9 Best WordPress Maintenance Services in 2024

If you’re exploring the web in the search of best WordPress maintenance services available today, then call it an end of your exploration. We gathered the best WordPress maintenance services you can have.

What is a WordPress maintenance service?

Glad you asked. A WordPress maintenance service actually does what it sounds like. It manages your site on behalf of you. Many services offer varieties of features. So, it is actually tough to describe all of the perks in a sentence.

Why do you need a WordPress maintenance service?

As we’ve known earlier, there are varieties of maintenance services available for WordPress. Some services offer features like core WordPress updates, plugin updates, theme updates, backups, security tweaks, uptime monitoring, and so on.

To sum up, what a WordPress maintenance service does is to manage and take care of your website in your absence.

Best WordPress maintenance services

There are lots of WordPress maintenance services out there. Every one of them claims to be the best. But we’ve researched and nitpicked 9 of the best WordPress maintenance services available.

WP Buffs

WP Buffs

WP Buffs easily made it into the list of best WordPress maintenance services. WP Buffs has to be one of the best WordPress maintenance services, thanks to the 24/7 WordPress website management and support service it brings.

WP Buffs offers three different plans for three different price points. The Maintain plan costs $67 per month. The Maintain plan features weekly updates, 24/7 uptime monitoring, Google Analytics integration & daily cloud. For $147 per month, you can get the Protect plan that provides all the benefits from the Maintain plan. Moreover, there are more benefits like unlimited 24/7 content edits, security optimization, 2x daily cloud backups, and iThemes Security Pro.

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WP Buffs Pricing & Plans
WP Buffs Pricing & Plans

You can also get the Perform plan that costs $197 per month. The Perform plan includes all the features from both the pack mentioned up. There is more. You will get more features like speed optimization, 4x daily cloud backups, mobile and tablet optimization, WP Smush Pro, and complete malware removal with the Perform plan.

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Codeable is basically a platform where you can find freelancers who will do your WordPress things. All the freelancers on the site are handpicked by Codeable. So you can be assured about the quality that’s gonna come out of it.

Codeable Pricing & Plans: Codeable may sound expensive compared to the other options on this list, but it is worth the bucks anyway. Codeable offers several services at fairly understandable pricing. You can develop custom plugins with Codeable, pricing starts from $960. Pricing of Custom theme development starts from $980.

Codeable Pricing & Plans
Codeable Pricing & Plans

Pricing of Speed and security optimization starts from $420. Pricing of Website Design and Development starts from $ 2,500. You can get your eCommerce site designed and developed, pricing of which starts from $ 3,200.

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GoWP is another premium WordPress maintenance service. GoWP is mainly targeted towards WordPress agencies rather than individual WordPress users. GoWP is designed in a way so that agencies can use the service as the backbone of maintenance and resell & white-label to clients.

GoWP Pricing & Plans: GoWP offers differently priced plans for different tasks, making it easy to get the one you need the most. The Maintenance plan costs $29 monthly per site. The Content Edits plan costs $79 monthly per site. You can get Landing Page Builds which costs $1299 Monthly per site.  WordPress dedicated developer support is there for $2299 Monthly per site.

GoWP Pricing & Plans
GoWP Pricing & Plans

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Maintainn is one of the most reputed and reliable names in the field of WordPress maintenance services out there. Maintainn offers core plans with basic maintenance features. Maintainn also provides developer and design support for an extra fee.

Maintainn Pricing & Plans: Maintainn offers three pricing plans. The Standard plan costs $59 per month which covers weekly updates, daily backups, and 24/7 security monitoring.

You can get a $179 per month priced Professional plan that offers unique benefits like repairing hacked websites for free. You will obviously get more benefits like 2x daily backups, performance checks, uptime tracking, multisite support, etc. The Enterprise plan costs $299 per month which offers 4x daily backups, staging updates, version control, and more.

Maintainn Pricing & Plan

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Valet is one of the ultimate WordPress services you will ever need. The valet team promises to provide website support & development into your workflow. Valet passes maintenance off to people who are passionate about making it less stressful managing your WordPress website.

Valet Pricing: Pricing of Valet stays at more on the premium side. Support from Valet makes every penny worth it. Valet offers a Personal plan that costs $250 per month. There is a business plan that starts at $ 1750 per month.

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WP Maintainer

WP Maintainer

WP Maintainer is the most straightforward service included in this list of best WordPress maintenance services. The team at WP Maintainer is highly professional, expert & experienced. WP Maintainer offers extreme expert services at competitive rates in this field.

WP Maintainer Pricing: WP Maintainer provides everything they have to offer for $99 per month. You can also get $99 per hour WordPress developer support from WP Maintainer.

WP Maintainer Pricing
WP Maintainer Pricing

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Site Care

Site Care

Operating since 2012, Site Care speaks for itself when it comes to the matter of satisfaction, experience, and quality. You can hand most WordPress maintenance tasks to Site Care and remain assured that they would be done shortly. Site Care mainly offers WordPress maintenance and provides backups, security checks, and support.

Site Care Pricing & Plans: The basic plan of Site Care costs $99 per month. You can get the basic plan for as low as $79 per month if paid yearly. Their pro Site Care plan costs $399 per month, which again can be discounted to $299 if paid yearly.

Site Care Pricing & Plans
Site Care Pricing & Plans

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GoDaddy WordPress Premium Support

GoDaddy WordPress Premium Support

GoDaddy bought WP Curve, one of the leading WordPress maintenance services. As you can guess, GoDaddy rebranded the service as GoDaddy WordPress Premium Support.

Please be noted that GoDaddy WordPress Premium Support will work best for less experienced WordPress users to have a helping hand in the process. The service doesn’t help you with any WordPress maintenance tasks.

GoDaddy WordPress Premium Support helps with stuff like image optimization, theme modifications, database management, link redirects, etc.

GoDaddy WordPress Premium Support Pricing: If you need lots of help with WordPress, then GoDaddy WordPress Premium Support may not be the best choice for you as the service works on a credits-based system. GoDaddy WordPress Premium Support costs $49.99 a month for one credit, $79.99 a month for three credits, $99.99 a month for five credits, and $149.99 a month for ten credits.

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Wp Tech Support

With having physical offices in the UK, USA, and India, WP Tech Support takes it to another level when it comes to the matter of 24/7 customer support. WP Tech Support offers WordPress updates, offsite website backups, security scanning, and performance enhancements.

WP Tech Support Pricing & Plans: WP Tech Support offers the cheapest solution of WordPress maintenance services. With four plans, WP Tech Support has to be the most versatile yet effective WordPress maintenance service.

WP Tech Support Pricing & Plans

Pricing of WP Tech Support starts from $55 per month and goes up to $175 per month for the advanced plan.

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What is the best WordPress maintenance service?

Which one of the mentioned WordPress maintenance services is the best – you may ask. The question doesn’t have a definite answer though. That’s because your needs can be varied depending on the size and type of your website and complications. We suggest you explore the options to understand which WordPress maintenance services will work best for you.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links and we may receive a small commission if you purchase something by following them. However, we recommend services/products that we believe good to serve your purpose.

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