags, categories, etc.)
  • Post order settings (e.g. publication date, modification date, random, number of comments, etc.)
  • Include or exclude posts by IDs
  • Include posts based on the authors
  • Post offsets to eliminate the chance of duplication

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Device-wise responsiveness settings

post slider device-wise responsiveness settings

First things first, this custom or latest post slider WordPress plugin produces fully responsive output. All the sliders are responsive and mobile-friendly. 

Still, you may want to customize the mobile experience to achieve 100% perfection. Well, you can do it using the dedicated device-wise responsiveness settings. 

This settings section is given in the Advanced tab of the post slider block settings. You can use it to fine-tune the experience for the users from different screen sizes.

How to create a post image slider in WordPress

You can build a WordPress post image slider in a few easy steps. Just follow the checklist below:

  1. Download, install and activate PostX on your WordPress site
  2. Open your target page/post in editing mode (where you want to show the post slider)
  3. Insert the Post Slider block into the position you want
  4. Customize the post-filtering and styling
  5. Save or publish the page

It’s that much easy! Please visit the PostX documentation to learn more details.

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Wrapping up

We believe you’ve found your desired solution to display posts in a slider with images. Plus, if you’ve been asking yourself ‘how to show recent posts on homepage WordPress’ or searching ‘WordPress show latest post on homepage’, the PostX post slider block is the way to go. It can serve as your slider revolution for posts or pages! Get PostX now!

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