Is MemberDash the Right Membership Plugin for You? Know Here

Are you planning to create a membership site? Then you would want a membership plugin like MemberDash. It allows you to create a members-only online community where only your registered members can access your content.

MemberDash is a powerful membership plugin that enables you to create a robust WordPress membership site. It provides membership features so that you can monetize your content and build a community. You’ll also have options to manage your memberships and have good control over your website. If you’re looking to create a WordPress site with members-only content, then this is a plugin you can use.

Now what we’re looking for in this article is, whether MemberDash is the right membership plugin for your website. We’ll look into this matter and find for whom MemberDash is meant. Let’s start.

What is a membership site?

Let’s set aside MemberDash for a minute. First, let’s understand what a membership site is. A membership site is a website that provides access to exclusive content or resources to its members only. This content can be free or paid. Membership websites are used by businesses, clubs, associations, and nonprofits to provide additional value to their members.

To create a membership website, you can use a plugin like MemberDash. On a membership site, you can offer paid content such as online courses, cooking recipes, online live classes, e-books, etc. You can also create tiers of membership such as bronze, silver, and gold where bronze members will have the lowest privileges and gold members will have the highest privileges.

There are several methods of customizing and setting up a membership site. Creating paywalls, restricting contents, monthly payments, annual payments, etc. Setting all these up can be a painful process even in WordPress. That’s why you need to use plugins like MemberDash. Membership plugins like these help you set up your site easily.

Now with so many membership plugins in the market, which one should you choose? Is MemberDash really the right plugin for you? We’ll explore all that in this article.

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What is MemberDash?

MemberDash is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create a membership site with ease. It is a flexible and powerful plugin that can be used to monetize your content and build a community. MemberDash is from LearnDash and can be used alongside LearnDash to create members-only courses. You can also use MemberDash as a standalone plugin.

memberdash settings

MemberDash offers a lot of membership features. With it, you can create different types of memberships, restrict content, and monetize your content with all of the features and add-ons that the plugin has to offer. MemberDash also provides multiple payment options and doesn’t take any percentage of your revenue.

In plain words, MemberDash offers all the features you can expect from a membership plugin. Let’s take a look at some of the features it offers:

  • Membership creation: You can create different membership levels and set up payment options for each level.
  • Content restriction: You can restrict access to certain pages or posts on your website based on membership level.
  • Course management: You can create courses and lessons and restrict access to them based on membership level.
  • File downloads: You can offer file downloads to members only.
  • Reporting: You can view reports on membership sign-ups, payments, and cancellations.

If you are looking to create a membership site or a members-only community with access to your courses, MemberDash is a great option to consider. It is easy to use and offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to customization and monetization.

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For whom MemberDash is meant?

We know that MemberDash is a membership plugin and it’s enough to create a membership website. A membership website can be of many types as we discussed earlier, again, there are several membership plugins. It is normal for every user to judge which plugin is best suited for their project.

memberdash and learndash

MemberDash is a plugin from LearnDash. So there’s no doubt that it integrates perfectly with LearnDash. If you’re looking to create an online education website, or eLearning site with membership features, then MemberDash might be a great choice. MemberDash provides features to restrict content from non-members, you can also use the LearnDash drip content feature too.

memberdash protection rules

If you’re using MemberDash to create a simple membership site, or an online course, then MemberDash is great. Again, MemberDash does have a few advanced features too. You can control which posts, pages, or content will be accessible by the visitors. The interface of MemberDash is also very simple and easy to use. But if you are looking a more advanced membership management plugin, then keep reading.

Do you need something more sophisticated than MemberDash? In that case, you might be better off using Restrict Content Pro instead. Restrict Content Pro (RCP) is a popular WordPress plugin designed for managing memberships and restricting access to content. It provides features such as subscription plans, content restrictions based on membership levels, flexible payment gateway integration, member registration management, and more. RCP is known for its straightforwardness and functionalities.

Difference between MemberDash and other membership plugins

MemberDash is a relatively new membership plugin for WordPress. Although it can be used as a standalone plugin, it works best with LearnDash. You can also use MemberDash for any of your membership WordPress site that requires features such as membership creation, member management, subscriptions, etc.

There are membership sites that offer online courses to their registered members. The members either pay a monthly fee for their subscriptions, or there can be a one-time payment. Using MemberDash you can create these sites. You can monetize your content and also build a community with it.

Another thing to keep in mind is that MemberDash is still a new plugin. It would receive more updates in the future to make it better compatible with other plugins.

Currently, there is no free version of MemberDash. It’s a premium plugin and you’ll have to purchase it. There are several more membership WordPress plugins that have free versions and also provide a handful of features sufficient to create a simple membership site.

MemberDash pricing

You might want to create one membership website or multiple. Based on your needs, MemberDash has 3 pricing plans for you. These are:

  • For 1 Site – $199/year
  • For 10 Sites – $399/year
  • Unlimited sites – $799/year

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If you’re wondering about the payment gateway, MemberDash integrates with Stripe or PayPal. You can also customize your invoices, enable prorating, and also use coupons to attract new users.


With MemberDash it’s simple to manage online courses and digital memberships. That’s the strongest suit of MemberDash. The plugin makes it easy to create and manage your members.

If you are looking to expand your online offering, build communities, engage your audience, and create recurring income, then MemberDash is a great option to consider.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links and we may receive a small commission if you purchase something by following them. However, we recommend services/products that we believe good to serve your purpose.

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