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WP Adminify is a plugin that overhauls your WordPress admin dashboard and gives you tons of customization options. In our WP Adminify review, we’re going to take a look at how the plugin changes our admin dashboard and what are the extra customization features. You can use these features to design your dashboard the way you want.

Changing the design of your WordPress dashboard also has some benefits other than aesthetics. Usually using design plugins makes your WordPress site slow, but WP Adminify was built with performance in mind. We will take a look at some of these features and much more in this article.

In this post, we’re doing a WP Adminify review. This plugin is feature-packed and it completely changes your WordPress admin design. There are several features that allow you to control the portion of your WordPress dashboard.

What is Adminify and why use it?

To start off our WP Adminify Review let’s first define the plugin. WP Adminify is a freemium WordPress plugin that comes with several features to completely overhaul your WordPress dashboard.

WP Adminify has 1000+ active installations on wordpress.org and has a 5-star rating from 35 different users. The plugin is excellent at turning your classic WordPress admin dashboard into a more modern and sleek design. You can even customize your WP login page.

If the old admin dashboard design isn’t looking good, you can use this plugin to completely change the outlook. You can also decide which parts of the dashboard you want to change. First, let’s take a look at what the plugin gives us with the default settings.

wp adminify intro

If you’re having difficulty recognizing the dashboard in the image above, it’s the WordPress admin dashboard with WP Adminify enabled. WP Adminify is also effective if you are building a WordPress site for your clients. This will give your clients a white-labeled experience and will make your work look a lot more professional.

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Besides, WP Adminify adds some important features such as page speed insight. With this, you can view your WordPress page load speed right from your WordPress dashboard. This makes your WordPress a lot more user-friendly.

Our experience with some Adminify core features

As we said earlier, WP Adminify comes with tons of customization features. It has 20+ modules such as the login customizer, media folder, activity logs, admin page, Google page speed insight, and much more. You can already see that some of these features are purely for aesthetics while others are there to make you more efficient.

Either way, WP Adminify brings visual improvements to your WordPress dashboard. For our WP Adminify review, we’re going to mainly divide its features into two categories. If we look at the dashboard, visually these two categories can be seen. These are:

  • Aesthetic visuals: These features are purely for improving the user interface of your admin dashboard. For example, the light and dark mode feature. This only gives you the option to toggle the light/dark mode of your WordPress dashboard.
  • Informative and Functional visuals: WP Adminify also introduces some informative elements to your WP dashboard. For example, Google Page Speed Insight lets you check your WordPress website speed. Now you don’t need to use other plugins or put in your site link on the official page to check your speed.

We will look into the features from these two perspective. First, we will take a look at the purely cosmetic features and then the informative ones. Following are some of the Aesthetic features of WP Adminify:

  • White Label WordPress: One of the primary reasons why you should use WP Adminify is to White Label a WordPress site. This means you will be replacing the default WordPress designs with your own unique ones. This includes a custom login page, a custom logo on the dashboard, custom menu items, etc.
  • WordPress Dark Mode: WP Adminify allows you to switch to light and dark modes with a click of a button. If you prefer working in a dark interface, you can switch to dark mode. You can also schedule your dark and light modes. So if you prefer the dark mode at a particular time of the day, you can set that schedule and your interface will be set to dark mode according to your schedule.
wp adminify dark mode
  • Hide admin notices: If you’ve installed multiple themes and plugins, you might see a large number of notifications. Sometimes one single plugin shows several notifications. If you want to hide some of these notices, you have the option to do that using WP Adminify.
  • Login Customizer: As we said earlier, you can customize your WP login page. There are 15+ pre-built templates that you can choose from and then customize to make it your own. You can set your site logo on the login page and customize the logo too. If you’re working on your client’s site, you can use this feature as it will make your work look more professional.
customized wp login page in wp adminify
  • Admin Column Editor: WordPress by default displays various admin columns on posts. Removing some of these columns could help you improve the design. You can add or remove columns from posts, pages, categories, products, etc. This supports any post types, Taxonomy, and WooCommerce. You can also customize the column name, width, and type.
wp adminify admin column
  • Menu Editor: Another interesting feature of WP Adminify is that you can edit the menu items of your WordPress dashboard. You can change their order, rename them, and also hide them from certain user roles. Again, this feature might be useful if you’re handling your client site. You can hide some menu items in case your client doesn’t break anything.
menu editor of wp adminify
  • Custom Dashboard Widgets: You can also create your own custom widget and display those on your WordPress dashboard. You can also allow dashboard widgets for users with certain user roles.
custom dashboard widgets in wp adminify
  • hboard UI Presets: There are currently 9 pre-built UI templates for a dashboard that you can use. You can also choose a custom color for the UI.

Using the above-mentioned features, you can create the perfect UI for your WP dashboard. However, WP Adminify also provides some informative interfaces. Let’s take a look at the informative and functional interface features.

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  • Google PageSpeed Insight: This is something that we talked about earlier. You will be able to check your WordPress website load speed using the Google PageSpeed Insight integration. This will display your site load speed right on your WordPress dashboard.
  • Folders for your media files: WP Adminify allows you to create folders for your media files. You can now organize your media files into folders. You can also use the folders to organize your blog posts, WooCommerce products, and any type of posts. This is also very interesting as you can create unlimited folders and also create subfolders. There are options to create different color tags for your folder.
wp adminify folder feature

When conducting our WP Adminify review, we found this folder feature to be really effective. You can quickly create and colorize your folders. Then drag and drop images to these folders to better organize your media files.

  • Header and Footer Scripts: WP Adminify allows you to put JavaScript and CSS code inside your website header or footer. You can also insert these codes on any specific post, page, or post type easily. This will be helpful when you’re trying to install Google Analytics or other services.
wp adminify header footer snippet
  • Activity Logs: There is an interface that tracks all the user actions on your WordPress dashboard. Actions like website changes, plugin, and theme changes, user profile changes, post edits, etc. are all logged. 
  • Frontend notification bar: Using this feature you can display any notification or promotion on your website. This notification bar is displayed on your website’s front end.
  • Custom Sidebar: You can create an unlimited custom sidebar for your WordPress website. This gives you much freedom to shape your WP site the way you want.
wp adminify custom sidebar generator
  • Post Duplicator: You can duplicate any post, page, or custom post type with a single click. Then you can replace it with your content and publish. It is also possible to control which user roles will be able to duplicate posts, pages, etc.
  • Menu Duplicator: Like the post duplicator, you will also be able to duplicate your menus from Appearance > Menus. From here

Overall, using WP Adminify was quite an experience. In order to write a perfect WP Adminify review, we had to use this plugin. What we can say is it helps to customize our entire WordPress dashboard. On top of that, there are several functional features that make our lives a lot easier. For example, the folder system allows us to organize our posts, and media files more effectively. The search bar on top also allows us to quickly locate what we’re looking for.

We also noticed that our website wasn’t that bloated. In fact, the performance was quite good. WP Adminify is growing and there are more potential features that we can expect in the future. This plugin can be used by anyone. If you’re a developer, you can use Adminify to customize your client’s WP login page and dashboard. This will make your work look a lot more professional. If you’re running a company, you can white-label your WordPress site. There’s so much potential in this plugin that’s why we loved using it.

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In order to complete our WP Adminify review, we should also compare the premium plans. WP Adminify does have a free version but if you want all the premium features, you have to purchase one of the plans. Currently, there are 4 plans available. These plans include annual charges, so there’s no lifetime plan as of yet. The following plans are currently available for WP Adminify:

  • Personal – $79/year for 1 website
  • Business – $129/year for 3 websites
  • Agency – $249/year for 50 websites
  • Enterprise – Custom plan
wp adminify price

If none of the 3 plans have what you need, you can contact the WP Adminify authority and work up a customized plan. This is the enterprise plan. All the plans include 1-year support and translation ready. As for modules and exclusive features, you’ll have access to everything even from the Personal plan.

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We’re at the end of our WP Adminify review, so here are our final words. Many of us might not even want to consider using a plugin like WP Adminify but trust me there are many benefits of using it. It doesn’t only give you the ability to White Label your WordPress dashboard, it also helps you work more effectively. This plugin is helpful for the following users:

  • Developers, Freelancers
  • Enterprise, Shop owners, etc.

As a developer or a freelancer, when you receive a project, your client expects professional-level work. Say you finished the project, and handover the WordPress site to your client with a regular backend and regular login page. That won’t be very impressive, but if you get the job done, your client might not complain. But if you customize the login page, and white label the backend of the WP dashboard, this will impress your client a lot. When your client sees a custom login page with his/her company’s logo and a customized backend, they’re sure to leave some good remarks.

Enterprises and big corporations want white labeling if it’s available. If you own a shop, WP Adminify can be fantastic for your WP backend. Also, you can use the folder system to organize your shop products and product images. You can also view the stats a lot more clearly.

So that brings our WP Adminify review to an end. What do you think about this amazing plugin? Are you willing to spend a little extra to build a white-label WordPress site? Let us know in the comments below.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links and we may receive a small commission if you purchase something by following them. However, we recommend services/products that we believe good to serve your purpose.

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