13 Best Social Media Sharing Plugins for WordPress in 2021

Social media is an important part for your WordPress site, especially when you’re running a blog. So, having a social media sharing feature on your site is important to help your audience easily share their favorite articles. Let’s have a look at some of the best WordPress social media sharing plugins.


Social Snap

Though Social Snap is a newcomer, but it’s a topper in this list because of its well-designed interface, great-looking share buttons, and a well long feature list. Most of the amazing features of Social Snap are not free obviously. The pricing of the paid version starts at $39. However, the free version also works well. With 30+ social media already enlisted, Social Snap offers both inline buttons and floating sidebar.

Editing social media metadata is also possible to control the look of your links when shared by audiences. More features like “Click to Tweet” and “Auto share old posts” are also available. The most amazing feature of Social Snap is device-based sharing bar, ex– sharing by email option visitors from computers and sharing to WhatsApp option for visitors from mobile.



Monarch has been around since 2014, which is developed by Elegant Themes. The plugin comes with Elegant Themes Membership. This means you have to purchase the membership (costs $89) in case of using the plugin. But believe me, it worth the money as you get access to the generous products from Elegant Themes.

With Monarch, you can insert sharing buttons for 35 different platforms in 5 different locations. You can also customize the style of your buttons, as well as add social share counts. You can add social follow buttons using either a shortcode or a widget.


Social Warfare

The Social Warfare plugin is a powerful sharing plugin which comes with the both free and premium version. In the free version, six social media networks are supported: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and StumbleUpon. The pro version of Social Warfare adds support for more social media networks. Sharing buttons can be displayed above the content area, below the content area, or both.

Pricing of Social Warfare starts from $29 for a single website.


Easy Social Share Buttons

Easy Social Share Buttons owns the title of the best-selling social media plugin on CodeCanyon, where it is affordable for $20 only. With the support of more than 50+ social platforms, you can display share buttons on more than 30 positions. Pop-ups, fly-ins, and floating bars can be displayed based on actions taken by visitors. Having a 4.66-star rating (out of 5) on over 24,000 sales, Easy Social Share Buttons is the most recommendable for sure.


Swifty Bar

Swifty Bar is a different one than others in this list. The plugin displays a bar at the bottom of the pages. The bar shows the post category, the post title, and the post author. In the bar, the estimated time to read the article is shown as well, which is determined value following plugin’s settings. On the right side of the bar are social media sharing buttons for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

There are also post navigation buttons at the end that let visitors quickly jump to other articles, which could be a reason for visitors to stick up with your site more time. A blue bar on the Swifty Bar shows the progress of visitors made on the page. Swifty Bar looks fabulous on mobile devices as well. As a free plugin, Swifty Bar is offering a lot. It is definitely worth trying.



With AddToAny plugin added on your site, your visitors can share to pretty much everywhere. It has a huge variety of networks enlisted which counts more than 100. You can display these icons before or after your content, as well as in both vertical and horizontal bars. You can also add share buttons manually via shortcodes, widgets, or template tags.

It supports AMP pages as well. The AddToAny plugin is active on more than 500,00 websites, which makes it the most popular social media sharing plugins in WordPress.org.



Big entities like USA Today and the Ellen show are using the ShareThis plugin, which could be a reason for you to hope on this plugin. With unique sharing options like SMS and WhatsApp, ShareThis let you add both inline and sticky buttons. It’s completely free to use which makes it a better plugin to deal with.


Social Pug

You can display round, rectangular or circular buttons with the Social Plug plugin. The free version of the plugin supports five social media networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. You can display share buttons above and below your content area, or as a floating sidebar on the left or right-hand side of your page.

The pro version up-gradation of Social Pug adds 11 more sharing networks, as well as options such as email and print. Pricing of Social Pug starts from $29 for one website.


Kiwi Social Share

The Kiwi Social Share plugin offers a fantastic and good looking sharing plugin. It comes with the both free and paid version. The free version of the Kiwi Social Share supports Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ and Flint. It has Google Analytics support. More features like custom meta boxes, click to tweet, tweet selected text and a shortcode manager are also available.

The free version of Kiwi Social Share offers pretty much everything you need, while upgrading to premium enables sharing features for different post types. The premium versions add sharing support for Reddit, Email, Telegram, WhatsApp, Skype, and Mix. More button colors and customization options for buttons are included in the premium version. Pricing of Kiwi Social Share starts from $29 for a single website.



Yes! You heard that right. You can use Jetpack as your social sharing plugin as well. Actually, Jetpack can do more than our expectations. You can choose to display icons with text, icons only or text only using Jetpack. You may even have the plugin installed already, so its a good idea to try out this free and trustworthy one first before going for all those fancy options.


Cool Image Share

If your site contains high-quality graphics that audiences would love to share, then Cool Image Share is the tool you’re looking for. It simply adds social media sharing buttons to your site’s graphics which is free to use of course.


Social Sharing by Danny

This plugin is as simple as its name. It can display basic social media sharing buttons at the end of posts, pages, and media. The plugin is free to use and very easy to set up. If you’re looking for a simple plugin that works well at the same time, then this one can help you out.


Better Click To Tweet

As the name suggests, this plugin helps you to remember your audience that individual posts from your site worth tweeting about. You must use this one if you consider Twitter as your site’s major traffic source.

Bonus Tip: Whenever you activate a new plugin, it increases the size of your web pages and put an impact on loading time as well. So, to keep up the good vibe on your site without bothering your audiences, you may consider using a WordPress caching plugin. So make sure to play around with all the plugins to choose the best one for your site.

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