Blocksy Review 2024 – Modern, Rich Gutenberg WordPress Theme

Blocksy is a feature-rich WordPress theme that lets you build and customize your website easily. In this article, we are doing a Blocksy review.

Blocksy is a very popular WordPress theme based on Gutenberg blocks. It has other page builder versions as well. This theme is heavily sought after as it is packed with powerful features and is super compatible with most WordPress plugins. In this article, we are doing a Blocksy review and we’ll explore the various features & design of this theme.

If you are getting into WordPress and wondering how to build a website from scratch, then this Blocksy review will be very helpful for you. Blocksy is beginner-friendly and also has advanced features that you can use to make your next best website.

You’ll also love the different variety of web templates that are available from Blocksy. It has high compatibility with various other plugins and builders. Building websites with Blocksy is also fun as the block pieces come together forming the entire website. So, let’s not take any more time and get started with our Blocksy review.

Blocksy review – What is Blocksy?

To begin our Blocksy review, first let’s look at its performance. Blocksy is a lightning-fast, innovative, and supercharged WordPress theme by Creative Themes. It is especially useful for quickly building websites with page builders like Elementor and Gutenberg. It offers several web templates to choose from and start building your website.

The Blocksy WordPress theme was built with Gutenberg primarily in mind but it is also compatible with Elementor, Visual Composer, Brizy, and Beaver Builder. The theme has a lot of customization options to make your website unique and special. One of the main focuses of Blocksy is the ultra-high performance it offers. It’s one of the fastest themes for WordPress. 

Blocksy performance score

The theme was built by two Romanian friends Sergiu and Andrei. Both of them are dedicated and passionate about modern technologies and pixel-perfect designs.

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Currently, Blocksy is one of the most famous WordPress themes. According to, Blocksy currently has 600+ 5 star reviews along with a staggering 70,000+ active installations. You can make any kind of website such as a restaurant, blog, traveling blog, shop, corporate website, portfolio, education, and so much more.

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Blocksy key features

key features of blocksy

Blocksy comes with various features as you can see from their official website. Some of these features such as complete responsiveness, clean code, etc. are commonly seen on many different themes. We want to dig a bit deeper and find out some more features of Blocksy. We installed the Blocksy theme and selected a starter template that caught our eyes.

With that being said let’s take a look at these key features:

Global Design and color palette

From the moment you start to customize Blocksy, you’ll find that it lets you choose every single design element. You can customize the way you want by rearranging the blocks, changing the colors, typography, etc. The live preview will let you see your design progress as you keep on customizing.

customizing blocsky theme

The customization menu is primarily divided into general options, post types, pages, and core. Each of these categories consists of sub-options that you can use to customize your website. This goes to show that you have the ultimate control over your theme and can change anything whenever you want.

Live Preview

A fantastic feature of Blocksy is its live preview. You can track your progress as you keep designing your website. The instant customization allows you to design your website in real-time and customize headers, footers, sidebars, pages, etc. While doing all that design you can keep track of your progress through the live preview feature.

eCommerce Support

If you want to build an eCommerce website, Blocksy has some great features for you. As we’ve mentioned before, there are several starter templates to choose from. Among those, there are multiple eCommerce templates that you can use and start selling like a pro. Gardenrobe, Homi, Tasty, and Modern Shop are some great templates that come with Blocksy free.

But if you decide to upgrade to Blocksy Premium, then you’ll have some advanced WooCommerce features which we will discuss later on in this article.

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Useful plugins

Blocksy also gives a list of useful plugins that you can install right from your WordPress dashboard. From your dashboard go to Blocksy > Useful plugins and click on the download, or install option to setup any plugins that you want.

useful plugins of blocksy

When you install and setup Blocksy, Stackable – Gutenberg Blocks and WPForms – Contact Form plugins automatically get installed. You can deactivate those plugins from this section if you want. You can also install and activate Elementor Page Builder and the Brizy page builder from here as well.


Blocksy has a list of Extensions you can activate and use. The free version, however, only gives you 5 extensions. The free extensions are

  • Cookies Consent: This extension displays a cookie acceptance message and notifies your users about the cookies. This is helpful for complying with privacy regulations in many countries.
  • Newsletter Subscribe: This enables your visitors to subscribe to your email newsletter through a widget, shortcode or block inserted on your desired post or page.
  • Product Review: This is a special extension that lets you setup your own affiliate marketing website. You can create your personalized product reviews and use affiliate links to direct your readers to the purchase page.

This is a bonus as you might not expect such a feature from a free package of a theme.

  • Trending Posts: This feature simply displays your most popular posts based on the chosen metrics in a given time.
  • Widgets: This extension adds a number of widgets that you can include in your sidebars. It includes social media icons, newsletter subscriptions, contact info, custom ads, and popular/recent posts.

The pro version adds 9 more extensions on top of the 5 free ones making a total of 14 extensions in one theme. Depending on what type of website you want to make, you might not need many of these extensions. But still, let’s take a look at these pro extensions:

  • Adobe Typekit: If you have an Adobe account and want to connect your Typekit to your WordPress website, this is how you do it. Activate this extension and log in to your Adobe account and then simply connect your Typekit. Now you can use your Typekit fonts in any typography of your website
  • Custom Code Snippets: The name of this extension is self-explanatory. This allows you to add custom code snippets in your header and footer, either globally or per post.
  • Custom Fonts: Blocksy gives you the freedom to use any kind of fonts you want. Upload an unlimited number of custom fonts or variable fonts and use them in any typography option you want!
  • Local Google Fonts: You can also serve Google fonts from your local server using this extension.
  • Advanced Menu: With this extension, you will be able to create beautiful mega menus and customize the menu in many different ways. You can add icons and badges to menu items, and create content blocks inside your menu items.
  • Shortcuts Bar: The Shortcuts bar extension allows you to add a shortcut bar at the bottom of your website viewport. This is a fantastic option if you want to optimize your website for mobile devices. It sends off an app-like vibe and improves the user experience.
  • Multiple Sidebars: You might have guessed from the name, it allows you to add multiple sidebars to posts or pages of your choice.
  • White Label (Agency Package): The White Label extension is only available on the Agency Package. This allows you to change the theme and companion plugin branding to your own custom one.
  • WooCommerce Extra: If you are looking to build an eCommerce project then you might find this extension useful. It adds a floating cart to your product view. You will be able to control any single product gallery/slider and the layout page. You will also be able to add a wishlist page.

With numerous extensions, you can turn your website into a professional one quite easily. Blocksy brings all the useful extensions and plugins into one place for you to install and activate quickly.

Fast load speed

A fast loading speed is something that you would normally expect from any top tier themes but there’s a reason why we’re mentioning it specifically here. As soon as you enter the Blocksy official web page, you’ll see the term “Lightning Fast” was used to describe the theme. That is because the theme is really fast and lightweight. It has 100% GTmetrix page load speed (claimed on their site) which is amazing. Each page has been optimized to the maximum speed possible.

So along with a great design, you will also enjoy a “Lightning Fast” loading speed. This will truly make your website unique and high-performing.

Social media friendly

The social media links and buttons are pre-included with Blocksy. You don’t have to install other social media plugins on your website. You can add the social media buttons on your header, footer, side menu, or any other place and redirect your readers to your social media profile.

It lets you instantly share your content. However, you do need to make sure the widget extension is enabled. Usually, it’s enabled by default but if it’s not, from your WordPress dashboard, go to Blocksy > Extensions and activate the widget extension. You can now drag and drop the social media buttons or interface to the position of your choosing.

blocksy social media icons

Blocksy Customization

customizing everything with blocksy

With Blocksy you can customize your site in many different ways. Exploring all the methods will take a lot of time, instead, we’ll just discuss the customization of Header, Footer builder, Colors, and Typography options that are available on the General Options of the customization menu.

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Header customization

blocksy header customization

You can drag and drop several elements on your Header and then customize them. Once you are customizing the Global Header, you will have two tabs. One is the Elements tab, where you can drag the elements of the header and place them in any given place. The header is also divided into 3 parts, the top row, the main row, and the bottom row.

blocksy drag and drop header builder

The Headers tab consists of the Global Header options. Here you can select the sticky functionality for rows of your header. Since the header has 3 parts, you can decide which sections will be sticky when you scroll down your web page. You can also choose the scroll effect which is basically an animation of how your sticky menu will appear.

Footer Customization

The footer customization is similar to the header builder. You can access it from General Options in the customization menu. Like the header, the footer is divided into top, main, and bottom rows. You can drag and drop the elements from the left side and also rearrange those in any order you like.

blocksy footer customization

The widgets that you want to use in your footer should be determined before updating the footer. You can do this from WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets and then customize your widgets. After you’re done with the design, you can then place those widgets on your footer using the drag and drop footer builder.

Global Color settings

blocksy global color customization

The color settings of Blocksy are divided into 4 sections, global color palette, global colors, all headings (H1-H6), and site background. You can change the colors of the buttons, texts, text selection, hover effects, borders, and site background color as well.

blocksy color settings

The color settings of the entire theme are neatly arranged here. You can access and change the entire color scheme of your website very easily from here.

Typography options

You will have access to a large number of fonts to use with your theme. You can use from the 900+ Google Fonts or you can serve your own fonts. You can change your WordPress font, font size, family, color, and format from the typography options.

typography options in blocksy

Truly when it comes to typography, there’s no limit in Blocksy!

Archive layouts

There are 5 archive layouts that you can choose for your main blog post list, category list, etc. All the designs are modern, clean, and fully responsive giving you the pixel perfect touch on every devices.

archive layouts in blocksy

You can also switch to mobile, tablet, and desktop view to see how your archive looks on different resolutions. As there is a live preview available, you’ll be able to monitor all the changes live.

Blocksy page builder compatibility

WordPress is more famous and convenient for the Gutenberg block builder. Blocksy was made with Gutenberg blocks in mind. This means that it supports all types of Gutenberg blocks along with all the customizations like wide or full alignments.

page builder compatibility of blocksy

Today there are so many page builders which allow the users to build their websites from scratch with minimum technical skills. Using page builders allows you to quickly and efficiently build websites. Once you are familiar with the working environment of a builder, you become more efficient with it.

Although Blocksy was mainly built for Gutenberg block builders, it supports other popular builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder, and Brizy. In fact, many of the starter sites of Blocksy are made with Elementor, Beaver Builder, and Brizy. When you are picking your predesigned layout, hover your mouse over to the item and it will tell you which builder was used to build that particular design.

selecting blocksy demo templates

Blocksy Companion

Blocksy Companion is an important part of the entire theme. It doesn’t get installed automatically, but you will receive a notification on your WordPress dashboard which will prompt an installation.

What does Blocksy Companion actually do? Well, it helps you in many different ways. It gives you access to many starter packs & extensions, it adds additional header builder functionalities, and much more. So, it basically enhances your Blocksy theme.

blocksy companion

Blocksy Companion provides the following benefits:

  • Extensions like cookie consent and newsletter subscription
  • One-click import starter site library
  • WooCommerce integration
  • Extra widgets
  • And much more.

Is Blocksy Companion free?

Blocksy Companion is absolutely free and it is developed by Creative Themes, the developers of Blocksy itself. It runs all the enhancements only if you have installed and activated the Blocksy theme. So make sure you install the Blocksy theme at first and then install the companion.

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Blocksy core features

Blocksy comes with all the standard features that you can expect from a premium theme. It also comes with some advanced and powerful features that you’ll love. The theme is optimized for speed and SEO. It is also GDPR compliant.

core features of blocksy

A child theme is also included so that you can customize your website without worrying about breaking the design. You will have custom widgets and live search available which is essential for a good blog.

Basically, you’ll have all the features that a modern website needs and much more.

What you get with Blocksy Pro

The free version of Blocksy gives you enough features and tools to build your own site and includes all the essentials. If you are just starting out and don’t want to spend much on a theme, Blocksy is perfect for you. As your website grows, so do some of your requirements. You might want to expand your website in the future, upgrading to Blocksy Pro is an excellent choice then.

Blocksy Pro enhances the features of the free version and adds more of the pro features and tools. With this, you can take your website to the next level. Some of the features of Blocksy Pro are:

Enhanced header builder

You can create an unlimited number of advanced headers and display those on individual pages of your website based on some given conditions.

Header pro elements

As we mentioned, some pro elements will be added to your header builder. You can use these on your existing header and make your header look more professional. All the new elements are carefully crafted to perfectly sit with the existing header elements. Some of the pro elements include:

  • Contact elements
  • Divider
  • Language switcher
  • Widgets
  • Desktop menu drawer
  • Search box

Content blocks (hooks)

With the content blocks, you will be able to create content and display anywhere on your website. There will be a visible cue that will indicate where your contents will be placed.

blocksy hooks

Advanced Menu

With the advanced menu features, you can create mega menus, show beautiful drop-down animations, and put any content inside them. You can control every aspect starting from overlay width, column layouts, and the layout style that is displayed.

You can add icons beside your menu items alongside their labels. Remember we talked about content blocks or hooks in the previous section? You can use the hooks to replace mega menu-overlay column and insert your own contents. This opens up a whole new level of possibilities as the contents are dynamic.

Advanced WooCommerce features

advanced WooCommerce feature with blocksy

Previously we discussed some of the eCommerce features that you get with the free version of Blocksy. While that is enough to get you up and running your new eCommerce website, it will still lack some premium features. With Blocksy Pro, you will get all those premium features to make your eCommerce business shine!

  • Quick view: You will be able to add a popup for your products right from your shop page.
  • Floating cart: The floating cart is very convenient as your customers will be able to observe their cart as they keep shopping.
  • Off-canvas filters: This is also a good feature. You can display filters on a side or off-canvas of the shop page. It makes it easier to access with mobile phones as well.
blocksy off-canvas filters
  • Off-canvas cart: Like the previous feature, this off-canvas cart makes it easier for mobile users to view more information about the products.
  • New single product layouts: When it comes to design customizability, Blocksy is always keen on delivering. Along with all the existing product layouts, you get more single product layouts in the pro.
  • Gallery slider: It has been always a challenge for eCommerce products to display more products but in a limited space. The gallery slider allows you to insert more thumbnails in your product gallery section. So you can now insert more products and also save space.
  • Product wish list: In a modern eCommerce website it has become essential to include a wish list feature. You can add the wish list feature so that your customers can add products to their wish list so that they can purchase those in the future.
  • Search by SKU: By SKU it means Stock Keeping Unit. Your customers can search for your products by SKU.

All these features become available when you upgrade to the premium version of Blocksy. These eCommerce features will truly help you maximize your conversion rates.

Custom fonts

Upload as many fonts as you want and use them in any typography option of Blocksy. Advanced features like variation customization and variable fonts are also available. 

Custom sidebars

You can make every page of your website unique by adding a custom sidebar to each of the pages. You can create multiple sidebars from the same place you used to manage widgets. You can also apply some conditions to display the sidebars depending on the user role/login.

There are so many features to talk about but so little time! Well, we encourage you to explore more premium features of Blocksy and see for yourself if it’s truly the theme you want.

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👉 Video: Blocksy Review


WordPress simplifies how we look at web development. With the introduction of intuitive page builders like Gutenberg and Elementor, now everyone can build their own website easily. Blocksy maintains that simplicity and takes your website building ability to another level. With its intuitive UI/UX you can create your own unique website with ease.

Using the large starter template library you can start building any kind of website. You can build a blog, an online shop, corporate website, portfolios, education websites, and so much more. You can use the one-click import feature to quickly import an entire template to your own website. Then with the advanced customization tools, you can make that website your own.

So, that concludes our Blocksy review. Let us know what’s your favorite feature of Blocksy in the comment section.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links and we may receive a small commission if you purchase something by following them. However, we recommend services/products that we believe good to serve your purpose.

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