ProductX Review: WooCommerce Plugin to Beautify Your Online Store

WooCommerce is often the most common plugin that the online store developers use. It is easy to use and provides the online store builders with amazing features, payment options, and tools to enrich the experience of the customers. 

Many plugins are compatible with WooCommerce that further enhances the capabilities of WooCommerce. These plugins integrate with WooCommerce and make the job of website building easier. One such plugin that has recently been launched is ProductX which is an upgraded version of the Gutenberg Post Blocks. 

ProductX comes with amazing features that would make your website building experience even better. It is easy to use and gives you more options to design your online store. If you are an eCommerce website developer ProductX is a plugin that you certainly want to add to your WordPress website.

ProductX features

What makes ProductX such an amazing plugin to have for your WordPress website is the new exciting features that were not present in the previous versions of Gutenberg blocks. All these features are like a dream comes true for eCommerce website developers. ProductX gives them more customization options and the ability to explore the website more. 

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Ready starter packs

There are amazing starter packs that come with both free and pro versions of the ProductX plugin. Three starter packs are available for the free users. If you purchase the pro version you would get access to three more starter packs. 

You can import the starter packs to your website with single click and you have the option to preview the packs which shows you how they would look in your online store before applying them. The starter packs are designed keeping in mind the needs of your users. The design and the layout are very carefully built so it looks modern and simple. 

Ready Starter Packs for Online Store
Ready Starter Packs for Online Stores

The pro starter packs make your job even easier as they are more advanced and they cover niche eCommerce website designs like Fast Food, Jewelry, and Sunglass. Of course, you can modify the starter packs with a few clicks to make the design your own. 

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Ready block design

The ProductX plugin also gives you the option to choose from 18 free ready to use block designs and if you are a pro member you get 9 additional block designs. You can import the designs to your online store with just a click. 

Premade Block Design for Online Store
Premade Block Design for Online Stores

If you don’t want to use starter packs but still don’t want to start from scratch then the premade blocks are the place for you to start from. No matter what kind of eCommerce website or online store you are running, the ProductX premade block design is the place you want to start with.

AJAX powered product filter

Many product filters are built using AJAX which makes it extremely easy for the website builder to choose to include a feature or exclude one using just a button. Features like Show cart, Show out of stock, Show sale, Show Price, Show Review, Title, Heading, Image, and many others can be managed easily thanks to the AJAX powered product filter. 

AJAX Product Filter for WooCommerce

You can find all the product filter options in the general settings of the ProductX plugin. Some product filter options are only available for pro users. When you turn on the product filter options new settings can be populated below giving you more control over the specifics of the post filter. 

Advanced query builder

ProductX comes with an option to place the products in a taxonomy-based system which makes it very easy to sort the products later. If you have a huge online store that has thousands of products in hundreds of categories this option is very useful for you. 

ProductX Query Builder for Online Store
ProductX Query Builder for Online Store

The taxonomy can be viewed in two ways which are grid and list views. There are four types of taxonomy query settings that you can choose from. In a regular query, all the posts will be populated while in a child query all child of other products would be populated.

Similarly when you select parents of all the products that are parent of other products are populated. Finally, with the custom option, you can select a custom range of products using the categories and tag options. 

The taxonomy type, taxonomy value, number of posts, and layout variation also constitute the advanced query system of the ProductX plugin. It is such a time saver for website owners who deal with thousands of products on their online store. 

The ProductX plugin comes with a quick query builder which gives you the option to select the best products to display to your customers. With the quick query builder, you can select from multiple options in the drop-down menu. Options like the most viewed products in 24 hours, the most sold products in 24 hours, most viewed products all time, and many more make it easy for the website builder to know the winning products in their online store. 

Powerful addons

Some additional features of ProductX pro only come with the pro version. These addons would make your website stand out from your competitors by giving you the upper hand. Your users would love your online store as you would provide them all the tools to save time and get a better deal on your online store. 

Compare addon

With the compare addon, you can give your users to make a comparison between two products easily. They can check the pricing, the description, and other features of the products in a side-by-side view which would make it very easy for a user to buy a product. 

Compare Addon
ProductX – Compare Addon

Wishlist addon

It is an add-on that would give you more opportunities to make a sale. It has been observed that most users don’t buy a product on the first go. Which makes it important to give them the option to mark a product so they can find it easily later and purchase. 

Wishlist Addon
ProductX – Wishlist Addon

The wishlist addon enables you to give that option to your customers. It is a very important pro feature that can increase the sales of your online store and would also make the shopping experience of your user better. 

Save template addon

You have made a template that you love and you are thinking of using it in various parts of your website. Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to save the template so you can use that later? Well, with the save template addon you get the opportunity to do just that. 

With this addon with a few simple steps, you can online store a template for future use. You can give it a custom name so later when you want to decide to use it, you can find it easily and recognize it. 

Quickview addon

The attention span of your customers is not that great. It has been found in a survey that with time it will only go shorter. The Quickview addon helps you to overcome this problem. With the ProductX Pro Quickview addon, you would get the option to give your users a quick view of all the products.

Quickview Addon

When the users like a product while scrolling they can view the details of the product with this option. As a pro member, you get the option to make it easier for your users to quickly view the features and other details of a product at a glance.  

Image Flip addon

Image Flip is an exciting add-on that shows the product in a nice way to the customers. The display image is the first thing that the eyes of your customers go to. When this feature is enabled, the image is flipped in fixed intervals which helps to grab the attention of your customers. 

You can enable this feature for specific products which you think have higher chances of getting more sales. It is a great addon that the pro users enjoy which makes your online store more modern. 

Setting options in ProductX

The users get various types of settings option with the ProductX. The users can make changes to the layout, customize the settings, and also make advanced changes to the settings. 

  • Layout Options: With the ProductX Pro users would get six different layouts to choose from. The layouts are very well-designed keeping in mind the user behavior so your online store can get maximum conversion. 
  • View Settings: You can choose if you want the products to be displayed in the grid view of the list view from a drop-down menu using this setting. You can also choose the number of columns you want, the gap between the columns, and the row gaps. 
  • Price Settings: The ProductX allows you to play around with the price options and customize it as you want so users can view the price even when they are browsing in your online store quickly. The color, padding, and typography of the price can be customized from the settings option.
  • Review Settings: Review is a crucial element that makes the users trust your online store. ProductX especially gives you the option to customize the review section. You can choose the empty color, the fill color, and also margin from the review settings. 
  • Short Description Settings: The short description settings come with the option to choose from various types of typography, the color of the text, the padding, and also the character count to keep it uniform in all the products. 
  • Sales Settings: This option allows you to inform the users if there is a discount going on in your online store. By default, you can select that there is a 10 percent discount going on in your online store. One of the drop-down options allows you to place custom text to grab the attention of the users. The color, the background color, the typography, the border-radius, and other important settings can be customized from this option. 
  • Category Settings: From the category settings, you can select where you want the categories to be displayed from the drop-down menu. The typography, color of text, the color of the background, border-radius, spacing, and padding can also be changed from the category settings.
  • Show Hot: You get to feature to show some of the best-performing products to your customers. This is a very important feature as it increases the sale of your online store. The chances of your customers being impressed by the best products in your online store are higher which would encourage them to explore your online store more. If you are running a physical store, you would showcase your best-performing products in the display so customers can see the product from outside and walk into your store.
  • Show Deal: Deals are a very good bait to increase your sales. This feature is only available to pro users. The pro users can show the customers a unique discount deal with this feature which would encourage the customers to buy the products. This is a feature that would increase the sales of your online store during festive seasons and a black Friday sale. It is very easy to customize and it enables you to give the best deals to your valuable customers.

Different product layouts available in ProductX

Many default blocks are available in the product plugin that you can explore by getting in a new WordPress page and clicking the plus icon on the website. 

  • Product Grid 1: The category is placed at the top of this block. All elements are aligned left by default. Along with the category, the product title, price, and reviews are present in this option. The products are displayed in a grid layout. 
  • Product Grid 2: The elements are all aligned in the center of this block. They are presented as a grid and by default, there are 4 columns and 2 rows. The title of the product, the category, and the price are added by default in this block. 
  • Product Grid 3: The category and the price are displayed in the first row of this block followed by the product title and reviews. It is an elegant way of displaying your products to your customers. 
  • Product Grid 4: This is almost similar to product grid 2 but instead of the elements aligned in the center, they are aligned to the left. The other difference of this block from all other grid view blocks is that it has three rows.
  • Product List 1: There is only one list view block available in the ProductX plugin. It displays 6 products by default in a 2X3 format. The title, the price, and the reviews are displayed to the right of the image. It is a good option to display products if there are a lot of products in your online store. 
  • Product Category 1: If you want the products to be displayed by category there are two blocks in the ProductX plugin. The first one by default shows 8 uniform categories with the name of the category and the number of products in each category displayed in the center. 
  • Product Category 2: Five categories are displayed in this block. One category is prioritized on the left which can be your highest selling category. The four other categories are displayed uniformly on the right. 
  • Image: You can add an image as a separate block with the help of this option. 
  • Heading: If you need to add a separate heading then you can add this block. 

ProductX free vs paid versions

ProductX has two versions which are free and paid. Even with the free version you get a lot of amazing options that most pro plugin doesn’t have. You get a lot of pre-made templates that would make the process of developing your website layout smoother. 

With the pro version, you can give a truly phenomenal experience to your customers. You would have access to compare addons, wish list addons, and many more other amazing features. The price of the pro version is also very reasonable. You get additional support with the ProductX pro version that would make the management of your website very easy. 


The ProductX pro is certainly a very useful plugin for online store developers. The plugin gives more options and flexibility to the builders. With the pro version, you can unlock the full potential of the ProductX plugins. It comes with a 30 days money-back guarantee making it a fully risk-free investment for you. You can also get priority support for a year or for a lifetime based on the package that you purchase. 

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links and we may receive a small commission if you purchase something by following them. However, we recommend services/products that we believe good to serve your purpose.

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