Best WordPress Membership Management Plugins (Free and Paid)

Having membership functionalities on your site has many benefits. It can help you serve your audiences in a better way. Luckily, several WordPress membership management plugins are available for every type of imaginable membership system.

WPGIZ is here for you to make your membership plugin choice easy by bringing a list of the best WordPress membership plugins. Here we go!

Best WordPress Membership Management Plugins

Here are the top 10 best membership management plugins in the WordPress marketplace. We will discuss them one by one, So keep reading at your own pace.


memberdash banner

First on our list is MemberDash. By it’s name, you might have guessed it. It’s meant to work alongside LearnDash, the LMS plugin. But you can also use it as a standalone plugin to run your membership website. The plugin is quite new but has several amazing membership features, such as:

  • Membership management: MemberDash allows you to create and manage different membership levels, set up recurring payments, and handle member subscriptions.
  • Content restriction: The plugin also allows you to restrict certain content or sections on your website based on the membership level.
  • Drip content: This feature is beneficial if you’re running an eLearning site, as it allows you to release content gradually over time. This provides a structured learning experience for your users.
  • Course access control: If you’re using MemberDash alongside LearnDash, then this feature gives you the ability to control the access based on membership level
  • Monetization option: MemberDash offers various monetization options, including one-time payments, recurring subscriptions, and free trials.
  • Member Profiles: You can create member profiles with customizable fields and allow members to update their information.

MemberDash is a paid plugin and doesn’t offer a free version, but if you want, you can visit the official website of LearnDash to get access to a demo. There, you can explore the various features of MemberDash.


memberpress logo

MemberPress is an excellent membership plugin. It is also one of the community’s most famous WordPress membership plugins. MemberPress works as a Learning Management System.

MemberPress allows high accessibility with its paywall system. It provides creating different site-wide paid membership levels. It delivers a fully functional membership system by accepting payments from Stripe and PayPal.

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Additionally, MemberPress offers more exciting features:

  • Unlimited membership: MemberPress lets users create infinite membership levels. It can make different membership levels with different pricing plans.
  • Course selling: MemberPress allows users to create and sell courses online. It also offers the best content distribution and learning experiences for the members.
  • Easy to build: MemberPress offers dynamic accessibility to WordPress users. Users can easily create individual membership levels and have content restrictions. 
  • Advanced Content Access Control: MemberPress has advanced content access control for its users. It lets the users have access restrictions. MemberPress can restrict members’ access to posts, categories, files, pages, and more.
  • Integrations support: MemberPress integrates with many integrations that offer more power to the users. It works with Amazon Web Services, Blubrry, and mail services like AWeber, MailChimp, GetResponse, and MadMimi.

Restrict Content Pro

restrict content pro logo

Restrict Content Pro is also a great membership management plugin in our list. It is a lightweight plugin that offers every other membership feature. It has every essential part that users seek before getting a membership plugin.

This membership plugin offers both free and paid versions. That can be used to get the most out of any WordPress website.

Restrict Content Pro offers a robust dashboard. That helps the site owners manage every member’s levels. Query and view information about the members and many more.

There are many favorable features of Restrict Content Pro. But we will add which attracts the most.

Some of the Restrict Content Pro features are:

  • Free trials: Restrict Content Pro offers free trials for potential members. Users can give a sneak peek of their content and service to grab more attention to their website.
  • Coupon and discount: Restrict Content Pro has a coupon and discount system that lets users create exciting offers. These offers help the website owners to have more members in the sales period.
  • Member email customization: This membership plugin offers member email customization. Which can be used to design and send exotic-looking mail to the members. And notify them about the new content and posts with this feature.
  • Promotional tools: Restrict Content Pro has a few promotional tools that can be used to boost the business. This feature lets users create and customize different offers with discounts. Users can offer unlimited based on flat discounts or percentages for the members.
  • WooCommerce integration: Restrict Content Pro integration with WooCommerce. With it, users can easily connect to the WooCommerce system and services.

Thrive Apprentice

thrive apprentice membership plugin

Thrive Apprentice is another WordPress membership plugin. That comes to mind when discussing membership plugins. It is a great membership plugin that allows users to use the drip content feature to the fullest. 

It allows users to deliver content such as files, courses, posts, or pages. The drip content delivers content as the site owner wants to. It helps the owners drip feed contents or the user’s actions over a select time.

Thrive Apprentice offers to deliver content after a selected time and date. Or it can be automated to deliver the new content after consuming the previous content.

Here are some exciting features of Thrive Apprentice:

  • Content dripping: Thrive Apprentice is an excellent way to use the content drip features. It offers schedule systems so the members can access the new content after a time.
  • Conditional content display: This membership plugin allows personalized viewing options for different member levels. It means site owners can customize and offer site-wide content to members. Member levels can be tailored with different login pages, content overviews, and more.
  • Detailed reporting: Thrive Apprentice offers a powerful reporting system with extensive insights.
  • Easy to use: Thrive Apprentice has the easiest functionality. It offers easy-to-use options that any internet user can use.
  • Visual course builder: This plugin can create interesting courses and web content through the easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder.

Ultimate Membership Pro – WordPress Membership Plugin

ultimate membership pro plugin banner

 Ultimate Membership Pro has been a popular membership plugin for almost a decade. It allows the creation and management of multi-level access memberships. This plugin also offers a free and paid subscription environment.

Currently, Ultimate Membership Pro comes with 41 Add-ons under its belt. Anyone can transform their website into a membership-based one. 

These add-ons and other features have helped to build thousands of websites.

The plugin’s name can be a mouthful. But, It does not disappoint with its functions. Ultimate Membership Pro offers to protect content. Such as Pages, Images, Products, URLs, and more.

Here are the noteworthy features of Ultimate Membership Pro:

  • Partial content restriction: This feature helps to restrict. Or hide a specific part of the content with a shortcode and other options.
  • Monetizing system: Ultimate Membership Pro offers many types of content monetizing. It lets the owners charge for a lifetime, recurring system and offers free. And lets to offer a paid trial with different subscriptions.
  • Complete safety: This plugin offers various safety with every aspect of the site. It protects all posts, categories, files, specific URLs, and content. It also provides membership access levels to specific pages, custom posts, or taxonomies.
  • Affiliate program: The plugin offers seamless integration with the popular affiliate plugins. Such as Affiliate Plugin, Ultimate Affiliate Pro, etc. 

UserPro – Community and User Profile WordPress Plugin

userpro community and user profile wordpress plugin

UserPro is a membership plugin that also has community-building features. This plugin allows owners to build and manage different levels of users.

Users can create profiles and interact with others like an ecosystem. UserPro is a simple plugin that runs a complete community. The plugin also provides marvelous-looking front-end profiles, registration, and login pages.

It is a unique WordPress plugin with many features for creating a social hub. 

UserPro turns an ordinary website into a membership site with its content restriction. And more features like public/private activity feed, user badges, verified accounts, and integrations.

Special features of UserPro – Community and User Profile WordPress Plugin:

  • Creating community: UserPro has a membership system that helps build a community website. It lets users follow each other, post about them, earn badges, and exist harmoniously.
  • User registration and login: Site owners can customize login and registration pages anywhere.
  • Integration: UserPro integrates with WooCommrce files and some others. Such as myCred, BuddyPress, Envanto API. Promotions integrations include AWeber, Campaign Monitor, and MailChimp.
  • User accessibility: UserPro offers tons of features for website members. Such as user password, email registration, advanced login system, and Front-end password and email forget page.


membermouse plugin logo

MemberMouse is a great option for those wanting to build a membership WordPress site. It offers trials to check whether it fits your business model. MemberMouse is super convenient for new business starters.

It offers every primary tool for running a membership site. The paid subscription and membership system helps owners to deliver content and earn.

MemberMouse has an easy-to-understand UI. This simple UI offers to create membership levels within a few clicks.

There are many features. Let’s discuss some of them:

  • Integration with email automation: MemberMouse supports many integrations. That helps users take their business to another level. These integrations are Active Campaign, Constant Contact, and MailChimp. This plugin supports many payment options like, PayPal, and Stripe.
  • One-click purchases: MemberMouse offers a one-click service. Where members can buy a membership and content with a single click.
  • Analytics and reporting: MemberMouse provides detailed analytics and reports. It contains insights on every sale, churn rate, customer lifetime value, and more.
  • Community forum: This plugin has features to create and run your community forum. The forum garners more engagement throughout the website.
  • Flexible and customizable: MemberMouse might look simple on paper. Yet, it is highly customizable. Any users can turn their site into a membership site without expert help.

Wishlist Member

wishlist member wordpress membership plugin

Wishlist Member is another membership plugin in our list. Which enables the creation of different membership access on a WordPress site. It offers powerful features that help to establish a full-fledged membership site.

Wishlist Member has many subscription-based user-level access options and tons of integration. This plugin also functions as a Learning Management System.

Wishlist Member allows to sell courses online and run an e-learning coaching center. 

Wishlist Member offers payment and email options along with generating necessary web pages. Such as a registration login page, sales page, welcome page, member dashboard, and more.

Wishlist Member offers many features, but let’s touch upon some of them in this article:

  • Integrations: Wishlist Member comes strong with its integration support. It is compatible with a wide range of different WordPress plugins and services. These integrations include email marketing, payment options, and other customer management systems.
  • Email marketing: Wishlist Member has email marketing features that can be used for promoting upcoming content to existing members.
  • Member management: The advanced member management option allows tracking and managing users.
  • Content protection: Wishlist Member provides content protection so their user can stay tension-free. It offers extra protection so users’ content remains hidden from non-members. 
  • Recurring payments: Wishlist Member also has a recurring payment option. This payment option charges members with recurring payments monthly or annually.

WP-Members Membership by Chad Butler

wp-members membership by chad butler

WP-Members Membership WordPress plugin is one of the most straightforward plugins in the WordPress marketplace.

It is an excellent option for those seeking a business-focused membership plugin. WP-Members Membership is an easy option to convert any WordPress site to a membership type. It has free and premium extensions with additional functionality.

Here are some exciting features of WP-Members Membership:

  • User profiles: WP-Members Membership offers the creation and management of individual user profiles. This plugin allows Users to create accounts, select avatars, set bios, and more.
  • User registration and login: The plugin offers a front-end user registration and login page. And the users can use it to register or log in to your website as members.
  • User-level content restriction: It can restrict access to particular files, pages, posts, media, post types, and more according to membership level.
  • Advanced user features: WP-Members Membership offers various types of advanced features. It has customs login forms and conditional logic.
  • Subscription support: This plugin also supports a recurring subscription system. So that members stay subscribed and receive special treatment.

Members – Membership & User Role Editor Plugin

members plugin for membership

Members – Membership & User Role Editor Plugin can be found on the WordPress repository. It has various types of different types of member roles and capabilities. 

It offers site owners the best membership website experience. By handing out all essential tools and features for a membership website. It allows the setting of different permission and content restrictions. 

Especially based on the membership access system.

Here are some Members – Membership & User Role Editor Plugin features:

  • Seamless integration: Members offer many integrations for building a business. There are many add-ons available for the plugin. Such as Block Permissions, Privacy Caps, Admin Access, Role Hierarchy, ACF Integration, WooCommerce Integration, and more.
  • Membership editor: The Members plugin allows modification of users and their access. Which is super helpful and saves a lot of time.
  • Shortcodes and Widgets: The Members plugin also has a shortcode for controlling content access on a page. And different widgets to display sidebars of themes.
  • Restricted content: Members – Membership & User Role Editor Plugin protects content with member roles.


Membership management plugins are essential for member-based business. There is plenty of WordPress plugin that allows you to have members. 

In this article, WPGIZ has given the Best WordPress Membership Management Plugins. And discussed their uniqueness and mentioned their noteworthy features. 

Some are learning management systems, some only let you have members, and some let you build an entire community. No matter what, these plugins are the best for managing membership. And delivering content to keep the members returning to your website.

We hope you have found the perfect plugin that suits your business from our article. Keep an eye on us for future WordPress content.


Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links and we may receive a small commission if you purchase something by following them. However, we recommend services/products that we believe good to serve your purpose.

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