PostX Lifetime Deal – Is it Worth the Investment?

Are you wondering whether getting the PostX lifetime deal for the Gutenberg block plugin is a good idea? In this article we’ll look into that.

There are many positive sides to WPXPO’s PostX. But what about buying a lifetime plan? Although, it can be a worthwhile investment for those who are already using an annual plan, but the question still remains if it would be a good idea or not.

Whether you are a tech startup or a well-established organization, getting a lifetime plan can be helpful, but when approaching investment-related matters, it is advised to go through a careful examination.

But don’t worry, If you are intruded on by that question, this article is for you! 

In this article, we will dive into the question, discuss the benefits and risks that can come with a lifetime investment, and give you a well-thought answer.

So, without further delay, let’s get into the topic!

What is PostX?

Before answering the bigger question, let’s learn what PostX is and what it offers for drawing the large picture.

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Simply put, PostX is a Gutenberg block plugin. And if a broad answer is needed, then PostX is a popular Gutenberg-based dynamic WordPress all-in-one block plugin that offers the necessary tools and functions to create beautiful grid blocks. It has post grid blocks, sliders blocks, listing blocks, carousel blocks, and more.

PostX allows you to swiftly create and customize engaging block designs with the Gutenberg block editor.

It has some great tools and features, such as Layout importing, which allows importing a whole page with blocks, making customizing, editing, and managing easier. 

PostX’s handcrafted templates are suitable for blog, magazine, news, review, food-related, and tech websites (+more). PostX enables to make fully SEO-optimized, seamless-loading websites for all kinds of desktop and mobile devices; these are the only scratches on the surface of the plugin.

This Gutenberg block plugin also has tons of exciting tools that are currently being used by 30,000+ websites worldwide. These are some features to be mentioned:

  • 8+ Live Editable Gutenberg Blocks
  • 100+ Readymade Block Designs
  • Advanced Posts Pagination 
  • Advanced Query Builder 
  • Ajax Powered Post Filter 
  • All-In-One Seo Meta Support Addons
  • Animation Support In Blocks
  • Dynamic Post Slider 
  • Dynamic Site Builder
  • Load More With Ajax-Powered Blocks
  • Multiple Starter Packs
  • Navigation With Ajax-Powered Blocks
  • Progress Bar 
  • Rankmath Meta Support Addon
  • Ready-Made Starter Packs
  • Seopress Meta Support Addon
  • Squirrly Meta Support Addon
  • Yoast Meta Support Addon

And more features and customization settings to make websites responsive for all devices, SEO-friendly for search engines, and more exotic as well as alive than before.

But all of the features come with a price tag, and at the moment, PostX offers two types of licensing with three pricing plans. Now that PostX is out of the gate, let’s find the answer in the next section. You can learn more from our PostX review article.

Is it worth investing in PostX Lifetime plan?

Yes, but the answer is a bit much subjective because it depends on the user and what the user requires in the first place. The lifetime plan is an excellent choice for those looking to cut costs and save money in the long run, but if you are running short and don’t know where you are heading, the answer can be different in these situations.

If you draw a real-life comparison, then the question would be, Would you lease a house and pay x amount annually or buy the house for less than 3x amount?

In this scenario, buying the house on less than three years of lease payment is more affordable than leasing the house every year. If you ask the question again, the answer is yes: buying the PostX lifetime license pack is the best option.

And getting the PostX Lifetime Gutenberg Block Plugin is a worthy investment. But we also need to consider what benefits the PostX lifetime deal will provide and whether you should get the plan or not. Let’s find out more in the next section.

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Benefits of PostX Lifetime deal

Since we have gathered the answers and learned that PostX is one of the best toolkit for Gutenberg, let’s look into the benefits that will come with the lifetime plan.

Cost Savings: Getting the lifetime plan will save a lot of cash in the long run compared to annual payments. If you want to use the five-site license plan for five years, it may cost nearly $400, but you can get the same services forever only at $199 with the lifetime plan.

Ownership: With the lifetime plan, you will own the plugin and not be a subscriber. You will have complete freedom and ownership of the services & features that come along with the PostX WordPress plugin and use it on your entire website.

No Price Increases: The price of every digital product is increasing due to recent inflation. The primary factor of that is the advanced technology and increasingly pricey technology used to build them. But let’s not forget the expenses of products and employees.

In a 2022 research, it was found that software-based products increase their price every year, which can increase by 6-10%. But in the last decade, it was 3-4%. In this situation, getting the PostX Lifetime Plan is the best option. Cause after getting it, you would not have to pay an extra penny for your entire life.

No Risk of Losing Features: There won’t be any risk regarding losing access to any features due to delayed renewal or declined payment of your card.

Predictable Budgeting: Since you will get the PostX WordPress Gutenberg plugin forever, the PostX lifetime deal will allow you to create more accurate financial reports and predict the budget for your organization.

Uninterrupted Access: You will get the product’s full taste without interruption with its features, updates, and future improvements.

Support and Updates: PostX developer WPXPO will provide continuous lifetime updates & support and ensure that PostX remains consistent with your website.

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Risks of PostX lifetime plan?

As of today, to our knowledge, there are no risks in buying or investing in the PostX Gutenberg block plugin’s lifetime plan.

Since its release on 05 Mar 2020, WPXPO (the Postx devs) has continuously pushed patches and updates to keep consistent with the WordPress community. You can check their changelog here.

This proof eliminates every reason for PostX to get abandoned by the devs as of now.

active changelog of postx

PostX pricing plans 

Earlier in the article, we established that PostX – Gutenberg Post Grid Blocks by WPXPO offers two types of licensing with three plans, excluding the free version.

Any WordPress user can use the free version around the globe. With the free version, they will be able to manage websites and display posts in the grid layout. But you will need the paid plans to unleash the advanced features and integrations.

Moreover, If you have any inquiries about money-back guarantees or payments, don’t worry about it. We have you covered. PostX offers:

  • 100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee 
  • 14-Day Easy Refund Policy
money back guarantee

Annual licenses

At first, let’s discuss the yearly or annual licenses. There are three plans in the category (1/5/Unlimted) sites.

1 Site License – $39/ Year

A 1-site license costs around $39 annually, and this plan will provide one year of license for one website with support and updates. 

5 Sites License – $79/ Year

A 5-site license costs around $79 annually, and this plan will provide one year of license for five websites with support and updates. 

Unlimited Sites License – $116/ Year

This license will cost around $116 annually, and the plan will provide one year of license for unlimited websites with support and updates. 

Note that PostX sometimes offers a 10% Renewal Discount with all of the annual plans, which means that in the 2nd year, the ten percentage can be discounted on renewal.

annual pricing of postx

PostX lifetime pricing plans

Lifetime licenses are a one-time payment plan where you have to pay for one time only, and PostX will be yours for its whole lifespan. This plan provides a hassle-free mindset since there will be no renewal fee after this.

The lifetime licenses can seem to be costly at the first glance. But it’s the perfect plan for those who have been using PostX for a while and want to keep using it or for new buyers who wish to have it forever.

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1 Site License – $119 

A 1-site license for lifetime service costs around $119, and this plan will provide lifetime support and updates for only one website. 

5 Sites License – $199

A 5-site license for lifetime service costs around $199, and this plan will provide lifetime support and updates for five websites. 

Unlimited Sites License – $299

This license will cost around $299,  and this plan will provide lifetime support and updates for unlimited websites. 

Note that every license will come with some exciting features, including 250+ design patterns, 26+ starter packs, 14 day money back guarantee, etc. Also, there will be 11 pro add-ons ($250+ value!), custom template save, dynamic slider PRO, and unrestricted access to all upcoming features.

lifetime pricing of postx

For whom the PostX Lifetime plan is meant?


PostX offers a lot of user-friendly features that are great for bloggers and blogging organizations. Its modern, user-friendly nature is the best way to create, design, and manage any blogging site, giving any blogger tremendous advantages.

PostX gives life to blogging sites with its attractive blocks. This can be helpful for blogging sites to create their unique identity and stand out in the tedious, repetitive web world.

Magazine publishers

PostX is incredibly helpful for for magazine owners and news organizations. It provides up to 250+ block designs that are essential for retaining the Magazine vibe throughout the entire website.

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News or review publishers

News and review websites will get the most out of the PostX WordPress plugin. With PostX’s dynamic design builder and more than 250 design patterns, they can easily create different types of block segments and highlight their news or reviews.

Web designers and developers

Web designers will also benefit because they can easily create attractive, engaging blog, news, or magazine sites. They can also design high-quality websites with builders like Elementor & Gutenberg effortlessly, which can help web developers get praise from their clients.

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Core features of PostX Pro

  • Advanced Posts Pagination

PostX offers an advanced post pagination that lets you organize content and gives extra flexibility to webpages. PostX also has Ajax pagination that helps to load more content on the page without reloading or clicking on the next page button.

  • Advanced Query Builder

Advanced query builder enhances your site UX by sorting the page’s contents with different criteria such as tags, publishing date, author, topic, and more.

  • Content Organization

The content organization helps users navigate your websites more efficiently. This feature lets you sort the contents and divide webpages into groups, categories, tags, etc. 

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  • ChatGPT Addon

PostX Gutenberg plugin’s ChatGTP addon lets you generate AI-powered content in the editor toolbar. With this addon, you can use ChatGTP and develop, write, or rewrite text-based content, without changing the browser tab.

  • Customizable Blocks

PostX offers around 40 customizable blocks that can be used to design elements with as minimum clicks as possible. Some customizable blocks are grids, lists, slides, and tickers.

  • Customizable Template

PostX gives you complete freedom to customize saved templates. So you can modify any section or change the template’s design element with its custom block and layouts.

  • GDPR Compliance

You get an extra layer of protection with its GDPR feature that ensures user and owner data and privacy protection.

  • Exclusion of Individual Posts

The exclusion of individual posts allows you to hide any content you want from the website without deleting the entire layout/content.

  • Pinpoint Posts Taxonomically

This feature uses taxonomic value to display particular types of posts and highlight them to increase engagement. This helps amuse visitors while browsing and keep them busy on the website.

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  • Seamless Integrations

PostX seamlessly integrates with popular plugins and site builders such as Divi and Elementor. Furthermore, major SEO plugins that PostX supports include Yoast, RankMath, SEOPress, Squirrly, and All in One SEO.

  • Section Options

Section options let you create buttons for sections like Hot, New, Top Viewed, Popular, Random, Trending, and others to keep visitors engaged with your website.

  • PostsX General Blocks
    • Advanced Post Meta
    • Button Group
    • Column
    • Heading
    • Image
    • List – PostX
    • News Ticker
    • Post Author Box
    • Post Author Meta
    • Post Breadcrumb
    • Post Category
    • Post Comment Count
    • Post Comments
    • Post Date Meta
    • Post Excerpt
    • Post Featured Image/Video
    • Post Grid 1
    • Post Grid 2
    • Post Grid 3
    • Post Grid 4
    • Post Grid 5
    • Post Grid 6
    • Post Grid 7
    • Post List 1
    • Post List 2
    • Post List 3
    • Post List 4
    • Post Module 1
    • Post Module 2
    • Post Next Previous
    • Post Reading Time
    • Post Slider 1
    • Post Slider 2
    • Post Social Share
    • Post Tag
    • Post View Count
    • Row
    • Search – PostX
    • Table of Contents
    • Taxonomy
    • Wrapper

These names may sound standard on the surface, but their functions are really advanced. To learn more about them, check their official website for a better understanding.

  • Template Library

PostX hands you over 250 well-designed templates, such as news, tech news, reviews, tutorials, travel, food, and personal blogs. Express your business identity and make a name in the industry with them!

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PostX Gutenberg block plugin is one of the best and is renowned as a great Gutenberg dynamic site builder plugin. 

It’s perfect for online news portals, magazines, personal, fashion, travel, sports, food, and other content sites. Moreover, anyone can get a tremendous jump start on their business with a PostX pre-made template.

But when the subject matter is investing in something, it’s always advised to take an informed decision. After discussing the topic in this article, we will say that the PostX Gutenberg Block Plugin is worth investing and getting the lifetime will be a lifesaver.

PostX Gutenberg Block Plugin offers exciting features at an affordable price, which is just the cherry on top!

We’ve answered your question and given the information about the PostX lifetime plans. Now, let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links and we may receive a small commission if you purchase something by following them. However, we recommend services/products that we believe good to serve your purpose.

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