PostX 50% Discount for a Limited Time!

If you love PostX then this is the chance to get it. Because of this Eid, WPXPO announced a huge discount for PostX. During this sale, you can get PostX at up to 50% of discount! What is this deal all about? How long will it last and how can you get it? We will discuss all that and more in this post.

PostX is a good choice if you wanna create beautiful blogs or content-based websites in WordPress. It gives you a lot of customization options and also access to numerous templates and readymade blocks. In today’s age, design is very important. People tend to spend more time on a beautiful website rather than hanging around on a website with a bland design.

PostX helps you display your posts and content in a more aesthetically pleasing manner. In this post, we will talk a little about PostX and what you can do with it. Then we will take a look at this Eid special discount and how you can take advantage of this sale. So let’s start.

What is PostX?

PostX is a Gutenberg dynamic blog, news, or content site builder plugin. Using PostX you can create beautiful WordPress blogs within just a few clicks. Not only that, but It also gives you access to tons of full-page templates and ready-made blocks that you can import with just one click. You can design single post pages, archive pages, category pages, search pages, author pages, and also tag pages.

PostX also provides you with options to customize almost every part of your block. You can create news and magazine, food, travel, fashion, blog, and portfolio websites with a few mouse clicks. PostX does have a free version so you can try it out. It gives you access to a handful of features and templates so that you understand its capabilities.

Some of the features of PostX are:

  • Block Page Builder: Using the blog page builder, you can control how the elements in your website are displayed.
  • Ready-to-use patterns: You will have access to ready-made patterns. You can copy these patterns and paste those on your posts or pages to create the design you’re looking for.
  • Posts Grid: There are several designs for the post grids. Using this, you can display your posts in a grid layout.
  • Dynamic sliders: You can also display your posts or other elements using dynamic sliders. Just place your dynamic slider, and customize it if you want.
  • Category grid: You can use the taxonomy block to display your categories in a grid layout.
  • Progress bar: You can also add a progress bar to your posts and pages. The progress bar can be set at the top or bottom of a post to let the readers know how much of the content they’ve read and how much of it is left.
  • Premium add-ons: With PostX Pro you will have access to 10+ premium add-ons. This also includes the Progress bar addon.
  • Elementor integration: PostX can integrate with Elementor as a result, you can display Gutenberg blocks on Elementor. This allows you to use the combined power of both Gutenberg and Elementor.

There are several features to talk about but we’re keeping it short. You can basically use PostX to make a modern and more attractive blog or content-based website. It gives you tons of templates and customization options to make your site truly shine.

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If you wanna know more about PostX, or wanna see it in action you can check out our tutorial video.

Why do you need PostX?

Posts or contents are a big part of the design of a blog. When you’re creating a blog, it’s important how you display your posts. If you’re not displaying your posts in a good manner, it might ruin the entire design of your blog. This is a challenge that modern blogs face.

PostX eliminates that challenge and allows you to display your posts or content in a stylish manner. You can also add featured posts, related posts, etc. using PostX. You don’t have to worry about how your blog is displayed on mobile or other devices because PostX uses fully responsive blocks to display your posts.

Basically PostX deals with displaying your blog posts in a more effective manner. With PostX you can create an online news portal, magazine site, personal blog, fashion blog, travel blog, sports news, and much more. So what do you get with PostX? Here are a few plus points of using PostX:

  • Saves 80% of development time
  • Access to the template library
  • 250+ ready-made patterns
  • 40+ Powerful blocks
  • 10+ Addons
  • Templates updated with latest designs
  • Advanced Topography and Global styles
  • Fully responsive blocks

PostX saves you 80% of development time, which means you can focus on other tasks. The template library is always updated with trending designs so that you can keep your website always updated. The pro version of PostX gives you access to premium add-ons.

Transform your site with PostX

Now that you know how PostX helps you display your posts or the content of your blog, why not give it a try and see if it works for your blog or content-based WordPress website? You can get PostX at up to 50% discount this Eid.

So you might be wondering, what about the other products of WPXPO? Well, the good news is, the deal isn’t only for PostX. You can also get ProductX at up to 50% discount and WholeSaleX at up to 60% discount!

For this Eid, there are bundles available for purchase. You can get your WPXPO products from the bundles which can save you up to 50%.

So you better hurry and get PostX or any other WPXPO because this deal won’t last that long. You can also get PostX and ProductX lifetime licenses at a 50% discount from the bundles.

  • PostX and ProductX Yearly Bundle – $257 (30% OFF)
  • PostX and ProductX Life Time Bundle – $524 (50% OFF)

Celebrate your Eid by giving your WordPress blog a whole new makeover. Remember, a beautiful site retains more visitors. The more a site has visitors, the more successful the blog is. Hurry up because the deal will last till 27th April.

So here’s the offer:

Discount: About 50% discount on all WPXPO products including PostX

Duration: Till 27th April, 2023

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Posts or contents are very important aspects of a blog. Display the posts in a stylish fashion that makes your entire site stand out. Sure, WordPress does have some good themes that you can use to display your posts, but you won’t have that many design or customization options. Again, displaying your posts properly takes a lot of time and effort. PostX users don’t have to worry about that at all!

With PostX you can simply import the design you like with just one click. Then finally customize the design by clicking on the block you want. It will bring up the customization menu on the right where you can customize each aspect of the block. This is the traditional Gutenberg editing style. Now you can display your posts the way you want wherever you want.

So don’t let this opportunity slide. While this deal lasts, get PostX and give your WordPress site the style it deserves. It will save you time and give you an amazing design.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links and we may receive a small commission if you purchase something by following them. However, we recommend services/products that we believe good to serve your purpose.

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