11 Best WordPress Plugins to Boost User Engagement in 2021

There are thousands of new blogs appearing every day on the internet. Ever questioned yourself that what’s unique your site is offering that will make audiences stick with your site?

Luckily, WordPress has varieties of plugins to offer to step up user engagement. Let’s have a look at some of the best plugins that will increase engagement with readers on your site.



We, human beings, are discussion lovers by nature. That’s why it’s obvious to install a discussion corner on your blog. The Disqus plugin replaces the native WordPress comment section with a stylish discussion layout. Users can sign up with their social media accounts and start a discussion or take part in right after that. Voting or adding comments to a particular thread is possible as well. Overall, Disqus is a very easy to manage and user engaging discussion plugin which you should have on your site.

If you’re looking for Disqus plugin alternatives, check out this post about the best WordPress comment plugins. 


Super Socializer

The Super Socializer plugin supports social media and incorporates all the regular social media updates and trends as well. If you’re using this plugin, you don’t need the other individual social media plugins as all the functionality is bundled into this one plugin. Features from this plugin like social sharing, share counters, social login, social media follow icons and so on make it a one-stop solution regarding all social media-related terms. You have the chance to customize each of these tools by your choice.



Maybe, forums sound like an old internet thing, but it’s still there anyway. We all love them undoubtedly. Forums increase user engagement at a great number. So utilizing your forums with a plugin like BBPress will provide your varieties of options to customize your forums as your need. The lightweight and stylish BBPress plugin offers easy-to-customization interface, impressive management tools and supports Akismet, the plugin that keeps the spammers away. You’re just one step away from having a worthy conversation on your site, just using BBPress.


Yoast SEO

It’s a known fact that most of the traffic on the internet comes from search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. With that being said, it’s a must for any kind of website to have an SEO plugin. Using a strong SEO plugin like Yoast SEO can boost your traffic dramatically with just some easy tweaks. Yoast SEO plugin helps with internal linking and suggests ways in which you can keep your audiences looped into your website. With the crosslinking process automated for your website, you will see more engagement for sure.

If you want to know about Yoast SEO plugin alternatives, then you can check out this post about the best WordPress SEO plugins.


WordPress AMP

Mobile devices drive most of the traffic on the internet these days. So prioritizing mobile user audiences could be a good choice. That’s where AMP, means Accelerated Mobile Pages come into work. What WordPress AMP does is decrease loading time on your page and create the same copy which contains the same content as those articles on your site. As AMP improves the loading time and overall experience on your site, it’s a thumbs-up choice to have.



Not every visitor pays attention to offers and newsletter campaigns while navigating through a website. A plugin like OptinMonster appears with a popup to the audiences and makes sure that they don’t miss what’s happening on the site and why they should take part in it. With OptinMonster, you can use either the geo-targeting method or typical pop-up techniques to get people to opt for your emails or newsletters. The plugin also makes sure that it doesn’t hamper user experiences.



Email marketing is nothing new these days. Every individual has an e-mail address and an e-mail address means another audience for us, site owners. A plugin like MailChimp will ensure that your content is reaching to the subscribers properly and letting them know what’s new on your website. With MailChimp, you can create targeted email campaigns, automate the follow-up to your campaigns, and refine your products based on your customer’s preferences and interests. It doesn’t matter what your site is about, it’s obvious to have an email marketing plugin like MailChimp.


Ninja Forms

Contact forms are an important part of a website both generally and occasionally. These are a great way to understand the user’s preferences and know what they are looking for from your website. A plugin like Ninja Forms lets you customize the contact form to match your needs. As Ninja Forms provides a drag and drop admin panel, it’s very easy to keep track of your data collection campaigning and e-mail collection environment as well.


One Signal

This plugin adds more to your user engagement possibilities. The One Signal Plugin sends notifications directly to subscribed user’s desktop or mobile. Every time you post new content, your audience will receive a notification from you. This is considered to be the best way to keep your audience engaged with your site’s content.



Contests and giveaways profit the site owner more than the contestants. Using some reward or incentive, you provide users with referral links that they are sure to share around the internet which makes your site more popular. Besides, referrals and giveaways spread through social media which improves your website’s online presence. Using a plugin like Contests by Rewards Fuel can provide more than 30 different entry methods, social media enabled giveaway, contests and surely newsletters. More features like digital prizes, easily embeddable contests, location selection, and automated contests are also available with this plugin. So, run a contest on your site if possible in case of gaining more real-time engagement with your users.


Yet Another Stars Rating

This plugin called Yet Another Stars Rating works in a simple, but very effective way. The readers can share their ratings and review, which will help visitors engage with your posts. These ratings and reviews will help online audiences to understand your content better even before going through them.



If you’re running a content-rich website, then you should consider using more user engagement scopes like discussions, forums, contents, subscriptions, social sharing, etc. The right combination of plugin according to your site’s category can lead you to the goal you’re looking to achieve.

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