Is Blocksy WordPress Theme a Good Choice in 2024?

Blocksy is a very popular theme with a lot of customization options and lightning-fast loading speed. It has a ton of features to help you customize every aspect of your website. Also, it is optimized to make your website load faster. So now the question is, is Blocksy WordPress theme a good choice in 2024? We will find out in this post.

Blocksy was designed to make web development easier in WordPress. When you look for WordPress themes, you’ll find many beautiful ones. But the problem with some of those themes is, that they are slow.

While some of the themes are fast, those lack the right options. Due to these issues, you have to modify the theme code or use complex approaches to solve an issue. This makes your life a lot harder. That is where Blocksy is different from other WordPress themes.

Blocksy has a lot of features and it is fast. Probably you’ve learned that already from our Blocksy review post. but is it the right choice for you today? To help you choose a fast, scalable, and customizable theme for your WordPress website, we have written this post. In this article, we’ll cover the key features, pros, and cons, pricing, support, etc. of Blocksy and find out if Blocksy WordPress theme is a good choice in 2024. Let’s get started!

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What makes Blocksy unique?

Blocksy is one of the most popular WordPress themes. It is a freemium theme that is fast and easy to use. You can create a beautiful website just with the free version of Blocksy. However, Blocksy Pro unlocks more advanced features like advanced menus, pro elements for the header, content blocks, etc. If you are satisfied with the free version you can keep using it. But if you want to upgrade your site to the next level, you can purchase Blocksy Pro.

Blocksy Companion

As soon as you install Blocksy, it recommends you install the Blocksy Companion plugin. This plugin unlocks more features of the theme. It opens up a new section for your Blocksy where you can find starter sites, extensions, useful plugins, etc.

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Blocksy companion plugin starter sites

There are various extensions such as cookie consent, newsletter subscriptions, trending posts, product reviews, etc. You can activate and use any of these plugins for free. However, there are some extensions that are only available in Blocksy Pro. You can also install other plugins such as Stackable, JetEngine, Toolset, TranslatePress, Brizy, Elementor, etc. through the companion plugin.

Drag and drop header and footer builder

Blocksy has a unique drag and drop header builder. It’s simple and very easy to use. You can drag and drop elements onto the graphical interface, and changes will take place accordingly. Whatever you customize, you can observe the changes live. This allows you to customize your header and keep working without slowing down.

The live preview works for the page customization and footer builder as well. The footer builder is similar to the header builder and works in the exact same way. You can drag and drop elements from the left-side menu, and the footer will be customized accordingly. To customize any element in the footer you can click on it, and the customization options will appear on the sidebar.

Starter sites that support multiple page builders

Another thing that makes Blocksy unique is the starter sites that can be customized with more than one-page builder. When you are looking for WordPress themes, this is one issue that you might have faced. You might like the theme, but it doesn’t support your favorite page builder.

In Blocksy’s case, you can use Gutenberg, Brizy, or Elementor to customize a starter site. But in order to do that, you must first check if the starter site supports your favorite page builder. If it does, then you can safely import the starter site.

Blocksy starter site for gutenberg, brizy, and elementor

However, do keep in mind, that not all themes have support for multiple-page builders. Also, it is a good idea to use Gutenberg as a page builder.

Lightning fast

One of the biggest challenges that web developers face today is reducing bounce rates. It is becoming increasingly difficult to retain visitors. On top of that, if your website takes a long time to load, it’s a huge red flag. Because slow load speed drives away visitors. 

Blocksy WordPress theme has a very fast load speed. It has a 100% GTmetrix PageSpeed score test result. With Blocksy you don’t have to worry about optimizing your page speed much. Although you could take some measures to optimize it further.

blocksy's performance

It is true that a great web design is attractive and can hold your visitors for a longer duration. But using high-quality images, fonts, animations, etc. makes your site slow. Blocksy handles these tasks rather well and you can rest easy knowing that your site will load fast and look beautiful!

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Customize everything

As we said earlier, Blocksy gives you the ability to customize every aspect of your website. You can customize the header elements, the position of those elements, the design, etc. from your header to your page contents, customize everything. There are several layout options that you can customize. You can set the layout width, narrow or full-width, display the sidebar on the left or right, etc.

It also gives you the ability to customize your sidebar. You can change your sidebar type, customize the spacing between widgets, change the colors and fonts, and much more. With Blocksy WordPress theme you are in control!

Overall, Blocksy has some unique and advanced features that allow you to build a fast, beautiful, and intuitive website. It also gives you enough options to customize your entire website. So that you can fashion your website the way you envisioned it.

Pros and cons of Blocksy

Every theme has its pros and cons and so does Blocksy. It is easy to create a website with Blocksy and there are features that you will absolutely fall in love with. When you are looking for a theme, you should know both, its pros and cons. So here are the pros and cons of the Blocksy WordPress theme.

Pros of Blocksy

  • Performance: If you visit the official website of Creative Themes, the first thing they talk about is Blocksy’s Ultra Performance. This is actually a big plus point if your website is well optimized and loads quickly. It reduces the bounce rate and attracts more traffic.
  • Clean Code: Every single line of Blocksy code is written thoughtfully and is open to changes. This makes Blocksy scalable as new features can be added without breaking the website.
  • Gutenberg Ready: Blocksy is 100% compatible with the Gutenberg block editor. By default, Gutenberg is the preferred page builder. Although there are starter themes that are compatible with Elementor and Brizy as well. If you want to import a starter site, then make sure it’s compatible with your preferred page builder.
  • Built-in Google Analytics Support: Blocsky has built-in Google Analytics support to give you the best analytical reports on your traffic. You can access it from General > Visitor Engagement available in the Blocksy Customizer. To enable it, you have to copy your Analytics Tracking Code ID and paste it into the Google Analytics Tag Box.

This is a really cool feature of Blocksy because it gets a lot easier to install Google Analytics in WordPress.

  • Advanced Customization: Blocksy gives you advanced customization options. You can customize every aspect of your website and observe live changes.
  • Extra Options for Developers: You can create an entire website without coding. But if you’re a developer, then there are some extra options for you. You can add custom codes, shortcodes, etc.
  • Great Support: Blocksy has a documentation page that you can refer to if you need it. If you want more support, there’s a dedicated support page as well on its website.

Always remember to install the Blocksy Companion plugin after you install the theme. It gives you access to a wide array of features for Blocksy. You can browse through their starter site library and import the site with one click.

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Cons of Blocksy

  • Starter Sites and Page Builders: Not all the themes in the starter sites are compatible with Elementor and Brizy. Blocksy works great with Gutenberg and all the themes in the starter site library are compatible with Gutenberg. Some of the themes have support for Brizy and Elementor along with Gutenberg. So if there’s a theme that you like, it might not have the support of your favorite page builder.
  • Have to Purchase the Premium Version for the BEST Features: Some of the best features of Blocksy are only available in the premium version. But we understand this, real hard work requires creating a theme like Blocksy. So the Creative Themes team has every right to offer some premium perks for the pro users.

When you look at the cons of Blocksy, there isn’t much to complain about. The theme has everything you need. If you look at the ratings of Blocksy from, you’ll see it has a 5 out of 5 average ratings.

Blocksy's review on

There are 687 reviews in total and 686 of those reviews have 5-star ratings. This just confirms how satisfied users are with their Blocksy WordPress theme.

Key features of Blocksy

As we mentioned before, Blocksy has some of the best theme features. It has both a free version and a pro version. Compared to other free WordPress themes, the free version of Blocksy offers much more features and customization options. For example, the header and footer builder gives you an easy way to customize your header and footer. 

Now let’s take a look at some of the key features of Blocksy.

1. Header and Footer Builder

The visual header and footer builder of Blocksy is an amazing way to build your website’s header and footer. It gives you an interface where you can drag and drop the elements from a side panel on the 3 rows that represent your header. The changes you make on your header take place instantly. So you can observe the changes directly and keep building!

The header builder provides you with 9 elements. Some of these elements are Logo, Menu, Account, Cart, Button, Off-canvas menu, etc. You can also select 2 different logos for your header. This is especially helpful if you are using a transparent header and a sticky header with a different color.

blocksy header builder

For the footer, the builder gives you elements like copyright, footer menu, widgets area, social, search box, etc. Using the given elements you can design a modern footer within minutes.

In Blocksy Pro, you get the advanced header and footer builder. This gives you the ability to build an infinite number of headers and footers. You can use different headers and footers for different pages. You can use this feature to make your website look and feel more customized and professional.

The advanced header builder also gives you access to pro elements to include in your header. You can also customize these elements as you did with the normal elements. Some of the advantages of the advanced header builder are:

  • Create an unlimited number of headers
  • Display different headers on different pages
  • Display headers according to conditions set by you
  • Pro elements include Contact elements, divider, Language switcher, Widgets, Desktop menu drawer, and a Search box.

The same goes for the advanced footer builder. You will receive pro elements for the footer and with that, you can create multiple footers and display different footers for different pages. 

2. Global Color and Typography Customization

When you are creating your website, it gets frustrating to choose colors and fonts for different pages. Blocksy gives you global color and typography customization. From there you can customize your color and typography and it will take place throughout your entire website.

You can select the color customization option from the Blocksy customizer. From your base text to link texts and your H1 texts to H6 texts, you can choose the color you want.

blocksy color settings

You can access the typography option to customize global or local typography. Also, there are 900+ Google fonts you can choose from. So select your favorite font and built your website the way you want.

blocksy advanced typography

3. Custom Sidebars

One of the features that make Blocksy unique is its custom sidebar features. If you want to add a custom sidebar in other themes, it is either very tough or you have to use another plugin to do so. But Blocksy gives you access to sidebars and gives you the freedom to customize them.

Using the same UI you can create multiple sidebars. You can also assign a different sidebar for different pages giving those a unique look. It gives you an easy way to customize your sidebar. You can access this option from Customizer > Sidebars.

There’s an advanced feature for sidebars in Blocksy Pro, which allows you to display your custom sidebars conditionally. You can select the display options for user login status. So users who logged in will see one sidebar while users who aren’t logged in will see another sidebar.

4. Advanced Hook System (Pro Feature)

Content Blocks or Hooks are not unique features, but it’s still interesting. It gives you the ability to create any content and then hook it to various sections of your theme. You can hook your content on your header, footer, sidebar, etc. You can display your content in any location or group location with the help of display conditions.

Like custom sidebars, you can use conditions to display your hooked content based on user role. There are many customization options that are available for the content blocks. For example, you can show content for a limited time by setting an expiration time for that content. You can also fix your content by pinning them on the top or bottom portion of the webpage.

blocksy advanced hook

Using the visual cues you can easily display your content in the section of your choosing. You can also replace the old 404 page with your custom ones with content hooks. Also, you can create customized headers and footers. Overall, it gives you more control over your content and where you want to display them.

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5. Advanced Menu (Pro Feature)

The menu of your website plays an important role in the navigation of your website. If your website has many pages then you need to create a dropdown menu. You can create dropdown menus with the free version of Blocksy Pro gives you the ability to create mega menus with the help of the Advanced menu feature.

blocksy advanced header builder

You can create beautiful dropdowns for your menus, and put any content in those menus. You can customize the width, overlay, column layouts, etc. You can also add icons to your content. Some of the advantages of the Advanced Menu are:

  • Create and customize mega menus
  • Add icons to your menu items
  • Insert content blocks or hooks
  • Use advanced style for menu items

6. WooCommerce Extra Features for eCommerce Websites

If want to build an eCommerce website, then you’ll like this feature of Blocksy. Blocky is fully integrated with WooCommerce. It has extra customization options for WooCommerce that’ll help you create your online store in minutes. If you are looking for a WooCommerce starter site, there are a couple of those you can find in the starter site library.

Blocksy Pro adds more features to WooCommerce to maximize your conversion rates. It has everything you need to build a successful eCommerce business. Let’s take a look at some of the WooCommerce features that Blocksy offers:

  • Quick View: This adds a popup for your products right from the shop page. The gallery, prices, and add to cart are included in the popup.
  • Floating Cart: The floating cart feature pins the cart of the user on the viewport. The cart remains visible as the user keeps shopping.
  • Off-Canvas cart: With this, you can display the cart in a stylish and customizable off-canvas. This feature allows you to add more details to the cart which is useful for mobile devices
  • Search by SKU: This feature allows your visitors to search through your products based on SKU (Stock-keeping unit).
  • Product wishlist: This allows your visitors to add products to their wishlist in case they want to purchase them in the future
  • Gallery slider: You can add multiple images of your products in a slider gallery. This takes less.

7. White Label (Pro Feature)

If you are building a professional website or a website for an organization, then branding is very important. In order to gain more engagement and trust among your peers, you have to emphasize the branding. With Blocksy Pro, you will be able to customize everything from texts to plugins/themes, authors, screenshots, etc.

You can hide the original branding panels with one simple button click. After your branding is in place, you can then hide the options which are used for editing the branding.

8. Custom Code Snippets (Pro Feature)

Blocksy gives you a lot of freedom to customize every aspect of your website. But if you want further customization, you can use your Custom codes in Blocksy Pro. This gives you even more control. Using this feature you can add global header and footer scripts. This is very helpful if you want to add libraries or analytics code snippets. 

You can apply code snippets for different pages and posts as well. In this way, your code snippets will load on pages that need them.

How to Install and Use Blocksy WordPress Theme

It is very simple to use Blocksy WordPress theme. You can install it like any other theme and then activate it. After that, install the Companion plugin to import starter sites with one click. The Companion plugin gives you other benefits such as installing extensions and add-ons. After you install and activate the plugin then proceed with the starter site selection.

Choose the starter site that you like and always remember to see if the theme supports your favorite page builder. Then customize your site the way you want. That’s all!

It is as simple as it sounds. Now let’s go through the entire process step by step.

Step 1: Install and activate Blocksy

You can install Blocksy like you install any other plugin. Simply go to Appearance > Themes > Add New from your WordPress dashboard. Then in the search bar, search for ‘Blocksy’. You can also scroll through the themes, Blocksy should be among the first rows.

installing blocksy wordpress theme

After you install and activate Blocky, install the Blocksy Companion plugin. You will see a notification bar where you will be suggested to install the plugin. If you don’t see this panel, go to the Plugins option from your WordPress dashboard. On the top, you will see the notification. Install the Companion plugin from there.

Step 2: Import a Starter Site

Now that you have Blocksy and the Companion plugin, its now time to import a theme of your choosing. After installing the Companion plugin, you’ll see a new option called ‘Blocksy’ on your WordPress dashboard. Click on it and then click on the ‘Starter Sites’ tab.

blocsky starter sites

There are several themes to choose from, so browse the list and see if it matches your business. You can also preview the starter site. Before you import a site make sure that it supports the page builder of your choice.

blocksy starter site page builders

Once you are happy with a site, then click on the import button. An import wizard will appear. Select a child theme for your site because if anything goes wrong with your site, you can rely on the main theme. After that, follow the import process and once it is done, you will be given the option to customize or view your site.

Step 3: Customize Your Blocksy Theme

Now that everything is set up, its now time to customize your site header. You can access the header customizer from Appearance > Customize. This will open the Blocksy Customizer. From this screen, you can customize your header, footer, general options, colors, typography, etc.

blocksy wordpress theme customization menu

The customizer consists of 4 sections General options, Post Types, Pages, and Core. The first thing that you might want to do is visit the Site Identity from the Core section. From here, you can choose a site title and tagline for your website if you haven’t set it already. Then you can set a site icon that will be displayed on browser tabs and bookmark bars.

Then you can go to the general options and go through each setting one by one. From the header, you can open up the header builder and customize your header. You can place your site logo and menu here. You can also customize your site footer from the footer option from general options.

There are several options in the General Options section. These are:

  • General
  • Header
  • Footer
  • Sidebar
  • Colors
  • Typography
  • Performance

Go through each of these settings and customize your website the way you want.

Step 4: Design Your Website with Your Page Builder

The final step in creating your perfect website is to design the elements in your web page with your page builder.

Visit your website, then on the top, click on the Edit button to open up Gutenberg. If you are using Elementor or Brizy you can open those with the appropriate button.

That’s all you gotta do to build a website using Blocksy WordPress theme. If you want a thorough tutorial on how to create a WordPress website, you can check out our video: 

👉 How to Make a WordPress Website

In this video, we explained everything on how to create a website, how to purchase a domain and hosting for your site, etc.

What about Blocksy Customer Support?

Building your own customized website isn’t a small process. Even experienced developers face problems sometimes. For this, you need good support. You can rest easy because Blocksy has good customer support. You can access the Blocksy support page right from the official website.

On Blocksy’s official support page, there are 3 ways you can get support. These are:

  • Knowledge Base: The Knowledge base is the collection of several helpful articles on Blocksy. Generally speaking, this is the documentation. It is also categorized so you can easily find the solution to the problem you’re looking for.
  • Video Tutorials: This will take you to the YouTube channel of Blocksy. It consists of various tutorials and guides to help you if you’re stuck or facing an error. You can also watch these tutorials to sharpen your Blocksy skills
  • Support Ticket: If you can’t find the support you’re looking for, then you can submit a support ticket. You have to provide your name, email, website URL, subject, and description of your problem. The support team will reach you within 24 hours (Monday to Friday). Sometimes the support team might respond in 2-3 hours. 

But before you submit a ticket, make sure to go through the Knowledge base and see if the solution is already there.


Looking at all the features of Blocksy Pro, you might think that this must cost you a lot of money. Well, that’s not true because Blocksy isn’t that pricey. The pricing for Blocksy Pro starts at $49/year for 1 site and $99/year for unlimited sites.

You can either purchase an annual or lifetime license. The pricing for an annual license:

  • Personal: $69/year for 1 site license
  • Professional: $99/year for 10 sites licenses
  • Agency: $149/ year for unlimited licenses

The pricing for lifetime licenses:

  • Personal: $199 for 1 site license
  • Professional: $299 for 10 sites licenses
  • Agency: $499 for unlimited licenses

There are many expensive WordPress themes in the market. But we found Blocksy has an amazing price. For so many starter sites, features, and functionalities, the price of Blocksy Pro isn’t that high.

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So we’ve reached the end of our article. Throughout the post, we understood what is Blocksy and what makes Blocksy WordPress themes unique. We have seen the pros and cons of Blocksy, we looked at its key features. We also mentioned the free and pro features of Blocksy and shortly discussed how to install and use Blocksy.

Now, to answer the question, “Is Blocksy WordPress theme a good choice in 2022?”, my answer is yes. Blocksy has everything that you would need to build a website in 2022. It has a bunch of starter sites tailored for different businesses. You can also build an amazing eCommerce website with Blocksy WordPress theme.

Blocksy is also updated regularly to give you the latest features. The developers of Blocksy are constantly working to make the theme better and give you the best experience that you deserve.

So that wraps up our article. I hope that it helped you pick out the theme for your next WordPress project. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section and we’ll try our best to answer them.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links and we may receive a small commission if you purchase something by following them. However, we recommend services/products that we believe good to serve your purpose.

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