Wholesale Suite vs B2BKing – Which One Is Better? (2024)

Are you looking for a great wholesale WooCommerce plugin? Well, Wholesale Suite and B2BKing are both very popular B2B wholesale plugins for WordPress. But which one should you choose for your wholesale or B2B site?

Having wholesale functionalities in the WooCommerce store is a massive boost for your business. It works as a catalyst to provide better service, sell more products, and earn more revenue.

B2BKing as well as Wholesale Suite have amazing wholesale features. We’ll discuss what they are and what they offer. We’ll answer the question of which one is better from an unbiased standpoint.

With that being said, let’s begin our B2BKing vs Wholesale Suite comparison.

What is Wholesale Suite?

Wholesale Suite is an extensive wholesale solution plugin for WooCommerce sites. It provides 100+ exciting features to manage a wholesale site easily. The plugin has 500,000+ downloads with 25k+ store owners and 400+ reviews.

Wholesale Suite is an excellent touch to any WooCommerce site. It offers freedom and options to provide users with different wholesale prices. It also offers discounts, request a quote, order forms, product visibility options, and more. Wholesale Suite also has the ability to manage content restriction and business registration.

The plugin allows site owners to personalize as they need. It gives total freedom to the website admin. And it provides an enhanced experience for every user type with different rules and conditions.

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Not to mention, Wholesale Suite lets site owners run their website as a B2B shop or B2B & B2C (mixed) shop. It gives the owners more fluidity and advanced control over the WooCommnerce store.

Wholesale Suite integrates with 20 plugin modules that turn any average store into an exclusive one. We will learn more about them along the line.

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What is B2BKing?

B2BKing is also a complete solution plugin for running a WooCommerce wholesale website. However, its uniqueness and spin make B2BKing stand out from other WooCommerce plugins.

B2BKing offers to run an online business with its 137+ features. These features take care of every aspect of running an online wholesale store. Some of them are: restrict price visibility, custom roles, tiered pricing structures, VAT handling, tax exemptions, and more.

It also has Groups option to make groups, which allows to treat special users differently from regular users.

B2BKing is a perfect addition to extend any wholesale business. All of its features are tailored to provide ultimate benefits. Read our B2BKing review if you want to learn more about B2BKing.

This plugin has 14k+ active installations and a 5-star rating on the website. B2BKing also allows turning a website into only for B2B users or working as a hybrid between a B2B and B2C site.

There are many similarities between the two of the plugins. Both of them have different prices and features in them. The next section will discuss their features and what sets them apart (plus their similarities).

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Important features of a B2B site

Before starting our main comparison, it’s essential to talk about some of the most important features of a B2B site. To make any comparison, we must know which features are important for a B2B site. Some of these features are commonly seen on several B2B or wholesale plugins.

A B2B site is in general an eCommerce site. Here a buyer can purchase products in bulk from a seller. Some plugins also allow you to create a B2B+B2C hybrid marketplace. Anyway, in order to turn your WooCommerce site into a B2B marketplace, you need to add some extra features. These could be a number of different features, but we’re going to talk about some of the important features of a B2B site.

  • Hide prices from guests: If you have a B2B site, you might want to hide the wholesale prices from guests. Having this feature enabled will ensure that unregistered users won’t see the wholesale price or any price for the product.
  • Product visibility control: Apart from hiding prices from guests, you also need to control the product visibility for different user groups. If you have multiple user groups other than guests and buyers, this is a feature you might want for your B2B site.
  • B2B registration form: If you want new buyers to register on your site, you need to have a B2B signup form. A good B2B plugin should give you a form where new users can select which role they want to sign up for. These forms should have fields specific to the different user groups. Some B2B plugins also give you shortcodes for each form. So if you want only one type of user group registration form you can use the shortcode to place the form on your registration page.
  • Different prices by group: If there are multiple user groups, it is essential to have different price tiers for different groups.
  • Request a Quote: This is a common feature seen on various B2B marketplaces. Buyers need a method through which they can request their custom quote for a product. For a successful B2B marketplace, your B2B plugin needs to facilitate this action.
  • Shipping and payments: For a B2B site, it is also important to offer shipping and payment gateways for different user roles.
  • Wholesale bulk order form: Wholesale buyers purchase products in bulk. It will be very convenient for your buyers if you include a wholesale bulk order form. Here the buyer can add products to the cart in bulk just from a single form on a page.
  • Messaging and conversation: It is also important for the users from both sides to message and communicate with each other. So a plugin should have that feature as well.
  • Condition-based discounts: When a buyer orders a product in bulk, it is natural that he/she would expect some discount. For example, buying 50 units of a product might give a 15% discount. Similarly, buying 100 units of the same product may give buyers a 20% discount. Your B2B plugin should give you options to set the discount percentage (amount) for different order numbers.
  • Payment methods (minimum, and maximum order rules): You should also be able to set the minimum and maximum order rules for your products. Again, there should also be a discount rule for these payment methods.

There are several features in a B2B or wholesale site. Here, we’ve listed some of the most important features that we think a B2B site should have. Naturally, you might want to have more features according to the needs or nature of your business. So before purchasing a B2B plugin check if the plugin has the features you want, or contact the plugin company and ask them if they have the feature you’re looking for.

B2B King vs Wholesale suite

Now that we know some of the important features of a B2B marketplace, it’s time to compare Wholesale Suite and B2BKing. To be clear, Wholesale Suite is a combination of 3 plugins, Wholesale Prices Premium, Wholesale Order Form, and Wholesale Lead Capture. Installing Wholesale Suite adds all the plugins to your WordPress.

B2BKing on the other hand is just one plugin. All the features and functionalities you receive will come from this one plugin. However, its free and paid versions need to be installed and activated on the site.

To compare the two plugins, we will look at different points such as dynamic rules, wholesale price settings, bulk order forms, b2b registration forms, etc. Then we will see what features these plugins offer for these points.

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Hide prices from guests

Hiding the price from the guests is an important feature of a B2B site. If you’re using a good plugin it should give you the option to hide the price of a product from certain users.

Wholesale Suit: You can hide the prices of your products from visitors or guests using Whosale Suit. By going into WooCommerce > Settings and clicking on Wholesale Prices > Price, you can access the price hiding settings.

hiding price in wholesale suite

You can also choose to hide the retail price when the wholesale price is given. There are various price settings found here.

If you check the front end, you’ll see “Login to see prices” instead of the actual price of the product. However, you need to log out of your WordPress account to see this. You can simply view the page in a private or incognito browser.

login to see price

B2BKing: B2BKing also gives you the option to easily hide prices from guests or visitors. By going into B2B settings, and clicking on the Access Restriction tab, you can access the option to hide prices from visitors.

access restriction settings in b2bking

You also have the options to hide the shop and particular products from guests. From the “Guest Access Restrictions” section, you can select the “Hide prices” option to simply hide the product price from guests. You can also see that there are more options such as hiding shop & product, hiding the entire website, replacing prices with a request a quote button, etc.

So B2BKing gives you different kinds of options for controlling what your guests see.

Product visibility control

You also might want to control the product visibility for different user roles. If you have multiple user roles it might be a good idea to control what products users of each group will see. Both B2BKing and Wholesale Suite give you the ability to control product visibility for different groups.

Wholesale Suite: Using Wholesale Suite, you can control the product visibility for different user groups. This can be done from the side menu inside the Product editing settings of WooCommerce. If you want to hide a particular product from a user group, this is where you can access this option.

product visibility in wholesale suite

If you want to make a Product category exclusive for a user group, go to Products > Category and select a particular category. After selecting the category, find the Wholesale Role Filter option. Here you can choose the user group for which this category will be exclusive.

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B2BKing: B2BKing gives you full control of product visibility for different user groups. By default, all products are visible to all user groups. In order to control this visibility, first the “All Product Visible” option must be disabled from B2Bkings > Settings, Access Restriction tab.

product visibility option in b2bking

After disabling this option, when you’re editing a product, you can control its visibility. You can control which user groups from B2C to B2B can view the product. You can also individually select users who can view the product.

If you want to control the product category visibility, you can also do so from the category editing menu.

B2B registration form

Your website should have a B2B registration form through which new buyers can register to your site. By default, WooCommerce has a registration page, but you need a form where users can select which group they want to register as. Again, in a B2B registration form, there might be more fields needed, such as company name, company address, etc.

Wholesale Suite and B2BKing give you the option to add your own B2B registration form. With the both plugins, you can add your custom fields. You can also choose the form for different user groups.

Wholesale Suite: For Wholesale Suite, you need the Wholesale Lead plugin to access the B2B registration form. Once you get the plugin you can access the registration form through WooCommerce > Settings within the Wholesale Lead tab. The following screenshot is taken from a post from the official Wholesale Suite website.

Wholesale Lead

You can also access the built-in fields as well as add your own custom fields from here. After you’re done, you can display this form on your registration page by adding in its shortcode.

B2BKing: B2BKing also allows you to add a B2B registration form.  You can access the registration settings from the Registration tab in B2BKing > Settings. You can choose which form you want to display by clicking on the “Registration Form Shortcodes” button.

b2bking user registration settings

Again, you can add registration fields by going to B2BKing > Registration Fields. In this screen, you can choose which field you want to display. You can also add new fields by clicking on the “Add New” button on top of the screen. The Form Preview will also show you how your form looks.

registration fields in b2bking

Finally, you can copy the shortcode of your form and paste it into the shortcode block to display your form on your accounts or registration page.

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Different prices by groups

A B2B site usually has multiple user groups, and for each group, you need to add different price tiers. Here, different user groups will see different prices. You can also set wholesale price tiers for your products but we will see that later on.

Suppose you have user groups called B2B Silver and B2B Gold. For both, you want to display different prices. In that case, your B2B plugin should be able to accommodate you with this feature. Both Wholesale Suite and B2BKing have that feature.

Wholesale Suite: If you have multiple user groups, you can set prices for each group. When you’re creating a new product or editing it, you can find the option to add prices for different groups in the General tab.

setting different prices for user groups

Also if you have different variations of your product, you’ll have the option to add prices for each variation as well. You can also create additional wholesale price levels.

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B2BKing: For B2BKing the procedure for setting different prices for each user group is the same. If you have multiple user groups, you’ll see the option to set different prices for each group.

b2bking multiple price tiers

Wholesale bulk order form

Your B2B site should also have a bulk order form. This is a form that contains a list of all your products along with options to add the product to your cart. Buyers can also specify the amount they want to order. This form enables the buyers to quickly order the products they want.

Almost all the top B2B plugins give you the option to add a bulk order form to your site. Some plugins give you the option to customize your order form too.

Wholesale Suite: If you have the Wholesale Order Form plugin installed, you can access it from Wholesale > Order Forms. Here you can add a new form by clicking on the “Add Form” button. You can also edit the order form. The following image has been taken from a post from the official Wholesale Suite website.

wholesale order form editor

After that, you can copy the shortcode of the order form and place it on a page.

wholesale suite bulk order form

B2BKing: B2BKing also gives you a bunch of options to customize the bulk order form. You can access the bulk order form settings from the Bulk Order Form tab in B2BKing > Settings. Then you can copy the shortcode of the bulk order form you like. Then go to the page where you want to display the form and add a shortcode block. Then paste in the shortcode in the input field of the block.

b2bking bulk order form options

After you paste in the shortcode save your page then view the page. You should see the bulk order form in that page now.

b2bking bulk order form

There are many more features to discuss as you know. Both plugins are great for starting a B2B marketplace as these provide all the basic features you need for a B2B site.

Wholesale Suite vs B2BKing pricing

Wholesale Suite and B2BKing have different price plans. The Wholesale Suite bundle comes with three extra add-ons. On the other hand, B2BKing does not have any additional add-ons for buying.

Both of the WooCommerce plugins offer annual plans to provide their services. However, only B2BKing has lifetime licensing options. In other words, Wholesale Suite does not provide any lifetime buying options, which can be a bummer for many people.

Wholesale Suite pricing

Growth Bundle $148.50 / year for a single site

Business Bundle $298.50 / year for unlimited websites

  • Comes with Wholesale Prices Premium​
  • Wholesale Order Form
  • Wholesale Lead Capture
  • Single website license
  • Expert email support
  • Automatic updates
  • Comes with Wholesale Prices Premium
  • Wholesale Order Form
  • Wholesale Lead Capture
  • Unlimited websites license
  • Expert email support
  • Automatic updates
  • Multi-site support

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B2BKing pricing

Startup plan $139/ year or $499/ lifetime for a single site

  • 139 + features & functions
  • Monthly updates
  • Premium support

Pro $189 / year or $779 / lifetime for three websites

  • 139 + features & functions
  • Monthly updates
  • Premium support
  • Company Credit add-on
  • Dokan add-on
  • WCFM add-on

Developer $299 / year or $979 / lifetime for unlimited websites

  • 139 + features & functions
  • Monthly updates
  • Premium support
  • Company Credit add-on
  • Dokan add-on
  • WCFM add-on
  • Backend white label

Note: Both WooCommnerce plugins have an excellent 14-day 100% money-back guarantee with good support. 

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In this post we’ve discussed some of the important features of a B2B marketplace. We also looked at how these two plugins provide those important features. Later on, we also looked at the price.

Both WooCommerce B2B plugins are popular and used by tons of online stores. They offer to manage, create, and partake in your wholesale business venture.

Wholesale Suite is an excellent plugin for businesses of all types and sizes. It provides many options and a variety of features to get the most out of the wholesale business. It helps to expand your existing reach and build strong relationships with customers.

B2BKing also offers comprehensive features to run the wholesale business. It offers its own unique messaging and conversation system to operate everything smoothly. B2BKing also has options to choose different payment and shipping methods.

Wholesale Suite and B2BKing are both wonderful choices for site owners. But in the end, only you can decide depending on your needs and budget. If you are lost and not sure which is best for you, we recommend you take a trial or use their demo to figure out what you need.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links and we may receive a small commission if you purchase something by following them. However, we recommend services/products that we believe good to serve your purpose.

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