What Makes Elegant Themes Divi So Popular? (Answered)

Are you looking for a theme for your next WordPress project? Well, Elegant Themes Divi happens to be one of the most popular themes for WordPress. Today, there are lots of WordPress premium themes that give you superb control over your WordPress site. Divi is among the top WordPress themes.

The Divi theme is used by many WordPress developers and over the years became a top choice for anyone looking to create a professional WordPress website. If you’ve been around WordPress for some time, then chances are, you’ve at least heard of Divi.

With all the popularity and promises, the question is, should you use Divi for your next WordPress project? In today’s article, we’re discussing several aspects of the Divi theme. We hope you’ll get your answers to why Divi is so popular and whether you should use it too. So, let’s stop the introduction, and get started!

What is Elegant Themes Divi?

Divi is a premium WordPress theme with a native visual page builder that allows users to design websites without coding. It offers a powerful design interface, a vast library of modules and effects, a marketing platform, and more. It’s developed by Elegant Themes, a company that specializes in creating WordPress themes and plugins.

The Divi theme is more than just a WordPress theme. It’s a complete website-building platform that replaces the standard WordPress page editor with the Divi Builder, their own visual editor. It can be enjoyed by design professionals and newcomers alike, giving you the power to create beautiful designs with ease and efficiency. 

The Divi WordPress theme also comes with a fully-featured website templating system that harnesses the power of Divi’s visual builder to design your website’s header, footer, product templates, post templates, category pages, 404 pages, and more.

Some of the features of the Divi WordPress theme are as follows:

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  • Visual page builder: Divi Builder is easy to use and that’s why it’s popular among professionals and newcomers. We’ve seen similar page builders in Blocksy, but the Divi builder is a lot different. You’ll have the freedom to design beautiful websites with efficiency and ease.
  • Fully-featured website templating: As we mentioned above, the Divi theme comes with templates for your WordPress website. You can import a complete website and then replace the images, colors, and text of your own choosing. You can also choose a template for a specific section and then customize to make it your own.
  • Free Divi layouts and layout packs: Elegant Themes provides hundreds of free Divi Layouts and Layout Packs designed by their team of professional designers. These layouts are free to use for all those who own a valid Divi license. You can use these to speed up your design process.
  • Responsive editing: Building beautiful responsive websites is easy with Divi. All the blocks that you design will be responsive by nature. It also gives you control over how your site looks on mobile and other devices. 
  • Global elements & styles: Manage your entire website’s design using global elements and website-wide design settings.

Divi comes with too many features to describe in a single blog post. Here we’ve mentioned just a few core ones.

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What makes Divi so popular?

Divi is one of the most popular WordPress themes today. It gives you so much control over your WordPress website. Although some of these features are seen on almost all premium WordPress themes today- such as the global fonts and style settings, responsive editing, layout library, etc. But Divi has certain uniqueness in its features.

Divi is designed for everyone- freelancers, agencies, and website owners. There are over 200 elements that help you create sliders, call-to-actions, blogs, galleries, forms, testimonials, etc. You can choose from 2000+ pre-made designs and make your web development process a lot faster.

It’s not surprising why many professionals and agencies prefer creating WordPress websites using the Divi theme. In this section, we’ll explore the popular Divi features and see what makes Divi so popular among develops, agencies, and professionals. (Spoiler alert- pricing is a significant factor here. More on that later.)

The visual page builder

The Divi theme, powered by Elegant Themes, is renowned for its intuitive and powerful visual page builder, a tool that has revolutionized the way websites are created on WordPress. This drag-and-drop builder has become a game-changer for both beginners and experienced developers, providing a seamless and efficient design experience. (The images below were taken from the official Elegant Themes website.)

divi visual builder

At the heart of Divi’s visual page builder is its simplicity. The interface is user-friendly, allowing users to design and customize their websites without any coding knowledge. The real-time visual editor lets you see changes instantly, eliminating the need to switch between tabs or preview modes. This immediacy not only speeds up the design process but also enhances creativity, as users can experiment with different layouts and styles effortlessly.

One of the standout features of the Divi builder is its extensive library of pre-designed content elements, known as modules. These modules cover a wide range of functionalities, from basic text and images to more advanced elements like sliders, galleries, and contact forms.

The modular approach makes it easy to create complex page layouts by simply dragging and dropping the desired modules into place.

frontend visual builder of divi

Divi’s responsiveness is another key strength. The visual builder ensures that your designs look great on any device, automatically adjusting layouts for optimal viewing on desktops, tablets, and smartphones. This responsiveness is not just a cosmetic touch – it’s a crucial aspect of modern web design, considering the increasing variety of devices used to access websites.

For those who prefer starting with a blank canvas, Divi offers a blank template option, allowing users to build pages entirely from scratch. This flexibility caters to a wide range of design preferences, making Divi suitable for various industries and purposes.

Pre-built layouts

The Divi theme’s convenience extends to its vast library of over 2000 pre-made layouts, an exceptional feature that sets it apart in the realm of WordPress themes. These professionally designed layouts cover a diverse range of industries and styles, offering users a shortcut to creating visually stunning websites without the need for extensive customization. 

Whether you’re a beginner seeking inspiration or a seasoned developer aiming to expedite the design process, Divi’s pre-made layouts provide an invaluable resource. Each layout is meticulously crafted, ensuring a polished and cohesive appearance, and users can easily import their preferred design with a single click. This extensive collection makes Divi a powerhouse for those who prioritize efficiency without compromising aesthetics in their website development journey.

Advanced code editing

Divi Theme’s advanced code editing feature caters to developers and users with coding expertise, offering a heightened level of customization and control. Integrated into Divi Builder, this feature allows users to delve into the underlying HTML, CSS, and JavaScript of their pages. It’s an invaluable tool for those who wish to fine-tune and personalize their website beyond the capabilities of the visual editor.

code editing in divi

With a dedicated Code module, users can inject custom code directly into specific sections, ensuring precise modifications without compromising the overall design. This feature empowers developers to implement unique functionalities, and animations, or integrate third-party scripts effortlessly. 

Divi provides a holistic platform that adapts to diverse user skill sets and project requirements.

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Animation options to animate everything

The Divi theme elevates website design with its robust animation options, allowing users to breathe life into their content effortlessly. 

Divi’s intuitive visual builder includes a comprehensive suite of animation settings, enabling the creation of dynamic and engaging web pages without any coding expertise. Users can animate elements individually, choosing from a diverse range of entrance, exit, and motion effects. Divi’s animation options extend beyond basic transitions, offering advanced features like scroll effects, allowing elements to animate as users scroll the page. 

divi animation settings

This granular control over animations, combined with the real-time preview, provides a seamless and interactive design experience. Whether it’s subtle fade-ins or eye-catching parallax effects, Divi empowers users to captivate their audience with animations. This can enhance the overall user experience on your website.

Optimized performance

One of the most important things about your website is its performance. If your site takes too long to load, it could drive away visitors. This is something that you do NOT want. It could harm your business and drive away potential customers. Divi is optimized to give you decent performance.

However, when creating your site, always remember to check your media files. Even if a site is well optimized, if you add videos and images of large size, it might impact the overall loading speed. So keep that in mind as well.

Build websites efficiency

The Divi WordPress theme is built in such a way that you can create beautiful and responsive WordPress sites as fast as possible. With the help of the productivity-boosting features, you can design the site you want with efficiency. The global colors, preset saving feature, workspace settings, copy-paste styles, and various other functionalities help you create your site faster.

divi workflow tools

Once you start using Divi, you’ll understand that the interface was designed with a lot of thought for how to enable developers and designers build faster.

Constant updates

Divi receives constant updates to ensure that it’s working as efficiently as expected. As you know, WordPress is always updated to provide the best performance and security for the users. For this reason, themes and plugins need to be updated as well.

Divi is updated so that the users can receive the best that WordPress has to offer. The constant updates ensure the best performance, security, and support from Elegant Themes. This is something that all the Divi users appreciate.

Support and community

Customer support and user community are two of the main reasons why Divi is so popular. From the reviews in Trustpilot, we came to know that the Divi support team is amazing. They respond and take action as fast as possible. Hundreds if not thousands of people have praised the support of Divi in Trustpilot. Their documentation is also rich.

Divi has been around for a long time and has built a strong community. The Divi marketplace is a community-powered place where third-party developers and designers can sell their Divi-based child themes, layouts, extensions, etc. They have community meetup groups as well.

Compatibility and integration

As Divi is constantly updated, that means fewer compatibility issues for the users. When creating websites in WordPress, we mostly use a theme and several plugins. If our theme doesn’t work well with the active plugins, it might cause glitches and errors. Sometimes, your WordPress site won’t even load. Divi is frequently updated to ensure the best compatibility and integrations.

Keyboard shortcuts

Divi’s keyboard shortcut features enhance user productivity by offering quick and efficient navigation within the visual builder. Users can seamlessly access essential functions, such as copy module (Ctrl+C) or save changes (Ctrl+S), open history module (H), exit visual editor (Ctrl+E), etc. through keyboard shortcuts. 

This accelerates the design process, allowing for a fluid and uninterrupted workflow. Divi’s commitment to user convenience is evident in these shortcuts, catering to those who prefer keyboard interactions over traditional mouse-based operations, ensuring a personalized and efficient user experience within the WordPress theme.

Price of the Divi theme?

Divi has a lot of features, that’s true. This is what makes Divi so popular in the WordPress community. However, when it comes to pricing, there are two simple plans. You can pay an annual fee of $89 per year, or make a one-time payment of $249 for lifetime access.

The lifetime access seems to be a smart choice as you can use Divi on unlimited websites! However, the yearly plan isn’t that bad if that’s something you want (unlimited website usage included). You get updates premium support and a risk-free 30 days money-back guarantee in case you’re not satisfied with the product.

divi pricing
  • Yearly Access – $89/year
  • Lifetime Access – $249 One-time payment

If you want, there is a way to try the Divi builder for free. But it launches on the browser directly and not on WordPress backend. Still, that’s a good way to understand how the Divi builder works.

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That brings our post to an end. The main purpose of this post was to explore the Divi theme features and understand why it’s so popular. Divi does have some unique ways of building websites in WordPress. The Divi visual builder provides some unique experience that was interesting to see in action.

There’s one thing that there’s no free version of the theme. However, that’s not an issue since we can try out the theme from the official website. Let us know which themes you use for building your WordPress websites!

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links and we may receive a small commission if you purchase something by following them. However, we recommend services/products that we believe good to serve your purpose.

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