WordPress 100 Year Plan – Should You Get This? (Answered)

Published on August 29, 2023: What is WordPress 100 Year Plan? How much does it cost to have a 100-year hosting plan? Is it worth investing in? You have come to the right place if these questions are itching your mind.  

WordPress.com just announced something that might sound unusual at first but makes more sense afterward. WordPress.com has introduced a 100-year legacy plan for the users. It costs $38,000 USD and this Hosting for a Century has created a buzz in the tech arena.

This article will answer how much this lifelong plan will cost, and whether you should be the one to get it. Sit back, hold tight, and let’s dive to find the answers.

What is WordPress 100 Year Plan?

wordpress.com has announced a 100 year plan

In the most straightforward answer, it’s a century-long website plan that will provide domain and hosting with a bunch of extra advanced features for 100 years.

This means the 100 year plan users will have domain authority for 100 years, unlike today’s maximum 10-year standard.

At this moment, every domain registration only lasts for a maximum of up to 10 years, and after the expiration, the owner needs to renew the license. But on 25th August 2023, WordPress announced that they had started a 100-year-long plan for securing a century.

WordPress.com parent Automattic CEO Matt Mullenweg wrote, “Whether you’re cementing your own digital legacy or gifting 100 years of a trusted platform to a loved one, this plan is a testament to the future’s boundless potential.

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Is WordPress 100 Year Plan worth your money?

The legacy-bearing plan will cost you a whopping $38,000 USD, and it comes with a domain name & hosting to keep your website running for a hundred years!

Is it a bit much expensive? Yes, but the answer can vary depending on specific individuals. This century-long plan makes sense since it will be a great foundation to preserve digital assets.

There are a lot of Gen Z parents creating social-media accounts for their newborns just because they want to get hold of the username of their child and plan to give the accounts at a certain age of the child. This is why this $38,000 may sound expensive to some but reasonable for many.

Let’s divide the price into years and months to get the whole picture.

  • $38,000 for 100 Years
    • $3,800 for 10 Years
      • $380 for 1 Year
        • $31.67 for A Month

In retrospect, this means the WordPress 100-Year Plan will cost you $31.67 a month, but unfortunately, there are no monthly or annual subscriptions on this package.

This long-term plan will work just as a physical asset in real life, and you will be able to pass it down to your children or others as you like.

Additionally, you have to pay the whole amount as a one-time investment to secure your digital asset and identity.

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Who is WordPress 100 Year Plan for?

WordPress.com has not explained further after their one-page blog post, but now let’s analyze who should get the plan in the first place.

WordPress.com has announced that this 100 Year WordPress plan is new, innovative, exceptional, and tailored specifically for those who want secure longevity in this fast-paced, ever-evolving digital era.

100-Year Plan will work as a safeguard for keeping your online existence and legacy.

  • Businesses or organizations that have plans for the long run than a single generation.
  • Founders who are seeking ways to preserve their important documents and other digital assets.
  • Parents who want to keep their lineage, images, photos, videos, and especially memories intact for the upcoming generations.
  • Individuals who are looking for ways to be ready for future online changes.
  • And more, just imagine!

What is WordPress 100 Year Plan offering?

Since the entire thing is hot & fresh, not much information is available. But some of the cut-and-dried information will help people understand the magnitude of this plan.

  • 24/7 Premier Support: WordPress.com will provide 24/7 support for legacy users and have dedicated as well as personalized support for the entire lifetime.
  • 100-Year Long Domain Registration: You will be the domain owner for 100 years and do not have to worry about renewing it in your life.
  • Enhanced Ownership Protocols: Enhanced ownership protocol will give you the ability, and their best team will help you to transfer ownership after your time.
  • Free Updates for Future Web Technology: You will get free updates for an entire lifetime and do not have to pay a single penny for the upcoming web technologies.
  • Multiple Backups: Your data will be continuously backed up throughout multiple backup centers, guaranteeing 100% safety of your precious data.
  • Top-Tier Managed WordPress Hosting: Your website will be treated with cutting-edge WordPress technology and get free security updates for its runtime.
  • Unlimited Traffic: You will get unmetered bandwidth for a decade, which means unlimited data storage to save precious memories or store your important digital documents.

👉 You Can Get the 100-Year Plan Here


This WordPress 100-Year Plan might sound kind of strange at first, but we find it really innovative and worth if you feel the same for your legacy. Some will see it as an opportunity to safeguard their digital archive.

This 100-Year WordPress Plan is worth investing in because everything is getting digitized in this ever-evolving digital era, and domains are becoming more valuable assets.

It is essential to have this kind of plan for those who are looking for a way to preserve their memories or brand identity permanently. In a sense, this plan is for not only today but for the investment for tomorrow.

If you have more questions regarding WordPress, please write us below. WPGIZ will be here to help you. 


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