9 Best WordPress Podcast Plugins for 2021

The demand for podcasts is getting higher day by day. It’s a basic that people enjoy audio more than text. If you’re planning on starting a podcast on your WordPress site, you can hope for that.

WordPress repository already has some good plugin to spice up your podcast game. WPGIZ is here to make your confusion clear regarding these plugins and help you choose the right one according to your tasks.


Seriously Simple Podcasting

If you’re a beginner and looking for free and easy to use podcast plugin, then Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin is the perfect choice for you. Using the native WordPress interface, Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin allows you to add and manage WordPress podcasts with some simple settings required.

You can run multiple podcasts from the same WordPress site using the Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin. You can add your podcast cover image and customize it as you wanted it to be. Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin has support for both audio and video podcast.

It supports almost every podcast service and feed centers including iTunes, Google Play and so on. Adding your podcast archive, single episodes, or playlists anywhere on your site using shortcodes and widgets is possible with Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin.


PowerPress Podcasting by Blubrry

Packed with multiple audio and video player options, subscription tools, and a quick start mode, Blubrry PowerPress is a true beast in its arena. It also provides podcast hosting and podcast statistics.

PowerPress is packed with two modes – simple and advanced. Simple mode is useful to beginner level users to set up. More settings and controls are found in the advanced mode.

The plugin supports Soundcloud, Libsyn, iTunes and Google Play and more. It shows your podcast as an integrated HTML5 player. PowerPress also offers Podcast SEO features. It specifies custom episode titles for RSS feeds and provides guidance on how to make your podcast more visible on Google and iTunes – which should count as a blessing for podcasters.



Buzzsprout is a premium podcasting solution available for WordPress sites. Though it’s a premium one, you can use its free plan for 90 days and host up to 2 hours of podcasts every month.

Using Buzzsprout, you can create a podcast and add episodes easily. After uploading an audio file, it’ll automatically optimize the fie. After the optimization process is completed, you can easily add your podcast to popular podcast directories including iTunes, Google Play, etc.

If you don’t mind delving into code to customize, then Buzzsprout is the right choice for you.


Libsyn Publisher Hub

Working together with Libsyn Podcasting plugin and Libsyn podcast hosting, this plugin called Libsyn Podcasting is one of the most popular podcast solutions out there. You just have to connect your WordPress site with your Libsyn account. Then you can start publishing podcasts with ease.

You can upload your podcast files directly to Libsyn right from your WordPress dashboard. Libsyn podcast hosting will store the podcast files automatically. So you don’t have to worry about losing it.

You can create podcast episodes, create podcast drafts, and schedule posts on your site using this plugin. What makes it a more worthy choice is you can offer your listeners custom mobile apps.


Podcast Player

Podcast Player plugin lets you add podcasts to your site easily just by using podcasting feed URL. You can provide your listeners with easy access to all your episodes from any pages of your website by making use of shortcodes and widgets.

This plugin is extremely easy to setup. You just insert the podcast feed URL and determine whether you want to show it or not. Voila! You’re done. It also features light and dark themes so that you can keep the podcast player’s color-matching with your site’s theme. Your listeners would be able to share your podcast right from the plugin provided area.


Simple Podcast Press

Simple Podcast Press works as its name suggests. Its a simple WordPress podcasting plugin. Using Simple Podcast Press, you can add your podcasts from any of the podcasting platforms including iTunes, Libsyn, SoundCloud, Buzzsprout, etc.

After entering the target URL, the plugin will automatically create a unique page for each of your podcast episodes and add a player along with images and a description. The process is fully automatic and simple too.

With Simple Podcast Press, you’ll get customizable buttons, clickable timestamps, automatic URL shortener, etc.


Podlove Podcast Publisher

Podlove Podcast Publisher is another easy to set up yet working plugin. You can publish and manage a podcast from your WordPress site with ease as It supports multi-format publishing including all modern audio and video codecs. The HTML5 player with the plugin is never gonna disappoint you.

Podlove Podcast Publisher plugin offers chapter support, flexible templates, analytics and much more to step up your podcast game.


Amazon Polly for WordPress

Amazon Polly for WordPress is an amazing free WordPress plugin that turns your text content into speech. The speech it generates sounds almost lifelike. You can generate an audio feed for your text-based content and insert it into your WordPress posts using this plugin. It’s a wise choice to embed the audio version of your posts as well to prioritize your audiences a little more.


Compact WP Audio Player

As the name sounds, this plugin wasn’t meant for publishing podcasts. But it works like one and does its job well. You can embed already uploaded audio files to your posts and pages using a shortcode. The plugin will display your audio files along with a compact media player.

The plugin comes with MP3 & OGG support. You have the opportunity to configure the autoplay option, loop, etc. The plugin itself is fully responsive so you don’t have to face any compatibility issue.


These were our top pick for best WordPress podcast plugin. What do you think about all these and which sounds like the best choice? Let us know on comments.

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