Timetics Review – An Advanced WordPress Booking Plugin

Timetics is a WordPress booking plugin for creating and managing appointments, meetings, or events. If you have a WordPress website that requires your customers or clients to book appointments this Timetics review is for you. Timetics is a plugin that can facilitate that functionality. The plugin also helps you manage your bookings a lot more efficiently. Calendly is a scheduling automation platform that provides similar services. Now the question is, is Timetics a Calendly alternative in WordPress? We will figure that out in this article.

If you have a business/profession where booking appointments and meetings are a daily part of operations, then you know how hectic it can be to manage all those appointments. We want to find out if Timetics is a good WordPress booking plugin and if you can use it to automate your schedules and make your bookings more efficient.

What is Timetics and why should you use it?

As we discussed in the very beginning of this Timetics review, Timetics is a WordPress booking plugin that helps you create and manage your appointments and meetings. If you’re a coach, consultant, mentor, teacher, doctor, etc. managing your appointments can be a challenging task. Even if you have a small or medium business, you are definitely looking to grow. If not now, then it might be in the future.

Using modern technologies has always been a boon to businesses. As technologies not only make your life easier, it also makes you more efficient. As a result, you become more productive and make more profit. If you have a WordPress website and you need bookings and meetings, then Timetics is the technology that can take your business to the next level.

One of the great advantages of using WordPress is that there are several amazing plugins that you can use without having to code a single line. Calendly is a very popular service to manage your appointments or schedules. Timetics provides similar features but it offers a WordPress plugin. It has a free version that you can use and if you like using it, you can proceed to purchase the premium version. Timetics also has a SaaS version.

Depending on what business you are running, you can use Timetics to make your life easier. If you can utilize this plugin properly, it will allow your business to grow further. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should use a WordPress booking plugin.

  • Drive more revenue: Booking high-end meetings usually requires a lot of time. Using a booking solution like Timetics you can book those high-end meetings in seconds and turn your scheduling into a competitive advantage.
  • Automate tasks and reduce errors: Timetics is an advanced booking plugin and it provides you with the means to automate the bookings. As a result, it reduces human errors and speeds up the process.
  • Easily collect data: With Timetics it’s a lot easier to collect business data such as which one of your staff members is getting more clients, which service customers are most interested in, at what time of the day bookings are made, etc.
  • Manage availability: Timetics gives you the option to display your availability eliminating all confusion.
  • Create seating plans: Timetics can set up an unlimited number of seat maps. You can create visual seat plans to represent your session.

Besides, using a WordPress booking plugin makes you more efficient and reduces the chances of errors. This also frees up a lot of valuable time so that you can focus on more important things.

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Timetics core features

We should first talk about the core features of Timetics in this Timetics review. A WordPress booking plugin might sound simple on paper but there are different functions and features that must be added to it in order to make it useful. For example, when you’re creating an event, how many seats will be available, for an online meeting, what will the nature of the meeting be, one-on-one, one-to-many, etc? All these features make Timetics a plugin that can be used for many businesses.

When we’re talking about services like Calendly, we can see that it has everything you need to automate your schedule and drive your business forward. If you’re going to purchase a WordPress plugin you generally need to ask yourself the following questions

  • Does the plugin have the features you need?
  • Will the plugin serve its purpose?
  • How’s the support team?

We explored the various features of Timetics and found it quite advanced. It provides basic booking features to advanced features such as seat booking and drawing floor plans. Timetics claims to be perfect for sales & marketing, personal services, coaches & trainers, doctors/health clinics, tech support, restaurant reservations, etc. types of websites. Let’s take a look at the Timetics features now.

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Easy appointment/event/meeting booking system

The main reason you would be using an appointment booking plugin is to create and manage your appointments. So that’s the first thing we’re looking at. Based on your requirements, you can create an unlimited number of meetings and bookings. You can create the following types of meetings:

  • One to one
  • One to many
  • One to many with seat plans

After you pick what kind of meeting you want to create, you will have the option to insert various details and make the meeting. All the meetings will appear on your Meetings/Events/Appointments section. However, the One to Many and One to Many with seat plans is a premium feature and it’s not available on the free version of the plugin.

timetics meetings

You can also create an event with seat plans, where you can create and sell tickets. You can set up Stripe to get paid online. This also allows your clients to pay for the tickets, and appointments online.

Timetics has an email notification feature. You’ll receive these notifications before meetings according to the confirmation, and if a booking has been canceled. All these booking features make Timetics an excellent solution for events and meetings.

A clean dashboard

When you’re running a business, a dashboard is very important to summarize all the data. From a good WordPress booking plugin, you can expect a clean dashboard to give you an overview of your business. Timetics offers a dashboard so that you can save time and get all the important information right on your WordPress admin dashboard.

timetics dashboard overview

The dashboard shows the following information

  • Total bookings
  • Total customers
  • Total Staffs
  • Total earnings

As you create more bookings, it will show up in the dashboard. You can also see the number of staff you currently have. You also have the option to add more staff members from the Timetics > Staffs option.

Google Calendar and Meet Integration

Timetics also allows you to connect your Google Meet and Google Calendar. You can connect your Google Calendar to sync your booked events. However, you must configure your Google API in order to successfully integrate your Google Meet and Calendar.

timetics google integrations

You need to enable your Google API before you can connect it with your Timetics. If you’re having difficulty with the Google integrations, you can check the Timetics documentation for help.

Ability to create and customize seat maps

Timetics also allows you to create a one-to-many event with seat maps. You can show the seat map and also customize it to represent your sessions. What’s more impressive is that it gives you a different canvas for designing your seat plan. You can create chairs from the given options and place those on the canvas to represent your seat plan.

timetics visual seat plan

You can also design your seat plan on other applications such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Canva, etc., and then upload that image. You can then add texts and shapes to further polish your design. You can customize the canvas size and color as well.

As for tickets, if you’re selling multiple ticket types, you have the option to create those. Simply by clicking on the “Add Ticket” option, you can add multiple tiers of tickets and then set their prices and quantities.

timetics ticket types

Using the canvas, you can also change the colors of the seats. For example, to show your clients how the higher ticket tier is placed, you can mark those seats with a different color.

Impressive staff management

You know it might be a little difficult to manage if you have a large staffing. Timetics does offer you a simple solution where you can manage your staffs. You can register unlimited staffs for your business. Simply add the staff name, email address, and phone number then click on the “Invite Staff Member” button to put out an invitation.

sending staff invitation on timetics

When creating a meeting, you can assign the staff member and also set the availability and absence schedule. Each of your staff members will also have their own profile with their own unique username and password.

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Display booking on the frontend

You can display the booking feature on your front end. To do this, first, you have to create your event or meeting, then go to the shortcode option in your WordPress dashboard. From here you can simply choose your session and then click on the “Generate Shortcode” button. Now you can copy and paste this shortcode on any place on your website.

timetics appointmet booking frontend

Your clients can use this interface to choose a date and confirm their appointment. You can also set up a payment system here. Your clients can pay for their appointment right from this same section.

Businesses that can benefit from Timetics

Looking at the features you can already understand that various businesses can take advantage of this plugin. If you have a business where your clients must make an appointment, you can use Timetics to set everything up. You can also add a section on your website so that your clients can book appointments and also pay online.

As you can imagine, many businesses/professionals today face the challenge of appointment booking and managing. You have to hire a staff to manage all your appointments. You can now automate all those with the help of Timetics. Let’s still take a look at some who can benefit from using Timetics.

  • Consultancy firms: If you have a consultancy firm, you can use Timetics to set up and manage your meetings or appointments. As Timetics gives you the option to integrate with your Google Meet, you can also do online consultations as well.
  • Health Clinic: If you run a health clinic, you must need at least one staff to book and manage the appointments. With Timetics, you can now easily create and manage those appointments. You can use the shortcodes from the appointment and display them on your front-end so that your patients can book an appointment and pay online. This can be applied to health clinics, fitness centers, and so many other professional services. Also at the end of the week or month, you can easily get error-free reports right from your dashboard. 
  • Tech Support: It’s not uncommon for various companies to have tech support. Software companies and various tech-related fields provide tech services. If you have a tech support team you know how difficult it can be sometimes when the calls start coming in. However, using Timetics, you can create an interface where your customers have to book an appointment to get tech support. You can also create support tickets. This will make your Tech support much more efficient and organized.
  • Movie theatre/ Concerts: Since Timetics gives you the ability to display your seat plan and also sell tickets of various tiers, it is the perfect tool to run Movie Theatre or concerts. You can set up your movie theatre and show your seat plans. Then your clients can choose their seats and also pay online.
  • Restaurant reservations: A restaurant can use Timetics to sell reservations for their tables. Timetics even gives you the option to create tables with seats in the visual seat plan canvas. You can use it to draw your restaurant seat map and sell the reservations to your customers.

We can mention so many more businesses but let’s try to keep it short. We are looking at the features you can easily understand what businesses can benefit from Timetics.


The price of any plugin is very important. For that, we must include the pricing as well in this Timetics review. You have to understand whether you’re getting the best value. Timetics is an advanced booking plugin and does have a seemingly reasonable pricing structure. The plugin is relatively new and because of that, you can get some additional discounts using coupons. We will mention that later but first, let’s explore the price of Timetics. Timetics has annual and lifetime packages. Currently, there are 3 plans for both pricings. The annual plans of Timetics are as follows:

  • Basic – $69.00 for 1 site
  • Advanced – $199.00 for 5 sites 
  • Agency – $399.00 for 20 sites
timetics annual price plans

The lifetime plans for Timetics are as follows:

  • Basic – $199.00 for 2 site
  • Advanced – $299.00 for 10 sites 
  • Agency – $599.00 for 20 sites
timetics annaul price plans

It’s also possible to get a discount on Timetics. They are offering heavy early bird deals right now. So visit the following link and grab the SALE.

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Timetics review summary

Making and managing appointments shouldn’t be hard. If you’re running a business, you don’t have time to manage all your appointments. These tasks can be automated with Timetics. We’ve explored Timetics and we can say that it is indeed a good solution for online booking of appointments, events, and meetings. Surely it has room for improvements. We hope it will get good care from its developers.

Timetics is relatively new. With more advanced features, it might soon become a go-to plugin for all booking-related WordPress websites. Let us know in the comments what you think of Timetics or your experience with Timetimcs.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links and we may receive a small commission if you purchase something by following them. However, we recommend services/products that we believe good to serve your purpose.

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