15+ Best WordPress Documentation Plugins

Documentations help the users understand your products better. Documentation provides support for various products or services quickly when you’re not around. A WordPress documentation plugin can help here create the ultimate knowledge base your audiences need to succeed. A good documentation can significantly reduce your customer-support questions.

You can use live chat plugins to chat with your customers. But many customers can have the same question and it’s a hassle to answer the same questions again and again. This is where WordPress documentation plugins come to action. Documentation works as a guide and answers to the questions of your audience. 

There are countless WordPress documentation plugins that can get the job done. Choosing a WordPress documentation plugin is important to save both time and work to create the perfect documentation.

Following are the 15+ best WordPress documentation plugins that help you easily create the documentation you want.

WP Clever FAQ Builder

WP Clever Faq Builder WordPress Documentation Plugin

The WP Clever FAQ Builder plugin allows you to create complex FAQs to effectively help your customers, easily and quickly. Instead of a traditional FAQ simply composed of a list of questions and answers, the generated FAQ by this plugin contains an infinity of question levels.

It features a contact form so that your customers can quickly ask their questions if they don’t find it on the FAQ. WP Clever FAQ builder costs $29.

Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base is a feature-rich WordPress documentation plugin with a simple name. The plugin lets you easily reorder knowledge base posts and categories. You can use custom slugs to set custom knowledge base article and category slugs. Breadcrumbs are there making it easier to display breadcrumbs on category and single pages.

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You can also add article file attachments. The plugin is Gutenberg block-ready as well. Just like most of the WordPress documentation plugins on this list, this plugin too offers a live search feature. It costs $49.

BWL Knowledge Base Manager

BWL Knowledge Base Manager WordPress Documentation Plugin

BWL Knowledge Base Manager is a great WordPress documentation plugin that keeps away your hassle to caught up in the complex process of setting up documentation on your WordPress site. Along with the Table of Content feature, this plugin offers live search, sub-categories, an options panel, custom widgets for your knowledge base. The plugin even has a question submission form feature as well. The BWL Knowledge Base Manager plugin costs $49.

Embed Any Document Plus

This WordPress plugin lets you display your documents easily on your WordPress website. You can embed your Google Docs, DropBox, Box.com files and documents.

You can embed supported files into your page or post directly like Scribd or SlideShare. The plugin supports various file types and costs $29.

WordPress Knowledge Base Plugin – Basic

helpie WordPress Documentation Plugin

This is a basic yet powerful WordPress knowledge base plugin. This WordPress wiki plugin has a Medium.com-like frontend editor. It comes with wiki-based publishing capabilities with functionalities like version history & approval system.

There are user access restrictions & password restriction features in this plugin. More features like article and topic listing are also there. The plugin has a strong Elementor integration. The pricing of this plugin starts from $199.

Fixed TOC – table of contents for WordPress plugin

Fixed TOC WordPress Documentation Plugin

Fixed TOC is an incredible WordPress documentation plugin that creates a table of contents automatically from post content. This plugin supports post, page, and any other public post types. The plugin is fully responsive adaptive on any device size.

You can even display these TOC on top of the post content. You can customize everything such as position, size, font, color, etc. The plugin works with Customizer live preview too. You can choose a different header to display on TOC. The plugin costs $20.

Knowledgebase/FAQ Plugin for WordPress

Knowledgebase-FAQ-System WordPress Documentation Plugin

This plugin helps you build a full-fledged knowledge base, means documentation system in your WordPress website with flexible and customizable features. You can create different categories for different sections or topics. Features of this plugin include a fast search option, like or dislike functionality, or even support email to admin. It costs $21.

MinervaKB Knowledge Base for WordPress with Analytics

MinervaKB Knowledge Base WordPress Documentation Plugin

MinervaKB is a powerful WordPress documentation plugin with features like FAQ module, with instant filter and categories. The plugin also offers ajax intuitive live search with multiple themes. You get an analytics dashboard with valuable insights such as views, likes, and dislikes in both weekly and monthly graphs.

XDocs WordPress Product Documentation Creator

X Docs WordPress Product Documentation Creator WordPress Documentation Plugin

 The XDocs WordPress plugin can create documentation or KB articles for both offline and online use. The pluhgin lets you create as many docs as you want. You can use the native post editor to do so and downloading documents with the same theme is possible too. This plugin costs $35.

Heroic Knowledge Base

Documentor – Create Product Documentation WordPress Documentation Plugin

Heroic Knowledge Base is focused on making you work easier while setting up your desired WordPress documentation. This plugin lets you drag and drop category ordering so you can order everything easily. You can provide your visitors with downloadable files in articles with built-in support for attachments. The pricing of Heroic Knowledge Base starts from $129 per year.

Helpie WP

Helpie WP WordPress Documentation Plugin

Helpie WP is a unique WordPress documentation plugin. This plugin provides some dynamic capabilities such as controlling who can view, can edit, can publish, or can approve. You can control them at the global, topic, and even article levels. The pricing of Helpie WP starts from $69 per year. 


BetterDocs WordPress Documentation Plugin

BetterDocs helps you create & manage knowledge bases or documentations easily. This plugin is made with the focus to increase productivity, reduce support tickets, improve UX, and scale your support operations. BetterDocs lets you generate a responsive, scrollable table of contents automatically for your knowledge base to help site visitors navigate through your content. The pricing of BetterDocs starts from $69.

Documentor – Create Product Documentation

Documentor – Create Product Documentation WordPress Documentation Plugin

This plugin lets you add sections, change colors and even embed items. You can use custom posts, regular posts, and pages to the sections. Documentation created with Documentor shows nice and smooth animation while scrolling. The plugin lets you add part of documentation using shortcodes or template tags.

Knowledge Base for Documentation and FAQs

This powerful WordPress documentation plugin can be used for creating articles, documents, and FAQs. It is easy to use and works fine regardless of the WordPress theme. The plugin allows you to create modern, professional-looking documentation using its frontend editor. It offers 26 predefined templates and over 500 icons, all of which can be used and customized to your likings.

weDocs – Knowledgebase and Documentation

WeDocs WordPress Documentation Plugin

weDocs is a WordPress documentation plugin that lets you add, edit or organize articles on your knowledge base very easily. It helps you create good-looking documentations for your products. This plugin makes creating documentation a fresh and streamlined experience within the familiarity of the native WordPress environment.

WP Help

WP Help WordPress Documentation Plugin

The WP Help plugin helps you create detailed, hierarchical documentation using the custom post types feature of WordPress. You can use the native WordPress tools to create, edit and arrange your documentation. This plugin is perfect for WordPress multisite installs, or agencies with a large number of client installs.

These were all the amazing documentation and knowledge base plugins for WordPress. Which one sounds the best fit according to your choice? Comment and let us know.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links and we may receive a small commission if you purchase something by following them. However, we recommend services/products that we believe good to serve your purpose.

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